I faced down my old friend one I thought lost all those years ago. His face now twisted proof that he was no longer Obito. Deformed to match the hate within his own being. Glaring at me his eyes full of rage, my own probably looked the same to him.


My body tensed ready for any attack, charging he threw a punch. The strong hook hit my arm as I blocked it, pushing it off throwing my own punch. Dodging kicking me in the stomach knocking the wind out, grabbing the limb throwing him.

"Lightening Style: Lightening Running Beast Jutsu!"

The elemental form charged Obito.

"Fire Style: Fireball Jutsu!"

The orb of fire left his jaws colliding with my own jutsu. Causing a massive tower of smoke and dust. Knowing he would take advantage of the makeshift smokescreen I prepared for any attack. Not seeing any sign of jutsu I spotted a form rushing through. Getting ready only to be fooled by a kunai with a piece of cloth tied to it. Being distracted a powerful kick hit my skull, a ringing ran through my head. Seeing a shadow Obito had a spear ready as he was in air. Escaping just in time before his weapon could pierce my body. Getting some space in I ready my signature jutsu.


We glared at one another not making a move since this could possibly be our last. As if time had stopped we charged, my legs pushed whatever strength that was left in them. As my hand raised his spear did as well. Both aim at each other, til I felt a terrible sting in my chest. Knowing that I had struck him my hand covered in his blood spoke that, but I knew that he dealt a blow as well.

"Good match, Obito" I spoke as metal taste of blood came out my mouth

"Yeah..." as he too coughed up blood

Obito was first to fall his body hit the ground, covered in blood. The spear stuck out of my chest. Falling just after him, laying on the cold hard floor. Seeing my friend face me with lifeless eyes, wondering how things would have been if I had just listen from the beginning.

Would Obito be Hokage? Would Rin be alive? All these questions were no meaningless, and to have an answer would only prove it. Sitting in this place of the Kamui with no one able to find me. I imagined my death more peaceful, but then again war does that to everyone. It leaves you with nothing more than what you have on your back at the moment of death.

"I just wish I could've stayed...just a bit longer"

I could see my vision beginning to darken, my body was easing, and my mind felt empty. Soon blackness overwhelmed me, and I knew...

I died