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Naruto Uzumaki- Yuki

HP: 1740/ 1740

CP: 2208:2208

CC: 685 (280) control=965

Lv. 7: 293/ 6000 exp


1)academy student 10% exp gain

Expires at lv 15

2)Yuki clan hier:1/2 STA and 1/2 INT to WIS and 50% additional exp to (wind,water and ice )affinity

3)Uzumaki Clan hier: 8 INT per 5 levels, 10 lv. To sealing,70% sealing techniques, 5 STA per level

Gamers mind: 50% resistance to all genjutsu calm in all situations, instant scroll learning

Gamers body: fully heal hp/ cp when sleeping in own bed, 75%on padded area, 50% on floor

STA: 69

STR: 45

INT: 32

WIS: 13 (55.5)= 68.5

Dex: 38

SPE: 24

HAN: 15

Stat points: 20

Now in this one I'm adding some elements from a story called yami gamer, one of my favorites. I recommend it

Now this will be the last chapter that spends more then a couple paragraphs glossing over training


Kanoha training ground 7

Finally they gave me a break, thought the exhausted jinchuricki as he was leaving the training ground his sisters decided they were using. Over the last few hours he was subjected to beyond instance training gaining some points in all of his stats and getting stronger then he usually did in a less deadly fashion. He also relearned some control techniques and maxed them out since last time, including tree and water walking.

Tree walking lv MX 50/50

The skill most take for granted in the world yet most used by all. This control excersize help all around chakra control

-25% cost to all jutsu

5 cp per min

After learning this and maxing our the acadamy skills... well I learned some specialties...


"Come on Naru chan! It's only a little snake venom! If you learned poison jutsu and plan on using it I expect you to be good, after all you are my little foxy... right?" Said the terrifying snake woman as she continued to 'train' the blond with poisons and antidotes. She of course learned his poison jutsu and it spread fast in the elemental nations.

Most medics had a weaker variant that only lasted for half the time and had a quarter of its potency, when found that Naruto found this jutsu and made it more usable to everyone he at least lessoned some of his hate though... mostly from the medics.

"Oh and after this we are going to work on your torture resistance... the fun way." She said suductively liking the kunia from the bottom to the top. Well it WOULD be sudductive, if it didn't have his blood from this morning on it along with kanji that read 'all those this is used on is ankos bitch.'

This is his usual days with Anko, and it is mainly to build resistance to everything that could be used against him, seduction, interigation, torture, poisons, fear, and many others. It also leveled physical endurence and poison resistance both to lv 50

Physical endurence, passive (lv50)

The ability to take a hit... nuff said

Blunt force damage -75%

Blades damage -50%

Critical hit damage -10%

Poison resistance, passive (lv50)

The ability to resist the effects of poison and gain anti bodies to fight them off and gain immunization to them

Paralysis resistance 30%

Deadly/ fatal resistance 50%

Weakening poison, 75%

"Mnnnhmmmmmmhnnnnnnnnnnnnnnmm" or in non terryfied little boy "noooo Noooooot Agaaaaaain" he mumbled this while trying to crawl away, unfortunately he could only use his chin. Mainly because this batch of poised was paralysis inducing. Oh look he actually is going at a decent pac- oh never mind

Silly boy, nothing comes between Anko and blood, I thought you knew that?

"Aaaaaaahhhh" looks like the paralysis has worn off!


"RUN FASTER YOU MUT!" Screamed a terrifying sight, an enraged Inuzuka femal. The reason why actually wasn't from naruto no it is the one he's running with.

Kiba, believing himself to be an alpha male decided that he should try and claim several mates, so walking into an onsen he took of his pants and yelled "WHO WANTS TO BE MY BED WARMER!"...

... needless to say he got his ass kicked, his 4 inch dick ridiculed, and forgot his sister anounced she was going to the onsen that day so he found out what enraged Inuzuka femal and three ninken all doing fang over fang on him felt like, he was in the hospital for weeks while his mother debated whether or not to muster him.

Akamaru on the other hand was treated well as he literally told his partner it was a bad idea all the way through so he was spared pain from his older cousins and their ninja.

From Hana what Naruto trainee in was physical endurence, strength, speed, stamina and dexterity training.

The way it worked was in an all in one, while some think gravity training is an actual good thing, unless you have bones of metal it is not. The best way for ninja is usually weights as they are easy to remove, but while he was good, he wouldn't want his growth stunted by having to much waight, from this he only has five pounds on his arms and 10 on his legs.

The real training though was from something else, resistance seals, more to the point Uzumaki resistance seals.

Uzumaki resistance seals Rank A item

Lv5/50 63%

This seal by the Uzumaki improves all physical stat gains by times 2 for each level on, automatically lv' up oppon completing previous lv

Lv of resistance

Lv 1 weight( strong wind)

Lv 2 water, no current

Lv 3 water minor current against

Lv4 mild current against, water

Lv5 wading through mud, calf height

Current gain x 15 to physical gain

The best thing about this training though was it improved his strength and speed the most.

On his days with Hana, when Kiba didn't do something stupid enough to have them both needing to run from the enraged woman wanting to beat the testosterone from him by proxy, he had a very tight schedule.

Tuesday and Thursday schedule

5:00 am- wake up and stretch

5:15 am- make breakfast

5:30 am- have breatfast with Ameyuri

6:00 am- run to the training ground and do chackra control for 2 hours to try and improve

8:00 am- out on resistance seals

8:15 am- find out whether Kiba did something stupid

8:20 am- physical work such as running, minor weights or other things

9:00am- cooldown jog around the training ground 9:10 get ready for the acadamy

9:30 acadamy

... yes Hana is OCD deal with it, after all she had to have a quirk for only being feral in the case of her family


Although that schedule gets slightly different thanks to the 'mut' as he called him. On the days he does nothing he is training like usual, on the days he gets his superiority complex it gets more... messy.


... let's just leave here and... come back later


"No Naruto it was the SECOND hokage not the first who died to kumos forces. You need to re- RWOUARIOUER" he said as the red eyed beauty turned into a grotesque monster with flesh and blood forming tentacles growing from it.

"Huh, at least make it less obvious Kurinia-nee chan" he said making a ram symbol and dispelling the illusion with a quick "KIA!" And goring back to studying.

"I still don't know how you don't get freaked out Otouto, but I'm really proud." She said hugging the blond haired kid a little more in pride. In there lessons she tried genjutsu so many times that it was insane, and found anything below B rank to be ineffective as he had one huge advantage...


Or more accurately his potency. He found something out about a regular persons chakra that makes an Uzumaki different. Potency. A regular persons chakra CAPACITY was the STA stat times 15 while their potency, or how much they can through around while INT is the reason for this.

The main reason why was the perk,

Uzumaki chakra- genetic

This perk adds a multiplier of INT instead of 15 to chakra compasity intead of only for potency.

What this meant was that he had a lot more chakra and had to use less chakra in everything forcing him to learn control more and more. The problem was that he needed up to 10 times more control then average making him an easy target for genjutsu of higher ranks. Since finding this out Kurenia spent evenings with the blond and making him study while doing either subtle or grand genjutsu. The subtle, he found, was able to be spotted by Observe, while the overt didn't scare him thanks to gamers mind.

Since then every evening he spends an hour or two with Kurinia to better his genjutsu detection and his studies. Covering things such as tactics, control, Shinobi history or important figures, and the rules of politics and laws of different countries. With detection, tactics and politics even becoming skills.

Other things like regular chakra sensing, and genjutsu were also on agendas for a while and were getting closer as his control got better

End flashbacks

And that has been his weeks so far, the only other things were like today, Friday, and technically Wednesday. Kenjutsu... the only training that 2 of the crazy older sisters desired too train him in... let god have mercy on hi-

-NO NARUTO THAT IS NOT HOW YOU PARY A HIT, YOU USE THE FLAT OF THE BLAD NOT THE FREAKING EDGE! DO YOU WANT TOO TRASH AND DULL YOUR BLADE?! HUH?! HUH!?" Screamed a rare sight now a days. An angry, and uncompromising sight of an angry Yugao Uzuki. The reason she was mad was not just because of that. It was because he did it in a maneuver for a style that would not fit the one they were showing him. The Uzu no ken style has been passed down by Uzumaki for generations.

One thing of note though is that not all Uzumaki have the same talent for it, or while learning it make up all new styles.

The silent killing, Konoha ryuu, and Kumos storm sword styles were all made by Uzumaki that didn't fit the mold for what style they used. And while strong styles, few if any, can match the Uzu no ken.

On the bright side he did lv. Up kenjutsu to 41, only nine to go!

In addition to that he also finally learned fuinjutsu... after about 20 tears of life... and dying... and learning his parents and godfather are famous for it... and his clan... and, you know what let's just say it's about dam time...

Fuinjutsu (beginner) lv11

The power to use what some call the language of the gods

Available seals

-Restriction- used to restrict movement or restrain enemies under weight and restriction of muscles

-Sealing scrolls - 50 pounds of non sentient material

-Exploding notes- 30 hp damage per note

-tracking note- a note that puts a beacon on enemy

-tracker note- a not that picks up the beacon from the tracking note to follow it

Other then that he is on his way to the dungeons... for the next step in the dungeons, he has six months left and he will be damed if he does'nt finish this then he won't have any time later on to do so( note that this is how I feel with updating, sorry) . This is the reason why he just entered his training ground. Passing training ground 12 now, 3 more to go.

And now that he is thinking of the six months, he is also now thinking of what's after it... how much has he thousand year of deathed the time line of much he has changed. On the bright side of things, he has an actual family. One who cares for him, loves him, teaches him, and is THERE for him.

Don't get him wrong, he loves his mother more then anything. He would die, kill, or sell his soul for just a single hug from her again...

If he didn't think she would chase him with a sword yelling at him for being a baka for doing so that is.

His father on the other hand, that is different. The difference is that his mother was dumped with the same burden he was now with. Being the most hated thing in the whole dam world, a jinchuricki the stuff no one loves unles we work 100 times as hard as anyone else. I'm from two extinct clans and still spat on while Sasuke, the dark, moody and emo kid that he is, is seen as nothing short as the next coming of the sage of six paths.

It's just... it's not fair...

We both lost our clans except for a couple of people, we both were alone. In a way I think we both always will be alone.

We both witnessed the death of our parents by someone who was supposed to be their for us. Me with the student of my father, one who even changed Kakashi from a robot obsessed with finishing the mission and winning. Turned too a person who is lazy useless but obsessed with saving others porn and grief... not sure which I prefer honestly.

His was by his brother, his protector, and the one who loved him the most in an attempt to save him. In the end his brother had to kill himself little by little until he was done and killed the clan. But he did all of this to save Sasuke, poisoned himself with Shishi Uchihas mangiyako sharingan( appologise for any misspelling) as a fail safe to save Sasuke. In the end when Itachi was forced to fight or die against his brother he fought so he could die.

He died to cleanse the name of a family of traitors, he died to save his brother from himself, he died to cleanse himself of the sins he committed. Tell me which one sounds like the better brother figure the phsyco who couldn't deal with the loss of one person or the martyr who stained himself in blood and tears to save his little brother.(anyone with a difference of opinion different opinion let me know I would like that debate) Honestly this is just another similar sircumstance though.

That and to pass the time...

Training ground 14

What else is there that is different... Oh! Hinata. He thought blushing slightly while seeing the difference in that...


"... okay anyone tell me what to elements combined in a blood line made what element that the first hokage used to dominate all others." Asked the scarred instructor who was smiling turning from the bored till he looked at his class.

WAKE UP YOU LAZY EXCUSES FOR NINJA, I DONT WANT TO ASK AGAIN OR YOU WILL NOT LIKE THE RESULTS" Said the instructor whose head swealled up like a balloon while yelling his head off. watching as all the soon to be ninjas fell in line with their still pissed of teacher. He eventually just sighs and calls on his most changed student that has been doing the best, but also the least work in his career.

"Naruto do you have any ideas?" He asked suspecting the most avid fan of the Kages would get it. Even if he is in the back leaning back into his chair with his eyes closed.

"Water, earth and together they make wood which he used to tame the Bijuu, make this village and end the clan wars within a few years of him being a clan head. The shodiame was hashirama senju he made the village with his friend Madara Uchiha and his brother Tobimaru with financial banking from his wife's clan. The wife being Mito Senju ne Uzumaki daughter of the Sandiame Uzukage and my great great grand aunt on my mother's side." He said with bored stoicism never opening his eyes or changing expression and tone. But had a single tear fall at the thought of a family he will never know

The rest of the class looked at him in shock, never knowing about the bored blinds family besides his sister Ameyuri and that his parents are dead. They all know their parents hate their family and that they should stay away, but why? They literally helped make the village!

'Naruto kun, why do you have to hurt so' said the one person who saw the tear come down the bliss eye at the mention of his family, 'why is it all on you to endure.' She thought sadly

"Uh yes... that's right!" Said Iruka both happy that a student probably listens to him and wondering where he got the rest of the answers from. 'I'm over thinking this, he probably got it from the hokage or his sister.' Thought Iruka as class returned to normal even with the slightly more pensive air about his classroom.

To elevate this he decides to do the one thing everyone loves about the the acadamy. "Alright everyone, time for kunia practice!"

"YES, I'm gonna beat you this time Shino!" "That's right forehead we are out of the classroom and doing MY thing now" "BRING IT INO PIG!" "A-ano, I hope I do well( and impress Naruto)" "hn" And as soon as the anuoncements start you hear people get excited.

The guys as they moved on to moving targets last week and are actually starting to feel like shinobi. The girls because this gave them a chance to show off skills to their 'Sasuke-sama/ kun' without getting dirty or ruining their look. Other reasons are for competitions and bets on who does better or to show who is the best for a stupid competition or rivalry with their fellow classmates.

On the way out of the class, Naruto Notices Hinata trailing behindwith her head down looking nervous. He stops her and asks the one question burning his mind since she confessed. "Hinata... why are you scared to try?" He asks directly.

"What!? I-I'm n-not scared of tr-trying she says meekly hiding herself in her jacket. Poking her fingers together blushing she only thinks this. 'NARUTO KUN IS TALKING TO ME!' She thinks craz( I'm sorry happily). While thinking of what this means is he talking about US, is he talking about sparing? What is it?

"I mean in ninja studies." He clarifies. "Hinata I see in you potential, you are an amazing person who cares for others and who's heart is only matched by your beauty". He said honestly thinking of the person she is and the amazing woman who she will become in the future. "But you have to try okay. Stop perposfully losing in spars, stop holding back. Because if you hold back in the time when you become a ninja you'll die. And this village would loose what amounts to one of the most beautiful , caring, and strong konoi- no it would have lost one of the best people that light up this darkened world of shinobi that slowly kills us all as time passes."

He says with more raw emotion and wisdom then his body has any right to hold. Then he softly whispers " and I would have lost one of the few things I hold dear in this world." He finally gets out under his breath. "So please don't make me loose you." What went unsaid though was the love he has grown for her again, and the love he has growing for her is even stronger now then before.

'OH MY KAMI! He meant all of it, the pashion, the love, the heart, and the sadness.' She thought blushing up a storm after the first half. Simultaneously chanting 'must not faint must not faint must not faint' over and over again. By the time he was done though she lost that battle, quite spectacularly even when he finished talking she went atomic red, eyes wider then anatomically possible with blood spurting from her nose like a hydrant knocking herself out.

"HINATA ARE YOU SICK, WAS IT SOMETHING I SAID?!" Thought the somehow still clueless blonde lifting her on his back and sprinting for the nurses office. " NURSE HINATA PASSES OUT!"

End Flashback

That takes us to now I gues' let's do this. He thought entering the dungeons next stage. His last thought before going in is 'I will win'

Alright guys sup, I know that I haven't been on for a while and sorry about that. Lot of stuff happening in my life right now and thought I would give you this chapter before going to college. See you guys again soon but I'm starting college in a month. Expect the next chapter in a month from now okay? Harashien signing off