Falling into another universe was a whole lot less interesting than she expected. For one, she was asleep at the time, and two, she hadn't realized she was in another universe until much later.

She supposed she should start the story off with the beginning, but where the beginning started was up for debate. Was it the start of her life in the old universe? Was it the start of her life in the new? She gave herself a headache just thinking about it.

Her name was Avery Celandine, she was 18 years old and tall enough to get on rides that required you to be over 160cm but she somehow still looked like a hobbit. Her hair was originally a thick dark brown mess, but she decided to cut it short and tint it purple. It ended up with a sort of reddish tinge, and she was going to dye it blonde before her hairdressers was caught in an arson attack.

She had also sort-of accidentally shaved off her eyebrows. It didn't have anything to do with her circumstances, but it was five days previous and so she decided that was the moment her luck started going downhill.

The day of the incident was the day after her grandfather's funeral and subsequent family event right outside her temporary bedroom door, where everyone got drunk and stayed up until midnight. Needless to say, she was exhausted.

After countless futile attempts to fend off sleep, she finally succumbed at noon and woke up on a long stretch of beach with an uncomfortable amount of shells digging into her back. She'd rate it as the third worst nap she'd ever had, which wasn't saying much because all naps for Avery left her tired and hungry.

Speaking of food, there were an absurd amount of coconut trees considering she had gone to bed on the border between England and Scotland. She was starting to get the feeling that either she'd taken something that had an adverse reaction to her anxiety medication, making her hallucinate her surroundings or something entirely inexplicable was going on.

Sitting up from her bed of shells, she tried her best to look around without her glasses. Then, realising that was stupid because she had just spotted her least favorite backpack that she hadn't even taken to England, – what the fuck, – she rummaged around for her glasses and finding them, popped them on.

Everything was so blue. The ocean was the lightest shade of blue she had ever seen, and she could just about make out small fish wriggling through the waves. The sky as well, looked a shade she had never seen outside of paintings, and lazy clouds were floating their way across the canvas of blue.

She was starting to suspect she had been in a fugue state of some kind after returning to her home in Scotland. Perhaps she had packed her bags and found herself on the other side of the globe? She bet that the best thing to do in this situation was to try to find her phone, assuming fugue-her had kept it charged. Since Avery in her right mind was a disorganized clutz, she really doubted her other self would be any better.

Looking through her backpack, she realized that she didn't have her phone with her, but had instead packed her trusty book 'Pirates', a fidget spinner, and an empty bottle of water with the label removed. She would have laughed if she wasn't so confused and upset with her situation.

Avery decided that in order to find out what happened, she was going to have to get up and find people who hopefully spoke English. Her French and Japanese were passable but only for introductions and food items. Otherwise, everyone might have well spoke Greek to her, because she understood jack-all.

She secretly worried that even if the local people understood English, they wouldn't understand her accent. She didn't speak in a heavy brogue, and she had picked up Americanisms from watching TV, but her close family was either Northern English or Glaswegian, which tended to mix together and produce strange effects.

Trying to get up was an ordeal and a half. She had to wiggle her hands a bit to get moving otherwise she would just sit there until she found the willpower to move. The wiggles worked, and she unsteadily got to her feet by rocking a little, her complete lack of muscle and considerable weight not helping matters.

Rubbing her sore backside, she glared at the shells and tried to calm herself down. She didn't know how long she had been off her meds, but she wasn't showing any signs of withdrawal, so either she had been taking them recently, or she had been off them so long that she'd completely skipped the shakes and left those to her fugue-self.

...Avery missed home.

She didn't know how long it had been since she had seen her younger cousins or her friends.

She was scared and she was crying, but she was determined to get a move on.