Nothing but the dark. She'd been staring at it for hours. Nothing had changed. It was still her white ceiling. Still her desk against the wall. Nothing had been moved. For hours, Maka stared with an exhausted body at her room, yet sleep would not come. She tossed and turned, flipped her pillows, but nothing. She left her sheets and paced around her dark room. Her body screamed for rest, but her mind was awake and relentless.

Maka scuffed to the kitchen and splashed her face with water, rubbing her eyes gingerly. She returned to her bed and laid down, gazing up at the ceiling in the dark once more.


Maka sighed, looking over to her analog clock that read 3:22 AM. Why couldn't she just sleep? This had been going on for the past three nights. With her options exhausted, she rose from her sheets once more and left her room. Soul's room was just across the kitchen. She shook her head as she turned the knob. The door creaked softly as the ash-blonde pushed the door open. Her emerald eyes were tired and gazing to the floor as she stood in the white doorway. The pale moonlight leaked in through the only window in the bedroom, streaking passed her bare feet and shining onto the closest door.

"You up...?" Her voice called quietly into the dark as she held her arms close to her chest.

A soft grumbled replied, "Yeah."

Maka let out a small sigh of relief as her body relaxed, closing her eyes softly.

"Can't sleep?" He asked groggily.

She could hear him rubbing his eyes as her vision began to adjust to the dark. "I've been trying for hours. But, I just can't..." She mumbled to his shadow.

Soul huffed gently, running his fingers through his white spikes, "...again?"

Maka gazed back to the floor as she inched into the room, an exhale as her only response.

He shuffled underneath the blanket, scooting over and tossing the sheet aside, "Come on."

Without a moment to think, Maka sat down on the warm mattress and curled up besides her partner. Instinctively, she snuggled against his chest seeking warmth.

Soul draped the blanket over top of her and sighed deeply, loosely wrapping his arm around her waist, "Goodnight."

"Goodnight..." Maka mumbled sleepily against his red shirt, silently thanking him as her consciousness faded into dreams.