The most anticipated day (after Christmas, of course) was here – Valentine's Day. It was Scott's next favorite holiday and he hoped it was not going to be ruined by a bunch of kids and teachers. Somehow, he doubted it, since he was forced to work with Logan and that demon controlled the kids and most of he staff. It was always in the stars that they fought and Logan somehow won. Scott did not relish it.

When he woke up at midnight for his assignment, he made sure that Jean was still sleeping. She was, thankfully, and so deep that even the objects in the rooms were not levitating while she dreamt. Glad, Scott dressed and exited from his room silently. He crept through the corridors, into the main foyer, where he met the mutant he hardly could stand.

Logan was fiddling with a cigar as the large box they needed laid on the floor by his feet. Luckily, the cigar was not lit, but Logan was sorely tempted, Scott knew. The moment he smoked in the mansion was the moment he quit, Scott resolved, no matter what this holiday meant to him. He was not dealing with the rules being broken anymore. Most certainly, he could not stand it from Logan.

"You ready, bub?" Logan asked him.

"Yeah, as I'll ever be," Scott replied calmly.

"You want a few minutes to think this over?" Logan asked. "Make a run for your bed? Stay with Jean? Get another person to help me? Make this place less pretty with you helping your enemy?"

"Shut up and just hand me the decorations," Scott ordered. "Jesus Christ, Logan, do you have to make a simple chore a mountain to climb?"

"I was not the one who volunteered for this."

"Yeah, I know. This is about the Professor making us act nice. We were forced into it."

"Do you think we should have our own revenge?"

"On each other, I have no problems. Just as long as you lose, I am happy."

Logan pocketed his cigar. "No, Cyclops. What I mean is, we have to make up our very own illusion."

"I don't get your drift."

"You want to prank the Professor?"

Scott had to think about it for a minute actually. The idea was appealing. Since the month before, Scott had been stuck with Logan. They were in the classroom, on the training floor and even on the grounds together. The Professor forced them to act like a team and like adults. Even though the two did not resolve the issue over Jean (amongst other things), it still grated on them to be so close together.

"Let's work on it as we go along," Scott decided. "I think this will be our opportunity."

Logan caught what Scott meant. "Shall I dress in red or pink? I can't tell which color fits me best."

Scott wrapped his arm around Logan's shoulder. "I think red. It is the color of martyrs after all, Logan. And we're sacrificing so much to get this done."

Logan honestly felt uncomfortable with Scott so close to him. It was bad enough they had to decorate chosen Valentines on this useless holiday. But the more he pondered on Scott's plan, grown after his seed was planted, the more he liked it. It was the ultimate revenge on the Professor. It was also the most suspicious and the most pleased he'd be with them.

"You think we can get Jean involved?" Logan asked.

"What? Why?" Scott's eyes narrowed as he moved away from Logan.

"Well, isn't the Professor going to ask questions?" Logan pointed out. "Jean can help mask some of what is going on."

Scott conceded and told Logan that he'd wake Jean up later. In the meantime, they still had to post up the hearts, streamers and more in the box at their feet. Logan began first, splitting the pile into half. He offered to take up more so Scott can return sooner to Jean, but Scott declined. This will be a joint effort, he decided, and one that will herald the beginning of a new partnership.

All the while, Scott thought about how much this effort will meant to everyone. This is not just about working with Logan without the two trying to kill each other. This is about the holiday for lovers. The Professor deemed it necessary for everyone to choose one name from a hat and make a Valentine for the intended picked. Logan and Scott had the job of posting them on the doors of the dorms, for all to see in the morning before class.

First, Scott went back to his room with his portion. He posted his hearts on their door, for Jean. He knew this was not supposed to be for teachers, but he had to start something with Jean. There will be more in the morning, after he and Logan finished and they discussed with her their plans. He was sure Jean will not approve, but will appreciate their efforts to work together.

That was what mattered the most to her.

Scott went to the next door, Storm's. Logan paid some of the kids in McDonald's food to make something for her. He taped the not-so offending items to the wood, believing for a moment that Logan had a sweet spot for her and not Jean. Time will tell, he figured, as he read the kind words of a fellow colleague.

I doubt he'll give Jean up. Storm might give him a chase.

Then, he found a few things for Hank and the Professor. Scott was surprised. He did not see any names of the senders. Shrugging his shoulders, he posted them on the appropriate doors and moved to the next wing. Already, Logan was on the other end. The cigar was in his mouth again as he worked, but still not lit.

Scott checked his pile one more time. Yes, he was supposed to be here, near Logan. Sighing, he worked his way from one end to the other, meeting Logan somewhere in the middle. Once the two were facing each other, they checked on what they did and where they had gone. Logan still had a whole wing to finish up. Scott had the other end of the corridor and another two floors.

"You sure you don't want me to pick up your slack?" Logan asked him.

"No," Scott immediately responded, "and I'd appreciate it if you don't bother me about it again."

"Hey, I thought we were supposed to be nice to each other," Logan protested. Scott swore he saw a pout. "It's not like I am slicing you to pieces."

A noise upstairs caught their attention. It sounded like a student getting out of bed. Logan was about to dart to the action, but Scott stopped him.

"I'll take you up on your offer now," he announced. He handed Logan his decorations, overwhelming him. "You take care of this. I'll check it out."

Logan did not counter. He watched Scott disappeared to the stairwell. This was all part of the plan, he concluded. The Professor will either be amazed or distrustful of their actions. But that was the power of Valentine's Day. It could be real or fake. This time, it will be the latter. Let everyone gossip about it.

Logan grinned. "Betcha someone has the same idea we do," he said to himself. He'll see who it is soon.