He's Gone

It takes one second for her whole world to shatter, for her heart to break. He's gone. He's dead and she'll never see him again. It wasn't supposed to be this way. She cant accept it. She doesn't want to believe its true.

One second she's running down the hill beside Carol, anxious to see some of her friends in Alexandria, anxious to see Carl her boyfriend.

The look on Daryl's face causes her to come to a complete halt.

She, Maggie and Carol… they all know that look, the look that someone's has when they're about to deliver the news that someone is dead.

Carol asks who had died and Daryl hesitates for a second before the name rolls of his tongue.


The second he says that her heart breaks.

Tears form in her eyes and she starts to shake. She raises her hand to her mouth just as the gut wrenching sobs start to leave her month. Her knees go weak and she sinks to the ground, sobbing, screaming and her eyes stinging from the tears that pour down her pale face.

People begin to walk away from her. She doesn't care she just remains on the ground crying at the loss of her boyfriend, her best friend, her person.

The father of the child that she only recently found out about.

He cant be dead. This is all a bad dream she tells herself. I'm going to wake up and he will still be alive.

She tries to stifle her cries with a hand but the realization that Carl is died and that they will never get to have the life together that they had talked about, they would never get married, raise kids together…hell she'd never get to hear his voice one more time.

She feels someone envelop her in a tight hug and she knows right away that it's Maggie. Maggie knows exactly what's she going through and a small part of her is glad that the older woman is here with her.

As Maggie holds her, she continues to cry and scream. Her heart is broken and she doesn't know if she can survive. She doesn't know if she can have this baby alone. She doesn't know if she can survive without him, she doesn't know if she wants too.

As much as she wants to deny it, she knows that Carl really is dead.

One second was all it took. It took one second for her heart to break. Her whole world has been shattered. Her life had changed it a instant.

All Because He's Gone.