Despicable Me: Down The Bloodline 3

Well, it looks like this is becoming a trilogy.

To be completely honest, I've been really afraid about releasing this, since I was afraid of getting on everyone's nerves by releasing so many stories on this one thing, but it's so hard to stop me when I get a good idea.

Obviously, if you haven't read the first or the second story yet, then I highly recommend that you do, as it is imperative you understand the OC and his distinct personality and past (although his personality is basically the same as Edith's).

If you have read the other two, then note that this one is set around one month after the events of the sequel. All the girls are the same age (remember that Edith turned ten in the second one though), but Jack will now be eighteen.

Not much else to say, apart from my hope that you'll enjoy it. Let's get started...

Chapter One -
We're Going On A Roadtrip


The buzz of the digital alarm clock shook Gru's bedside table vigorously. For a few seconds, he elected to just completely ignore it, hoping somehow it would disappear and leave him alone.


It continued to ring. No matter how hard Gru tried to ignore it, it's infuriating buzz was reverberating through his mind. Instead of giving in and accepting that morning was here, he just kept on trying to tune it out, desperately attempting to imagine a much more relaxing sound.


Sick and tired of the racquet, Gru lunged forward and slammed his palm onto the snooze button, shutting the maddening buzz off once and for all. Right after, he slumped back down onto his soft pillow and admired the calm silence that now surrounded him.

No AVL agents, no villains, no alarm clocks. Just...silence.

Gradually, his mind drifted off again...

But, just as he fell back to sleep, he was brought right back into consciousness by a familiar feminine voice.

"Gruuuu." Lucy sang playfully, lightly shaking the unmoving body of her husband. "Time to get uuuppp. Come on, honey, we're gonna be late."

With the heaviest and most sluggish of groans, Gru slowly rolled over in bed and faced his wife, whose orange hair was shaggy with a bed-head. As she sat up in the bed, Lucy glared down at him with an endearingly sweet smile, one of which tugged at Gru's heartstrings.

"Ughh...can we just...have a few more meenutes." Gru mumbled, his eyes only half open. The way in which he spoke mirrored that of a sleepy young child, something Lucy was finding frustratingly cute.

"I'd love to sweetie..." She replied, shuffling her way out of bed and stretching her tight muscles. "But I wanna get to work on time today."

She was, of course, referring to the dozens of times that the couple had been late in arriving at the AVL headquarters over the past few weeks. Sometimes it was by a few minutes, others it was by a few hours. Either way, wasting time isn't the greatest of ideas when dozens of villains are waiting to strike the city at any moment.

"Don't worry about eet, Lucy, I'm de director." Gru replied. "Eet doesn't matter how late we are. Pleeeaaase, honey. Just come lie down weeth me for a leetle beet longer."

Lucy looked down at him with an irritated glare. He was all snuggled up under the covers and was giving her an almost pleading look. If she obliged and stayed in bed for any longer, then chances are, she too would fall asleep and the couple would arrive at work at 12pm instead of 9am.

But, it did look pretty comfortable...

"Ugh...fine." Lucy spoke, giving in. Within an instant of her response, Gru's expression lit up colorfully, and Lucy was finding his smile extremely contagious.

But, just as she leaned down to get back under the covers, the bedroom door violently swung open and slammed against the wall, practically startling the couple out of their skin.

"MORNING!" Screamed the high-pitched voice of Agnes, as she bulleted into the room and leaped onto Gru's chest, making the former villain groan in discomfort. "Time to get up, daddy!"

"Hmm...I feegured dat, pumpkeen." Gru replied tiredly, trying his hardest to hide his large frown. Recently, he'd been valuing sleep a lot more, as the director job was becoming more and more draining as time went by. Most days, he would struggle to get up to five hours of sleep, let alone the recommended amount of eight.

A moment later, Margo came strolling into the room, wearing that usual bright smile that she always wore. Her hair had already been smartly brushed, even though she was yet to change out of her pajamas, and her quick walk showed that she was refreshed and ready for another day.

God, how Gru envied that.

"Morning, mom." She greeted, wandering up to Lucy. "Morning, dad."

"Morning, sweetie." The couple replied in unison, one response being a lot more cheerful and lively than the other.

"Sleep well?" Lucy asked, wrapping her arms around her eldest daughter's back.

"Yeah, pretty well." Margo responded, nodding. Trying to act mature, the twelve-year-old returned the question, just like any other adult would in that situation. "How about you two?"

"Hmph...fantastic." Gru answered sardonically, rubbing his forehead in exasperation. He could already feel the pain of yet another headache developing at the back of his brain, and he hadn't even left his bed yet. "So...what ees eet dat yoo want?"

"Breakfast." Agnes replied innocently, as if the answer was obvious. To be fair, considering that it was quite early in the morning, the answer should've been obvious. "Can I have chocolate chip pancakes this morning?"

"Hmm...sure, whatever." Gru replied, his response immediately followed by Agnes's delighted cheers. As the director sat up against the headboard, where the spikes had finally been removed for safety reasons, he noticed the absence of pink within the room. "Where's your seester?"

"Where do you think?" Margo responded, rolling her eyes. "It's seven-thirty on a school morning."

In response, Gru only gave a very heavy sigh. For a moment, he'd completely forgotten about the daily battle he had to partake in with Edith to get her out of bed. Considering his gruff state, he really wasn't in the mood for an argument.

In one last attempt to get some more sleep, Gru turned and handed Lucy yet another imploring gaze, using his eyes to ask her to get back in bed. Reading the signal, Lucy leaned down and tapped Gru on his pointy nose, grinning evilly as she did so.

"No." She stated playfully, yet backed up with a slightly firm tone. "Come on. The sooner you get up, the sooner you can get back to bed."

She did have a point, but the very thought of slogging to work and commanding hundreds of inept agents for eight hours made it completely obsolete to Gru.

Finally giving in, the director gave yet another sigh before getting out of bed. Desperately trying to keep himself optimistic, Gru shut off all negative thoughts and pushed himself out of the room, his wife and daughters following shortly behind. I mean, who knows... could be a good day.

Gru was resting his head in his arms as he sat atop the red stool in front of the kitchen counter. As the seconds flew past at speed, his sharp headache got more and more painful, the looming prospect of work being the reason why. Trying to ignore and hopefully forget about it, he turned around and spied his wife and daughters at the table, who were all concentrating on individual activities.

Lucy was sipping on the coffee in her mug, Margo was quietly doing some extra-credit work for her math class, Edith was lazily slumped back into the booth-seat with half-open eyes, and Agnes was tearing through her chocolate chip pancakes at a blurred speed.

He couldn't lie, even though he loved them all to death, this whole situation was getting pretty predictable. Every day was now following the same pattern, and even though he previously thought he could never tire of it, he was starting to find it tedious.

Work was not only infuriating, but it was also boring as all hell. As of late, the director job was revolving much less around missions, and much more about briefings and form-related assignments. In fact, the last villain mission he partook in was the mission to stop Venin, and he had to be knocked unconscious and kidnapped in order to start it.

However, the one bright side was the decreased dependence he had on research. Before, because Nigel was practically the definition of incompetent, Gru had to perform all of his own research to find actual useful information.

But now, since Nigel had been shot and killed by one of Venin's brainwashed associates and Gru was forced to find a replacement, Jack was doing all of that for him, and in fantastic clarity no less.

And as those thoughts crossed Gru's mind, in walked the teenager, carrying a multitude of heavy folders that were overflowing with forms and reports.

"Morning, Gru." He greeted, placing the folders on the counter. "Have I got some info for you."

"Let me guess..." Gru mumbled in response, massaging his temple as he did so. "Another villain. Another big scheme. Another eediot who wants to take over de world."

"Eh, not a bad guess." Jack replied, shrugging. "Except this guy is a bit less ambitious. As far as I can tell, he wants to steal all of the money from the city bank, and then use it to build a big gun or something."

"Hmph...great." Gru muttered sarcastically, turning to face him. At this point, he finally noticed his disheveled appearance. There were large, purple-tinted bags underneath his eyes, and his shirt was covered in junk food crumbs. His posture was worse for wear, and overall, he looked like a mess. "Have yoo...been awake all night?"

"Uhh...I think so." Jack replied, rubbing his eyes. "Gotta make sure the info is right, don't I?"

"Well, yeah, but...not eef eet means getteeng no sleep." Gru stated, giving the several overflowing folders a quick glance, then returning his gaze back to Jack. Even though he was very impressed with the teenager's dedication to finding all this information, he was still a little concerned for his well-being. "I mean, yoo look terrible."

"Oh, thanks, Gru. Means a lot." Jack responded mordantly, crossing his arms with a frown. "And you're one to talk. You look like you're gonna pass out at any minute."

"Ugh...whatever." Gru said, rolling his eyes. He was in no mood for an altercation. "Just tell me more about dis guy."

"Right, well, he goes by the name Nightfall," Jack explained quickly. "Which I gotta admit, is a pretty cool name. Just like most villains, I couldn't find that much stuff about his past, since he keeps it all private. But looking at some of his previous failed schemes, he isn't that experienced with being evil, so you should be able to stop him pretty easily."

"Dere's no such theeng as 'easily' weeth de AVL, Jack." Gru corrected, huffing under his breath. "When ees he gonna hit de bank, den?"

"Sometime over the next few hours, I think." Jack stated, as he started shuffling through a few research forms to clarify his answer. "He also owns this really awesome helicopter, so tell the agents that he might use that to escape."

Turning his head away in thought, Gru contemplated whether or not he actually wanted to send any agents this time. He and his wife were perfectly capable of stopping some inexperienced villain from stealing money from the bank, a simple and not very ingenuitive plan. There was no need to brief a load of dullard agents, when he could just waltz over to the bank right now and kick this guy's amateur butt.

"Well, I don't need to worry about dat, because I ain't sendeeng de agents." Gru responded, getting up from the stool. He turned to face Lucy at speed, startling her a little as she was half-way through sipping her coffee. "We're gonna take dis guy down ourselves."

"Uh...really?" Lucy questioned, giving him a befuddled look. "You look completely shattered, Gru. Is it really a good idea to take him down on our own when you're half-asleep?"

"Lucy, deedn't yoo hear heem?" Gru replied. "Dis guy ees a novice. We could take heem down weeth both our arms tied behind our backs."

"Uh...well...if you say so." Lucy said, giving a faint shrug. She wasn't one to turn down a mission, but she had to admit, she was a little worried about Gru and his concentration-draining fatigue. Missions usually require a tonne of concentration.

"Great! Let's go den!" Gru cheered, the couple proceeding to give their daughters a goodbye kiss on the forehead. The now more upbeat director then turned to face the unkempt teenager, who was pouring himself a cup of coffee. "And good work, Jack. Yoo can go ahead and take de day off eef yoo want."

"Wait...seriously!?" Jack responded, a bright smile exploding from his face.

"Well, yeah. I mean, I theenk yoo've done plenty of work already." Gru replied, motioning towards the pile of folders on the counter. "So, just drive de gurls to school and den take eet easy."

"Cool." Jack cooed, thanking Gru with a very wide and grateful smile. Just as the teenager was about to move over to the kitchen table and sit down with his sisters, Gru grabbed his arm and stopped him, making Jack offer him a puzzled glare.

"Oh, but, one last theeng." He said, pointing over to the girls, where Edith was passed out on the kitchen table, looking lost inside a deep sleep as she rested her head comfortably in her arms. "Yoo might need to spoon-feed her..."

Around an hour later, Jack and the girls left the house and started towards the teen's red sports car, which had been parked inside the garage for safety reasons. It was mostly because of the huge metal tank that Gru loved to bash cars with. He knew that he probably wouldn't do it to his own son, but still, just in case.

"Shotgun!" Edith yelled, as she sprinted ahead of her siblings and leaped into the passenger seat, using up the very little amount of energy she had left in her possession. Jack chuckled as he slumped in front of the steering wheel, where he gave his head a quick soothing rub. It was still stinging uncomfortably from his all-nighter, and the only remedy was a day of sleeping and food.

Margo helped Agnes into her own seat in the back of the car, and then proceeded to sit down herself. Once everyone was in, Jack turned the key in the ignition and started down the driveway, humming happily to himself as he lightly pressed his foot on the accelerator.

"Jack, I've been meaning to ask you," Margo started, as the teen looked at her from the rear-view mirror. "When did you learn to drive? I mean, you are still pretty young."

For a moment, all Jack did was smirk. He was really starting to like it when Margo asked him about something. She was an extremely smart girl, and she always came up with the most clever questions. And also, if she asked just the right question, he might be able to scare her.

It's probably a bit cruel, but Jack just loved scaring people. With the girls, he didn't like scaring them to the point of nightmares, since he hated to see them genuinely upset, but he did love to tease them a little.

"That's a good question, Margo." He replied, as he checked for any on-coming cars on the street before pulling off. "I learned while I was with the IVB. We had to learn how to drive all types of vehicles. The most important one was learning to drive a van."

"Why?" Agnes asked, now interested in the conversation.

"Oh, well, uh..." Jack started, hesitating for a moment. "Cuz they're really strong and can withstand lots of head-on collisions."

That was a lie.

The real reason was their use in kidnappings, but since Agnes was so young and incredibly innocent, he decided against telling her the truth. He didn't mind talking about that stuff with Margo and Edith, mainly because Margo was smart enough to know when he was lying and Edith was alike him enough to find all that stuff pretty cool.

On the subject of his little sister, Jack gave her a quick glance when they came to a stop at a set of traffic lights. The tomboy was resting her head in her hand as she stared out of the passenger-side window, seeming a million miles away. A little concerned, Jack took the opportunity to grab her attention, deducing that this was probably the best time to do so while they were stuck at a red-light.

"Edith?" He spoke, startling her a little. "You're kinda quiet this morning. You feeling okay?"

"Oh, uh...yeah, I'm fine." Edith replied, shrugging. "I'm just a little...tired, I guess."

Instead of responding, Jack opted to give her a suspicious look. Edith was always pretty tired in the mornings, but once she'd eaten and had left the house, she usually brightened up a little. He felt like there was something wrong with her, but instead of pestering her with questions, he just shook it off and got back to driving.

After a few more seconds of silence, Edith spoke up again, figuring that Jack could possibly provide some help for her issue.

"Jack?" She started, lifting her head slightly. "Do you know anything about indices?"

"Indi-what now?" Jack replied, pulling a deeply baffled face. Sighing, Edith rolled her eyes and slumped further into her seat, pulling a heated frown onto her face.

"Ugh, it's these stupid things we gotta learn for the next math test." She groaned, turning to look out of the car window once again. "I don't get them at all."

"Pfft, Edith, indices are easy." Margo began. "They're just rules we use to simplify the power of a power. So, if we had four to the power two cubed, then we would-"

"Boring!" Edith interrupted, not understanding a single word she was saying. Giving up, Margo rolled her eyes and huffed, turning away to look out of the window.

"So, when's the test?" Jack asked, his eyes locked firmly on the road.

"Today!" Edith exclaimed angrily. "And if I fail it, then they're gonna call mom and dad, 'cuz I've already failed four times this year."

"Oh...that sucks." Jack said, pulling an empathetic expression. Sighing again, Edith dropped her head and lowered her hat in front of her eyes, crossing her arms in indignation. She hated school enough without the stress of math tests and phone calls home.

Feeling sorry for her, Jack leaned forward and grabbed a few CDs from underneath the radio, trying to find the specific one he wanted.

"Well, I might have something here that'll cheer you up." He said, picking out the one he was looking for. Edith lifted her head and spied the CD, and immediately, she slumped back down again.

How was music going to cheer her up?

She hated music, and Jack should've known that. It was all annoying boy bands singing about stupid sappy things like love and relationships. How can anyone withstand that rubbish for any more than a second? Listening to music was only going to make her feel worse.

"Don't even bother, Jack." Margo said, knowing exactly what her sister must've been thinking. "Edith hates music."

"Yes, but there are many different types of music, Margo, and I think she'll like this." Jack replied, slotting the CD into the radio's CD slot. "Prepare yourself."

The instant after Jack pressed the play button, a very loud and heavy guitar started blurting from the speakers, making all three girls jump out of their skin. Not too long after, a very rough sounding man began shouting a series of incredibly loud lyrics, all of which seemed to be about very angry topics.

As this happened, Jack started bobbing his head up and down, seeming perfectly content while he did so. This was the kind of music he discovered when he was a kid, and he always used to listen to it when he was alone in his IVB dorm. For some reason, even though the lyrics were usually about really sad topics, it always seemed to cheer him up.

"Woah, it's...pretty loud." Margo replied, wincing. This type of music certainly wasn't up her alley. In fact, in her opinion, a man screaming into a microphone while a bunch of guitars screeched in the background wasn't even a type of music.

"You mean, awesome!" Edith butted in, now seeming a lot more upbeat than she was a moment ago.

"Yes! I told you so, didn't I?" Jack cheered, chuckling. Mirroring her brother, Edith started bobbing her head up and down in satisfaction, and the two siblings broke out into playful laughter as the singer's shouting got more and more aggressive.

"Margo, why are those people looking at us?" Agnes asked, pointing at a bunch of pedestrians, who were staring at the occupants of the car intently.

"Probably because we're listening to some really" Margo replied, crossing her arms and giving Jack an irritated look. Instead of responding or arguing, Jack simply chuckled and kept himself quiet, preferring to actually listen to the heavy metal music instead of spoiling it with his voice.

When he was younger, he would listen to this type of music every single day. Not because he wanted to, but because he needed to. This type of music was a coping method for him, to help him deal with the fact that he had no-one to love or care for. A lot of people did find it weird, but Jack never cared, because he knew that they would never understand.

Nowadays though, listening to this music was just a simple entertainment activity. Since he was no longer lonely or no longer filled to the brim with resentment, this type of music wasn't needed anymore. However, on those occasions where other things would bring him down, this music was always there to cheer him up again.

From the look of happiness on Edith's face, he had a feeling she could use it too.

After another ten minutes of driving coupled with extremely loud heavy metal music, the four arrived at the school's parking lot and pulled up near the front entrance.

"Bye, girls!" Jack shouted, waving as Margo and Agnes jumped out of the back seat. "Have a good day in school."

Margo and Agnes waved back as they disappeared into the school building, while Edith leaned over and tried to give her brother a kiss goodbye before she did the same. But, as she did so, Jack lightly grabbed her shoulders and stopped her. Edith gave him a puzzled look, but before she could question him, the teen motioned his head behind her.

There, a bunch of students were standing around, a few of them offering the two an expectant gaze. They were clearly awaiting something, but whatever that something was was unclear. Edith turned to them and then back to Jack with a look of confusion, one of which Jack cleared with a quick explanation.

"Don't kiss me in front of them." He said. "Kissing your brother at school is kinda lame."

"Oh, right, yeah." Edith replied, giving him a grateful smile. He was right. They were sure to make fun of her if she did. "See ya later, then."

The tomboy jumped out of the car and watched as the students turned away, clearly disappointed that they couldn't mock her. Grinning proudly, Edith started towards the school gates with a cheerful walk, the math test completely forgotten.

"Edith!" Jack exclaimed, catching her attention just before she disappeared. The teen mouthed the words "Love you", before switching the radio back on and then speeding out of the parking lot.

Edith couldn't help but grin, especially when a few students started gawking at his car as he sped away. Out of all the other children in the school, there was no other kid that had a cooler older brother than she did.

What other older brother saves you from both death and kidnappings, and then casually saves the world a little while later?

No other, that's the answer.

But, once Jack had disappeared, the memory of the math test came flooding back, making Edith groan unhappily.

All remnants of the grin instantly vanished, and her expression transcended into a saddened frown. This test was sure to go terrible, especially considering how tired she was feeling, so there was no way this day could go anything but awful.

Reluctantly, the ten-year-old walked through the front gates and into the building, making her way towards her class. Every inch of her mind was screaming at her to turn back around and leave, but she figured that skipping the test and ditching school would cause a lot more problems than it would solve.

Eventually, after a few minutes of racking her brain for a way out of this, she reached the door to her class. She took a peek inside, and sure enough, the teacher was placing the test papers on each desk, all ready for the students.

With one last sigh, Edith gave up on trying to find a solution, and walked into the classroom...

Gru and Lucy rolled up to the city bank at blinding speed. The couple leaped from the large metal tank and barged their way through the wooden double-doors, producing a grand entrance into the building. The inside of the bank was filled with a peaceful atmosphere, just like it usually was in the early hours of the morning.

A few people offered them strange looks as they entered the large room, which the couple had to try hard to ignore. They quickly approached the front desk at pace, using their eyes to try and identify anything suspicious within the large interior.

The receptionist examined them from afar with a questioning expression, but as she did with every other client, she hid it when they got near and greeted them politely.

"How can I help you today?" She asked.

"Has he heet yet!?" Gru exclaimed, completely ignoring the question. The receptionist twisted her expression in bewilderment, not having a clue what he was on about.

"Ummm...excuse me?" She replied.

"Nightfall!" Lucy stated. "Has he hit the bank yet!?"

"'m not sure what you're on abo-"

But, before the receptionist could finish her response, an ear-piercing explosion sounded from inside the building, startling the living daylights out of everyone inside. Strangely, no damage had been done to the large room, proving that the explosion must've come from somewhere deeper inside the bank.

Determination running through their veins, the AVL couple leaped over the front desk and ran through the door labeled 'Employees Only', paying no heed to the bold message.

"Hey!" The receptionist yelled. "You're not supposed to be in there!"

Ignoring her yells, Gru and Lucy ran hastily down an exceedingly long hallway, which was full of nothing but random paintings, portraits, and odd pieces of furniture. The only door in sight was at the end of the room, and judging by the black smoke seeping from underneath it, Nightfall must be behind there.

After around twenty seconds of running, the duo reached the door and came to a grinding halt, taking a few moments to catch their breath. Behind it, the sounds of shuffling and footsteps could be heard, practically confirming that Nightfall was inside.

"Okay, here's de plan." Gru whispered, one hand wrapped firmly around the freeze-ray in his coat pocket. "We barge our way een, block de door so he hasn't got a way out, and den beat de liveeng daylights out of dis brat. Got eet?"

"Got it." Lucy responded, nodding promptly.

"Okay, on three." Gru began, taking a deep, but very quiet, breath. "One...two...three!"

The moment the number hit the air, Lucy booted the door down and provided yet another eccentric entrance into a room. Inside, bank vaults had been exploded open and ransacked, the ceiling had been blown open to provide Nightfall with a way inside, and not a single dollar bill was in sight.

Well, apart from the millions of them stacked inside a certain young, inexperienced villain's massive duffel bag.

"Hey!" Gru screamed, unleashing his freeze ray and aiming it at the villain's head. "Don't move!"

Nightfall spun around at speed and handed Gru a frightened look, and for a moment, Gru felt like he was pointing a freeze ray at some innocent teenager. A part of the director's mind told him to put it down and let him go, but he knew this guy was still a villain, and therefore, he brought this on himself.

"Just put the money back and no-one has to get hurt." Lucy stated, speaking devilishly creepy. It was unlike her to speak in such a fashion, but as of late, she'd been practicing her intimidation technique. I mean, it certainly wouldn't hurt to obtain the ability to scare people straight.

"Oh...uh...s-sure..." Nightfall spoke timidly, giving the AVL duo a weak glare. "Let me just...put it ba-"

However, before Nightfall could finish his sentence, a harness fell from the destroyed ceiling and the young villain shot up into the sky before Gru and Lucy could register what was happening.

They turned the heads upwards and helplessly watched as Nightfall disappeared through the massive hole and into a hovering helicopter. Before Gru could shoot the freeze ray and stop him in his tracks, the aircraft flew away and escaped, Nightfall along with it.

For a minute, all the couple could do was stare with a blank, stunned expression.

Did that really just happen? Did they really just get bested by that kid?

Judging by the fact that Nightfall was now gone, and millions of the bank's dollars had been stolen along with him, it did seem that was so.

Growling in rage, Gru balled his fists and hung his head. Jack had warned him about the helicopter and the fact that he might use it to escape, but for whatever reason, he had completely forgotten about it. And now, some rookie rogue made the highly-experienced, well-trained AVL director look like some amateur chump.

"Um..." Lucy spoke, still staring up at the massive hole in the ceiling. "Maybe next time, we should just...send the agents."

In response, Gru said nothing.

Instead, he stared directly forward and curled his mouth into one of the most vicious frowns his face had ever conjured.

With it, the headache at the back of his brain became a whole truckload stronger...

"I'll see you at lunchtime." Margo called, as she waved at her best-friend Avery while the two walked out of class. It was now recess, and as she did every single day at this period, Margo was heading to the library to do a little bit of studying.

Some could say she spent too much time studying, but the bespectacled twelve-year-old enjoyed it too much to just ditch it and spend her time doing nothing. Not only had her grades improved substantially since she started recess studying, but her general common knowledge had risen tenfold.

If she carried on, she was fairly sure she could meet or possibly surpass Gru's knowledge bank, and her father had one of the most expansive memories for random tidbits and general facts the girl had ever seen. In the lab, he had a huge library, which contained shelves upon shelves of in-depth encyclopedias and some of the rarest pieces of literature to ever grace the planet.

One day, she hoped she could own a massive library that held rare books, just so she could spend all of her free time inside of it, reading her time away. Considering that Gru's library is deep down inside the lab, it can get kind of difficult to avoid distractions from the minions' constant antics and silliness, so reading is practically impossible in there.

So, right now, all she had was the school library, which she utilized whenever she could.

As she continued walking through the school's hallways, the sight of her little tomboy sister, who was sitting on a bench and carrying her head in her hands, caught her eye. Noticing how distinctly upset she looked, Margo wandered over to Edith and sat down beside her, startling her slightly when she began talking.

"What's up?" Margo asked.

"Oh. It's you." Edith replied, who gave her a momentary glance before dropping her head again. "I just did the math test."

" did it go?" Margo inquired, already guessing the answer based on her gloomy expression.

"Badly." Edith mumbled, not looking up from the ground. "I couldn't do any of 'em."

"Oh." Margo responded, watching as her little sister gave an extremely heavy sigh. Margo was used to dealing with her little sister's being upset, since she was the only one who cared for them at the orphanage, but she rarely saw Edith this unhappy. School work never usually got her down this much. "Well...there's nothing you can do about it now, so...try not to worry about it."

"Why do I suck at everything, Margo?" Edith asked, ignoring her response. She lowered her beanie in front of her eyes and dropped her head completely, something she only ever did when she got very close to tearing up.

The big sister side of Margo fully emerging, the twelve-year-old put an arm around her sister's shoulders and comforted her, just like she used to do at the orphanage.

"Hey, you don't suck at everything." She spoke soothingly. "You're really good with that ninja stuff, you're really good at fighting, you're really good at soccer. We all can't be good at everything, Edith. I mean, I'm useless at fighting, so I just avoid doing it and concentrate more on things I'm good at."

Edith's eyes were now visible again, as her previous sad pout began to fade.

"Just don't worry about it, okay. Who cares if you suck at maths? You're super smart at other stuff, so that's all that matters!"

"Thanks, Margo." Edith said, now smiling. "You're awesome."

"If you say so." Margo replied, chuckling. Just as the two were about to hug, a small figure ran up to them at speed, a squeaky voice accompanying it.

"Margo! Edith!" Agnes yelped, tears running down her eyes as she sprinted up to the bench.

"Woah, woah, what's going on, Agnes?" Margo asked, standing up from the bench.

"Th-that b-boy t-took my u-unicorn..." Agnes muttered, wiping her nose with one hand, and pointing across the yard with another. Margo looked up and spied the boy in question, who was evilly playing catch with another friend of his, with Agnes's unicorn.

She knew the boy from her class. He was much older and bigger than Agnes, so the fact that he chose to pick on her was actually extremely pathetic in Margo's eyes.

Narrowing her eyes and frowning, she glared at the boy in rage as he continued to laugh menacingly, his infuriating voice sharply grinding her gears.

"Don't worry about it, alright." Margo spoke, her voice soothing and light, before transitioning to aggressive as she started towards the boy. "I'll go get it back."

"Count me in." Edith said, jumping from the bench and following on behind, just as determined and angry as her older sister.

The two boys continued to throw the unicorn back and forth, laughing while they did so, up until Margo strutted up and gathered their attention with a sharp shout.

"Hey!" She yelled, as the main culprit caught the unicorn again. "Give my sister her unicorn back!"

"Or what!?" The boy retorted, crossing her arms.

"Or else!" Edith exclaimed, coming up from behind Margo. As she glared at the boy in complete iration, she tried to remember the intimidation advice that Jack had given her, in order to strike some fear into his heart. Yes, she may be a little smaller than him, but Edith had a few fighting tricks up her sleeve, and she was fairly confident in taking him on. "This is your last chance!"

"Pfft...I'm soooo scared." The boy replied sarcastically, smiling while he did so. This entire situation wasn't seeming to faze him in the slightest. "Nice hat, by the way. Did your mommy pick it out for you?"

"No!" Edith retorted aggressively. She was about to argue, but when she remembered what kind of conversation she was stepping into, she backed up and kept herself quiet.

Edith's pink hat was left for her by her biological father. And even though her biological father turned out to be one of the most evil, wicked and cruel men on the planet, who chose to pursue a life of crime instead of caring for her and her brother, the hat still held a very significant place in her heart.

Margo also knew that very well.

"Ohhh, so it must've been your daddy then." The boy continued, unknowingly hitting one of Edith's very sore spots. " looks stupid. He really must hate you if he wants to get you a hat like th-"

However, before he could finish the extremely hurtful insult, Margo leaped forward and dealt an unexpectedly strong punch to the boy's nose, putting him on the floor in an instant...

"De day I get bested by some leetle pre-pubescent punk!" Gru exclaimed out loud, as he aggressively pushed the front door open and then immediately slammed it shut, practically making the whole of the house's structure shake. He thundered his way down the hallway with his fists clenched, looking dead forward with a death stare.

Lucy stayed a few paces behind him and kept herself quiet, as she was a little fearful of trying to talk to him. He was very clearly in a beyond irate mood, and although she was fairly sure she could cheer him up, she was also very afraid of making things worse.

As the two walked into the living room, the sight inside was enough to push Gru's anger further. On the couch, Dru and Jack were watching TV quietly, seeming very drawn to the programme being shown. But, the part that was angering Gru, was the absolute flood of mess that surrounded them.

Candy wrappers, chip packets, empty ice-cream tubs and soda cans were littered across the floor and couch in huge piles, making the room look like some sort of garbage dump. Some pieces of garbage were even on top of them, but they were so engrossed by the TV, that they didn't seem to care.

"What de HELL ees all of dis!?" Gru screamed, the rage continuing to boil. In surprise, Jack spun around and gave him a shocked look, while Dru screamed and almost fell off the couch in fright. When he realized that it was just Gru and Lucy, he cleared his throat and sat up straight again, pretending that the scream never happened.

"Woah," Jack responded simply. "Talk about a grand entrance."

"Do not test me, Jack..." Gru muttered aggressively, his teeth binding together in pure indignation. Ignoring the teen's befuddled expression, the director spun his gaze around the room and flaunted a hand towards many of the different piles of litter. "What ees weeth all of de rubbeesh!?"

"Oh! Well, we...uh..." Dru started, shrinking down under Gru's intensive gaze. "We got a leetle...hungry, I guess."

"A leetle hungry!?" Gru shouted. "Yoo must've eaten four times your weight! Where deed yoo get all dis food from!?"

"Ugh...where do you think, Gru?" Jack questioned, rolling his eyes. "The food store, obviously. Using your own wage to buy candy is pretty cool, y'know."

Growling under his breath, the only thing Gru could manage was giving Jack one of the deepest and most intense glares he'd ever given him, hoping to teach him a lesson with it. However, instead of frightening the teenager like he hoped he would, Jack only crossed his arms and smirked smugly in response, igniting his rage further.

At that moment, the sound of the front door being opened and closed caught their attention, and followed shortly after, the three sisters entered the room.

Agnes, who now had her unicorn safe in her grasp, looked her usual ecstatic self as she ran into the room at pace.

Edith, who looked like she'd just witnessed one of the coolest moments of her life, looked as bright and happy as the sun as she waltzed proudly into the room.

While Margo, who seemed frustrated and riled up, dragged herself slowly into the room with a frown, her arms locked together tight. Her clothes were also muddied and torn in places, adding to her general disheveled appearance.

"Margo?" Lucy spoke loudly, pacing over and kneeling down in front of her. "What happened to you?"

"She got in a fight!" Edith cheered, smiling jubilantly. It was clear she had a whole new appreciation for Margo now.

"And she got my unicorn back!" Agnes cheered right after, looking just as cheerful.

"Yoo got eento a fight!?" Gru exclaimed, giving her a stunned look. In response, Margo simply dropped her head and gave a very faint nod. However, a small smirk started appearing on her lips, as if she were both ashamed and proud of herself at the same time.

"Did you win?" Jack asked, looking extremely intrigued in the conversation.

"She kicked his butt!" Edith responded happily, turning to Margo with a hugely wide smile. "I thought you said you were useless at fighting. Cuz I've never beaten up someone so bad that I got suspended."

"Yoo got suspended!?" Gru shouted, now looking even more stunned, with that previous load of rage starting to come back. Margo simply shrugged, turning away with an almost uncaring look.

"He deserved it." She stated.

"Ugh...I expect dis sort of theeng from Edith, but not from yoo, Margo!" Gru exclaimed, looking down at her fiercely. And then, just as Edith's name hit the air, the phone started ringing, making Gru close his eyes in a clear bout of stress.

Something was telling him that this call was going to be bad...

Turning away from everyone, Gru marched over to the phone and picked it up at speed, almost crushing the receiver in his grasp.

"What!?" He snapped, startling everyone in the room a little. After a few seconds, where the person on the other end was clearly shocked by his outburst and trying hard to get their words out, Gru shouted again. "She's failed five times een a row!?"

Instantly, he spun around and glared at Edith, who in return, looked away and pretended to act like she hadn't heard him.

"Are yoo sure yoo got de right keed!?" He questioned, now looking down the receiver with a devilish stare. "Hmm...yeah, dat's her."

Not wanting to hear anymore, Gru slammed the phone down before the person could finish speaking, and hung his head as low as he possibly could.

Silence filled the room very quickly. Along with it, a very clear sense of tension was in the air, one of which everyone could feel.

After a moment, Gru huffed and made his way towards the living room door, pacing as fast as he could.

"Lucy?" He mumbled. "Could we have a leetle chat for a moment?"

Lucy gave him a puzzled look, one of which he opted to ignore in order to keep moving as fast as possible, before slowly following him out of the room. Once they'd left, the room was plunged into silence once again. Everyone just looked at each other in confusion, unsure as to what just happened and what was about to happen.

After another few seconds of nothing, Jack turned to Dru, who looked as frightened as a petrified young boy, and gave him a sheepish look.

"Maybe we should've cleaned up..."

Gru pushed himself into his bedroom and slumped down on the side of the mattress with a large and heavy huff. He glared at the floor with eyes full of fire, and when the pain at the back of his brain started to sting again, he was forced to grab onto his head to try and keep control.

A few seconds after, Lucy entered the room slowly and offered him a concerned look, which grew when she saw his head in his hands.

"Honey?" She questioned, approaching him. "You feeling okay?"

"I can't take dis anymore, Lucy." Gru replied, not looking up from the floor.

"Take what anymore?" Lucy responded, moving over and sitting beside him on the bed.

"Everytheeng!" Gru stated sharply, as he finally turned his head to glare at her. "Everytheeng ees driveeng me crazy and I've had enough!"

Now, considering the specific words that he was using, Lucy was afraid of where he was going with this. She hadn't seen him this angry in a very long time, and strangely, this anger just seemed to pop up out of the blue.

"Well, do yoo know what, dat ees EET!" Gru yelled, standing up and marching across the room to look out through the window. "Eet's time sometheeng ees done about dis!"

"Wh...what do you mean?" Lucy inquired quietly, fear now starting to drown her voice out. She was giving him a very apprehensive glare, since the conversation was starting to turn in a direction that she was uncomfortable with.

"I mean..." Gru started, very slowly turning back to her, now wearing an unexpected coy smile. "We're goeeng on a roadtreep."

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