Seven years of Valerie

Act two

Fall gets worse

Three months later

Principal no-name office at Casper high,

"So Mr. Gray we hear today talk about your daughter Valerie

Her behavior has gone downhill in the last few months.

But her grades are still doing all right"

"Yes that's the weird thing your daughter's grades are actually the best they have been in a while. But the same time she's acting disruptive"

"In what way?"

"First, she seems cold and distant. Unwilling to talk to anyone and when she does talk to other students. She's quite abusive. Several students have just asked her, and questions in class and she verbal attack. She laid on to them sent the students fleeing well, crying their eyes out.

I have over a dozen reports of her back mouthing her teachers and the things she said to Ms. Saunders to get her expelled."

"Valerie, what did you say to Ms. Saunders?"

"All I said is that cheap perfume and low cut blouse. Why isn't she just quit here for her true occupation on the nearest street corner given that's what she does every night? I've even offered the spotter 20 so she could get to work. God knows she has no teaching qualifications"

"Even if that so Valerie has no way to talk about a teacher!"

"It doesn't matter. Maybe soon we will get lucky and some ghost would just kill her and the rest of the students here. Hopefully the a list will go first."

"Valerie is not the way to talk about your fellow students"

"Dad everyone knows that the faculty and the principal bend over and take it up the rear for the chosen namely the A list and the rest of us can go to hell. We all know that most of the crap here is just babysitting until we graduate. So I'll give me my grades so I can go. I shouldn't have to waste all my time with moronic morons. "Valerie statistically replied

"Valerie, you will wait outside the office like talk to the principle" that his dad rubbed his temples with the pain he was feeling at the moment

As Valerie left the room. She hears her father asked "when did this start?" to the principal

Valerie thinks back

Flashback to two days after Valerie came back to school

"Valerie what's up with you haven't been here in for almost 2 weeks talk to me"

Star know mostly as monkey in the middle. Valerie struggled not to say out loud to star

"Valerie at a ringer girl's restroom. That's were all the punk girls hang out. Everyone knows the delinquents and addicts in there don't go in there. "

"Again you're listening to a list BS, one restroom as good as another, and that's what our Queen bee says about people who don't kiss up to her. So screw her" swap Valerie star almost rudely

I was right about one thing the room looked just like any other of its sort just a little more banged up. And some graffiti. Odds are listened to the a liters and probably let room go to hell only after my fault grace that I realize that the school has segregated facilities for the different students

In my freshman year I found out the hard way is forced to move and use different facilities and lockers, because I'm not a list are anymore of them anymore.

My thoughts were interrupted with two girls coming into the room, I quickly got in a stall

I notice the girls were one part punk harpy girls and one part of rocker women

"Hey, why we hear. Anyways, Amy? You see sake we need high school to succeed. The minimum everything in American. Even if our only job options are Booth Babe or hot rocker girl in a music video. This wouldn't be so bad for in this ass rich kiss control this school. We should've gone to central. "One girl said

"Are you kidding me that place is basically a juvenile detention factory and they haven't any budget

At all". The other girl cried back sadly

"I guess we just have to stick it out, then" the first girl mentioned

"I guess we have time for smoke before we have to go back "one girl asked

Before she could finish lighting up

Ms. Saunders kicks the door open and says "what you two up to?"

"I'd love to you expelled you juvenile delinquents, being no that's not my style. But that's not what you are. So which class do you have?" Ms. Saunders asked with authority

"Study Hall"

"Then you better get going and with that she left" Saunders commanded

"What a which?"

"You know she's only like that that's because we see her with her lover last year."

"You mean the one with."

"That's one"

"Anyways why go to study Hal? L, with Mr. Lancer hell no"

"Let's go to our spot and make out."

"Only if I can be on top, Amy"

And with that the two girls left.

Valerie realized two things in the end of the conversation she's eavesdropping on unintentionally

She couldn't tell by the end which girl was talking and how she looked down and noticed the front of her was that pack of cigarettes that they tossed into the stall when the teacher came in.

Holding them. She looks the mirror and thinks why not

As Valerie finished the long drag of my 1sg cigarette feeling of calmness. I've had in days

Washes over me

As an unlikely person walks in to the restroom. And the kills my buzz. Sam

"What the hell Valerie! You know these things will kill you. I knew even going from stuff lately

But come on." Sam demands trying to sound caring

As she says that she knocks cigarette from my mouth.

"What the hell Sam not like you NOT my friend or anything! God knows you hate me, especially your jealousy over Danny. I asked him for one date. That's it, and it didn't work out and you been writing my ass ever since. Furthermore, that was almost a year ago so get over it you claim to be my friend. When was last time we talked or hung out or you being there for me? I've been going through some heavy stuff right now and you were a no-show. So why should I care of what you think now. Don't attending I am anything other than furniture to you. So don't waste my time with your fault modesty. You do not care if I lived or died, just like everyone else here. Which is worse is I thought you were better than everyone else here. You're just another shallow, jealous, petty, and backstabbing, harlot just like Paulina the only difference is your wardrobe. You can't do anything for me."

And with that I push pass Sam ran to exit of the bathroom, obvious that I was crying with the harsh words I said Sam.

Damn. Valerie what are you thinking. Sam doesn't deserve that she is your friend right?

"What the hell Valerie" Sam call after me but I'm already gone

Act end

Okay, for the record, I know the principal's name is not known name

But some damn reason I could not get the spelling for the proper pronunciation of the principles name. So if anyone actually has it. Please send it my way

But on a side note, the principles only used here so we can go with it