If You're Reading This

It's in the first few hours after the battle that Enid finally reads Carl's Letter


If you're reading this than I guess that means you're alive. That also means that I'm not. I got bit Enid. I was helping this guy and I tripped and got bit. You don't know how hard it was for me to write this letter. I'm sorry I died Enid, I'm sorry that I'm leaving you behind and that you probably won't get the chance to say goodbye…I'm sorry.

I know that you'll be okay. You're strong and brave and amazing. I know you'll just survive somehow without me, I wish it didn't have to be this way. I wish I could hugged you or kiss you or even make love to you one more time.

Enid you were my first, my first friend in Alexandria, my first love, my first time. You were also the only person I saw myself with. I wanted a life with you Enid, I wanted a family with you. You were my person Enid and I'm pretty sure I was yours.

Promise me that you won't give up and shut people out. Maggie, Judith and so many others, they're going to need you. Promise me that you'll look after Judith for me. Promise me that you'll help make this world a better place. Promise me that you'll keep on surviving for the both of us.

I love you Enid, I love you so much. So Just Survive Somehow, but know that no matter what I'll be in your heart.

Love Carl

By the time she finishes, Enid is sobbing and she quickly has to move the letter away from her face so her tears won't wreck it.

Carl is Dead…he's gone and he isn't coming back.

She lets out a deep breath, she finally accepts that horrible fact.

She also accepts that while Carl is dead, his child…their child is still alive and growing inside of her, and Enid will do anything to make sure that their child gets to grow up in the world Carl foresaw.