Seven years of Valerie

Act 11

a new dawn

five the half years later

Okay Valerie, you can do this, she gets off the bus that took her back town.

Man. I should've waited to see if anyone there get me

5 1/2 years I've been away a course. The three to save me always stayed in contact with me. But as release date came they weren't around as much. I guess they moved on. Finally

train of thought interrupted by someone talking to Valerie

"Hey sugar in for a good time!"

"Crystal is that you? What the hell happened? "

"Valerie I guess you getting out at a good time, Topaz is died

"is that why you always needed money did that thing to me."

"We were drunk. Valerie, I'm sorry and was a good way to make money.

Is that all you care about!"

"No, you know, Topaz has a bad family, they were after us so after I lost my self worth

I thought if we get enough money me and her could go far away. Just us vs. the world , maybe school or something. But they were after her. So she tried to save herself. She had this weird rifle. I think she called it, a ghost carbine, she was using it to take out the others after her until something went wrong. What the hell am I telling you this for"

is that the same way you thought or me and Danielle, the ends justify the means

shut up head voice

"anyways Valerie way you've been?"

"No offense crystal you look terrible,"

but those track marks on her arm i recognize those as recovering addicts at the institution i was at.

"what's it to your not my mother? All is important is living for right now. Screw everything else!"

"Your better than this crystal. You're just a screwed up like me, but there are options "

"without Topaz doesn't matter to me Any ways"

God wants wrong with her, those eyes like she's dead inside

"anyways beautiful let's party, $20 and I have some smack we can get funky with a old friend . Special and with that she grabs Valerie and kisses her"

"well that's doesn't suspected me for a little suicide case, and school slut!"

"Paulina what are you doing here , or are you working your job!"

"Community service for beauty queens we have to care for the little people"

that's right Paulina won some beauty contests and is modeling now

so this is all PR for her

"she's probably just slumming it to cover for her latest public mishap

what was it again drunk and disorderly well making out with minors"

"they were Junior football champions freshman in college" screamed Paulina

Valerie looked over and noticed the two new voices belong to star and San

Paulina to "star still slumming it with these degenerates i can always use help come with me

Paulina my days of serving you are over when I realize you don't care about anyone"

"you are nothing! "

"I'm a lot more than you and maybe it's time I told you why I put up with you. So do tell

yeah what"

this! and without another word Star grabs Paulina and holds her close so she can kiss her passionately for several minutes later they break apart. A Paulina turns and runs away especially not noticing that Sam was filming the whole thing on her phone

"she really is scared be seen that way still?"

"Surprisingly she was into it"

"how do you know"

"you don't give someone that much action for 6 min. If you're not into"

"with you two doing here?"

"Were going to pick you up. You're left before we can and this is his where the bus stops "

"sorry guys I thought you abandoned me!"

"God you and your abandonment issues. I thought I had all of them in our little groups right Sam "

"I don't have a issues girls $100 and we can party with all of us. I got good stuff as well"

"who's this?"

"Let's get out of here and crystal If you get serious about needing help call me or don't

I'm not going to watch you destroy yourself"

the girls piled in to Sam's car, ironically, it was a limo

"so Valerie It's like you back from the facility"

"gals that was a mental health facility be honest I fell apart. Basically they put me back together

the upside I do have my GAD equivalency"

"actually, it's a high school diploma. Given that you went to Casper for at least

4/half years and had good grades. The rest considered home schooling due to illness"

"how you manage that?"

"Money, bribery and blackmail"

"which did which? "

"Well Sam here. Did the Money thing and threatened to sue, claiming they cause your breakdown. it cost them a fortune to prove otherwise. So they settle."

"Well I is the other hand, I blackmailed and bribe people you be amazing what a few photos can accomplish"

"thank you gals"

"anyways, this is my stop you to get to work, will meet up later"

"still works at the club. Sam"

"it's good money And she's good at it and is the other thing!"

"What Sam?"

"She kind of owns its now."

"How did she buy it anyways?'

"Turns out they had hard times. Specially when her dad busted them. And Internet stuff really hit them so they were losing profits so they took risks and she used their misfortune to make a play

it's ironic by her 17th birthday she was owner the only after hours adult entertainment venture in town. On top of that she also got her doctorate at college"

"What now? "

"Turns out after you left, we were kind of ostracize for a while I had. Danny and Tucker. Thank God but star kind when into hiding and really started studying hard. So she graduated early and basically did it super genius style. Long and short of it. She devoured her coursework and by the time she got to college. She really had just put the time in or write the tests. She'd already plowed through the material."

"So basically she when all crazy like with work. And the money thing doesn't surprise me. She help my dad refinance get the house back remember."

"Lately. She just with running the club. Everyone thinks she's just a hired hand. No one knows she's the boss. How she make money?"

"She's redone the club to be the center of all late night entertainment including doing specialty club things. "

"Do I really want to know?"

"No, think the only place where you could physically do all stuff you see online. That's the place

ironically powerful and rich love doing stuff like that . That's, it's like 50 shades of gray stuff"

"there's also the fact she got the criminal money. The number of times criminals tried setting up shop and been busted in her place. She made a small fortune. Basically she takes a cut of what they happen to leave behind when they get carted off by the cops. She takes all , if they're slow showing up and it not like they can go after her if their stupidity. They left the money behind when they ran."

"okay, I'm creeped out now. Can we change the subject. Please"

"Nothing to change, here's my place. Where you'll be staying . Valerie, I could use the company You like my brownstone as they say this. " They entered the house and continue talking

"it's beautiful Sam."

"Are you and Danny still together?"


"you want to talk about it?"


"I thought you said in your last visit you. Getting a degree and running a business"

"I be working on my business degree, you know at University and I run for local green house operations. I provide 65% of the local organics food for this area.

"I knew that. But I also know you been studying law."

"Be honest. Sam"

"only if you share a bottle of wine with me and some food"

"I got eat but what's with the wine"

"soften the blow of what is going to tell you"


45 min. later and a bottle and a half of wine later Sam talks about the law thing

"okay you stalled long enough. Sam tell me about the legal book's

I can see them stacked up in the living room like your building of Fort

I've been working a case and visiting my client at stone haven"

"stone haven that's the maximum security women's prison up state, why are you going there. Sam

visiting your mother and looking into her case."

"She abandoned me for her criminal live, the great Dr. Gray doesn't care about me. Never has, never will"

"Valerie listen. She went there because of Alexis, her sister . Someone did something bad to her and your mother took them out. The case was handled badly the mother got railroaded

so don't hold a grudge . Please"

"I can't hear this. I'm leaving"

"Valerie please stay let's talk have a drink and we will discuss things

is that why you want us to drink hoping to soften the blow did you plan this"

"hey, I told you that right off the bat. Is there anything else Sam"

"just this."

And with that Sam kisses Valerie and move her willingly into one of her guests bedrooms.

The next morning

okay when it hit i was with sam last night. This is going to be awkward

"Good morning. Sam, have some orange juice. It'll help with the hangover"

"okay Valerie, why you so happy"

"my first day out and i soften the blow

I don't like where this is going."

"You know, you said that out loud. Sam"

"so I respect you enough not to BS, I know I'm your rebound person

I know you and Danny had a fight and separated and I know that your MO for romance getting to know someone becoming their friends before you can feel comfortable enough to be romantic. Let's be honest , that's Daniel, star, jazz, Tucker and me. And I know you see Tucker like a brother. And stars way too freaky, so that leaves Daniel and me. "

"What about jazz?"

"She's in a relationship and I know never do. The other woman thing not your style."

"So what happened between you and Danny, obvious the drinking last night wasn't just for our talk but it was you working through your issue with him."

"Okay you got me, if that the case why did you go along with it?"

"Sam, you and star are the two people I love the most in the world. Given what we've been through. And how you been there for me. I will stripped naked and go to the Gates of hell for you. Also, it's kind of been like five years without anyone you know.

Is that all Valerie?"

"Is also the thing I don't know what I like Romantically right. So I'm either like you or like star or Danny.

So basically, you don't know if you're gay, straight, or bisexual Right. Given how you feel about me and star, you basically whatever way we ask you to go right."

"I guess, so stop delaying last I heard you had moved in with Danny for like forever. And I thought you planning to marry him."

"As you know, we started going out a few days after you left. I guess will happen got my ass in gear and I finally had the talk. The one where we admit how we feel for each of and when from there."

"I know you had a fight about?"

"You know I stopped visiting you, little while ago is because of Danny, he found out about you

what that I was alive, or the hell I was going through!"

"No about you're gun and its connection to Danielle. Just say he wasn't very understanding.

Crap, how bad did it get?"

Holy crap look on Valerie's face if Danny is getting non-understanding really back really quickly

"This bad . I'll will finish you for what you've done. Red demon"

with that Sam was knocked out by none other than Danny Phantom and started on to Valerie.

"I figured if I watched Sam's house long enough, you would show up like a rat back to the nest

then top of that you're trying to corrupt my beautiful Sam"

"your murders Parade ends here, you put a weapon of mass distraction on the Street and used to it to kill Danielle. You murdered her and I will kill you for that Valerie"

"no I didn't, what happened to her with an accident, I loved her I would never harm her

lies, you the Queen of them. You might've twisted Sam into believing your half-truths

and with that Phantom grabbed Valerie and start punching her."

Oh God, is that blood I'm having problems breathing

I'm going to die.

"Stop Danny she doesn't deserve this. Please you becoming like him"

"shut up. Sam and he fired an ice blast at Sam"

oh God I don't do something. Sam will die, I have to do something

even the last thing I do

at that very moment Valerie kicked out with all her strength into phantoms got this moved his arm enough to wreck the shot, the ice shattered against the wall

Sam looked on in horror. As she noticed the spikes were as large as baseball bat given the formation they would've torn her in half.

"What the hell's wrong with you. Phantom . You almost killed Sam. You can hate me all you want. But Don't hurt innocents your better than that."

"Liar. I'll will finish you"

Phantom grabbed Valerie again and started twisting her arms back and her stomach you could hear the clicking sounds. It appeared that he is trying to force her into a U shaped position.

"That's enough Phantom. Let her go or else"


"I'm will stopping you"

out of the corner of the eye. Valerie noticed Sam and unfamiliar wine.

That's my ghost carbine. Sam has all along

then there was a flash and everything went black

Act End

that's one hell of a cliff hanger if I say myself. We'll find out next chapter. What happened

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