Haruo wakes up, gasping for air from his nightmare of his grandfather's death earlier.

"Were you having a nightmare?" A voice asked.

Haruo suddenly turned to Metphies, "What are you doing here, Metphies?"

"It is my job to offer confession, even to prisoners." He replied.

"So I should repent to your god?" Haruo asked as he got up.

"I'd settle for a fake confession, too." Metphies walks up behind him.

"Here's the data you asked for."

"Thank you."

"If they find out you're helping me, they'll throw a book at you."

"I have an interest in your enthusiasm, why are you so curious about digging up forbidden data that anyone would otherwise wish to forget exists?" Metphies asked.

"Why",you ask?"

"I also been thinking why."

"Ever since I was locked up here, that word won't get out of my head."

"The reason we are suffering is beacause we lost to Him."

"We humanoids had no way of fighting that monster."

"I disagree, and I'll prove it."

On the main deck, the leaders were discussing the plan on traveling back to Earth.

"Based on the Gematron calculation, the predictions look disappointing, the possiblity of finding a habitable planet in 20 years is 0.1%." Lisa Loud explained.

"The lack of resourses is growing more severe, even if we cut down rations to half, life would be unsustainable in 8 years."

"The landing ship explosion the other day was a significant pyhcological blow." The Bilasaludo Leader explained.

"We'll need to examine senario three in a realistic way."

"Going back to Earth?" Lori asked.

"Yes." He replied.

Later, a few operators were firing up the ship for hyperdrive back to Earth.

Then the ship rocketed faster than the speed of light as they reached Earth in a few seconds.

The passengers looked outside at the blue planet in awe as Earth looked nearly the same as it did 20 years Louds looked outside as well.

"Whoa,it almost the same as when we left." Lola gasped.

"Except for one thing, there are overgrown dinosaurs down there marking their territory!" Luan joked.

"Not now, dude." Luna frowned.

Down on Earth, the King of the Monsters awoke from his slumber and sensed the presence of the humans return, he stood tall and roared loudly.