I received a question that I thought was worth sharing with everyone, because I figure I might get it a lot if I don't address it!

Chunkybucket asked what was going on with Avery's gender, so here's the gender rundown!

Avery is bigender! She's both a man and a woman.

I started this story when I knew I was transgender, but still used she/her, so Avery reflects this.

This is completely different from "futa" or whatever fetishistic stuff there exists out there about transgender or intersex people.

If you want more info on being nonbinary, google is your friend!

So, tldr, Avery is 20% woman, 20% man and 60% done with everything lol

An unholy amount of cleaning, cooking, fetching, and babysitting later, and Avery finally felt ready to leave.

She had forgotten that Enna arrived on the island either through flying or sailing, and as it turned out, Cozia was super close to reverse mountain and the calm belt. It made sense really, Germa 66 would have had a better opportunity to pillage and get the hell out of dodge that way.

It also meant it was near the polestar islands.


They were only a few hours away, and Avery felt like she could risk using her devil fruit for it.

It was a gamble, but hey! You never get anywhere in life without taking risks.

She hoped that the 'God' that had brought her here wanted her alive.

She had left a goodbye note for everyone she had come to know as friends. Avery felt awful leaving without speaking to them but she had a feeling like they knew she was going to leave soon anyway. It was like leaving her family all over again.

If they wanted to find Avery, she had left a list of islands she was likely to visit. It's not like this was goodbye forever. She would visit again.

Enna could find her using his weird light sensing power anyway, so it's not like he wouldn't know where she was. She really had no more reason to stay.

Avery studiously avoided thinking about how lonely she would be without her friends, and transformed. Feet became webbed, a mouth became a bill, arms became wings.

This wasn't the transformation Avery wanted though, so she kept changing. Wings elongated and became legs, feet grew hooves, a bill became a muzzle.

Avery's devil fruit made her a boibhre. A Scottish shapeshifter that inhabited the lochs, it could appear as a giant bird, a water horse, or a bizarre insect that Avery hadn't quite worked out.

She could thank her e-reader for having a bizarre amount of books on Scottish folklore and one of her late night wikipedia binges for knowing what she was.

Stamping her hooves to make sure she was ready, she ran to the beach and kept running once she reached the water. It had taken her weeks to perfect it and her effort paid off when she hit the ocean running and stayed on top of the waves.

She had to keep moving with no breaks, but as long as she kept a steady pace she should be able to trot her way to Loguetown.

Her calves would not thank her, but it was better than having to fly her way across. She still couldn't fly without it looking like someone had drugged a duck and then set it loose on the unsuspecting masses.

Honestly, that's how she looked all the time, but at least she didn't usually perform unintentional figure eights and bellow like a bull stuck in a china shop.

Ale was still traumatized.

After a largely uneventful trot, excepting the occasional sea-king sighting, she had arrived at the place of the beginning and the end.

Hopefully not the end for her though. She liked being alive and if the universe wanted her dead it would have to take her fighting. She wasn't above crotch-stomping the grim reaper if that's what it took.

...She was exhausted, in her defense.

Finding a place she could transform without offending those of delicate sensibilities, she turned back into a human without a hitch. Weirdly enough, her clothes remained intact while shifting? It was odd but she wasn't going to look a gift horse in the mouth, so to speak.

She… hadn't planned what she was going to do from here. She needed a job, or a pickpocket class, and then she needed to buy a boat and figure out how the hell you work one.

Avery didn't want to be a pickpocket.

Job search it was.

After a long and hard search, Avery was no closer to employment. She did however find and befriend the local crow population, so she could probably expect some kind of disease in the future.

Do crows carry disease? Avery wasn't sure. They did carry cool rocks though, which they would give you if you fed them.

Avery may have went through most of her food store, but it did lead to a crow giving her a 1000 beri bill. She wasn't going to touch that with a ten-foot pole.

She used it to buy some fancy-looking fruit loaf, and somehow the crows knew that giving her money would make her buy them the good stuff because she was being followed by a swarm of them.

It felt a bit like a mafia to be honest.

At the end of the day, after currying food backwards and forwards, she had about 6000 beri to her name, which was enough to afford a down payment on a rickety looking shed.

She was moving up in the world, clearly.