When Alex got home from school and his mom walked up to him,

"So, is she coming?",asked

his mom.

Alex looked over at her after a while. He put his backpack away and hung up his jacket.

"She's not coming.",shrugged Alex.

"Not coming? After what your grandma told you she's not coming!?",shouted his mother.

"She has to be with her family.",explained Alex.

Penelope, Alex's mother, was silent for a bit. Then she took a deep breath in and out. Penelope turned to stare straight at Alex. He was still waiting for his mother to answer his outburst. Once she made eye contact, she finally decided to speak.

"Maybe try again tomorrow, you should ask her.",said Penelope.

That was when Alex started to smile. He liked the idea of what his mom just said.

"Yeah, maybe tomorrow.",agreed Alex.