We all know the plot of the pilot season, but I've hidden a few little surprises along the way :)

Obvious language and violence warning.

"Look, I'll have the rent when I get my paycheck, OK?" Fifteen year old Kai Smith glared at his landlord with his angry brown eyes. The tall, fat man glared back.

"You've been living here with your sister for nine years, you little runt." He growled. "Ever since your parents abandoned you-"

"They did NOT!" Kai snapped. He was always short tempered, but when faced with the man he hated more than anyone else, he always came close to losing it.

"Oh yeah?" The landlord (whose name was Nelson) grinned slyly. "So where are they now then, buying a pack of cigarettes?" Kai scowled, because he knew that Nelson was right. "That's the excuse my dad made before he ditched us, only difference here is, you've got someone kind enough to look after you." He smiled a disgusting smile filled with disgusting teeth.

"Look after me!" Kai spluttered. "You had me sweeping chimneys 'till I was nine!"

"Everyone in this world's gotta work for rent." Nelson said. "You just got too big to fit up there." Kai scowled again, and Nelson bent down slightly to match the teenager's height.

"Look Kay-"


"Whatever, I've been letting you live here since you were six, well outside of the law, by the way, on minimal rent." Nelson snapped. "But if you don't give me that money by lunch time tomorrow, I'm kicking you and your sister out onto the street, got it?"


"No buts!" Nelson straightened up. "Now SCRAM!"

Kai scowled and turned, marching down the dingy corridor of the apartment block, muttering obscenities about his landlord as he went. When he turned the corner, he lashed out and kicked the wall as hard as he could. A small crack appeared, further proof of the building's poor quality. The wallpaper was peeling, the lift hadn't worked in years and the building was filled with convicts and criminals, sometimes Kai could hear the screams of poor unfortunate women through the wall. It was definitely not a place for two youngsters to be growing up.

"Kai?" Came a call as Kai opened the door, and saw his recently turned fourteen sister crouching over the little gas stove in the middle of the room, her back to him.

"Yeah." He sighed, placing the few groceries on the floor and coming over to her.

"I can't get the bloody stove lit." Nya sighed, handing Kai the matches. He took them and lit a match at once, lighting the little blue flames and standing back.

"Thanks. You have a way with fire." Nya smiled and held her hands towards the gas fire to warm them. It was almost winter, and the apartment was often freezing at this tie of year. Nya nearly always caught a cold, which made Kai worried sick. He had always been caring over his little sister. Ever since their parents disappeared when he had been six, he had made many sacrifices for the pair of them, working hard so there was enough money for her to eat, often giving her his own share of food, though she hardly ever accepted. When Kai had grown too big to sweep Nelson's chimneys, he had found a job at Blacksmither's & Co, the big iron works in town. Originally, he had been running around after everyone else, picking things up for them and the like, but now he was muscular enough to help out with the actual work. It was tiring and back-breaking work, but it paid enough to get by on.

"What did you get?" Nya asked, and Kai picked up his groceries.

"The usual." He sighed. "Bread, some chicken, we'll need to cook that before it goes off, apples and..." With a grin, he unwrapped a little parcel and showed it to her.

"Oh My God, you didn't!" She gasped. Kai nodded, and Nya squealed in joy, clapping her hands. "Cake, Kai, how..."

"I got a payrise." Kai lied, still smiling. He always tried to hide harsh truths from Nya, like Nelson's constant demand for rent that Kai couldn't pay, and the fact that some guy at work had thrown away his lunch in disgust, because his wife hadn't buttered his sandwich. Kai had wanted to take the sandwich and crisps home to share with Nya, but he hadn't eaten in over twenty four hours, and had eaten it all before thinking straight. He had saved the cake though, he knew how they both loved cake.

"Come one, we'll have toast and cake." Kai said with a smile, tucking the precious little package into his pocket. "Come one, I'll get toasting forks."

Half an hour later, Kai watched Nya finish up her toast with a smile. Food took forever to cook over a gas stove, and they always ate slowly, but no matter how long they made one piece of toast last, they always finished meals with growling stomachs.

"Come on." Kai said quickly. "Cake time!" He reached into his pocket. Nya grinned widely, and Kai couldn't help but grin back. He loved seeing Nya happy, her round face framed with her shoulder length black hair, and her bright green eyes. She was so pretty, looked a lot like their mother. Kai had inherited brown hair from somewhere, though it was spikey like his fathers. He always made it stick up as much as he could, so he looked like his father. He wasn't sure why, Nelson was right, his parents must have walked out on them. Where else would they be?

"Kai, are you OK?" Nya asked, her brow furrowing. Kai suddenly realised a tear had fallen from his eye and he quickly wiped his face.

"Yeah, yeah I'm fine!" He said quickly, but Nya was no fool.

"Come here." She said with a smile, and pulled her brother into a hug. "Life is tough now, but we'll make it through, I promise."

Kai smiled. "Of course we will." He said, ducking away from his sister. "This is a nice thick slice, that's at least half an inch each!"

"Awesome!" Nya exclaimed. "You're the best brother in the world!"

"No I'm not." Kai sighed. "If I were, would we be living in this dump?"

"Hey, you're not a superhero." Nya told him. "But even if this super fit guy who could fly and sneezed money offered to take me away to a mansion paradise, I'd choose to stay here with you."

"I'd force you to go with him." Kai told her. "But no man deserves someone as special as you."

The siblings smiled at each other, and Kai broke the cake in half.

"Did you hear that?" Nya suddenly asked, and Kai frowned, listening. There were shouts coming from downstairs, and, was he mistaken? Motorbike engines?

"What the heck?" Kai muttered, going over to the window. His mouth fell open when he saw what was going on outside.