Chapter 14.- Need help with your bags?

Rose's POV

"Can you come inside, Rosita? You've been sitting out here for too long, it's cold."

I nodded, staring at my phone that wouldn't stop ringing. "Just give me a few minutes, Celia. I'll be there in a few."

Dimka calling…

"You should answer him, mija. He's been worried about you and quite frankly so am I."

"It'll be okay, Celia. I need some time to process things, that's all."

Squeezing my shoulder tenderly, she said. "In the end just remember to look at the bigger picture. Remind yourself that you're okay and that no matter what you will always have people on your side."

"Thanks, Celia. I'll be inside in a little bit, but I'll talk to him first." I said taking my phone from the coffee table in Lissa's terrace.

"You go ahead and do that. I'll be in my room if you need anything. Have a good night."

Sliding the green icon, his voice filled my ear.

"Why the hell have you been avoiding my calls, Roza? I have been trying to contact you since yesterday, you're lucky I've been able to talk to Celia or else—"

"—I'm sorry. I shouldn't have been avoiding you."

"If you know you shouldn't have, then why did you?" He said sternly.

"Something has happened here and I honestly don't know how to handle shit. I could honestly go into the woods and hide under a rock forever. And then I think how much I would love for you to be here and hug the shit out me, because I'm a crying, needy baby. But then I think that you're handling stuff on your end and it makes me feel selfish and that I should be able to figure things out by myself." I said out of breath from my rant. "So to summarize it for you, I've too busy having a full out mental breakdown."

"I just landed in Montana. I'll be at your friend's house in thirty minutes."

"What did you just say? You aren't joking, are you?"

"No, I'm not. Grab your things, yours and Celia's. There's a house I rented, so you won't have to disappear and I don't have to find out where you are by Celia."

"Are you mad at me?" I asked, stunned.

He paused and answered me. "We'll talk when I get there. Just don't do go anywhere and wait for me."

Before I could get any other word in, he hung up on me. I massaged my head, easing the headache that was beginning to form.

You can't be mad, Rose. You did mess up.


Even my conscience couldn't give me a break.


"Thank you for everything, you guys. I will always appreciate how good friends you are to me."

Lissa rested her head on Christian's shoulder. "You know we always have your back, though it's shame I couldn't have you to myself a little longer. Are you sure you don't want to stay? Maybe we could talk to Dimitri…" She looked at Christian giving him her best version of puppy eyes.

"As much as I would like to stay, there's something I don't want to keep on hiding from him. So we need to talk and you need to rest to make sure that that beautiful baby is happy and healthy."

"See, you should listen to Rose and stop giving me so many heart attacks from being so nosy and getting into trouble all the time." Christian said as he put his hand on her belly.

Thump. Thump. Thump.

What the heck was this weird feeling in my chest?


Wait, what?

Was I longing for children of my own? Well not my own, technically they would be ours. Dimitri would be the father, and they'd be perfect. Would they be two little girls like in my dream?

"I'm not nosy. I just worry about you both. You're my only family, after all. If don't worry about you, who will?" She said just as the doorbell rang.

The butterflies in my stomach danced around. Dimitri was here!

I put the cup of coffee I was drinking and stood up. Ready to be dragged out of Lissa's house like the brat I'd been told I'd been behaving like.

Christian opened the door and there was Dimitri, dressed in his suit still. He was wearing my favorite—slate grey three piece suit and black shirt. NO TIE.

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Dimitri reached out his hand out and greeted Christian. "Thank you for receiving me at this hour."

Christian shook his hand. "Don't mention it; you're part of the family now. Though, I really want to salute you for your bravery. Being married to Rose must not be easy, though I can't say I have it easy either since I married her twin over there."

"We can hear you, you idiot!" Lissa yelled.

I lifted my brow. "Idiot?"

"I know bad words, too." Lissa shrugged. "I just don't like to use them. But since he's badmouthing me in front of my brother-in-law I'm not going to sit and let it slide."

I looked at Celia and for the first time in the last couple of days, I smiled. "Don't mind them. You've seen how they are."

Dimitri smirked. "Well Christian, then I'd believe you understand me when I say, it has its perks. I'm never bored."

Lissa motioned me to help her get up from the couch. Dimitri extended his hand to greet Lissa but suddenly she pulled him into a hug. "Thank you for taking such good care of my Rose."

Dimitri nodded, stunned from the interaction and quickly looked at Christian to receive the okay for hugging his wife.

Christian shrugged, knowing his wife.

"You have nothing to thank me for, it's purely selfish of me caring for her. Even if she drives me nuts sometimes." He said finally lending me his attention.

I put my palm on my cheek. "Is this the part where I should apologize?"

Reaching me, he wrapped his hand around my waist and pulled me into his chest.

"I missed you, Roza." He whispered as he looked down at me.

"You have no idea how much, Belikov." I said as he pulled me into a kiss.

Why was it that every time he kissed me everything I'd been feeling, all of my worries suddenly eased? When his lips touched mine, every thought flew out the window.

It was our own personal bubble, just us and nobody else.

At least until Lissa cleared her throat. "Hey, you two, there is a child present. I'm watching you and those hands."

I rolled my eyes. "You just cursed in front of that child. I hardly doubt he can see anything from your bellybutton."

"We should get going, Roza. It's late and Lissa has to rest. You guys are welcome to the house I rented; it's not far from here. When things are settled in Portland, I would love to have you over anytime you'd like. Thank you for caring for my wife the last few days." Dimitri said as he held me close next to him. I rested my head on his chest and couldn't help to notice the familiarity of the situation.

It was finally time to stop carrying my baggage all by myself, I needed help.


As we entered our bedroom, I finally found the courage to ask. "On a scale of one to never talking to me again, how angry are you at me?"

Placing our suitcases in the walk-in closet, he sat down on the bed and began to remove his jacket.

"I could never stop talking to you. I would give up everything just to know that I'll be able to speak with you for the rest of my life."

I sat down on the floor, in front of him. "I know I made you worry, and for that I truly do apologize. I tend to isolate when I'm going through things, and before you say that I have you, you have to understand that for some time I didn't have someone I could lean on like I do with you. I will always have Lissa and Christian but I never expected I'd find a partner I could trust and love like I did find in you."

Dimitri reached for me and I stopped him, holding onto his hand. "Wait, before anything happens, I need to let you know everything. I'm tired, bone tired and I need your strength."

"Come here, first," he patted the space next to him. "You're my equal and whatever you say, you can be sure I won't judge. Just get it off your chest."

He smiled assuredly.

So I began to tell him the story…

I told him about the young girl that fell in love, I told him how happy she'd felt when she thought she had someone on her side.

The emotions that were crossing through her mind when the possibility of running away from everything that made her sad was closer than ever. The nerves from running away that day, the excitement of starting over somewhere else, and finally the fear.

Fear of her own father after making her think she'd killed a man.

But the worst part wasn't the fear, but instead it was the never ending guilt that always seemed to swallow her whole.

The guilt of not being able to save that boy.

Then the night mares started and she thought no matter how much she tried she would always have blood on her hands, that no matter how she tried to say she wasn't like her father she was just like him. After all, she'd killed the only boy that loved her because she wanted to be free.

As I began the story, he held onto my hand and when the story progressed he got up and paced around the room.

When I finished telling him about the past, he looked like he was about to hit something.

"Can you come here." I said as I mirrored his actions and tapped the place next to me. When he didn't budge, I opened my arms and waited for him to come to me.

As he moved closer, I wrapped my hands around his waist. "It already feels much lighter."

"I don't… I honestly have no words to express myself. How sorry I am that I didn't find you sooner…" He said his voice breaking.

He kneeled before me and then and there I could see he was crying. I wiped his tears and kissed his cheeks. My beautiful, beautiful man.

"I wish I could say that's where the story ends, but do you mind if I continue?"

He nodded, and held onto both of my hands.

"When you left for Germany, you gave me a phone, so I called Lissa and she told me something that shook me to my core. She said she saw Adrian at my father's house, and apparently he was married now. He wasn't dead; instead he was dining with my father as if he was his own child. And when I arrived at the party, it turns out he knew he wasn't dead all along, he presented Adrian among his guests. It turns out his wife is part of another important family within the Boston mafia, the Alchemists."

"What did you feel when you saw him?"

I gave him a look. "If you think I felt is somehow comparably to how I feel for you, you sir, are mistaken. I felt ashamed for thinking that I loved someone like him, and then I felt angry that he'd stolen my time and energy grieving for a rotten piece of trash like him. But the worst part is how my father has acted. I can't wrap my mind around it no matter how much I try.

"So will you forgive me for not answering the phone? I promise I won't shut you out ever again."

"Oh fucking hell, Roza. My Roza." He said enveloping me into the most intense hug I'd ever received. "Never again, will you go through something like this. I knew your father was a greedy bastard but I didn't know the extent of it."

"The limit doesn't exist, my love." I said. "He will do whatever he needs to get what he wants. But I'm tired of that, Dimitri. I can't stand for one minute more to let him win. Can you help me?"

He looked at me and nodded.

With the way he looked at me I could see I could've asked for the moon and he would've agreed just the same.


Dimitri's POV

I looked down at Rose's sleeping features, her head resting on my chest and I couldn't help to be angry for her.

Since that night she woke up in the shower, I wanted her to trust me enough to tell me anything. I also wanted to think I could handle everything she would say to me, but today nearly broke me.

To hear she had to endure all of those situations that her own family put her through—her dad none the less— made my blood boil.

Feeling me move, she stirred burrowing deeper into my side. Wrapping her in my arms, I vowed to keep her safe no matter what.

And that meant using the skill I was given to finally put her monsters to rest.

It was also good that I had one stone and two birds.

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