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Here is my 5th story. I will still be doing my previous stories as well so don't you worry about that. I hope you enjoy this story and the other 2 that I will be publishing soon. The 7 year time skip is 2 months after the events of Goku and friends meeting Beerus and Whis and the start of Dragon ball super is set 2 years after GT. Don't like it then don't read this story.


At a house in Godrics Hollow at figure appears at the front gate and points a wand at the house and fires a green lightning beam at it and a part the house is destroyed.

"Oh no. Lily, Voldemort is here!" A man shouted as a red headed woman comes down the stairs holding two babies.

"How can that be James?" Lily asked.

"Peter betrayed us. Take Harry and Jack and run away. I'll hold him off." James said.

"No James. I'm not leaving you." Lily replied.

"Go I'll be right behind you, I promise." James said.

"Ok. I love you." Lily said as she kissed him.

"I love you too. Go." James ordered and Lily ran upstairs.

James stood at the bottom of the stairs and waited until the door was destroyed and the figure entered.

"James Potter. This time you won't escape. I'll make easier for you. Give your sons and I'll let you live." Voldemort said pointing his wand at him.

"Never!" James shouted in growling tone point his wand at Voldemort.

"I don't want to kill anymore pureblood wizards. One last chance Potter." Voldemort said getting impatient.

"No I will not let you kill my sons." James said.

"Very well then. Aveda kedavra!" Voldemort shouted firing the deadliest curse in the wizarding world.

James dodged them and fired his own spell.

"Stupfy!" James shouted in an attempt to stun him.

"Bombarda maxima!" Voldemort shouted.

James just managed to dodge but he was still close enough to the blast that is sent flying. His head banged against the wall and his was unconscious. Voldemort pressed his foot on his stomach and he saw no reaction.

'Now the mudblood.' Voldemort thought as he walked up the stairs.

In the twins bedroom

"Harry, Jack, Mama and Dada loves you. Be safe, be strong." Lily said as the bedroom door was blown open.

"Lily Potter. I will not let anyone who is threat to me live so hand me the boys." Voldemort said.

"No. I would rather die." Lily replied.

Then suddenly she flew to the wall and couldn't move.

"Very well. I'll kill them and you're next." Voldemort said as he looked at the twins.

He noticed they looked similar but the difference was that Harry had his mother's emerald green eyes and Jack had his father's eyes and brown hair while Harry had jet black hair.

"Aveda kedavra!" Voldemort shouted.

"NOO!" Lily shouted.

The curse came in contact with the twins but something happened. The curse rebounded and hit Voldemort in his chest and bright light appeared and Voldemort disappeared. Lily fell onto the ground and quickly got up and ran to the boys. She was happy that they were ok but she did notices lightning bolt shaped scars on their foreheads. Harry's was on the right side of his head while Jack's was on the left side. She then heard footsteps and a man entered the room.

"Lily. Thank god you are ok." The man said.

"Sirius." Lily said as she hugged him.

"Where's James?" Lily asked.

"Remus is with him. He hit his head hard and is unconscious but he'll be fine." Sirius said.

He looked at the boys and noticed the scars.

"What happened?" Sirius asked.

"I don't know how but Voldemort fired the killing curse that them but somehow one of the boys rebounded the curse and now Voldemort to gone." Lily said.

"As long as he's gone and they're ok, it doesn't matter." Sirius said as James and Remus entered the room.

"Lily." James said as he hugged her.

"I'm glad you're ok." Lily said as she started to cry.

"Doesn't the werewolf get a hug?" Remus asked.

"Of course you do." Lily said and she hugged him.

"What happened to Voldemort?" A man said behind them.

They looked at the man and it was Albus Dumbledore.

"Voldemort fired the killing curse at the twins and one of them rebounded it." Lily said. Albus, James and Remus was shocked.

"Who did it hit first?" Albus asked.

"Harry and it then connected with Jack which is when the curse rebounded." Lily said.

"So Jack rebounded the curse." Albus said.

7 Years later

Lily was with Harry in his room of Potter Manor help him get ready for an event, Raven, Harry's little sister who was born 6 months after the attack. Lily announce she was 3 months pregnant at that time. She was born in August 5th and Harry and Jack were 1 year old at the time. Over the years James started to change as Jack's fame as the boy who lived grew, he started to pay a lot more attention to Jack than Harry and Raven. Harry and Raven often asked to play with him he always said he was busy but they knew he wasn't.

"Why do we have to go to this event Mummy?" Raven asked.

Raven looked like a double of Lily. She had red hair and green eyes. Harry looked like James but he didn't have his brownish hair unlike his brother.

"It's for your brother and it is a family event so that's why we are all going." Lily said as she finished helping Harry with his clothes.

Harry groaned as Lily said that. As he grew up he started to develop a bit of hatred of his brother. He always got the attention of their father. He even had some thoughts at times that James didn't know that he and Raven exist. Raven was the same but they were but happy that their mother always spent time with them. Unlike his brother, Harry loved Raven, sure they had their moments where they don't get along but he loved her none the less.

"How will it take to get there?" Harry asked.

"A couple of hours but I'll be bringing my Walkman with me so you don't get bored." Lily said and smiled as Harry's and Raven's eye lit up. They both loved the music she had and often fought over gets to listen to it first but Lily always broke them up by stilling them they could listen at the same time.

"Really?" Harry asked and lily smiled.

Lily was ready for the fighting but she didn't hear them shout at each other.

"Expecting us to fight Mum?" Harry asked with a grin.

"I was actually." Lily said.

"Well we've learned to share." Raven said and Lily smiled again.

"Come on Lily! We're going to be late!" James shouted.

"Coming! We better get moving." Lily said as she and the kids left the room.

Harry and Raven went outside while went to get her Walkman for them. They entered the carriage that was in front of them as Lily came out and walked to the carriage.

"Thanks Mum." Harry/Raven said.

"Here Raven. You listen to it first." Harry said.

"Thanks big bro. You're the best brother ever." Raven said putting the earphone in her ears and put in the tape for The Rolling stones songs.

Lily smiled at how they get along but she wished is the same for Jack as he never got along with his brother and sister.

45 minutes later

They arrived at Sirius' house. Harry and Raven were happy to see their godfather or dogfather as they called him since he can transform into a dog. Raven handed the Walkman to Harry and he put in a tape for AC DC. Lily didn't like that band but Harry did. He took after her father on that bit, he did like the music she did.

30 minutes later

As the carriage went through the forest, the road got a bit bumpy. At one of the bumps Harry nearly dropped the Walkman but then the carriage went over another bump, since it was unexpected Harry fell the carriage.

"Oh no Harry! Hold on!" Lily shouted as Harry ran after the carriage.

"Mum!" Harry shouted running as fast as he could.

"James stop the carriage now!" Lily shouted since she couldn't stop it.

"Why? We're going to be late for the event." James said.

"Harry fell off. Stop it now." Lily said but James looked confused.

"Harry?" James asked.

"Harry your son." Lily said in an irritated tone.

"Doesn't ring a bell." James replied and Lily gasped.

"Stop the carriage!" Lily shouted.

"If I do that, we'll be late." James said.

"HARRY!" Lily shouted as the carriage got further away from Harry.

"MUM! SIRIUS! RAVEN!" Harry shouted back.

"HARRY!" Everyone but James and Jack shouted as the carriage disappeared from Harry view.

Harry stopped running as he ran out of breathe and start to pant. He was all alone in the forest. It was dark and couldn't see very far. For five minutes Harry continued to go in the same direction but he ran out of breathe again. As he went to catch his breath again but he heard something growling behind him. His heart nearly stopped as the source of the growling came from pack of wolves. The wolves continued to growl as Harry ran in a random direction away from them but he get very far as he was forced on the ground by one of the wolves and the rest attacked him biting him in most parts of his body. Harry screamed for help but nobody heard him. He thought he was going to die but then some figures appeared and fired a spell at the wolves to make them run away. There cuts all over his body and was losing blood very quickly.

"Come on we need to get Harry some help." A male figure said.

"A healer won't be able to heal him to time." Another male figure replied.

"What do we do?" Another male figure said.

"Take him to a friend of mine." A woman said.

The figures turned to saw a short elderly woman riding a crystal ball.

"Who would that be Baba?" The second male figure asked.

"His name is Son Goku. He'll be able to help." Baba said.

"Ok Baba. Thank you for letting us come here from other world to save our descendent." A female figure said.

"No problem. The five of you best get to Goku now. I'll take you there." Baba said.

3 weeks later

Harry woke up with a headache. He checked his surrounding and saw that he was in a room. He got up from the bed he was in and suddenly dropped to the ground. He grabbed a nearby drawers and pulled himself up. He saw his face in the mirror and was shocked at what he saw. His face was completely different. His hair had spikes going in most directions. The thing that was the same was his eyes. He pinched himself hard to make sure this wasn't dream and it wasn't. Suddenly the door opened a man who looks to be in his mid-30s walked through the door.

"I see you're awake." The man said.

Harry backed away but he fell backwards.

"Don't worry you're safe." The man said.

"Who are you?" Harry asked.

"My name is Goku, Harry. I'm not going to hurt you." Goku said.

"How do you know my name?" Harry asked.

"There are some people downstairs that will explain everything to you. Here I'll help you stand." Goku said as he walked up to Harry and put his arm around his back and lifted him to his feet.

Goku took him downstairs and there were the figures that saved him.

"Thank you Goku." One of the two male figures said.

"No problem." Goku replied as he sat Harry on the settee.

"Nice to see you are awake Harry." One female figure said.

"Thank you for saving me." Harry said.

"No need to thank us Harry." The other female figure said.

"Who are you and why do I look different?" Harry asked.

"Why you look different we'll explain and as for who we are." The first male said as they took of their hoods and Harry's jaw dropped.

"No. Way." Harry said.


Lily was pacing up and down as the people she hired tried to find Harry. Her heart was beating like crazy. Raven, Sirius and Remus could see that she was scared. James was in another room with a black eye. Lily punched him so hard to make him to the carriage. By the time they got to the last place they last saw him but they didn't see him anywhere. Lily hired some aurors to find but they had no luck but continued to search. The front door of their house opened and the aurors Lily hired entered.

"Please tell me you found him." Lily said.

"We're sorry Mrs Potter. We found footprints where you last saw him. We followed them but they stopped at random. There were another set of footprints arounds which are from wolves." The leader said.

"Please don't tell me he's dead." Lily said as tears came out of her eyes.

"I'm sorry Mrs Potter." The leader said.

Lily dropped to her knees and cried loudly. Raven, Sirius and Remus hugged her as they cried. Unfortunately James came in at the wrong time. Lily saw him and rage filled her body. She screamed as she launched herself at him. She started to punch him and showed no signs of stopping. Remus and Sirius pulled Lily off of James. She tried get out of their grip but no luck. They managed to get out the house with Raven following. Remus and Sirius looked at James.

"Don't speak to us again." Remus said.

"Why?" James asked.

"Our friendship is over." Sirius said and James gasped.

Back to Harry

"You performed a blood ritual to save me?" Harry asked.

"That's right. There's something else you should know Harry." Goku said.

"What's that?" Harry asked.

"I'm a Saiyan." Goku said.

"What's a Saiyan?" Harry asked.

Goku then explained what a Saiyan was and what they could do.

"So since I now have your blood, does that make me a Saiyan?" Harry asked.

"Yes Harry. After the ritual, we had Goku's friend Bulma to examine your body and it has 99% of a Saiyan's physical body." The first male figure said.

"99%?" Harry asked.

"Saiyans are born with tails and you didn't get one so you don't have the proper Saiyan body. Goku told us about that and we figured out the rest about your body." The second male figure said.

"What happens now?" Harry asked.

"Well your ancestors showed me and my family your memories with those stick things whatever you call them." Goku said.

"Wands." Harry replied.

"Anyway, since you have my blood that makes you my son so you can go back or stay here with my family. If you chose to stay, I promise to be the father you always wanted." Goku said.

Harry hugged him and smiled.

"I'll stay here." Harry said.

"Very well then. Since Goku won't know anything about magic, we'll be training you with your magic." The female figure on the left said.

"Since you have a body, you'll have strength you've never thought existed, so I'll be training you physically and teach you how to use ki. That is if you want to." Goku said and Harry gasped.

"You can use ki? My mother told me it takes decades to master." Harry said.

"Not unless you have a good teacher." Goku said giving Harry his Son grin.

"We'll let you get use to your strength first and we'll start your magic training." The second male figure said.

"Thank you. See you later." Harry said.

"See you later. We're going to conjure a house in the forest so you'll know where to find us." The first male figure said as they left the house.

"Well, I'll set up your room and I'll introduce you to the rest of the family." Goku said as Harry turned and saw a picture of Goku and a woman.

"Who's that?" Harry asked.

"That's my late wife Chi Chi." Goku said.

"If you don't mind me asking what happened to her?" Harry asked.

"She got ill and the disease they had couldn't be cured of course I wanted to gather the dragon balls to summon Shenron to heal her but she said that I wouldn't be able to gather them in time. Turns out she had it a long time but didn't want me to worry and she knew I wouldn't gather in time even though I can move very fast." Goku explained.

"Sorry. What are the dragon balls and who is Shenron?" Harry asked.

"I'll tell you later." Goku said.


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