Chapter 1

It was a sunny day in Santa Barbara California. Shawn and Gus were working busily to unravel the mystery of a murder case that they still could not figure out. Eventually it was decided that they would take a stroll down the street to try and clear their heads. Back and forth they argued about the particulars of the investigation never coming to a rest until a young girl, a teenager, wearing a light blue sun dress rushed passed them and nearly knocked Shawn off his feet.

"Hey!" Shawn called as he looked up and spotted the girl amidst the disorganised gaggle of people milling about. She paused for a moment to look back at them, a mischievous smile on her face. Shawn immediately took notice of something small and brown that she was holding. His hand shot to his back pocket feeling for his wallet, but he felt nothing.

"Get back here!" He cried as he bolted forward after the perpetrator, Gus close at his heels. The girl was light on her feet, but Shawn and Gus were relentless.

Somewhere amidst the chaos Gus ran into someone and lost track of the stranger and his best friend. Shawn alone now sprinted down the sunbathed streets of Santa Barbara. He was lead further down the avenue until the girl took a right and then another right which left them standing in the middle of a roundabout in a metropolitan area. Finally, she disappeared down a shallow alley between two ageing buildings. When Shawn had finally caught up he was quite out of breath and sweating profusely.

"Give… me back… my wallet… or else," he said between gasps of air. He had her cornered but she didn't seem all too worried or afraid.

"You are quite an interesting person, Shawn Spencer."

"How do you know my name?" he asked suddenly. "Who are you?" She smiled.

"My name is Clementine and we've been watching you for a quite some time now."

"We? We who? The Royal we? Look, just give me back my wallet," he said, extending his hand and waiting for her to comply.

"We are the Everseers, and we have been looking for someone like you to join our ranks."

"'Everseers'?" Shawn repeated.

Clementine chuckled to herself. "Mentally and spiritually enhanced keepers of the peace."

"Isn't that kind of, oh, I don't know, ridiculous?"

"That's funny coming from someone who goes around boasting that he's psychic." Shawn opened his mouth to retaliate but she cut him off. "Yes, I know a lot about you, including that you are in fact not psychic but actually hyper-observant with the added bonus of having a photographic memory. I also know that you could have graduated valedictorian but didn't due to some very serious inner turmoil in your life at that time."

"So you've done your research, big whoop. Anyone who dug deep enough would be able to figure that out," said Shawn.

"I also know that you're currently in love with Juliet O'Hara, and that you feel threatened by the idea of your friend Gus having a girlfriend because you are slightly possessive of him, and that you secretly hold deep affection for your father but will never admit that due to your desire to rebel against him for divorcing your mother."

Silence hung in the air as Shawn tried to figure out who this girl was and how she knew what she did, even going as far as to search his memory for any time in his life when he may have seen her before, but there was nothing. She was a complete stranger.

"So what do you want with me?" he asked curiously.

"I've already told you. We want to recruit you."

"I thought you said that I wasn't psychic."

"Not yet anyway." She began to walk toward him and Shawn took two steps back. She stopped just a foot away from him. "Consider this a trial period. My superiors still aren't completely convinced that you'd be a good fit for our organisation. Id'e like you to prove them wrong." Shawn opened his mouth again but she reached out her hand and placed a single finger on his mouth. "Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone about me or what I have told you. And if by some means you are able to communicate to someone what has transpired in this place, you will come straight here without question. To this I bind your soul."

Clementine lowered her hand and the area of Shawn's face where their skin had met glowed a soft gold for a moment and then the light faded.

"Find me here at the end of the month and we will discuss this matter further." Then she reached into a pocket in the folds of her dress and pulled out a transparent baseball-sized golden sphere and offered it to him.

Shawn reached out to grab the strange object. "What's this? The orb of destin—" The instant that his hand grasped the sphere a strange feeling like a bolt of frozen lightning shot up through his arm and seemed to electrify his brain, forcing him to gasp for large breaths of air. In that same moment his world went dark and then it turned sideways and slant ways and even upside down until, with a sudden burst of adrenaline and shock, he found himself sitting upright in bed in his apartment.

He looked around and the familiar sights and smells did comfort him some, but they also frightened him. How did he get here? He had absolutely no recollection of the events that took place between the evening with Clementine and now. He stretched the muscles in his hands and wrists and they felt strangely sore. It was then that he noticed that he was wearing a pair of blue long-sleeved pyjamas that he didn't own.

He leapt out of bed, stumbling a bit as his numb legs found their balance and reached for his phone which sat on top of his dresser beside a pile of neatly stacked clothes and his wallet. Frantically, he dialled Gus's number.

"Dude, where are you?" Shawn said as soon as Gus picked up.

"Shawn? Where have you been? Everyone's been looking for you like crazy!" said Gus through the speaker.

"Looking for me? Why?"

"Uh, because you went missing yesterday afternoon after we got separated trying to get your wallet back from that girl! I've been calling you but you haven't picked up! Juliet and I were looking for you until midnight last night!"

"Dude, relax, I'm back at my apartment," Shawn said, trying to think of a way to tell Gus what had happened the other day without sounding like a lunatic.

"Well then where were you? And why didn't you answer your phone?"

Shawn gulped. He couldn't quite figure out how to say it, so he decided to just tell him exactly what happened.

"See you at the psych office at ten," said Shawn.

"It's five-thirty, Shawn. In the afternoon." Then Shawn hung up.