37: Part Three, Chapter Nine: Race

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Chapter 9 – Race

The plane trip from Florence to New York was expected to be just over nine hours in the Volturi's private jet. Since even Bella was unconvinced she could maintain her composure for that long in a plane filled with humans, she was grateful they didn't have to fly commercially. There was no way Aro would have agreed to the trip under those circumstances.

The pilot and copilot were human, but they were behind a solid door, and there was no steward. The sound of their hearts beating was only just audible over the engines, and their scent was a minor irritation. After hours spent testing her shield and her control with Gianna, no one was concerned about her control with such low exposure.

It was the airports they were worried about.

As it was, Marcus had planned their flight times to have the shortest possible layover at JFK airport in New York, and that very early in the morning when the airport should be less crowded. They were due into Seattle just on 9am, local time, which would be the most challenging part of the trip. Still Marcus was confident of her control, reminding her frequently of her first few weeks. They did have a contingency plan though, in case maintaining her control while also maintaining her human facade turned out to be impossible. If it proved too difficult she would pretend to be asleep and Marcus or Felix would carry her.

She'd discovered through trial and error that if she pressed her face into Marcus's shirt while he held her, she could all but block out the smell of fresh blood across the room. She hoped that would be sufficient in a room full of people, hopefully without fresh blood. Of course, holding her breath helped even more, so she wasn't really worried.


Jasper was busy re-counting blades of grass, emptying his mind of anything else before training, when he heard Alice gasp. It was now almost eight weeks since Victoria's attack and Alice was more anxious than ever to pin down a date. She'd never met Maria, which made it hard to get visions of her, unless they directly involved the Cullens or others she knew. But that didn't stop her trying.

"What if we decide to undertake a scouting mission," Edward had suggested yesterday. "Just you and I?"

Alice had looked at him doubtfully. "You know we have to actually decide to do it, for me to get a vision, right? We can't pretend to decide."

Edward had rolled his eyes. Of course he was well aware of how Alice's visions worked. As much as anyone could be, anyway. They certainly weren't an exact science.

"Yes, love," he'd replied. "But if we go in the direction we think they're coming from, I'll be able to hear their thoughts a long way before they can detect us. And as we go, if you have a vision of any kind of problem, we'll stop and head back immediately. And maybe just the fact that we're getting closer to them will allow you to see her."

Alice had been doubtful, since they would always be intending to stop as soon as Edward could hear them—well before she would have any way of seeing or interacting with them. But she agreed that it was a good idea anyway. The whole family had weighed in then. Was it safe? Were they asking for trouble, splitting their forces at such a late stage? But in the end they had all agreed the intel would be worth the risk, and with the combined talents of Edward and Alice, the risk should be minimal.

Jasper had half expected a phone call from Peter telling them either to go ahead or not, but he'd remained silent. Which was probably a good sign, Jasper thought, but who could really say?

They would all train with the wolves tonight, including the Denalis who had arrived the previous morning and were now out hunting, and it was agreed that Edward and Alice would hunt afterward and then leave, by dawn at the latest.

Now, he could feel her shock and even fear, and assumed she was having a vision. He made his way downstairs more slowly than he usually would. He wasn't sure he wanted to know what she'd seen.

Despite his almost human pace, Alice's eyes were still glazed when he arrived in the living room. Edward was standing by her side, eyes fixed on her face, though it was clear from both his expression and emotions that he too was concerned by whatever he was seeing in her mind.

The rest of the family stood around watching and waiting, as they always did when Alice's visions seemed important.

Finally, her eyes regained their focus, first looking at her mate and then flicking over to stare fearfully at Jasper.

"What is it?" he asked. "Did you see something to do with Bella?" He couldn't think of any other reason she would worry for him. He hadn't made any more decisions to go after revenge. He was deliberately repressing even the slightest thought of Volterra. He would stay and defend his family. Then he would reassess.

"No, it was Maria," she said. "Or rather—I had a vision of Edward telling me what he heard in Maria's head."


"And she's planning to kill you. She has a seer, and the seer told her if she can get to you before you find your mate, she can kill you. If not, you will kill her. And he seemed to think she had to hurry."

"What? That doesn't make sense!" Rosalie interjected. "Even if she's been reborn already she'd be a baby!"

"Maybe...maybe she has been reborn already, but we have to find her. Maybe knowing where she is would give Jasper the impetus, the focus he needs to survive. Maybe that's Peter's missing element." Alice gazed at Jasper as she spoke, lifting an eyebrow questioningly. What did he think?

"But we've been searching and there's no sign of her!" Emmett exclaimed. "What else can we do?"

Just then Jasper's phone rang.

"Peter," he said into the mouthpiece, bringing it unnecessarily to his ear. Bella had asked him once why he bothered, when he could hear it perfectly well from the next room. "Habit," he'd replied. "We need to do it around humans, so..."

"It's tomorrow," Peter said now, luckily interrupting his reminiscences before he could go too far down that rabbit hole. "We'll be there before daybreak."

"That's the other thing I was going to tell you," Alice interjected. "They're on their way. In the vision, Edward and I didn't have to go far, before he could hear their thoughts. I couldn't tell exactly, but I think we'd been running for less than two hours, and we weren't running full speed. Maria was stopped when Edward heard her; some of her army were away feeding. But if they left soon after that, they could be here pretty early tomorrow."

"Shit!" Emmett exclaimed. "That's not much time to find Bella. What do we do? Do we still train tonight, or...?"

"We do both," Carlisle said decidedly. "Jasper can still meet the Denalis and the wolves as planned. The rest of us need to get back to work and widen the search area. And then we'll need to hunt too."

It rankled that his family would be searching for his mate while he was out training wolves, but he realised it also made sense.

"We'll keep the training short though, so the wolves have time to sleep," Carlisle finished.

"I've been thinking," Esme added, "maybe we should widen the search area. We've focussed on Washington and nearby states, but what if she's been reborn in Italy, closer to where she died?"

"Italy..." Peter's voice came through the phone. "Yes. Something feels right about that."


"Really, Bella," Jane said with obvious amusement, "I've never seen such a fidgety vampire. Can't you stay still?"

"No," Bella said shortly. "I can't."

She saw Marcus look at her sharply, but he said nothing and she couldn't interpret his expression. Nor could she pay it much attention. She had never felt so—so—desperate to move.

Was it just nerves, she wondered? She'd told Marcus she wasn't worried about their reception by the Cullens, but that wasn't quite true. She'd agreed to a significant Volturi escort because she knew Marcus wouldn't let her go without him, and he certainly wouldn't come without a strong guard contingent. But the truth was she was worried that the Cullens would be unhappy she'd brought them. Even more though, she was worried they'd blame her for Jasper's death. Bella herself was absolutely certain he would come back to her. She simply couldn't accept any other possibility. But the family may not have the same confidence. They may wish they'd never welcomed her. They may not want her back.

There. She'd admitted her worst fear (the worst one she could contemplate anyway). What if they didn't want her back? How could she stay there without them? But she had to stay where Jasper could find her. Or where she could find Jasper.

She'd just have to win them over. There was no way she could convince Marcus to let her stay on her own. And in all fairness, according to the laws as he'd explained them, he shouldn't let her. Not as a newborn vampire with only two months experience.

Of course, she could return to Volterra and come back later. She couldn't exactly be part of Jasper's life until he grew up anyway.

But she had the strongest feeling she needed to be in Forks now. Not in ten or twenty years, but right now. What if he'd already been reborn, but was in danger? Or...what if—but no, she wouldn't allow herself to hope for anything but his rebirth. But either way, he somehow needed her now. She was more and more sure of it.

"How long is this going to take?" she asked no one in particular, turning to pace the short length of the plane for the 297th time in the past twenty minutes. Their departure from New York City was delayed due to weather, and they had been waiting to taxi to the runway for almost half an hour. At this point they wouldn't get into Seattle until 9:30 in the morning or later.

"Bella, you're making me dizzy," Felix complained, at the same time that Marcus answered, "It shouldn't be much longer." He gave her another strange look, as she threw herself into the chair next to him. She closed her eyes, willing herself to calm down and be still.

"Careful," Marcus said, though with very little force. "Putting a hole through the hull won't get us in the air any faster."

"Sorry," she muttered, clenching her hands together to keep herself from drumming her fingers. Since she'd become a vampire she'd grown used to the constant burn in her throat, the constant pain in her chest, but this agitation was different. Come to think of it, the pain in her chest wasn't as bad as it usually was. That was weird. The burning in her throat hadn't changed. She'd thought both those things were just the inevitable pain caused by being a vegetarian (or hungry) vampire.

"That's weird," she said, rubbing her chest.

"What's that?"

"The burn in my chest...it seems different."

Marcus frowned. "What burn in your chest?"

She looked at him in disbelief. "You know," she said, "like the burn in your throat. When my heart stopped, all the other pain disappeared, but the burning hole in my chest and ache in my throat stayed."

She looked around and saw that Marcus wasn't the only one looking confused.

"What are you talking about?" Felix asked "When your heart stops, you stop feeling it altogether. You shouldn't be burning anywhere but your throat. And if you ate a normal diet," he added, "even that would go away, pretty much."

"But the pain in your chest isn't so bad now?" Marcus asked, looking at her intently.

"No," she agreed. "It's maybe half what it was. But it's like it's been replaced with ants in my limbs. I feel like—I need to get out and run!" she said. "I just can't stop needing to move."

"Yes," Marcus said drily, placing his hand over her now drumming fingers. "We noticed."

"What's wrong with me then?" She asked, as she launched back to her feet to relieve the agitation in pacing again.

"I have a theory..." Marcus said slowly. "But—now's not the time to discuss it, I think. Especially as I could be wrong."

She glanced at him curiously, but his face was expressionless again, and she knew from experience that he wouldn't be budged if he didn't want to talk about something.

Besides, it was taking all her effort to keep her pacing to the inside of the plane. She'd worry about his cryptic theories later.


Dawn found the entire Cullen family gathered in the clearing Alice had seen in her visions, thankfully far away from any town. Peter and Charlotte had arrived half an hour earlier and they'd left for this would-be battle arena immediately. Although Alice had seen the battle in late morning in her earlier visions, neither she nor Peter were certain when it would begin.

The date of the battle had certainly changed since those visions in any case, as the day was heavily overcast. Even if she had still been able to see it, the timing would be difficult to predict beyond day or night. There would be heavy rain starting mid-morning and lasting throughout the day, so hopefully Maria wouldn't arrive until then. The rain should keep any hikers out of the park, and thunder would mask any sounds from the battle.

Peter had confirmed they were in the right place to intercept Maria, so at least that much hadn't changed.

The pack had opted to sleep in their wolf forms just out of sight of the clearing, after their final training session the night before. There were now seventeen of them altogether, though the three youngest—the thirteen-year-old Colin, and two who had transformed so recently that Jasper hadn't even met them—had been sent to guard La Push on the off chance that some vampires strayed from the battle area. Though they all knew that if the battle went badly, three young wolves would be precious little protection if Maria's army went that way.

They'd found no evidence of a newborn Bella. Though there were fewer babies born in Italy than America, there had still been over a hundred Isabellas born in the past few weeks, not to mention all the variants, but no photo matched and nothing else differentiated one photo-less possibility from another.

Peter was clearly worried, but he hadn't given up hope.

"I don't understand," he'd said when he first arrived that morning. "I've never had such conflicting information. I know changing Bella earlier would have led to disaster. But I don't know how it could have been worse than what happened. And I know without Bella this battle is going to be a disaster. But I also feel certain there's still hope, even now. I just can't explain it."

Maybe she wasn't coming back, Jasper thought despairingly. Maybe Peter was misinterpreting everything. Maybe the hope was for him, if he died here today, to be reunited with her.

No! He mustn't think that way. He needed to stay focussed on getting his family, the wolves, everyone safely through this fight. Looking around the clearing at the people who depended on him, he knew this determination was what he needed. Even the pain in his chest seemed reduced, he realised, as he concentrated his attention on the here and now.

After it was over, they could redouble their efforts to find Bella. Or he could go to Italy and end it. He could do that any time. But right now he had to focus on getting through today.


The feeling of urgency was growing and as they approached Seattle it was all Bella could do not to break a window and jump out of the plane. After their plane had finally left New York they'd had a smooth flight, but the captain had announced further delays landing in Seattle, due to storm activity all across Western Washington.

"I have to go, Marcus, I have to get there in time!"

"In time for what?" Jane asked curiously.

"I don't know!" Bella cried. "I just know I need to go!"

Marcus was looking at her strangely, but all he said was, "We're nearly at the airport child. Just be patient a little longer."

"Yeah but then we have a drive ahead of us," Felix said.

"No!" she practically barked. "I can't wait for that. I have to go. Running will be quicker!"

She was pacing back and forth and Marcus stood to place a calming hand on her shoulder. "Come and sit kórā mou. If you stomp a hole through the plane in your passion it will only slow us down."

Bella sat down reluctantly, but a moment later she launched back to her feet. She couldn't stay still. The feeling of ants crawling over her skin combined with a sense almost like a huge suction pulling her in the direction of Forks, made that impossible.

"I can't," she said aloud. "I can't resist the urge to do exactly that if I don't keep moving!"

Marcus got back up and started walking with her.

"We'll need to hire a car to get out of town," Felix spoke up. "We can't run straight from the airport. But we can ditch it once we get out of Seattle. At least the weather will make us less noticeable. We won't need to worry about the sun."


There'd been much discussion among the Cullens, the wolves, and the Denalis about strategy and how to approach the battle. Carlisle had been distinctly uncomfortable about ambushing a force not yet proven to be aggressive, but between Peter's assurances and the wolves' determination, he'd been brought around even before Alice's visions confirmed again that Maria came with the express intent of attacking.

So it was agreed that the Cullen family would wait in the clearing, but the Denalis would be out of sight, as would the wolves, who would then close in and attack from the back and sides, hopefully taking Maria's army by surprise.

Alice had been having flashes of visions since shortly after dawn. With the wolves joining in she still didn't see much, but the beginning of the battle, before their involvement, was becoming clearer. It would be raining, which was a relief, and gave them at least an earliest start time, since Alice had already seen that the rain would begin just before nine.

But they would be vastly outnumbered.


Waiting for the plane to taxi to the terminal was physically painful for Bella. She restrained herself from pushing her way out of the airplane by force of will, but her fists were clenched so tightly, her fingernails cut deeply into her palms, allowing venom to seep out.

The burn in her throat was intense, but the gnawing ache pulling her south completely eclipsed it.

Their flight was more than an hour late, between the delay in New York and the one before landing.

"I need to go," she moaned, "I can't breathe. I need to go."

"Calm down Belloula, you don't need to breathe, remember?" Marcus's usually soothing voice couldn't touch her now.

"What's wrong with her?" Jane asked. "She almost reminds me of—"

"Yes, I know." Marcus cut her off. "I believe I know what's happening. The important thing will be to get her out of Seattle as fast as possible. Then we just follow where she leads."

The voices became a jumble as Bella's whole being started to vibrate. She thought Marcus said something about carrying her. And someone else was talking about a car. Paying cash? Not waiting for something? She couldn't concentrate.

"Please, please, please, please…" It took a moment for Bella to realise the words were coming out of her own mouth. She snapped her jaw closed.

"Stand clear." The captain's voice. The door lock clicked as it disengaged. She launched herself towards it.

"Grab her!"

"Got her. Calm down, Bella, I'll get you there." Felix's voice. "God damn it, stop struggling or we can't get off the plane.

What? Oh. She held herself still. This was it.

"Remember what we practised." Marcus was speaking again. "Just let Felix carry you and focus on your shield, Bella. We'll get you there."

She forced herself to go limp. She couldn't control her shield though. All her control was spent not pushing Felix away; not taking off at a sprint.


Jasper felt the emotions of the approaching army before he could hear them, though well after Edward started giving them a low voiced run down of what he was hearing in Maria's mind.

"They're close," Jasper warned quietly. "And over confident, I think."

"And moving fast." Edward murmured agreement, and Jasper felt his family bracing themselves. They were arrayed around him in their pairings. Mates had exchanged words of encouragement, love and affirmation. Now they stood, waiting.

Between one breath and the next, an army was arrayed in front of them. They came in fast, faster than a human eye could have processed, Maria in the centre of her front line. Her barked, "Halt," had the entire horde freezing; a horde of far more vampires than they had expected, more than three times the number of defenders.

"Jasper Whitlock," she began, in an affected slow drawl. But whatever she may have said was lost, as the battle began without her permission.

The Denalis and wolves attacked from the back and sides as planned. The southern army was caught by surprise, and several newborns were dismembered in the first seconds. But they quickly regrouped.

Though the Cullens moved to join the attack a split second after the ambush, it was enough time for Maria to refocus. She pointed at Jasper. "His head," was all she said, but it was enough. Her army knew what to do. They surged towards him.

This was familiar. Newborn vampires were easy to defeat with the right technique. Jasper sent a wave of terror and confusion towards Maria and those closest to her, carefully keeping it away from his own side, all the while fending off the stream of newborns that kept flooding toward him. He threw them back into the throng, ripping off an appendage as he did wherever possible. A few vampires cringed, and one fell to his knees in fear, but those closest to Maria didn't blink. Maria laughed.

"I don't think so," she said. "Do you really think I'd come for you without protection? I taught you everything you know, and you've never won against me in a fair fight. Your emotional manipulation won't help you this time."

That was not good.

He threw the next vampire that reached him directly at Maria, but she dodged easily.

A scream of pain from Esme distracted him just long enough for the next newborn to get his teeth into Jasper's shoulder.

"Son of a—" he ripped the newborn off, biting his neck and pulling his head off as he did.

Another scream. Rosalie. Shit. There were just so many of them.

Maria let out a shrill whistle.

"Oh my god!" He glanced at Alice to see her looking beyond the fight. Half as many vampires again were pouring into the clearing. How the hell did Peter see this ending well?


Bella was only faintly aware of being loaded into a car in the SeaTac airport parking garage while Ariana handed over a wad of cash to its previous owner.

She held herself entirely still in the back seat, grateful that Marcus was beside her but also resentful that his presence held her there.

The trip out of Seattle was nothing but a blur, but the moment they pulled over she was pushing Marcus out of the way and leaping from the car. A tiny part of her attention was taken up noticing that Felix spilled out of the other side of the car almost as fast as she did; that Marcus called out for him to just follow; that he turned his leap in her direction into a roll to the side just before he would have hit her. But most of her brain was focussed simply on running, faster than she ever had, in the direction her heart insisted she go.

Even to her new eyes the trees were a blur blending with the rain, her feet barely touching the ground. A part of her mind marvelled over the feeling of almost flying. Her companions mostly kept up, though she could hear Jane and Alec, with their shorter legs, gradually falling behind.

She couldn't wait though, or slow down, either for her companions, or as she felt her cloak gradually become shredded and finally ripped off completely by the branches she pushed past. The urgency only increased as she moved further south and east.


A wolf roared in pain.

Jasper bit, tore, threw.

Irina screamed.

Bite. Rip. Toss.

Emmett bellowed, and Jasper flinched as another scream, cut off mid stream, told him Esme had lost her head.

Carlisle roared, an inarticulate cry of grief.

Please let no one light a match.

There was still hope, so long as no one burned.

Another wolf yowled. Suddenly the whole pack let loose a howl of such grief and fury, it could only mean one of them had died.

Their pain almost pushed him to his knees.

Burning, at the side of his neck, as another newborn got their teeth into him. He yanked it off over his head and tossed it away.

The next one was on him, but he was back in control. He bit through another neck and tossed another body towards the vampire coming towards him. But when he looked up, it was Maria coming at him, easily swerving to avoid collision.

And then she was on him, her teeth at his neck, as fast and powerful a fighter as he'd ever known.

His pause was infinitesimally short. For far less than a human heartbeat he considered giving in. He could be with Bella again. He wouldn't have to wait.

He pushed the feeling away, but it was long enough for her to veer around him and her teeth to enter his neck.


As she ran the last few miles her urgency only increased as she started to pick up the sounds of fighting. Boulders colliding, massive trees hitting the ground, and as she got closer the sounds of voices, screams and—growls?

What was happening? The sounds crescendoed as she burst into a long narrow clearing, her eyes immediately drawn to the figures battling at the other end.


He was alive! That's what had brought her here. For an instant their eyes connected across the clearing, and it felt to Bella as though all of time and space was reduced to that one moment. He was alive. They were together.

For a split second, Bella thought she must be dreaming. That none of this was real. Jasper had had his head ripped off, but now he was alive and under attack again? Maybe she was still in Forks and her cancer treatment was causing hallucinations.

Even as the thought occurred, she was dismissing it, and simultaneously taking in everything else that was happening. There were dozens of vampires fighting in the clearing, and several wolves, as well as both wolves and vampires lying still in the mud. Edward and Alice were fighting back to back against several vampires at once, seemingly protecting something, or someone, on the ground. Carlilse had lost a hand but was fighting off another vampire right next to them. Rosalie had lost both arms, but was supporting another vampire who was down a leg; Emmett was also down an arm, but was fighting together with a blond one-armed vampire against several opponents, keeping them from Rosalie and her friend, tossing many of them towards another woman Bella didn't know, who must have had some kind of power, as every vampire she touched ended up flat on their backs.

There were many other vampires she didn't know, but it was clear that the larger force was against her family, though some of those unknown to her seemed to be on the Cullens' side.

All this Bella noticed in the same moment she entered the clearing, but her forward motion didn't pause, the majority of her attention taken by the vampire whose teeth were in her mate's neck. She threw herself at her without thought.

Almost instantaneously the vampire attacking Jasper was forced off him and thrown several feet away as Bella's shield obeyed her fully for the first time, expanding to let Jasper inside while pushing his attacker away.

An instant later she was across the other side of the clearing on top of the vampire who dared to attack her mate.


One moment Jasper was almost resigned to losing his life, the next, the most appealing voice in the world was crying out in combined joy and horror, and simultaneously Maria was thrown off him by an invisible force.

It was as though the universe stopped for a moment, and Jasper simply stared. There, on the other side of the clearing, was Bella. His Bella, beautiful and fearsome, and a vampire. And most of all, alive.

The joy that flowed through Jasper was an intense flame that he knew he must be projecting out to the entire mass of fighting bodies.

Then time started again, and his glorious mate was past him and heading for Maria. Fuck! He sped into action, there was no way Bella could take her on alone.


Bella pounced on the vampire who had been attacking Jasper, only to have her flip the two of them over, her teeth at Bella's throat, before she knew what was happening. Now her shield obeying her would be helpful, she thought, as she sank her nails into the vampire's shoulders, trying to push her off.

Then, the woman's teeth were gone, and indeed her head was being tossed away, as Jasper yanked her off Bella and bit through her neck in one movement. The next moment she was in his arms, and nothing else mattered.

They were in the middle of a battlefield, but for just a moment they were alone. Everything seemed to disappear except the feeling of Jasper's arms around her, the scent of his shirt as her face buried into his chest, a combination of fresh laundry smell and something uniquely him; the sound of his voice murmuring in her ear, "You're alive. You're alive."

She pulled back just far enough to look up into his eyes. "And you're alive," she said, reverently, reaching up to touch his cheek. His skin was warm to her touch, which somehow surprised her, and soft. "I can't believe you're really here."

He leaned down, his eyes focussed on her lips, and she took an unnecessary breath in, time suspended as his lips came closer and her eyes closed.

A scream from behind him broke her out of her moment of ecstasy, and Jasper jerked back as a vampire shot backwards through the air, just missing them. He flew into a tree, knocking it over, but was on his feet and flying back towards them in less than a second. Jasper jumped away from her and grabbed the red eyed vampire before he could reach them, biting and ripping and throwing away the decapitated body almost faster than she could follow, even with her vampire eyes.

And just like that, their moment was over and battle resumed. Another vampire came at her, seemingly out of nowhere, and she instinctively ducked, while trying to make her shield activate. Nothing happened, except that the vampire adjusted and she felt herself flying backwards as his fist connected with the side of her jaw.

Then Jasper was there, pulling her attacker away and ripping his arm from his shoulder.

She backed away, realising she could be of no help in the battle. Marcus had had Felix give her some basic self-defence training, but they'd otherwise focussed mostly on her shield and self-control, not on fighting. And then Felix was beside her, pulling her back to Marcus. Jasper momentarily looked like he would attack Felix, but he must have realised Felix was no threat to her, because he quickly turned to intercept another vampire headed toward them.



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