The cold deadly fingers cannot touch him

He pushes aside

For he's a person who cannot die

He want to touch the Death finger so his spirit could fly

But his death will put others lives on the line

Another Spirit share his body

Kept safe in captivity

For she pray for the death to come his way

That's the only way she could be free

But he won't let it happen

Casting Death's touch aside

For he's a person who cannot die

But though he pray for the Death's embrace

To fly away to a different place

Instead of being bound to the living while his other loved ones are fading

He want to go home too.

His spirit soaring into the Moon.

But the death of him

Will also cause the others Doom.

Lucky for the wolfrider chief

For Death embrace him and set him free

for his body and soul is trapped to eternity

Only drifting off to the place in his dreams

A place where he always wanted to be

But sadly he will never get to see

For the Wolfriders is lucky one

Before him he will never be

Too much is on the line if he dies

too much is at stake for the death embrace

For death is tempting

But sadly he cannot take

So every time he brushed death aside

For he is a person who cannot die