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Megan Charpentier-Sky Swan


On a cloudy July afternoon, a nine-year-old girl; with reddish brunette curly hair that went past her shoulders, was sitting in the back seat of a police cruiser with the window rolled down with the wind blowing her hair. Her blue-hazel eyes were staring at the lush green trees, the car passed a sign that read "Welcome to Forks, Washington". She hasn't been home in a while, she loved Forks, and being back home was like a new beginning. Having to travel with her step-father and mother was chaotic. Never getting to see her family and not liking the one she was with was not what she wanted. She was home and it made her heart sore with content.

"Hey, kiddo," said the sheriff in the driver's seat. "You alright back there?" He asked twitching his mustache.

The girl smiled and nodded. "Yeah, I'm good, dad. I'm just taking in the scenery." She said.

Sky River Swan was the younger sister of Bella Swan and daughter of Police Chief Charlie Swan.

Many moons ago Renee Swan came back to Forks for one Valentine's Day to let Bella spend the day with the Black's at the La Push Reservation; Renee spent her time catching up with Charlie. Nine months later she gave birth to Sky on October 15, 1995.

Sky lived with Renee and Phil, her step-dad, for most of her life, but she felt left out. So, one day while Phil was practicing his baseball techniques Sky begged Renee to let her move in with her dad and older sister. Renee sat on the idea for a moment and agreed, she booked her youngest daughter a next flight to Seattle, Washington.

So, here's Sky. Nine years old, has a pale complexion just like her father and in height wise; she goes to Charlie's chest and always had rose blush on her cheeks with a few freckles across her nose and buck teeth like Bella's. She also had the average body of a nine-year-old. Sky wasn't shy or fragile like Bella nor awkward like Charlie, but she wasn't crazy and overbearing like her mother, Renee. All-n-all she was a calm, funny, charismatic, and caring; like having a motherly instinct at the tender age of nine.

As Charlie, Bella, and Sky were arriving to their home, the Cullens were there to meet Sky; Bella was so nervous. Biting her nails to the bed nervous. Adding in her little sister to the supernatural world was not gonna sit well with her or the Cullens. Bella wants her sister safe even if that means having the Cullens protect her too.

The said vampire family were an interesting bunch, if you could say that. Being vegetarian vampires was crazy in their world, but Bella didn't want her little sister involved. Unless Bella takes Sky to the reservation to visit the Black's, but she couldn't for some odd reason. The Cullens were against the La Push reservation. At the Swan house, the Cullen sibling's: Edward, Alice, Jasper, Emmett, and Rosalie were all waiting in awkward silence for the arrival of the youngest Swan.

Back in the Police cruiser Bella's muddy brown eyes looked to her younger sister through the visor mirror and gave her a small smile. Sky caught her sister looking at her, the youngest Swan made the funniest face which made Bella cracked up, and the Swan sisters were laughing at this point. Charlie chuckled at his girls, but he brushed it off as their crazy antics.

When they finally arrived at the Swan house, Bella was the first one out of the police cruiser and into her house greeted by her vampire boyfriend, Edward Cullen, and his adopted siblings.

Charlie sighed when he saw Bella rushing into the house to see her boyfriend. He helped Sky out of the car, grabbing her navy-blue suit case out of the trunk. He said, "When you're older never rush into a relationship like your sister, alright?" Sky made a face, Charlie laughed and shook his head. "Also, I have to warn you about something. The Cullen's are a bit…different."

Sky's eyebrows raised up. "How different?" She asked while fixing her dark royal purple backpack and her hair that held her bangs in clip to the side with her favorite dragonfly hair clip.

Charlie looked at the house then back to Sky. "Well, I mean I trust the Cullens, they just look and act differently then everyone around here." Charlie said. "I just don't trust him." He growled and narrowed his huge brown eyes at the front door.

Sky tried so hard not laugh, so she snickered. Renee told Sky about Bella's boyfriend and how Charlie did not like him one bit. When Sky saw a picture of them together she got weird vibes from Edward that she didn't like. "I get it. You mean, you just don't like Bella's boyfriend." She said.

Charlie shrugged. "I don't know. Just seems to be moving too fast in my opinion." He said. It was true the relationship was moving too fast and he was afraid that Bella was going to get her heart broken too soon.

Sky patted her dad's arm and quoted Courage the Cowardly Dog, "The things you do for love."

"Yeah, that's what I'm afraid of." Charlie sighed and rubbed the back of his neck.

Sky giggled and hugged her dad to the side. "C'mon. Let's go see this different family that our Bella is so fond of." Sky looked at the sidewalk and spots a red convertible. Sky's jaw dropped. She shook her head from her car fog and followed her dad who was already going up the steps of the porch. "Well you can say one good thing about the Cullens."

"What's that, kiddo?" Charlie asked as he was walking up the steps to the front door.

Sky looked back at the car and smiled. "They have good taste in cars." She looked back at Charlie and pointed to the red convertible. "I especially love the red car. That's my dream car, dad."

Charlie belly laughed at his younger daughter and rubbed her head. "You gotta wait, darlin'."

"How long?" She asked.

"When your sixteen." Charlie said. Sky's jaw dropped dramatically and rolled her eyes. He chuckled and guided his little girl into her new home.

Inside the Swan house, Rosalie sat next to Emmett and was giggling. The blonde bombshell heard Sky's comment on her red sports car and it was her dream car. Bella sighed at Rosalie's reaction, even though she can't hear what Sky is saying, she knew that it was something. Edward rolled his eyes at his blonde bombshell sister, and tugged Bella closer.

Rosalie rolled her eyes and said, "You all heard that comment too. She likes my sports car." The blond bombshell vampire looked at Bella. "I think I'm going to get along with your sister very well, human." Rosalie sneered at Bella. The older Swan shook her head and hid her face in Edward's cold shoulder.

As Sky and Charlie walked through the front door Alice Cullen, in all her bubbly pixie-ness, was the first to greet the young Swan. The vampire-pixie jumped from the recliner where she sat on Jasper's lap and that was across from Bella and Edward, and she waited by the living room door way to see the newest member to Forks.
After the whole James, vampire nomads' fiasco. Alice had a vision where she saw Bella's younger sister moving to Forks to spend time with her sister and the Cullens'. Rosalie was a bit worried about this young girl figuring out their true nature, but Alice assured her that it was ok to befriend the youngest Swan and to not be put off by her, but Bella made a point to tell Edward and the Cullens that her sister is very observant for her age. That if she could she could sense if something was wrong at times it freaked Bella out, but Edward said that the family wouldn't be too obvious by being vampires.

When Sky walked through the front door first by her gentleman of a father, she walked into the foyer seeing that it never changed, with the stairs on the left leading up to Charlie, Bella, and Sky's new room. She walked in a little bit farther in and saw nothing really changed from the living room to the kitchen.

"Sky, these are the Cullens'. Guys, this is my daughter Sky." Charlie introduces Sky as he placed his hand on her shoulder. She smiled and wrapped her arm around his lower back. Charlie let go and stood by to see his daughter interact with everyone.

"Hi!" Sky heard a slight jingle bell go off in a very Tinker-belle-esque voice. "I'm Alice Cullen." Said the vampire-pixie. A hand stuck out in front of Sky's face, the hand had a plum color polish on the nails that were matte and she had a ring on her left hand on her fourth finger.

Sky's eyes traveled upwards, aside from the creepy, but beautiful eye color; Alice Cullen had jet black short, spikey hair, alabaster skin, pixie like feature, very tiny figure and had a very nice fashion sense by what Sky could see.

The youngest Swan took Alice's hand and a chill ran down her spine. She must be sick. Sky thought. Edward lightly chuckled when he heard Sky's thought and Bella elbowed him in the ribs, but felt nothing from his stubborn Bella. She also got this feeling of being put off by the pixie-Cullen, which Jasper could tell straight off the bat.

"Hi." She silently observed the pale spikey haired Cullen-pixie. Sky tilted her head and said, "You very pretty." Not a flaw in sight. Freaky. Weird. Sky thought.

Alice smiled at her comment. "Why thank you, Sky, you're very pretty yourself."

Sky smiled and blushed. She released Alice's cold hand, she turned to her dad and smiled. Charlie gave sly thumps up and rested his hand on his pistol if Edward tried anything funny with his daughters.

The vampire-pixie stood tall and out stretched her arm, "Let me introduce everyone else." Alice grabbed Sky's hand and guided her into the rest of the living room. Truth be told, Sky didn't like the feel of Alice's cold hand. It was a bit uncomfortable.

Once Sky was standing in the living room, she was in awe. Seeing her older sister amongst these pale, flawless teens was very different and scary. She turned back to her dad, where she found him sitting on the stair steps, confirming when he meant they were a strange family.

Sky let out a deep breath, turned back to everyone, who was eyeing like a hawk, and smiled at them. Alice stood a few feet away from the young girl and smirked at her. "Sky, this is my boyfriend, Jasper Hale."

The newest addition to the Cullen family stood tall and proud in his military posture from the recliner. Jasper could feel Sky's feelings like an open book. She felt very happy at first, then nostalgic, then concerned, at the same time slightly scared. But most of all he could feel that she was uneasy around Alice.

Jasper had the same colored eyes and alabaster skin as Alice did, he has medium build body, and blonde hair that fell above his collar. He was very handsome and had a Peter Pan-esque to him. Sky noticed that Alice and Jasper made a cute couple, if Disney made real life couples they would be it, hands down.

"Howdy, little lady." Jasper greeted with his Southern drawl.

"Hi." Sky waved shyly. "Where are you from?" She asked and Jasper gave her a curious look. "You just have that Southern drawl, you can't miss that."

Jasper chuckled and said, "Houston, Texas." He sighed. "I haven't been home in quite some time, but I hear it hasn't changed much."

Sky nodded and thought back from during Spring Break she went to Houston with Phil and Renee. Phil was getting signed for opening for minor baseball teams. "Oh! I remember going there with my mom and step-dad back in Spring Break of this year when he was trying to get sponsored for baseball teams."

"You have?" Charlie and Bella asked in unison.

Sky looked between them with Edward chuckling. The young Swan gave her father and sister a small smiled and shrugged. "Yeah, it was when Phil was getting scouts or something like that for some Texas team."

"How's that working out for him by the way?" Charlie asked. Sky made a "heh," sound. Charlie nodded at the answer he got from his daughter and smiled.

Alice clapped her hands together. "Well I bet it was something. Jazz, we should return sometime." Alice chimed and Jasper nodded. She pointed towards the couple sitting on the couch. "Sitting on the right is Emmett, my brother and his wife and Jasper's twin sister, Rosalie Hale."

Sky looked over to the gorgeous couple sitting on the navy-blue couch. Emmett and Rosalie both stood up and stuck out their hands to Sky. She took both Rosalie and Emmett's hands. Emmett had a firm grip while Rosalie had more of a feminine, light touch.

She could see that Emmett Cullen was huge, he was tall and extremely muscular, and his hair was curly, nearly black. When Emmett smiled at Sky, she noticed he had dimples. He had the similar alabaster skin and butter scotch eyes like his siblings. Rosalie on the other hand, eyed the young girl. Rosalie could never remember being so young since becoming a vampire, but looking at the younger Swan; she could see her to be a daughter that she and Emmett could never have or could be.

To Sky, Rosalie was extremely beautiful and had stunning features, and had statuesque physique. Her hair was wavy pure blond and it fell halfway down her back. Again, she had the same alabaster skin and striking butter scotch eyes that held a hint of sorrow to them if you looked close enough.

Rosalie felt a bit uncomfortable by Sky's staring. She mushed her lips together and gave Sky a small crocked smile with a raised eyebrow.

"I'm sorry that I'm staring at you," Sky apologized quickly. "But you're very beautiful, Rosalie." Sky said as she gave the older Cullen a genuine smile with blush on her cheeks.

Rosalie smiled at the young girl. "Thank you, sweetheart. You're very beautiful too."

Sky giggled. "Awe shucks." She said in a funny voice.

Everyone laughed. Even Emmett's laugh was load enough to shack the whole house. She jumped and stared at Emmett.

Sky giggled and looked around, her eyes landing on her dad. Then she felt a hand on her head, patting her like she was a dog, she turned to the source and it was Emmett. She placed her hands on her hips ready to give some attitude to the bulky vampire.

"You're funny, short stuff. Funnier than Bella actually." Emmett said and surrendered under her stare.

"Hey." Bella laughed.

"Hey, mister, my sister has a sense of humor, it just gets better with age." Sky smiled. Bella rolled her eyes and shook her head.

Emmett laughed making the house almost shake the house again. Even though he was childlike, Sky had more power over him now. She poked him and ran to hide behind Bella. The older Swan sister laughed at her little sister's antics. And since Sky was still young she was 4'6, so came to Jasper's chest and Emmett's torso.

The young Swan sister came from behind Bella and looked up to her boyfriend, Edward. Said mind reader vampire read Sky mind like a book as well and when he pulled a soured face to get more out of Sky, she then turned and went cross eyed. Edward's face softens and he started to chuckle showing his flawless teeth. "I'm Edward Cullen, Bella's boyfriend." He said. Edward stuck out his hand and Sky took it in hers. She got the same cold sensation from Alice, Emmett, and Rosalie, but had the same uneasy feeling from Alice.

She looked dead straight into Edward's eyes and asked, "Are you and your siblings sick or something?"

Rosalie spoke up before anyone else could. "No, Sky, some people in Forks are naturally cold." She smiled. Sky turned to Rosalie with a curious look in her eye. "Our cousin's in Denali, Alaska are cold just like us."

"Really?" Sky asked. Rosalie nodded and gave her a small smile. "Huh, I just thought your dad ran the AC a lot at your house."

The Cullen's chuckled at the young girl. "Um, no, Sky. That's not true." Sky turn back to Edward to stare at him curiously. He leaned down to her level and whispered, "It's usually our mother, Esme, who runs the house to make it feel like we're in the North Pole." Edward said this with a very straight face. Sky started to giggle at Edward. He wasn't that scary now, but she still had that weird feeling.

Edward Cullen was thin and lanky, but had muscles. He had untidy bronze hair and boyish looking. He could read Sky's thought and would chuckle at her funny comments. Edward had alabaster skin and butter scotch eyes.

I wonder if his foster parents have the same eyes. Sky thought.

Edward stood back up and looked at Bella lovingly. Sky faked gagged at her sister and boyfriend, and went to talk to Rosalie and Emmett a bit more. Edward snapped his eyes to Charlie when he thought about going to La Push and bring both Swan girls with him to visit Billy and Jacob. But now the Cullens must watch Sky very carefully because of the wolves that reside in La Push.

"Hey Kiddo," Charlie said. Sky turned to her dad, who stood in the archway. "Maybe after you get settled in and done meeting everyone, do you wanna head down to La Push to visit Billy and Jacob?" He asked.

Sky nodded. "Yes! I would love to see Billy and Jacob." She was smiling from ear to ear now. "How is Uncle Billy and Jake?" Sky asked worriedly.

On a normal day in Forks when Sky was visiting her dad. They went down to La Push to visit the Blacks, she asked Jacob why his dad was paralyzed. Jacob told her, but it was heartbreaking to see her best friend in tears. Edward saw the memory that Sky had and saw a very vulnerable side to Jacob Black.

Charlie sighed. After Sarah's death Sky was closer to both to Jacob as a younger sister and Billy for a daughter. "They're good. Billy still being a crazy old coot that he is."

Sky giggled at her dad. "Is Jake still taking care of his dad?" She asked.

"He is. When he's not spending time with Embry and Quil in his garage."

Sky rolled her eyes. Typical Jacob Black. One of the three from the Three Musketeers. "Does Becca and Rach ever come back home?" She asked. Sky use to look up to Rebecca and Rachel as older sisters from when she would go a visit them during holidays.

Charlie sighed. "Not as often as Billy likes though. They visit whenever they can." Sky nodded. "But Rebecca did get married and moved to Hawaii with her husband, while Rachel got into some art school in Seattle."

"Awesome! I still have Rachel's illustrated book she wrote for me; 'The Protectors of La Push," Sky said with excitement.

Bella chuckled a bit. "You still have that old book?" She asked. Sky nodded at her sister. "From when you were what? Five?"

"Six." Sky corrected Bella.

The older Swan sister rolled her muddy brown eyes and shook her head. Bella had to read that stupid story repeatedly when Sky would get scared during storms or was just upset.

"So," Emmett broke the awkward silence that lingered in the room. "Uncle Billy?" He asked. Honestly Jasper, Rosalie and Emmett didn't mind that Sky was friends with the wolves, but it was Alice and Edward who were concerned about Sky and how she could be with them and the wolves.

Sky blushed and saw the not so happy looks coming from both Alice and Edward. "Y-yeah. I mean, I use to come down here to visit my dad every three to four times a year. He would take me down to La Push to see my favorite Uncle and brother." She shrugged and sighed. "Just like how I see Harry Clearwater as Uncle Harry, Old Quil as Grandad Quil. I see them as my second family." Sky smiled and shrugged her shoulders.

Alice frowned at Sky's statement. The vampire-pixie did not want the younger Swan to go to the La Push Reservation, but it was based on her decisions and actions on how her future is going to turn out, and it looks a bit static from an old TV seat. Alice puts on a happy face when Jasper tries to get her attention when he sees her face. She gets up and announces, "Come on, Sky. Let's go get you settled into your new room."

Sky nodded and started to follow Alice, but she felt like someone was missing. The young girl turned around and saw the frown that the blond bombshell was sporting. Sky walked back over to Rosalie, took her cold hand. "C'mon, Rosie. 'Ohana means family and family means no one gets left behind or forgotten'." She quoted in her best Stich voice. She had seen Lilo and Stich repeatedly and loved that quote. She would always use it on her dad and Jacob. Rosalie smiled and nodded in agreement.

The bombshell vampire pecked her monkey man on the lips, took ahold of Sky's hand and guided her to her new room. Sky didn't mind Rosalie's cold hand, they felt natural. Bella and the rest of the Cullen's stayed behind to watch the game.

Both girls were giggling when they got to the top of the stairs, Alice was giving them a stern look and Rosalie glared back at her adoptive sister. The vampire-pixie never softened her young featured face, she turned her back so the girls followed her. Rosalie sighed and rolled her eyes, Sky giggled at Rosalie's annoyed face.
Charlie came out of the shared bathroom as he saw his youngest daughter getting dragged by the twin Cullen girl. "Your room is next to Bella's and mine is down the hall on the very end, and I cleared out a shelf for you in the cabinet in the bathroom."

Sky smiled. "Thanks, dad." And Charlie patted his daughter's head.

Rosalie tugged on Sky's hand and led her to her room. Charlie chuckled at Sky's plead for help. He shook his head and made his way down the stairs to find Jasper and Emmett watching the Broncos vs the Cowboys, while Bella and Edward were in the kitchen talking about what they were going to do for the summer. When all three of the vampire brothers were listening to Sky talk to Alice and Rosalie.

Alice was the first to enter Sky's room, waiting to see the young girl's reaction. The only information that Bella gave to Esme and Alice was that Sky's nickname by her father was little Blue or Sky Blue, and her favorite colors were green, blue, and yellow, and her favorite time of day was both; night and day time; and her most favorite season was Autumn.

Sky walked into her new room and was in awe. She looked around and it was beautiful, like walking into a fairy tale. Sky didn't want to touch any of the things in her room.

To Sky's right was her bed. It was a full ivory white four poster, cream colored bed with a baby blue and yellow patch work quilt and pillows to matched, the pillows that matched the quilt had white pillows behind them. On the side of bed had two nightstands on each side with lamps that had a fairy tale design on its side, on the base it had a dragon breathing fire to a knight's shield, a few feet away was a floor length mirror and at the end of the bed was a chest with a big S on it. From the other side of the room in the corner was a willow tree book case and a rocking chair that had her initials carved into the head of the rusting brown rocking chair that had a baby blue blanket over it. Sky looked to her left and saw an antique computer desk with a computer chair that was ivory white. The walls were panted a crème yellow with a white trim and ceiling looked like a work of art, on one half of the ceiling was day time; painted at mid-afternoon and the other half was night day; was midnight with the autumn harvest moon. She turned to her bay window that looked out the forest.

When she came closer to the window she saw a pair of glowing yellow eyes. Sky smiled at the eyes knowing it was a wolf looking at her house, but when Alice stood next to her, she glared at the jet-black wolf from La Push and closed the curtains. Alice turned away and sat in the rocking chair with a smirk on her face. Rosalie rolled her eyes at her adoptive sister with a disapproval look.

Sky looked at Rosalie, who sat on her bed, and followed her lead. They both laid on the bed and looked at her ceiling that had one half had stars and a full moon, the other half had clouds shape of wolves and a sun. Bella told Esme secretly that Sky's favorite animal was a wolf. Sky and Rosalie were looking at every detail while

Alice was observing them both, the vampire-pixie still couldn't see Sky's future too well, which really worried her.

A cloud caught Sky's eye right away. She said, "That cloud looks like a wolf."

Rosalie looked to where Sky was pointing and smiled. "Oh, yes, it does." Rosalie could see what Sky saw, and it was very clear it looked like a wolf shaped cloud. "Which side of the ceiling is your favorite?" She asked.

"Hmmm," Sky was trying to decide, but she couldn't. "I can't decide!" She said dramatically and Rosalie chuckled.

Alice panicked. There was no way it was a wolf. Sky must be seeing things. Alice thought. She got up from her spot and saw the exact same cloud Sky could see. Alice eyed the stunning vampire, Rosalie glared at her sister and brushed off Alice's stare. "Why do you say that?" Alice asked while standing at the end bed with her arms crossed. "Looks more like a bear to me." She shrugged and looked at her adoptive sister.

Sky sat up along with Rosalie who now sat beside her, she grabbed her backpack that sat by her feet. She unzipped the bag and grabbed her stuffed animal. The young Swan pulled out a jet-black stuff animal wolf with chocolate brown eyes, his name was Ghost. Yes, Sky was a nine-year-old that still had a stuff animal. Inside Alice was furious.

The young Swan smiled and sighed. "I've had Ghost ever since I was two. My dad bought him for me in La Push recommended by my Aunt Sue, Sue Clearwater. Ghost has helped me a lot, I have been through so much and my Ghost has been there ever since. Wolves are my favorite animals." She said. Sky turned to Rosalie and said, "But, I do love bears too." The blonde bombshell smiled and rubbed Sky's back.

Alice gapped at the young girl, then eyes the stuff wolf in her hands. "What?" The vampire-pixie asked. Sky looked at her funny and Rosalie was throwing death glares at her sister. "Why wolves?! They're mutts, they have no respect, they're very rude, and have no morals what so ever." Alice exclaimed.

"Um," Sky was literally holding on to her Ghost as tight as she could. She was a bit nervous that Alice was going to take Ghost from her. Sky looked at Rosalie then back to her stuffed animal.

Rosalie sighed and rubbed Sky's back with a light touch. "Alice." The stunning vampire snapped.

The said vampire-pixie huffed and looked toward the ceiling with a glare. Alice took a deep breath in and out, her nerves were going crazy even for someone who is undead. She smiled, "Sorry. I'm just not a wolf person. They get messy and out of control." Alice muttered.

Sky nodded, and pulled Ghost closer to her body. Both vampire girls could hear her heart going faster than ever. Rosalie sighed and glared at her sister for what she did to the innocent child.

The young girl held onto Ghost for dear life, afraid that since Alice was older that she could take her stuffed animal away. Sky gulped and whispered, "Its fine." Sky looked over at Rosalie, and gave her a small smile. "I've been through a lot and Ghost has always been there for me. Being afraid of the dark or being on scary airplanes."

Rosalie smiled sweetly at the young girl while smoothing out reddish brunette hair. "It's ok, sweetheart. When I was your age, I had my very first stuffed animal too."

"What was it?" Sky asked.

Rosalie thought back to her childhood to what she had as a child, some memories were fuzzy, but others weren't. She was a daughter to a banker and had many things to keep her happy as a child, but it was her first toy she ever had a child that made her happy until the day she was turned. She smiled and said, "A brown stuffed bear named Russel."

Sky giggled while Rosalie tickled her sides. All while not paying attention to Alice, who was seething at Rosalie and Sky.

The young girl stopped giggling and asked Rosalie, "Do you still have him?"

Rosalie shook her head. "No, my parents gave Russel to another little girl who needed her more than me."

"Oh," Sky whispered. She held up her wolf to Rosalie and asked, "Do you wanna hold Ghost for a bit, just for old times' sake?"

The blond bombshell vampire chuckled and held Ghost for a while. She smiled at Sky for her generosity, and thought, Bella is nothing like her sister. Sky has a pure heart that any boy could have when she's older. Rosalie held onto Ghost for a few beats later and handed him back to Sky. She hugged and kissed her wolf on his plastic snot, and placed him on to the head of her bed where her pillows laid.

Then there was a light rapping at her door, Charlie's head popped in and his muddy brown eyes, that were like Bella's, found his youngest daughter sitting next to Rosalie. He leaned against the door and crossed his arms over his chest, dressed in his casual clothes to go down to La Push to visit his friends.

"Hey, kiddo, are you ready to go down to La Push and visit everyone?" He asked.

Sky nodded her head, gave Rosalie a quick, tight hug, while Alice told Charlie that they had to go back home too in case their parents where already home and waiting for them, with Bella tagging along, if that was ok with him. Rosalie returned the hug and pecked the young girl's temple.

Charlie witnessed his daughter taking a liking to Rosalie, and she in return. Sky quickly let go of Rosalie and placed her backpack in her closest and told Ghost goodbye since both Cullen girls were already out the bedroom. Sky tried to see if the pair of glowing yellow eyes were still out there in the woods, and they weren't. She shrugged her shoulders and followed her father to his police cruiser.

As Sky and Charlie were going out the door the Cullen's were getting into their vehicles, Sky saw Rosalie get into the driver's seat and Emmett in the passenger's seat as they were getting into the red convertible. The young Swan's jaw dropped. "Nice car." She said to herself. "So, jealous."

Rosalie and Emmett were laughing at her comment, so was Jasper getting into the passenger's seat of Alice yellow spot's car, Edward and Bella got into his Nissan. Alice wasn't too happy with Sky right now, so no comment from her.

As Sky was running with Embry to catch the squish baseball. Two of the La Push gang members were not that far into the woods to witness the game at play. They heard news from Billy Black that someone that was related to Charlie was moving into Forks.

When Embry Call caught the ball, Sky was still running and almost hit a teenage boy sitting in the sand, glaring out into the water. Jacob Black and Quil Ateara III were trying to get Sky to come back over and not to be near one of Sam Uley's cult members. Sky waved them off and got closer to the boy.

The teen in question was Paul Lahote. He was the typical Native American, but he had chopped black hair, tan rustic skin and had a tattoo on his right shoulder in some type of wolf symbol that was black outlined, he wore cut off blue jean shorts and no shoes. His face was showing off a scowl, his knees where to his chest and his arms were thrown over said knees. He knew that a kid was standing next to him and that his Alpha and third in command where not too far away to witness the interaction.

Sky said in her shy small voice, "Hi." She stuck out her hand when Paul looked her way. "I'm Sky Swan."

Paul eyes for hand for a few seconds, and showed of her killer smirk. "Paul Lahote." He said in his deep voice and shook her hand. "Are you related to Charlie Swan by any chance?" He asked.

Sky nodded and dropped his warm hand. "Yep, I'm his daughter, Bella's my older sister. I moved here so that my mom and step-dad could move around, he's a baseball player; minor leagues. I'm living with my dad and sister from now on." She smiled. Paul nodded turned back to look at the ocean while she looked around to see if he had any friends around to call his own. "Are you here alone or are you waiting on somebody?" Sky asked.

The said second in command werewolf looked up at the young Swan and he sighed. "I'm hiding from my boss, so that my friend can be stuck with him for the rest of my shift." He said as he smirked.

Sky giggled. "That's not very nice." Paul shrugged and chuckled. "Hey since you're hiding from your boss, do you wanna come play with my friends and me?" Sky asked Paul, while pointing to her older group of friends.

Paul sat on the idea for a while. On one hand, he could play with the Chief's daughter and the soon to be wolves or he could walk into the woods like he's supposed to and take Jared's place in patrolling the south side of La Push broader. Paul made a thin line of his lips and sighed. "Why not?" He asked as he shrugged. Paul got up by the help of Sky and started to head over to the scowling group of friends until he heard his name being called. "Fuck." He whispered.

Sky giggled and turned to who called for Paul's name. Her blue-hazel eyes landed on two huge buys, one was bigger and taller than the other. They both had chopped jet black hair, tan rustic skin, and where shirtless with blue jean chopped shorts that went to their knees. Sky's eyes landed on the bigger man's eyes and she just had this intense feeling to her. Sky gasped and she couldn't take her eyes off him.

The said man in question was Sam Uley. While he was standing next to Jared watching Paul walking next to a little girl, which surprised them both if you had to ask them; Paul usually scared little kids. Sam could smell something beautiful, it was citrus with a hint of cherry blossoms. He didn't know what cherry blossoms smelt like, but if he figures out that smell he knew that they would smell like that. He hollered for Paul and heard him whisper "Fuck." The little girl giggled at the second in command and turned to eye both himself and Jared, but when her eyes landed on Sam's, his whole world changed.

Sam felt the pull, gravity move, Earth stopping, and something that pulled at his lungs. Knowing that this innocent little girl was his. His imprint. He could see himself playing games with this young girl, watching her grow up into a beautiful young lady walking across a stage getting her diploma, and then as an adult with him and her getting married and having children, particularly having three girls and one boy. That's when it hit Sam Uley, the Alpha of his wolf pack and council member of the tribe, he just imprinted on this young girl.

Sky felt a bit light headed when the whole ordeal shook her and spun her head through a loop. Paul and Jared both witness their Alpha imprinting on this kid and was shocked to say the least. A few months ago, Sam had thought he imprinted on Emily Young, but one day when he came over to speak with her about what was going on she lashed out and said that Sam was just like his Father, Joshua Uley, and that set their Alpha off. He scarred Emily and that lead to Paul imprinting on Emily while she was recovering.

The said Alpha pulled his eyes away from the young girl and stormed off. He told himself that when he imprinted that he was going to spend more time with his imprint and get to know her. Sky tried to go after him, but was stopped by Paul; she didn't notice it, but she started to tear up a bit when he left, thinking that she did something wrong, she broke down. Sam was about a few feet away and could smell her tears. He felt so bad for leaving her, he came back to see Paul got down to her level and shushed her, while Jared stopped next to Sam and took in the scene in front of him.

Paul pulled Sky in for a hug, whispering to her, "Hey, it's going to be ok, ok? Those were my friends Jared Cameron and Sam Uley. You'll be seeing Sam more often than you think, ok?" Paul pulled away from Sky and brushed some of her tears away with his warm thump.

"Did I do something wrong?" She asked as a whisper.

Paul chuckled a bit. "No, Sky, you didn't do anything. Sam's been stressed out a bit because I'm not following the rules." He took a hold of her shoulder. "You are a great kid and he'll come around and would want to see more of you, ok?" He asked. She nodded and gave him a small smile.

"Ok." She whispered. Sky hugged Paul one more time, but from a distance Paul could hear his Alpha growling at him for hugging his imprint. He smirked and promised her that he would play with the young girl some other time. He had to go to work and he would see her soon. Sky nodded and ran back over to her friends who were glaring at the second in command wolf. After Sky dried her tears with her red jacket sleeve, she rushed over to Embry and gave him a small smile when he was giving her a concerned look. Sky shrugged it off and said it was ok. The boys started back at Paul and glared at him, he smirked at them and waved while walking back into the woods. Sky started to play again when she took the ball from Quil and took off into the North with the guys running after her.

In the woods

As Jared and Paul were talking about their Alpha imprinting, the said Alpha wolf was leaning against a tree and thinking back on what just happened. He imprinted on a young girl he wanted to know more about her. He couldn't even get her scent out of his head.

Paul looked over at Sam and sighed. He walked over to his Alpha and said, "Her name is Sky Swan, she's Charlie's daughter."

Sam snapped his eyes towards his second in command. "What!? I thought Bella was an only child?"

"Nope," Jared said. "Billy always talked about Sky when Jake and I hung out at one point. Showed me photos too, she looks more like her mother than Charlie."

"Yeah, I noticed." Sam ran his hands through his cropped jet-black hair and sighed. "How old is she?" He asked.

Jared shrugged and looked towards Paul, like he had all the answers. Paul rolled his eyes and sighed. "Sky's nine years old, I'm guessing. And moved her so that her mom and step-dad could move around, because he's a baseball player or something like that. I don't know, but she seemed like a cute kid." He shrugged

"So she's staying with Charlie instead of her mom." Sam finished Paul's sentence. The second in command nodded and sighed. Sam smiled and nodded. "Ok. I'll take you guys and Harry, Billy, and Old Quil with me to her house tomorrow morning."

Jared and Paul looked at each other and nodded, but one of them realized something. "Hey boss," Jared said. "What about the leeches? They are always in or near Bella's house and we can't pass the treaty line because of the damn treaty."

Sam thought about that for a second and realized the same thing. "I'll talk to the doc about it and see if we can go over there, just to visit my imprint and your future pack sister, ok?" Sam said in his Alpha voice.

They nodded and Jared was excused from patrol, while Sam and Paul took the East side of La Push for any unwanted visitors.

That night Sky dreamt of being in a clearing near the woods laying on a jet-black wolf looking out towards the trees sheading their summer levees for the autumn.

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