Gotei 13

All Captains with the exception of those injured severely stood. Their Vice-Captains close behind them.

"The Arrancar have been defeated" those words echoed. As they stood tall and proud. "Not without loss"

The few spots absent of their Captains.

"The Arrancar have been pushed back, but we must remain vigilant"

"Sir, what do you wish to do with Kisuke and allies" all turned their focus Yamamoto. Remaining silent. Though they had assisted, they were still casted out.

"For the moment, they will not be deemed a threat"

"And Kakashi?"

"Hatake, is being treated that is all I will say"

His body felt pinned to the floor. Head throbbing something horrible. A blurry sight of a ceiling. Attempting to sit up right. Each movement aching his joints. Finding himself inside a hit of sorts.

"Oh good you're awake" turning to see an elderly man. A tiny soul, who seemed extremely frail. Peering through round rim glasses. "To think there was still an heir to Clan Hatake"

Sliding open a door. A compound greeted me, seemingly abandoned. Acres of wheat, and corn ran for miles. Atop a arch was the crest of the clan.

"Where am I?"

"You are where Clan Hatake once stood" a answer spoken. "Clan Hatake wasn't the strongest, but we were one of loyalty"

Taking a leaf of wheat in hand. Rubbing the seeds free. Spreading them across the earth.

"We were also a dominant farming clan" a chuckle escaping the elder. Staring for a moment, walking towards the home. It was quiet, not a sound made. Only the wind rustling the wheat and corn.

The main house was large. Signs of being wornout after centuries of neglect. It's ceiling letting a ray of moonlight inside. Floors shattered into shards of wood. A banner with the clan crest had been torn.

"Looters and miscreants" the old man shuffled inside. Seeing a year about to fall. "Many came once our clan had died out"



"How did Clan Hatake end?"

"Clan Hatake was particularly large, most our members enlisted during the Blood War" the old man spoke in quiet reminisce. Recalling each member leaving the compound.

"Blood War?"

"The conflict with the Quincy disputes over how Hollow should be dispatch caused such a incident, it was your father who lead the Clan"

Kakashi gazed at the banner. Still hanging high proudly. Soon recognizing the blade underneath. It was a short blade sheathed. Undisturbed over the centuries.

"The only possession brought back after the battle, it was your father's Zanpakuto" taking the blade it was heavy dispute it's size. Pulling it to see the steel hidden. Glimmering seeing his reflection. Both eyes now possessing the red Sharingan. Soon fading to black his normal color. Turning to see the old man grinning. "They told me to give this to you, once we were done"

Handing off a letter. Signed with Yamamoto's signature. Focusing once again on the old man. Whose body began to shift into dust. Scattering in the winds.

Gotei Squad 1

In the training yard of the Squad 1. The elderly old man waiting soundly. Kakashi appearing before him. Both staring into the sky.

"Sakumo Hatake"


"That was your father's name, Sakumo Hatake" speaking through weary voice. " He was leader of Squad 13, a strong Soul Reaper"

"I heard"

"Let us get to the point" he speaking with a serious tone. " You've been summoned"

"By who?"

A massive crash quaking most of Soul Society. A large adorned cylinder presented itself.

"So this is the young Soul Reaper making quite a stir!" Opening to show a man. Towering in size, you'd mistake him for a temple monk. Wearing large beads across his neck.

"Who is he?"

"He is Ichibe Hyosube, Captain of the Royal Guard" Captain Yamamoto spoke watching the Soul Reaper carefully. Ichibe greeter them with a wide smile.

Lowering his head to examine Kakashi. Not speaking a word, trying to understand him. Grinning just once more.

"He'll do perfect"

"Sir?" Kakashi turned to his elderly mentor. Who gazed at his pupil with worry.

"The Royal have asked for you, answer them and I'll have your Vice-Captain look out for Division 9" his voice calm and collected. Kakashi saw no waver in his eye. Giving a bow then following the oversized monk into the adorned cylinder. Shooting skyward. "Good luck"

Kakashi stood within quietly waiting.

"A hundred seals"

"Pardon me?"

"There are over a hundred seals guarding the Soul Palace, we must each one reach it" he joyfully explaining. A ding alerted the passengers sliding open. A magnificent palace greeted them. It floated like a cloud, but resemblance of a fortress. Massive pillars stood together on each side. "We'll meet again, Kakashi Hatake"

Surprised as a general palm pushed him back. Landing on his rear, welcomed by a extravagant building.

"He's here!"

The doors open to see a crowd of women. Charging the lone Soul Reaper. Tugging on each limb, fearing he would be torn apart.

"Wait hold on!"

"Yes! Hold on!" A spotlight shined on a lone man. He stood with afro like hair tied up. Sunglasses covering his eyes. "For I am the number one and only Zanpakuto creator!-"

A kick suddenly interrupts his entrance.

"Shut it with all that!" A young woman with crimson red hair appeared. Anger adorning her face. The older man sat up rubbing his head. A sweat drop coming down his brow.

"Okay, fine I hear you"

"Who are you?"

"Ain't that the question!" The man shouted shooting a pair of finger guns. "I am the Divine General of the West! The forger of Zanpakuto! I'm-!"

"Shut it!" Another wack came from the young woman.

"Fine" rubbing the bruise he had been dealt.

"Divine General?"

"Yes that is I, Oestu Nimaiya" he proclaimed loudly. " The creator of the Zanpakuto"

The tone had descended to serious. Kakashi sat across the from the elder. Viewing his father's blade. Unsheathing it, revealing a magnificent white blade. Whistling at the shine it gave off.

"This was one of my more impressive works" he said reminiscing. " This is 'White Fang' the Soul Reaper known as Sakumo Hatake wielded this particular blade"

"How did you know?"

"Every Zanpakuto that is within Soul Society, I know, from those like Mayuri, to scavengers like Kenpachi" answering with a grin. He smacked the back of his with the face the blade. Thinking of an approach for Kakashi. Seeing his shattered Bankai. Grabbing it he threw it over the edge.

Kakashi attempted to chase after it. Til he was flipped onto the floor. The blade stabbed just inches away from his eye.

"Relax kid, that Zanpakuto wasn't really yours anyway" sliding it out from the floor. Kakashi sat up rubbing his wrist. "Don't worry Kakashi I'll help you reforge your blade"

"Really? "

"Yep , just one little thing to do" tapping his chest Kakashi began to fall once more. Into abyss of darkness knocking the wind out of him. "you okay?"

"Y-yeah, never better" groaning as he rose to his feet.

"Good, cause the next part is the real work"

Surrounding Kakashi were shadows that began to form. Stepping into the light to reveal hollow like creatures.


Kakashi glanced up as they edged closer. Nimaiya grinning just a bit dimmer.

"Each Zanpakuto is nameless once given, but your soul imprints itself the longer it stays with you" the Asuachi got closer yelling in pain." But these Asuachi are in pain, angered by how you use your Zanpakuto, so you must prove your worthy"

Kakashi stood fists ready.


AN: I'm thinking of adding another Naruto character. Maybe Killer Bee possibly.