Severus Snape and the Super Nasty Torture

Warning: I don't own any of the characters. Please read Harry Potter from J.K Rowling and the inspiration is part from Mad-Carrot.

Severus started to fill his plate with various foods as he was talking to the prefect with platinum hair. A child the age of Sev with dull skin joined the conversation. A very tall boy of fifteen with a duvet on his upper lip and a large rib cage. He dragged the kid with the earring with him. "I finished the job, he said, we wont have to share our dorm with some heidbanger

- That's one problem less. I own you one."

Snape blinked twice. He wasn't good with Scottish slang, but he did understood that crazy people were a common occurrence. When he was about to ask if it was dangerous, a boy who was almost a man with soft facial features, blue swarthy eyes with a cotton-candy like cloud of pink at the bottom of the iris and knee-long hair black as Chinese ink. "So, queerie...started the one with a budding mustache

- Polite, ordered the one with strange eyes, I'm Head-Boy." He pulled away a few strands of his luscious hair to show his silver badge. For some reason, this very much annoyed the blond: "If it`s about the kids you can forget about it, Lestrange. Snape, Avery and Mulciber are with us. We already arranged ourselves with Slughorn."