The Next Day At School~

Alex walked up to Paige's locker to see if she was there so he could talk to her. Paige was there already. She was at her locker organizing things in there. Alex walked up to her. Paige turned to look over at him.

"Hey.",she said with a smile.

"Hi.",said Alex

"How are you?",asked Paige

"I'm good. Anyway, Paige, Are you going to be busy after school?",asked Alex.

"Uh I don't think so, why?",asked Paige

"Because my family wants to meet you.",said Alex.

Paige paused for a little to what Alex had just said

"Oh uh I'm not sure I'm going to be available because I'm always very busy with my family." said Paige to Alex who was quiet.

Just then he understood Paige's situation but he didn't want to let his family down.

"How about Thanksgiving you should come.",offered Alex.

Paige was quiet for a few seconds

"Sure I don't think I'll be busy for that."agreed Paige.

That made Alex smile at that finally that his family could meet the girl he was talking about.