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The building was flooded with police, most of them only with Tasers, but a few had guns. The group tried to stick together, but it was proving to be a difficult task, with so many turns and hiding spots they had to dive into to avoid the cops.

Cole and Jay ended up together. So did Zane and Dareth. Kai and Wu both were alone.

"Window!" Jay exclaimed as the pair ran down a long corridor. Cole stopped and looked up at the plastic window that was situated about six feet off the ground.

"Where does it lead?"

Jay pointed to the view of the night sky that they could see through the rectangle.

"Out. And there's no red and blue sirens. It's probably being watched, but if we come out firing, we can get away."

Cole smiled. "Pretty smart for a loud mouth, Jay."

"I try." His friend smiled modestly. Cole motioned for Jay to use him as a foothold, and gently boosted him into the air. Far away, but getting nearer, he could hear the sound of running feet and shouts.

"Hurry up and unlock it!" He whispered.

"There's no lock!"

"Then smash it!"

Jay took a deep breath and punched the window again and again, until the plastic splintered and he managed to create a window big enough for them to crawl through.

A policeman rounded the corner.

"Go go go!" Cole cried, brandishing his Taser. "I'll hold him off so that you can escape."

"No way!" Jay exclaimed, getting his own Taser out. "If we go down, we go down together!"

"OK, we can do this the hard way or the easy way. Drop the... weapons and come quietly, or do I have to take you by force?"

"Hmm." Jay muttered, pretending to think. "I think... option C."


"This!" Cole yelled, and still with Jay balanced on top of him, leapt forwards, yelling the code word so their Tasers activated. The policeman gave a shout and darted out the way of a large bolt of lightning, only to have Cole's Taser smack him in the lower jaw.

"What the heck is that?" He gasped, clutching his injured mouth.

"A proposal." Cole said with a lethal grin. "You are going to let us escape through this window, or we are going to strangle you with your own intestines."

The man gasped and backed away.

"Just kidding." Cole chuckled. "We'll just knock you out and tie you up so your superior officer can know that you were defeated by two kids."

"Yeah, and with your underpants on your head!" Jay cheered, and the policeman backed away.

Jay scrambled through the window, and pulled Cole up so they fell out the other side and landed in a few trashcans.

"Wow, I didn't even know you could make jokes!" Jay exclaimed. Cole grinned.

"I've been hanging out with you for the past two months, I pick up a thing or two."

The pair smiled at each other.

"Hello? Anyone there?" They heard a voice shout. The pair's smiles turned to fear. They gripped their weapons.

"Together?" Jay whispered.

"Together." Cole nodded.


A police officer leant against a wall fairly near the exit of the building. He was slightly overweight, and had been running around after these stupid Skulkin all evening. He felt he deserved a break.

The officer took out his radio and flicked through the different frequencies, listening to the conversations of the officers.

"These kids are brutal! They threatened-"

"I've cornered one, but I need backup!"

"Jenny, come on babe. Go back out with me!"

"Now that sounds like a sad story." The officer stiffened. That voice didn't come from the radio.

He turned to see Dareth leaning against the wall next to him.

"Hello sunshine." He said with a cocky smile. Then the officer was knocked out with his own gun.

"Nice work." Dareth said with a grin. Zane pocketed the gun.

"Not one of my cleverest plans." He admitted.

"Cleverest I've seen in a while." Zane grinned modestly. Dareth took the radio.

"This is Officer-" Zane gestured to the guy's name badge. "Cunningham. I need urgent assistance round the back entrance."

"Be right there!" A voice crackled through. Dareth grinned.

"Front entrance is round the corner." Dareth said. "Give it a minute or so, then we'll go."

"Right." Zane nodded. The pair slowly inched towards the doors. There didn't seem to be anyone out there.

"Urgh..." Officer Cunningham gave a moan and sat up.

"Or we could go right now!" Zane took a step in that direction. Dareth nodded.

"Good plan."

The pair darted out and into the night.


"They're escaping Madam!" One of Misako's officers said, running up to her. "I think there's only a few of them left inside. I was chasing two of them, but they got away."

Misako sighed, an aggravated sigh. "I give you idiots ONE JOB!" She snapped, and turned to the building. "Fine. They want to run and hide? Some the out. officer."

"But Madam, that's, erm..." He stopped when be saw her face. "Right away." He saluted and left. Misako's brow narrowed.

"Your move, Wu."

"What are they DOING!" Griffin exclaimed, as the group watched from a nearby building. "They're going to set the place on fire!"

"We have to do something!" Chamille exclaimed. Mr Pale was watching silently as they struggled to make plans. Behind his shades, his eyes glinted with anger.

"No, I have to do something." He muttered. He stood up. "Stay here, all of you."

"What are you going to do?" Shade said accusingly, a hand pressed to his wound, already stained with blood. Nevertheless, he was doing what was right, trying to patch up Tox, who had been injured badly in the fight.

"Something I should have done a long time ago."


Kai was used to fire by now, he had been blasting it from his Taser all evening. But the stench of the smoke and the heat drifting through the plastered walls told him that this was too hot to handle. Slowly, he shifted himself out of his cramped position and stretched his legs, preparing to run and cut down any officer who tried to stop him.

The corridors were empty, however. Kai hurried through them, trying not to inhale too much smoke. He was nearly at main body of the warehouse, there were plenty of skylights up there, he remembered. He could escape through the roof.

As Kai arrived through, he found that he was not alone. Wu was there, and he wasn't alone either.

"Finally." Misako snarled, her gun held aloft, her plait curled around her shoulder. "We meet at last to resolve this."

Wu groaned. "Look Misako, it's been a long day, no, a long decade. Can't we let this go already! I did not take Lloyd! I cared about him just as much as you and Garmadon!"

"And where is my ex husband? Or did you kill him too!" Misako growled. "I loved him, despite everything, despite where I am now, I still love him."

A harsh, guttural laugh. "No you don't."

But that wasn't Wu's voice.

Garmadon revealed himself from the shadows, a gun in each hand. "Hello Misako. Always the liar. Hello brother. Always ANNOYNG!"

Wu took a deep breath. He was outnumbered, outgunned.

He leapt forwards, kicked Garmadon hard in the knee and managed to swipe a pistol. He raised it and the three of the stood, pointing their guns at each other.

"Well this is going to be tricky." Garmadon declared. It was a conundrum. If he shot Wu, he's have to turn around before he could shoot Misako, and by that time, she would have shot him. But this applied to everyone.

"Drop the weapons." Misako snapped.

"No." Wu replied. "You've tried to assassinate me, I'll drop it when you do!"

"I'm an officer, you're in a gang, you'd shoot me first." She adjusted the gun, aiming it a little more at Wu.

"And Garmadon would shoot us both."

"True, very true." The three adults stood there for a few more seconds, fingers on triggers, millimetres away from hurling a little lead ball of death. But at whom?

"Urgh, this is ridiculous!" Misako snapped. "I'm going to kill you both!"

"Go ahead." Wu snapped back. "I've gone on long enough. The rest of my gang are all safe, getting out of this life. My nephew is probably dead, just bones in a sewer from where HE RAN AWAY from us!"

"I don't believe you!" Garmadon yelled, and his gun was now entirely focused on Wu. If Misako wanted to shoot him, now was the time to do it.

"Go ahead!" Wu laughed, training his gun on Garmadon. "We are family, after all. How about we all die, all three of us, JUST LIKE WHAT WE DID TO LLOYD!"

"We?" Misako gasped. "WE!"

"Yeah, who abandoned him with his maniac father!" Wu snapped. "Who tried to force him into this shit stained life when he just wanted to be a normal kid!" He looked at the ground for a second. "Who couldn't help him when he needed it the most."

All three of them looked at the ground, all thinking about the one loss they had in common.

"If he were here, whose side would be on?" Misako muttered.

"His own." Wu said with a little smile. For a moment, the three of them shared the memory of the boy with a smile. Then the smiles were dropped and the guns were raised once more.

"Enough of this!" Wu's finger curled on the trigger.

"So be it!" Garmadon almost fired.

"STOP!" They stopped. They all stiffened. That voice, it was familiar, but they couldn't quite place it.

Mr Pale stood tall in the doorway, a gun in his own hand. Behind his shades, he eyes were narrowed.

"Oh great!" Garmadon snapped. "Another complication!"

Mr Pale grinned behind the scarf. "Really? That's probably what you said when I was born!"

The room stopped dead. Mr Pale took a step forwards. He removed the hat.

His hair was blonde.

He removed the scarf.

Down the side of his face, he had some horrible scars.

He removed the glasses.

His eyes were a vivid green, eyes that the three adults knew very well.

Garmadon dropped his gun.

"L, Lloyd?" He gasped.

Lloyd stood firm, staring down his mother, father and uncle. Misako looked shocked, Garmadon had a hand over his face, Wu just stared.

"It was you all along!" He whispered. "You were there, in plain sight, helping us all. You were hiding from me!"

"No shit." Lloyd held his own gun aloft, pointed in the general direction of the three. "I had to. Had to run that night, when everything went crazy. When mum wouldn't answer my calls. When Wu attacked us, knowing I was in that building too! When dad shoved a gun in my hands and told me to fight!"

Misako looked at Garmadon with an expression of pure shock and betrayal. Garmadon rubbed his face angrily and scooped up his gun again. No one could be bothered to stop him.

"I had to run because I knew I had no one I could count on. All of you abandoned me! All of you! I made a life for myself, helping people, not hurting them! I didn't need any of you, I did it DESPITE you! What right do you have to call yourselves my family!" Lloyd's hands shook, and tears ran down his face. "I only came back to save the innocents that Wu managed to rope in, like Kai. And where is he now? Probably dead somewhere in this fire that YOU CAUSED!"

"Lloyd-" Wu took a step forwards. Lloyd flipped the safety off his pistol.

"Don't move."

"Lloyd, we never meant for things to go like this! We just... we got caught up in our other lives, crime, fighting, fighting each other..." Wu glanced at the distraught Garmadon and the shocked Misako. "That's not an excuse, we know. We should have been there for you, should have valued you more than fighting each other, or smuggling weaponry, or terrorising innocents... we should have seen you for who you were."

"Yeah, you should have." Lloyd angrily wiped his eyes.

"He's right." Misako muttered, but there was anger in her voice, and she lifted her head. Her eyes were streaked with tears and flashing with anger. "I'm you're mother! How could you do this to me! I thought you were dead! What were we supposed to do except fight each other! You know what out lives were like, are like! How can you blame us for that?!"

"HOW CAN I BLAME YOU!" Lloyd shouted. "There is a literal and figurative fire raging around us, because of you! You just want to fight, not to help! You don't love me, you love another thing to fight Garmadon over!"

"Don't you dare-"

"Misako, calm down!" Garmadon took a step towards her. "He's right, he-"

"YOU CAN SHUT UP TOO!" Misako screamed at him. "I'm meant to be in charge here, not you, not him, not-"

Her gun hand turned so her gun was aimed right at Lloyd.

"Go ahead." The young man said with a lax smile. "We're surrounded by fire anyway. Might as well make it end sooner."

"Don't do it!" Wu cried.

Misako gave a scream of indecision, Wu lunged towards her, Garmadon lunged towards Wu and everyone in the room fired two shots.

Garmadon's first bullet missed completely, and almost hit Kai, who was still watching from the shadows, witnessing everything in shock.

His second bullet tore into Wu's stomach, and he gave a cry of pain.

Wu had fired at Misako, and had succeeded in shooting off her plait and cutting her neck a little, but nothing more. He had then twisted around and shot at Garmadon, hitting him in the leg. Garmadon was down, hissing in pain.

Lloyd had been shaking so badly he had missed completely and his bullets had embedded themselves somewhere in the far wall.

Misako had fired at two people, Wu and Lloyd. She had hit both targets.

Wu had two bullets in his abdomen and was also on the floor, clutching his wounds.

"Not again!" He groaned.

Lloyd clutched his shoulder, crying out in pain. Misako looked around her. Garmadon was tryng to stand and failing, Wu was on the verge of passing out and Lloyd...

Lloyd stared at her with a look of utter shock.

Kai had had enough.

With a burst of speed, he sprinted forwards and towards Wu.

"Kai?" The elder groaned. "What are you doing here?"

"Helping you." Kai said, helping him up so Wu leant on his shoulder.

"YOU!" Garmadon snarled. "You, I... YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE LAST OF ME!" He managed to get on one foot and stumbled away, towards a door. Kai also stumbled towards a door, but it was the opposite one, the one where Lloyd was leant against the door. Kai extended a hand towards him.

"Are you coming, Nurse Green?" He asked with a small smile.

Lloyd looked at his mother. Then at the boy in front of him.

"Yes." He said, and took Kai's hand.

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