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After Trust left thirty years ago, I have noticed changes. The new Master of Fire seems more cocky, as his element wasn't really his to begin with. This trait seems to have been passed down to his children, which annoys me.

Also, the Oni masks disappeared.

This sent me into quite a panic at first, as I suspected they had been stolen and I'd be alone, dealing with this new threat. But no, I discovered a note from Trust, explaining that he took two with him, and the third, is still in it's temple, but Borg now guards it. Good crab.

But something Trust said has stuck with me. He told me that I'd be a good father. And seeing all these humans raising children, I can't help but think... I'd do better than them.

So I have done so.

It took a lot of effort and patience, but I created two children. Two boys. At the same time, each one with a different side, light and dark.

I tried to make the older one, the example setter, the light one. But I had no way of telling. So I simply based it on the colour of mine and Thekallcius's hair. I made the dark haired child older.

It seems that trait is insignificant, as Garmadon is clearly the Master of Destruction, and Wu, Creation. I just hope Wu can keep his brother on the lighter path, but the two do seem to be quite close. Sadly, although I love my boys, I must leave them behind.

Since the creation of my children, my mortality has caught up with me and I am close to my end. I still have some of my powers, but I am not as powerful as I once was.

But I know there is one promise I have yet to keep before my end.

I enter the room where my boys, the two young men I have fathered, sit, talking quietly.

"Wu? Garmadon?"

They look up at my entrance.

"Father?" Wu asks nervously. They have been talking about me.

"The time has come for me to leave you." I sigh sadly. Their reactions are as expected. They question, argue, Wu even begs.

"I'm sorry, but my journey with you two has ended." I tell them. "I shall leave you two here to journey onwards. Wu, would you come outside and speak with me."

Leaning on my staff, he comes with me to the monastery courtyeard, where Borg scuttles no more.

"Look after your brother, Wu." I tell him. "Keep him on the straight path."

"I will father. I-"

"And look after this." I hand him my staff.

"But, what?" He exclaims, taking it in his hands. "How will you ever journey without it?"

"I will be fine. But, there is a secret message I have left for you. It holds the location of my resting place and within that, there will lie something very special."

He gives a confused nod. The realm crystal is already there, but I will not be for a while.

And then I left him. I went to the cave where I stashed Trust's invention. I used it for the last time and travelled to a time where my oldest friend lives his life now.

It's a new and confusing era for me, glowing signs, buildings as tall as trees, and constant chatter. People wearing unfamiliar clothing and there are a lot of them. It' s town, a very big town. A city, I suppose.

I am already getting strange looks, due to my age, I guess. So I spot a single man on the street and manage to change my appearance to his. Plain face, young man, wearing a jacket and a strange hat with a flap poking out of the front.

I have no idea where to start looking for Trust, so I wander into the middle of all this chaos, onto a single circle of ground. Then I see it. A sort of pod, sticking out of the ground.

And on it, a face.

And that face belongs to Trust.

It takes me a few moments to realise what I'm seeing. it appears to be a picture of sorts, and Trust is pictured there, a little older, but still the same black hair and kind smile.

"Trust?" I ask aloud.

And then the picture moves and speaks to me. It makes me jump to see this.

"Hello? How may I be of assistance?" It's his voice as well.

"Trust?" I ask him.

"I'm sorry, I don't understand the question."

Either he's playing some joke, or this is an automated response of sorts.

"Erm, who are you?" I ask.

"I am Cyrus Borg, and this is an automated machine to answer your questions."

I laugh aloud. Ciras Borg. Thsaa Ciras. Borg the crab. A clever new name.

"Where are you?" I ask the face. I get shown a picture of a tower, which I can see in the distance. I grin wildly.

"I shall see you there, Ciras Borg."

I am in such a good mood that I even stop to laugh at an orange skinned, hook handed, pony tailed guy who bumps into me.

"Hey, watch it! Ha, nice hair bozo!"

I grin as he glares. One last time, I get to see my friend.


I enter the office and see him at once, older, dressed differently, but still the same man. And even better, he sits astride a mechanical crab. I laugh. Borg ill probably be upset at his replacement.

"Hello?" He says, as if he doesn't know me, but I am in disguise. "How may I help you?"

"Trust, I-" I begin, and his face snaps into the biggest smile I have ever seen.

"Mauricious!" He gasps. "Wow, you, I didn't even recognise you!"

I let my disguise melt away and he gasps again.

"And you've aged!" He exclaims.

"It's been several years. "I tell him with a smile. "Good choice of name, by the way."

"That's how I knew it was you. No on else calls me that anymore."

"I take it they liked your inventions." I say with a smile, examining the crab he has built.

"Oh yes. By the way, I did have a nasty run in with your brother, but your grandson and his friends sorted him out!"

And he tells me, everything, the city, how Ninjago has developed, how my son leads a team of elemental warriors, ninja. And my grandson, Garmadon's son. I smile and listen. I'm content to hear Trust's story. As he is my oldest friend, I, Mauricous, does not wish to be anywhere else.

I suppose, Mauricious can die happy.

So, that's it, I suppose. Mauricious's life, Cyrus Borg was the first human ever created and Nadakhan got insulted by the creator of Ninjago.

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