Bobby, Rogue, Kitty, John and Piotr hid behind the shadows when Jean peered out the window. Rogue swore that the telepath was able to see them without using her powers. But she doubted it at that point (she hoped). Their job was done. Logan had conned them into throwing the snowballs at the window. Now, she hoped that he would keep his end of the bargain and get them McDonald's.

John rubbed his hands together. He regretted forgetting his lighter. "When did Logan say we could leave?"

"We should get the signal any time now," Bobby reassured him. He was hesitating though. "He promised to be here."

"What would that be?" Kitty asked.

Rogue shrugged her shoulders. "Who knows with Logan?"

When the lights above them turned on, they all ducked. Jean was suspicious, they saw. She again popped her head out of the window and gazed around. In that moment, Rogue wasn't the only one rethinking their position. Bobby swore that Jean was utilizing all she could to find them. Quietly, he moved further away from the yellow glow. The others followed suit. They knew that Jean wasn't one for revenge, but she was stern and quite the disciplinarian.

Eventually, they reached the woods. Their footsteps left marks in the snow. Bobby cursed under his breath. If Jean went out to search for them, she would easily found them. He could use his powers to cover it up with ice, but he found that notion stupid. Jean Grey would be able to discern what was weather related and what was mutant created. He turned to the other four. They might have an idea.

Piotr saw the dilemma. "I think we should head back, comrade," he suggested.

"I'm with him," Kitty chimed in. "Bobby, I don't think this is a good idea anymore. I think we should have blown Logan off and went to bed."

"Or we could meet with Scott," Rogue chimed in. "I'm sure he'll be mad, but he can't prove that it was us underneath the window."

"He's tougher than Jean Grey," John warned.

"I don't doubt it." Bobby put his hands behind his back. "This was all Logan's idea, right?"

"Right!" the four of them repeated.

"And he's going to get us out of trouble, right?"

There was silence. Bobby's heart sank. In that moment, he knew that they had gotten themselves into some serious trouble and nobody believed that he would get them out of it. True, Logan did not tell them much. He only directed them under the window and promised fast food afterward if they could keep hidden until they were found by the teachers. But there had been no other directions. Logan gave them a lot of leeway in this plan of his, but did not bother to think that they were kids in a school and about to be punished severely.

"I'm sure he's going to be here soon, sugar," Rogue said. She smiled to encourage Bobby. "He's never failed us before."

"You mean, he's never failed you," John sneered.

"Hey, just because someone wanted my powers cloned –" Rogue began.

"Shh!" Kitty put her hands up to quiet them down. "I hear something!"

The footsteps drew closer. Nobody had a light to see who was approaching. They remained still, hoping that the wrong person was not near, and sighed with relief when they saw Logan. Their calm was short-lived though. Storm was right behind him and didn't look so happy to see them.

"Aww, man," Bobby clamored.

"Shut up, kid, she's on our side," Logan ordered. He surveyed the teenagers carefully. "Now, what happened after your threw the snow?"

"She stuck her head out the window," Piotr mentioned. "We didn't see anything else."

"We didn't want to stick around to find out," John added.

"Good." Logan put his hands behind his back, almost like a gesture of appeasement. "Now, one more thing and the grease ball burgers are yours. Split up. Scott saw the tracks from the front door. He wouldn't know which direction to take."

"Stay around the perimeter of the property," Storm directed. "Do not make contact. Just keep going."

"Just out of curiosity, why are we doing this?" Kitty asked Storm. She was almost afraid of the answer. "I mean, this isn't like you."

"No, it's not," Storm conceded. "But we'll explain everything later. Now, go!"

They didn't need to be told twice. John went north, deeper into the woods. Rogue and Bobby went one way and separated when there was a fork in the pathway. Kitty and Piotr did the same. This left Logan and Storm alone to handle the mess left behind. While they weren't too pleased that their plan wasn't going accordingly, they still could not complain. The results were roughly the same.

Storm pulled some wind in their general direction and cleared out the footprints leading from Jean's window to their location. She also did the same to some of the tracks around them, deciding that minimal was best. When she was done, she went in the same direction as Kitty and Piotr, running and pretending to catch up. With her gone, Logan grabbed onto the lowest hanging branch of a tree and climbed. If they were going to play concerned adults, then the role had to be perfect.

A few minutes later, Scott appeared. He surveyed the scene carefully before he noted Logan above his head. To Logan, it appeared that Scott wasn't seeing anything out of place. He saw the annoyance on his face though.


Logan jumped down. He surprised Scott. "I don't see them," he announced.

"Do you know how many are missing?" Scott asked after he recovered.

"Five of them. I can smell them, but I don't see them."

"So, go after the scent."

"Which direction do you want me to go in? There are three trails."

Scott sighed. "Pick on. I'll head in another."

Logan pointed to where John went to. Immediately, Scott saw the tracks and followed, swearing loudly about how the kids were these days. Logan listened, chuckling lightly, and watched him until he was out of sight. Then, he decided that it was time to catch up with Rogue and Bobby. They would be easy to round up. That way, they could enact the next part of the plan. Logan was going to need all of the manpower he could grab.

"Save up your energy, Cyclops," Logan announced to the empty pathway. "You're going to need it."

He sniffed the air. It was easy to find out where Rogue and Bobby headed towards. They weren't too far away and didn't stay away from each other for long. They didn't exactly follow the directions well, but that was no matter. They were within Logan's sights. They could pretend well in front of the Professor without the help.

Logan ran.