You'll Always Be In My Heart

In the months after the war ended, a lot changed for Enid.

A few weeks after it ended, Siddiq preformed an ultrasound on Enid. When she saw the blob that was her child for the first time, she cried. Seeing her baby finally allowed her to come to terms with Carl's death.

Carl was gone, and while it still hurt her deeply, looking at her and Carl's child, she knew that part of him would always be here. Their child had to survive and to do that Enid had to someone start moving forward and start taking care of herself again.


A couple months later Maggie had her baby, it was a boy. Maggie named him Hershel-Dale Rhee. Enid had been shocked when Maggie asked her to be the godmother but she accepted.


By the time she was six months, Enid had moved back to Alexandria, it was hard to say goodbye to Maggie and Hershel but she knew that they would be fine at Hilltop. Enid had her family to start taking care of.

She moved in Rick, Michonne and Judith. After the war ended, she and Carl's parents and formed a very close relationship. She was grateful for them, being with each other had help all of them to cope with the grief and move forward.

She had moved into Carl's old room and it helped her to still feel close to him.


When she learned that she was having a boy, she had spent weeks searching through the book of names Daryl and Rosita had found for her.

Finally she decided on the name Callan, it meant brave warrior. It was the perfect name for a son whose parents were Carl and Enid.


Enid gave birth to Callan a few months later, on the day that all the communities had gathered in Alexandria to celebrate the finishing of the rebuilding.

Labour was painful and she wished that Carl had been there with her. After several hours of labour, she gave birth to Callan.

From the minutes he was placed in her arms, swaddled in a blue blanket, she was completely in love with him.

He was the perfect mix of her and Carl. He had her freckles and mouth, but he had Carl's mouth. He had wisps of dark brown hair and deep blue eyes.


A week after Callan was born, Enid sat in front of Carl's grave. She was dressed in Carl's ratty old plaid shirt and blue jeans, her feet tucked into white sneakers.

Callan was in her arms.

"So it was a boy," she said to the grave, "I uh named him Callan Carl Grimes, I know that you told me that you never wanted a kid named after you…but I needed to," She sniffled, " I miss you Carl, I miss you so so much and I wish you were here…I want you to know that you were the only boy that I loved and the only man that I ever will love, you were it for me Carl and it's just going to be Callan and I from now on. I'm so glad I got to be a part of your life, you were amazing and my best friend. I love you Carl and I promise that our son will grow up knowing how hard his father worked to make this new world possible," she looked up at the sky, tears falling down her face, "I love you Carl and no matter what happens, you'll always be in my heart."