Godzilla, now awake from his slumber, slowly walks across Japan, covered in vegetation, looking around.

After walking for a while, he stops at the ruins of the former city of Tokyo, he takes in deep breath before continuing.

Before he got far, he heard rumbling under his feet, growling in ground cracked underneath him as he fell in, roaring in confusion. He hit the bottom in a matter of seconds.

Climbing back out, he feels something smack his face, nearly falling back in. He looks to see a snarling face loom at him, the creature had a horn on his snout with a rack on the back of its head, it also had s spiky carapace on his back with spines running down the tail with a spiky tip.

Angurius, Godzilla thought, he thought they were all dead. Not this one.

In anger, Godzilla roared, Angurius roaring back, Godzilla disabled his shield, wanting a real fight.

Anguruis leaped onto Godzilla, biting and clawing at him, Godzilla threw the mutated ankylosaur off him, Godzilla then began to pummel him till his nose was bleeding.

Angurius spat out a broken, bloody tooth before charging at Godzilla, lowering his headhead, he rammed the beast, making him fall back into the hole he created.

Angurius, beliving he's won, snorts and begins to walk away. Godzilla gets out of the hole, enraged at seeing that Angurius had punched a hole through him.

Godzilla unleashes a ear-splitting roar as he charged at Angurius, who looked back a split-second before Godzilla grabbed his tail and lifted and slammed him down repeatedly before tossing him into the air.

Godzilla's charged up with blue electricity before unleashing his atomic breath through his shield, blowing up Angurius.

Godzilla ceased his fire, then rearing back and letting out a victorious roar.