Rating: T

Spoilers: 2x23, Over There (Part 2)

Disclaimer: I'm clearly not making any money off this.

A/N: I loved Fringe when it was originally on the air and I always thought John Noble did an amazing job as Walter. Plus, of course I ship Peter/Olivia. Lately I've been dredging up old stuff from my hard drive and found this little piece. Largely notable because it is possibly the shortest thing I've ever written. :)


He'd seen the way he looked at her. Heard the way he said her name.

"Olivia's here?" The hope and excitement in his voice- like a child going to the circus for the first time.

The way he eagerly turned his head to see her as she entered the room.

The way he'd stared at her, once she stood before them, a soft smile playing about his lips. And something in his eyes which Walter recognized all too well.

Agent Dunham obviously had no idea what to make of Peter's reaction to her. Politely, but firmly requesting an explanation as to his behavior in the form of a question about her teeth.

"You remind me of somebody I know." Then an aside about her hair, of all things. That clinched it, even if the moments preceding it hadn't been evidence enough. Her hair, indeed.

His son was in love with Olivia Dunham. An Olivia Dunham whose hair was unlike that of the one who worked for him. A woman from the other side.

And he, Walter, had her now. Peter had gone back to the other side with the other Walter, a low, conniving thief, but it was going to be all right, because he had her here in a cell on this side.

He turned the light up in the cell and she looked up from her perch on the bed. Stood, and walked to the window. Demanded to be set free. Then begged and pleaded. He would have thought her too proud for that. Clearly this creature was not meant to be caged.

But he didn't care. Because she was responsible for Peter being taken from him, again. She deserved this, and worse.

He watched her rail at him, and he smiled. The last laugh would be his, after all. She had caused Peter to leave. But once Peter realized this Olivia was not the one he had followed to the place he had called home for twenty years, he would come back. He would come for her, just as she'd come for him.

As long as Walter kept her here, Peter would come back. So he smiled, and left her there, shouting into the darkness. He walked away, secure in the knowledge that Peter would be coming home.