My hand had been stopped by a cloaked figure. A single crimson eye glaring. Aizen stood with that same arrogant expression. I went to free my hand, only to be taken away. Without realizing I had crashed into the mountains below. Turning on my stomach, the pain digging deep.

"We're..." Seeing the pillars non-existent. No Soul Reaper or Arrancar to speak of.

"We are outside that illusion..."

The mysterious figure had spoken, a deep cold unfeeling tone. Rising to my feet, dusting my robes. Hovering just a few feet away.

"Who are you?" Demanding receiving only silence. Returning focus to the city only miles away. Even if I was outside the barrier, the energies were bleeding out.

"Yes, I think it was here that we met, this very spot"


"It may have changed, but this is truly it"

"Who are you?"

"I am the first" a simple tone replacing the cold. Toying with me, the enjoyment he held.

"First what?"

"... Before Aizen learned of the great secret of our world, I had to leave a trail of crumbs, It was then he sought me out"

"For what purpose?"

"He wished to learn the truth of creation, the Hogyoku" The key to his goal, to erase all barriers between Hollow and Reaper. "Once he found me I revealed everything!"

"Tell me!"

"No! You tell me Kakashi Hatake! Who are you!?" He roared, unsure how to respond. Spotting the hate within that single eye. Something else, something familiar, the Sharingan. "Now you see"

"Where did you get that!?"

"Haven't you ever wonder? How were you adept at using Hollow techniques? How you were able feel a connection with them?" It all fell together. We were connected through our eyes. a blade revealed sliding from his sleeve. "We are connected, but I intend on severing that connection"

Eyes widen yanking my blade out. The steel edges met, a clash of spiritual pressure. The power behind the attack was immeasurable. Like I was lost at the bottom of the ocean.

"Do you not remember!?" He shouted parrying my blade. Landing a kick to my stomach. Slamming against a rock, barley dodging a slash, slicing it in two. "Do you not remember her face!?"

Sending a flurry of slashes and thrusts. Narrowly evading it parrying each strike. Leaping backwards, using Sokens Quincy cross. A small orb of light appeared. Shifting into a hail of arrows. Shooting toward him, only to cut them down. In a instant we were face to face. Crossing blades once more.

A flash blinded my view, a man with bright yellow hair, a young girl with purple streaks on her cheeks, a boy wearing orange goggles. And me? A strong force pushed til I was against a wall. Charging, on instinct I began to climb up the face of the mountain. He followed, thrusting his blade, blocking it with a slash. Jumping further backwards.

Performing a sign with one hand, I assumed it was kido. A massive orb of fire was sent towards me.

"Bestía Relàmpago!"

Beasts constructed from pure lightning intercepted the blaze. A explosion of elements, creating dust clouds. Waiting for only moments, a shadow shaded me. Glancing up to see the Arrancar. The kid with goggles appeared again. Dodging, my mind returned to normal. His Zanpakuto stabbing deep into the earth.

"I can feel it"

This man had my undivided attention. Glaring, digging a stake hate into his being.

"You're remembering, good" pulling the blade facing me once more. "Makes it all the more satisfying"

A stand off ensued, both of us waiting for a move. Til a small spike of energy caught us. In the distance a crack had formed. It hung in the air, forcing itself open. I wanted to rush over and seal it. Though my opponent flashed into my view.

"Our battle hasn't been concluded"

Holding his Zanpakuto high, the light gleaning of it's steel.

"Moeru Karasu"

A flash of flame blinded me. Engulfing his figure into it. Rushing winds strong enough to clear the terrain. So much spiritual power, at least a captain level. Maybe even beyond that. The flood of power came to a halt. Dust settling hastily, revealing the Arrancar. Two horns protruded from the head, a number of symbols marking his back. Face unveiled. More flashes punctured my head, he was there again.


Rage filled him, a hand gripped me by the head. He flew, a tight hold I was unable to break. Obito punched me into the earth. Being dragged harshly enough to break anyone.

"You remember me! But not her!"

Throwing me into another mountain. I wasn't able to react to a rod piercing my shoulder.


"That's the only true thing you remember, pain" yanking it out, specs of blood flying. A foot weighed me down incapacitating any movement. A small moment of distraction, as Obito turned to the city. "You'll feel more of it momentarily-'

On instinct something I did surprised myself. I had flashed, no, teleported somewhere. Sitting up to be surrounded by large stone pillars. An ominous sensation coveted me.

"You didn't escape"

Turning, a powerful back struck my face. I was sent flying skipping across the stone. Staggering to my feet as I stopped. The taste of blood filled my cheeks.

"You won't escape me, not even in death"

Vision had began to turn blurry. Unable to predict his movements. A large hand of sorts darted toward me. Barely rolling out the way, his hand catching my throat. Soon being pinned against a wall.

"You may have retained Kamui, but I received much more" the grip tightened giving only so little to breath. Words began to flood out my mouth. "Last words?"

Scowling loosening his hold just enough.


A light blue glow shined, alerting Obito. The blast cleared three massive pillars. Finally leaving the place I had found myself in. Landing on earth once more air returning to my being. Receiving bruises and cuts from the beating. A moment passed till a hefty weighed hit the side of my side. Skipping once again, til being stopped by the same foot. Peeking through the toes as Obito glared.

"Simple parlor tricks won't suffice!" Pushing me deeper into the ground. I could feel myself slipping, nothing good was going to happen. Could I have been given this chance... For vengeance to given? Were all my mistakes and failure boiled up to this? "And the end of Kakashi Hatake the Copy Ninja!"

I blinked just once to see a pair of feet. Gazing up to see her, Rin. She looked just like she did, young and carefree. Blinking once again she had came closer kneeling. Her smile filling my view.

"You can do it Kakashi"

A puddle of blood surrounded my head. A pulse, it was in my chest, like nothing I ever felt. Unnow to what it was, not til thinking a bit. All I had to do was whisper.

"Ban... Kai"

A flash of lightning struck, catching sight of my blade. Flying towards me, Obito evaded the attack, blinding him. As his sight cleared, he gritted his teeth. Two hook swords in grasp, emulating electricity. Thunder clouds gathering around rain falling.

"Are you done talking?"

The glare grew evermore furious, just like mine. Gripping them tight, clenching his fists.

"Yes I think I am"

Rushing a ebony hand shot out. I was able to parry it, along with the follow up. The blades clashed with the unknown limbs. Teleporting in a flash of lightning. Attempting to attack from behind. The limbs formed a shield all too quickly. Blocking it, spinning he turned, to perception extremely slow. A fume of flame following. Dodging the flare, landing on my feet. A set of black rods forming. Firing like arrows, moving instinctively. Just grazing myself trying to dodge. Shooting a bolt of lightning, that was blocked.

We continuously clashed. Til a burst of energy flooded the living world. I could see a lone ivory figure appear from the explosion. It cloud who was exuding such power.


"It seems he's pushing the Hygoku to the utmost limit" Obito watches the former Soul Reaper. A ghost of a smile covering his face.

"Is this what you wanted?"


"For all this"

"No, I just wanted to kill you" Obito flashed striking Kakashi. A blade blocking the strike. His Zanpakuto began to break and bend. Then finally... Snap!

His bankai broke into several pieces. Grinning wide, a streak of lightning pierced his chest. As did a claw through Kakashi's gut. Spilling blood between them. Both stumbled away from each other. Obito fell to his knees.

"Heh, just like before" strained chuckle escaping. "Oh you were always first"

Kakashi felt the wound pouring out. Vision darkening, body weakening, and harsh breaths.

"Now perhaps I can... Finally meet... Rin again..." His hung life fleeing from his eyes, kneeling in rest. Stood for only for moments. Til seeing the sky, and his back hitting the earth beneath him.

"Looks I'll be on my way..."

Kakashi eyes opened once more a lone campfire sat. The dark wasn't normal, there was no moon, no light devoid of hope and peace. A elderly man sat waiting.

"Come sit" shuffling toward him. A log placed a few feet away from the fire. The man looked familiar. "Hello, son"

Kakashi didn't show any emotion. As did his father. The two watched the embers dance in silence. He wore his village Jonin uniform. A weary smile. "At least it's quiet"

"Father" seeing his son in such odd clothing. Wondering what had happened to his son. Kakashi stared into the fire. Sakumo couldn't understand such a face on his son."I've felt like a stranger in a strange land"

Sakumo stared at his son. Waiting for him to gather his thoughts.

"Lost without a purpose"

"I've seen otherwise" catching his son's attention. "I've seen you make bonds, risking your life those close to you"

Had he been looking over him this whole time?

"You've done yourself proud son"

The campfire began to darken.

Sky filled his view, clouds passing by. A pair of golden eyes entered his view. Yoruichi had placed his head upon her lap. Stroking the side of his head gently.

"Feel better" she teased. Casting a glance down to see Unohana, applying aid. Ichigo stood close by as did Kisuke. Grinning at his friend. "You gave us a scare"

Kakashi closed his eyes once more. Resting one last time.