As you may have guessed from the title, this story is my own take on the origins of the 1st spinjitzu master and Ninjago. It's part one of two parts, the second will be focusing on Wu and Garmadon.

The rating may change because of violence, though I'm going to cut down on my use of cursewords. :) The story may also be very confusing at times.

Some pronunciation help: Mauricious: More, ish, us. Thekallcius: Theck, al, see, us

Yeah, crazy names, but they're from a different realm, so they're not going to be Bob or Simon ;)

Whatever, I hope you enjoy :)

We stand in front of all of them, the crystal we stole in my brother's hands. Though I'm generally a kind and humorous person, my expression today is murderous. I'm angry. So, so angry.

"What is he doing!" Cried the dragon king from his throne perch, not even bothering to come down. Too lazy, too evil. They say those with the power of creation are always good, they are most definitely WRONG! They are either good or they are evil or they are both.

"Hey, there are TWO of us!" I snapped at him, at the dragon who murdered my father because he had been kind enough to love an Oni. "Why do you always refer to twins as one person?"

"It is our way." The dragon king snapped back, and unbelievably, he gets down from the throne! I feel like laughing. Too late, old man. Both the armies of the dragon and the Oni surround us two, but we stare bravely back, united, like always. From the very beginning, from when mother gave birth to us, we were together, and we've always been brave. She hid us in that tree for years, the half dragon, half Oni creatures, one with the power to create, and one with the power to destroy.

"Mauricious." Thekallcius mutters to me. "Do you think, maybe we should get out of here?"

"Oh, yeah, right." I suddenly realise and remember why we even stole the crystal to begin with. He holds it out to me and I take it.

"Listen up!" I shout, and the worried chatter dies down. "We are sick and tired of all of you, trying to pull us into a war where we have to place. Our parents chose to opt out of it, and we do too."

"We're leaving!" Thekallcius announces. "You see this crystal?" He holds us the crystal which was once a lump of the dragon king's throne that father hacked off with his claws. I'm an expert carver if I do say so myself.

"Where did you get that?" The dragon king snarls.

"Where do you think?" Thekallcius replies smoothly, a smug little grin on his face.

"The dragon king's throne!" A random dragon soldier exclaims. "The crystal, it can absorb the magic of good and evil for any purpose!"

"Yes it can." I reply, putting my hand to the crystal. "The magic of creation and destruction though, not good and evil. We are living proof that creation and destruction does not define your nature. Our father was a dragon, yet he betrayed his own kind for an Oni! Our mother is the kindest person we have ever met, and she is that Oni. Far kinder than your king!" I point with my free hand to the dragon king, who gasps in anger.

"Mauricious, Thekallcius, NO!" Comes a scream from the Oni's lot and we turn to see our mother, struggling to get through the crowd, pushing past her fellows.

"I'm sorry mother." Thekallcius says. "But there is no place for us here." The long blonde fur on top of his head blows in the sudden wind that I know we have created. He calls our head fur, hair, but I just call things what they are. My head fur is dark, like our mother's fur. Thekallcius got the blonde colour of our father's scales. I shudder briefly, thinking of the last time we ever saw our father.

"Goodbye mother." I say, and I can see the sadness on her face. I turn away and concentrate on the crystal. Me and Thekallcius have planned this, the power of creation shall be used to create a rift between the dimensions, and the power of destruction to destroy it afterward. We each use our power to make it happen.

The rift appears, much to my surprise. I didn't actually think it would work.

"Stop them!" The dragon king cries, and his armies surge forwards, but suddenly, a huge crack in the floor appears around us, filled with lava. I see mother smiling, her hands clenched in her magical effort. I say a silent thanks, and I feel Thekallcius's hand slide into my own. I take a deep breath. We don't belong here, we never did. It's time to start a new.

The crystal does it's work. The rift through different realms and dimensions, opens above our heads. I gasp in surprise. Even I didn't expect it to work.

"Come." Thekallcius says softly to me. "Mauri?" He calls me Mauri, no one else does. I wouldn't let them.

"Yes, Theke." I say, taking one last look at the raging dragons and shocked Oni. Our heritage, our home. Can we really say goodbye forever?

Yes. We must.

Thekallcius takes a deep breath and transforms into his dragon form, and I do the same. Despite our strange appearance, short, nearly invisible fur covering our bodies, teeth and eyes like a dragon had (Oni's do not), and the same limbs and body shape as an Oni, we have always been able to transform into a dragon or and On form, rather useful for disguising ourselves as one or the other. Now our wings spread and we soar upwards, above the two battling species, above the dragon king's palace, above the world we once called home.

We don't know what we'll find on the other side. But at least we'll have each other.

Me and Thekallcius turn our heads to the portal as it swallows us up.

So, chapter one, what do you think? Obviously, it's quite different from my other fanfictions, and probably won't feature the ninja (except from a baby Lloyd), but Morro may make an appearance in Part Two.

So, let me know what you think?