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So if you need reference on what a specific flaw, stat, perk, or character choice does then you can check here and see, thanks guys and it was fairly shocking seeing how many people actually loved the first chapter, anyway on to the story

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[Welcome gamer to the character selection screen]

"What" he says again as the blue screen with writing on it continues.

[The game is a chosen formate for the people of various dimensions that have something that bonds them together, they have thousands of possibilities that can make them both weaker and stronger then base mode.]

"What is base mode?" asked the confused blonde who is barely holding back his anger at the situation with curiosity.

[Base mode is what you are currently in, it is the basic format for all your stats and the higher the level in base mode the higher the base stats of all of your other versions starts] replied the monotone of the game.

"Then what's my stats" replies Naruto with a smug smile, thinking they must be super high.

[Base Mode status]

Naruto Uzumaki

Job: Genin

Hp 1000/3000( flawed)

Cp 9000/12000( flawed)

Titles: Genin

Hero of Wave

Toad summoner

Conqueror of the One Tails

Savior of a Kage


Son of Kage

Perfect jinchuricki

Ashura reincarnated

Strength- STR- 51(90-30-9)- average

The measure of your muscle mass and how hard you hit your enemies or do physical work

How much you lift or how strong you hit

Stamina- STA- 100(300-150-50)- above average

How long you last and your hp, as well as one part of chakra(physical

hp health points= stamina x 30

Intelligence- INT- 23(40-358)-below average

Your brain power, and ability to plan to any situation, also in charge of one part of chakra (mental)


Wisdom- WIS- 15(45-30)-below average

Your ideas and ability to be in touch with your self spiritually

Chakra control=WISx10= 150

Levels of control

Civilian:1-1 / no chakra or control

Academy student: 10-150 / minuscule chakra and control

Genin: 151-300 / low chakra and low control

Chuunin: 300-500/ mild chakra and control

Jounin: 501-700/ average chakra and control

Anbu: 700-800/ above average or control

Kage: 801-1000/ highest chakra and control

Dexterity- DEX-25(45-20) below average

Your level of dexterity increases many things, your speed with weapons, evasiveness, speed of hand seals and your reflexes all come from your dex which is made up from many stats branching out

SPE(Speed)- how fast you are- 20- average

- increase to increase overall dex

HAN(Handling)- skill with weapons-15-bellow average

-throwing and hand held weapons effectiveness increases overall dex

Fuin(sealing arts) - skill with sealing arts-10-( given naturally) average

- skill with the abscure art of sealing giving you a wonderful skill to have

[Does this explain stats and main body properly]

"Uh, yeah I gues it does" said a far less confused Naruto. But he still had a few questions " What did you mean by "character selections", was that meaning I could be some one else?" He said curiously.

[Gamer may not choose another character other then the Gamer but may use different versions of themselves

Ex. - bloodlines

- skills

- luck


-sexual pre-



Naruto just kept looking at the screen in shock with unblinking eyes

[Would the Gamer like to see a possible list of variations]


"Well might as well get it over with" said a still shocked Naruto as he presses yes.

[CharacterVersions](unlocked ones

Base mode- level up base mode to level up all others( must be able to get to story mode with Jiraiya to unlock all version upgrades)

" been there done that"

Naruko- perverts beware as this bombshell is on the loose to kick your ass, and take your woman to her bed( must master sexy jutsu to use)10WIS

"Okay a little scared on why I like this option"

Academic Naruto- all brains no brawn, this version switches INT-STA, and WIS-STR to have a more control then chakra and is far smarter( graduate the academy to unlock)

"While tempting to never get the Dobe status this seems like I would get killed first thing"

Naru-chan(only goes to graduation- no danger)hypnotize all konoichi with cuteness and sweetness squealing happily all the way- naru- chan only knows 4 jutsu

Clone( regular)



Puppy dog eyes no jutsu

( unlock by giving 50 puppy dog eyes to 50 different people)

"... Again I'm scared on why I'm scared on considering this..."

Frozen Narutothe ice release blood line limit you gain at an early age you gain both respect and strength in Konoha faster, 1/2 STA and 1/2 INT to WIS and 50% additional exp to (wind, water and ice )affinity 70% chance of saving Haku and Zubaza

(Unlocks after defeating Haku at Nami)

"Wow... just wow..." Naruto says as he is once again left speechless by the Game. " um... I guess I choose ice release then but could I ask why my points were being changed earlier?" again questioned the blond.

[ perks and flaws: opened]

[in this you gain a list of first your perks and bonuses and your flaws and weakness]



40% hp when bellow 30%

One use per battle


10 levels and 70% spend in sealing and learning sealing

Jinchuricki(active/ passive)

200 stamina

full health and cp after turning it on


100 cp per level after mastery

100 ho per level after mastery

(Tails levels)

Every tail till the perfect cloak 10% too all base stats when active for 1-9

-10 hp per min x tails in use

Perfect cloak( tails level 10)

Adds 100% bonus to all stats

Full hp and cp when activated


50 percent bonus to all base stats when in use

(Diamond skin)

In sage mode you gain skin as hard as diamond and take no damage until DEF is taken away

/DEF = sage stamina increase/


100% to all jutsu strength

Yuki clan

20 percent to all speed stats

40% to learning elemental manipulations( wind water and ice)

WIS equal to 1/2 STA and INT


Poor control( passive) -50% of WIS gain

Dobe(passive) - 50% to all INT gain

Malnutrition( passive) -randomized stats to all stats( the first minus in all of the ones that have it) stop eating

Weakening seal( passive) - 20 DEX -9 STR- 35 INT

Put on you by Danzo to make you seem weaker it was never removed as all his bitterness towards you made him want a way to replace you without making it obvious


[Does player wish to start game?]

"Yes the player does" said Naruto with finality