My jutsu and control excersizes

Leaf Balancing lv. 2- 41.3%

Most basic chakra control exercise, and the only one you can add to other basic chakra control exercises.

15cp per min

Lv.2 = 2 leaves

Grants 1 WIS per 10 level(s)

1 INT per 15 level(s)

Henge (transform) lv. 100(Max) D-rank

The most basic jutsu that you can learn, when maxed out it allows you to become the object or person you henged into, to become a real object or person and be able to take physical damage in that form for a set amount of time, biology works the same as the animal or person you Henge into

5cp per five min

Passively grants 5 levels to stealth every night you use to sneak on enemies

Kawarimi (replacement) lv. 42- 21.9% D-rank

One of the most basic techniques you will learn in or out of the academy, but that means nothing of its helpfulness. Even though it is a D-rank technique it is actually the most basic space time technique available to all of the populace and mastering this technique makes it easier to learn others, though sadly few do.

Monkey style bojutsu(starter)(comon style)

A style of bojutsu that focuses on quick hits, evasion and flexibility, but also has an average defense and offense




Per lv.

Jungle style bojutsu(starter)(comon style)

A bojutsu style that uses the terrain and the opponents momentum against them, an evasive style by part but also uses dirty tricks to get the win


Trapmaking 5%



Per lv.

Ice emperor staff style(starter)(epic)

A long forgotten style of the yuki clan. Using this style to channel ice chakra through the staff you gain higher ice manipulation and can put frostbite into wherever you hit, even with a graze

Focus of style is a defensive style to have your opponent wear themselves out, and waist chakra getting rid of the frostbite or circulating their chakra.

Special techniques of style

Ice emporars staff A-rank jutsu

The starter of the style that makes it so deadly, with this move user channels ice chakra into weapon and has it burst into opponent on contact

50% chance of frostbite

300 cp per burst

1 burst per hit


STR- 10%

Ice emperor staff extend C-rank jutsu

A move used to temporarily extend the length of the staff used, may also be used with swords but uses more chakra

30 cp per usage

Extends 10ft


STR 5%

STA 5%

Ice style: ice bullet jutsu: C-rank

A compact bullet of jagged ice that explodes on contact. Other then that it is a frozen version of the water bullet jutsu.

Chance of bleeding damage 30%

Chance of frost bite 10%

Cp usage 25 per use

One shot per jutsu

Ice style: ice mist jutsu: D-rank

A cold mist making it hard to see hear and feel your way through it, over time it blocks the muscles and makes it hard to move

Cp usage 25 per min

Lowers DEX of other in mist by 1 over time

[Sun Wu Kong's staff style ( ice variant)(epic)]

An: think shadow fight3 bo staff style added with the higher ability to dodge and hitting more weak points and fidgeting with some elemental combos too

The style of the monkey demon king, there are many variations that this style could produce, all are strong and only one has been passed throughout the generations, the earth style to the Sarutobi clan. All style use precise hits to weak points to disable people but hit in different ways, blood lines variations use moves from both parent styles

Usable variants

Wind- using the chakra of the wind, you move around your opponents and then use cutting wind chakra on the points that are weakest to slow down or disable opponents

Special techniques-

wind tigers claw C-rank wind bojutsu

By pushing wind chakra through your staff and slamming it on the ground you send out 4 claw shaped wind blades, and have them gouge into your opponent with deep precision and power or on your oppenents person and fire into them to cut into your opponents veins and nerve

30- cp for long range use

25- cp for short range use

1 claw per burst

1 burst per hit

Water- using water chakra to cause a disturbance in blood flow so you can mess with both their consentraction and add to the effects of both pain from hits, and to also cause problems with internal organs in the area hit, is also the most defensive style

Special techniques-

Water turtles shell C- rank technique

By spinning staff in front of you, at a rapid pase, and pushing a large amount of water chakra into it, you create a variant of the water style water wall, thanks to its reverse whirlpool like affect, and thrown object or jutsu that don't hit exactly in the center are then moved to the side harmlessly

-50% effectiveness to all wind and earth jutsu

50% effectiveness to all water and lightning jutsu

-100% effectiveness to all fire jutsu

30 cp per min

Area of protection 5 ft diameter

Area of weak point 5 in diameter

Ice- like the water style the effects hit the internal organs worse by also freezing the blood and could cause more damage, same effects with dodging as both parent styles and has access to 1 more jutsu then empower style to help with both dodgeing and knowing when to hit

Special techniques-

Atmosphere sensor jutsu C rank

A simple jutsu using the wind and water in the atmosphere around you to tell what is going on. The higher the level the clearer the image in your mind. This jutsu fell out of practice when chakra Ecco location became in use as it didn't give you a signature, how ever this jutsu uses no hand seals and helps with basic water and wind manipulation, but was not as good as the basic excersizes for the elements

Size of sensory dome- 10 feet radius

Cp usage- 20 per min( note with cp recovery rate can be used indefenately)

Notes: becomes stronger in mist, is known as the parent of both the hidden mist jutsu, because mist is more easily formed and the chakra sensing jutsu

Weakness: range is minimal and if opponent is as fast or faster then you, they can make your senses blinded

Academy style Taijutsu (comen) (intermediate)

A style known as the cookie cutter style, it is mainly basic punches and kicks usually just used as a way to refine young children out of being a brawler but without the actual abilities of a real style, or is skipped all together if village has its own set style

May be mutated into a new form after mastery

50 % increase to learning other styles when mastered

10% increase to all physical stats

-70% chance of learning new Taijutsu style through both scroll and teacher if not mastered

Wind techniques

Wind style: wind surfer jutsu: C-A rank

The user makes a small amount of wind on their feet, and on their firsts, to make them move as fast as the amount of chackra they put in to jutsu x the amount of time they are in it

Chackra point x 5mph= speed

Weakness, only effective over flat surfaces, non steep slopes and down hill, this jutsu is not to be used for long distance or for carrying cargo out side of a sealing scroll

This jutsu is considered loss and is also a precursor to the 3rd tsukage's flight technique

Wind style: great breakthrough: C rank

Known throughout the world as one of the first wind techniques to teach any wanting to know this element and also has power in its own right this jutsu is not to be underestemated

This jutsu fires wind going at a singular direction, but if mastered can even uproot trees

Cp x 10 mph= speed

Gamer ability, have I told you I love you lately?' He thinks with an idiotic grin on his face loving his new jutsu.

Okay now water

Water techniques

Water style gunshot C rank

While not the strongest jutsu, and at its lowest seen as a water ballon jutsu if underpowered enough, and with enough power can crack stone

It uses water pressure to make itself stronger


1= water balloon 25=cracked stone

Water style: condensation: D rank

By absorbing water in the air to condense it into water, it creates a small amount of water, usually enough for a canteen or a glass of water

Notes: the Nidame during the warring clan era used this jutsu so much he unconsiensly created another form of using this jutsu, absorbing the water from the air unconsciously he made it into an A rank jutsu and in his fighting style with out realizing it

Cp: 10cp x 5 ounces made

[kirigakure no jutsu C rank jutsu(concealment)]

The mist of the jutsu gets more powerful the more water, and or chakra is added. Level of mastery depends on how many senses you could block at once and percent of blockage

Lv.1-10 block sight

Lv.11-20 block hearing

Lv.21-30 block smell

Lv.31-40 ability to reflect sound( genjutsu mix)

Lv.41-50 block chakra signiture from being found

At lv. 50 impossible to have opponents find you at all.

When mixed with the Atmosphere sensor jutsu range and power raise in all areas. Control of mist doubles, all forms of tracking besides this jutsu disabled

100 cp per min

100% boost to (water, lightning) element attacks

-50% damage to and from lightning attacks

Red lightning: gauntlet: B rank

This jutsu makes your fists covered in lightning while also protecting your forearms and elbows. All blows from this are improved by the level of manipulation

Cp usage 50 per min

50 STR

50 DEX

Control requirenment: not met

Red lightning: senbon: B rank

By sharpening lightning chakra quickly in the mouth allows the creation of these powerful and destructive move allows the lightning to leave through the mouth as sharpened lightning with deadlyaccuracy

Cp: 25 per senbon

Eight vital shot: instant death/ paralysis

Pressure points shot: paralysis

Ice style: ice lance jutsu B rank jutsu/ ice style: ice lance wave

Like the ice bullet counter part this jutsu fires spikes of ice while also being different in the amount this jutsu fires. It could become its A rank counter part in firing waves of jagged ice spears within a set vicinity. Under powering this jutsu fires the ice bullet jutsu. Each spear makes it easier to freeze its target by unleashing the ice chakra inside.

One shot list

Cp: C rank: 20 per shot

Cp: B rank: 75 per shot

Multi shots list

Co: A rank: 200 cp per min

Lightning style: red lightning: thunder claw B rank

Covering the hand in lightning this jutsu makes a pointed claw of lightning or covers the hand in it. When it is in claw form it tears into the body and through bone or obstacles and increases chance of critical strike

Cp: 100

Lightning style: red lightning: thunder tail/ kick B rank

Covering the leg or tail depending on the species it turns it into a paralyzing bludgeon capable of concussive force and damiging the movement of muscles

Cp: 150

Lightning style: thundering regeneration A rank

By giving up 50 hp you can receive back 200 cp per use to prolong a fight

Hp cost 50 per 200 cp gained

wind style: Byakko: the tiger of the West SS rank

When you use this you have your soul judged by the spirit of the celestial tiger Byakko, giving you acces to a fraction of his Awsome power. With it you reach leaves you never dreamed imaginable

Requirenment: 20% hp levels


Random effect

Wind style: poison art: poison mist B rank

A mist that is made of every poison the body of the user has ever been exposed to, while in the mist the user chooses who is exposed to it, and how much is exposed too them.

250 cp per min

10 foot radius

-10 health, DEX, STR per 30 seconds

All effects increase by 50% for each mist technique currently in use

Water style: poison art: poison fist jutsu

A coating of poison around the fist. Only poisons that have already been in the body. The more hits given the stronger the poison is in the body

50 cp per min

Damage STR (number of poisons usable x 10)

# of poisons (2)

Ice style: secrete art of winter: ice heavenly Phoenix bullet SS rank jutsu

An angelic Phoenix made of pure ice chakra, when going down hill this Phoenix gains more physical power. Destroying all the phoenixes conciousness desideds to, should it not wish to destroy the attacked it will destroy the closest target worthy of its wrath

Cp cost - all but 10cp used for jutsu

Minimum cost- 800 cp

poison gas shot-C rank

Fires a compressed ball of poison gas at what it hits. Only can fire poison that the body has been exposed too

50 cp per shot

1 shot per use

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Black lightning- physically strongest but slowest of the bolts, hitting it with 3/4 the strength of an actual strick with 1/4 the speed, added bonus of being able to form armor and personal speed then the other forms

White lightning- physically the weakest and fastest with 1/4 the strength, and 3/4 the speed. Has the added benefit of being able to hone in on a target who is marked with negative ions of a jutsu in this category

Red lightning: the neutral lightning: it is half the speed and strength of an actual bolt while maintaining the ability for an easier shape manipulation: note that only the most determined can master this and will make any shape manipulation including: jutsu armors and nature manipulation far easier

Note that black lightning armor is still superior to others

Secret arts of the elements are jutsu that are on another level, it was said that the sage of six paths made 10 different secret jutsu per base element. But he also made 5 for each bloodline.

In those there are also the secrete family arts, varied from B-A rank An- think hakus mirrors, or the wood dragon technique, you could fake it, but it is no where near as strong. Also the family secrete arts are mid tear, while the secret arts of elements are top tears

To even use them you must prove worthy of it in your soul and with it, comes a mutation to a lower level technique

Cost is all chakra besides a minuscule amount to live. Needs at least the chakra for an A rank jutsu to use- minimum cp but the stronger the technique, the more the cost. At times the cost is more then even cp in the body, must use something stronger to complete it( sacrifice of chakra weapons, life, ability to use chakra, human sacrifice, devils deal, stored chackra etc)

Minimum cp cost( lowest ranked cost for use)

950 cp

Types of secret arts

Fire: secrete art of hellfire

Increases the destructive nature of fire and destroyes all in its path. Max:controls fire to point of igniting inside the body

Known users: Madara Uchiha

Earth: secrete art of the earth mother

Made of the strongest stones and metals of the world, smashing all in its path. Max Controls the skin and minerals in the body

Known users: nidiame tsukage

Water: secrete art of rapids

With the strongest water pressure possible it can cleave even through steal and all around it. Maxcontrol the blood in the body

Known users: Isobu the Sanbi( all 3 tails jinchuricki), nidaime hokage

Wind: secrete art of the hurricane

Using the consentrated power of the wind, you can fly, Max control the air in a persons body

Known users: chomoi the nanibi( all nanibi jinchuricki)

Lightning: secrete art of the storm

Controlling the electrons in the air the user costs themselves in lightning, and strengthens the entire body to an insane degree. Max can control the responses in the brain to stimulate physical and emotional responses( An: not mind control, think what tsunade did to Kabuto to mess with his body, but with emotions too)

Known users: sandaime/ yondiame raikage

Ice: secrete art of winter

The ability to unleash the pressure and power of the hurricane and rapids into ice unleashing all the pent up energy into an imenent power of the winter. Freezing all in its blast radius killing all in its path in its goal max ability to remove the visco elasticity of an object thus making them able to shatter like glass

Known users: Naruto Uzumaki- Yuki

Explanations... again

Enemy perks

Wild: while having HP left cannot feel pain and can keep going

Fire fur: immune to fire and wind attacks 50% damage when against a wind user, -50% defense against water attacks ( removed benefit because area effect)

Forager: 10% hp boost when successfully eating 10 pieces of fruit

Reinforcement call: summon allies by sacrificing a level. 1 lv. For 2 allies

Smoke fur: immune to lightning and wind attacks 50% damage when against a lightning user, -50% defense against fire attacks

Poisones death(epic perk): releases a poisonous field of toxic gas that aims at crippling an opponent slowly, the more exposed to the gas the harder it is to fight- type of poison: muscle control- lowers opponents mobility

Poisones cloak: immunity to poison attacks

Wind cloak: -70% effectiveness towards thrown weapons

Wild predator: While having hp left will not feel pain or injury from any source and will only inrage it more making its strength increase as the fight goes on

Carnivor: Canibal: when eating the same type of animal it gains back 100 hp, any other and it gains 50 hp

Lightning fur: -50% effectiveness against lightning, earth, and water attacks against this creature. 50% effectiveness to all wind and metal attacks. Deflects all thrown attacks

Red lightning armor:(bastardized) There are 3 types of lightning in the world other then the regular everyone uses that moves at 1/10 the speed and 1/100 the strength of an actual bolt and blue in color

Lightning claws: claws are conductors

Reinforcing the leader: for 300 cp calls forth 5 random squirrels of any type encountered previously besides the boss

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