Luke slowly opened his eyes, he oddly felt something. Something sharp and white, that felt like spikes, or a hot needle.

He looked around his surroundings, Everything seemed oddly bigger.

The trees, The birds, even the worms. Luke put his hand on the ground. Looking for a way out of the seemingly endless forest. Something white caught his eyes.

Were those paws?

"Hello?" Luke shouted, "This wasn't what I meant Rhadamanthus, Socrates, Aeacus?

Luke sighed, He got up on all of his paws. He tired walking around a tree. It felt weird as if he lived in this body his entire life, Only he knew that he didn't.

Everything was so much easier when he was dead, he had nothing to worry about, and he never had to look for his next meal in fear he'd starve. It was a foreign feeling hunger. At first he had thought that there was something wrong with his body.

He had run in such panic if anyone else had seen they would of laughed.

What did cats eat anyways, That's what he figure he had to be. The body is to small to be a dog, he had a long bushy tail, and a very testy attitude.

Or maybe that was caused by something else.

He had been walking aimlessly around the forest, when he spotted a clearring.


He raced to it. He could feel the dryness of his tongue, and soon began envisioning the sweet taste.

He stopped when he reached the water, His fur had some, yellow-tinged. He was a large cat only about an Inch above average. He was a Persian cat with an alarming amount of fur. He had a scar below his Right eye, going all the way down his chin and his eyes.

What almost stopped his heart were the two different eye colors. His right eye was golden, like kronos, and his left was blue. His eye color before he turned evil. That's right evil.

He understood what full possession means, when the host agrees.

Their soul is forever tangled. They are one person. Charon was wrong.

Luke closed his eyes, as he sat down by the riverside.

That was his one mistake.

He heard them before he felt them. The soft sound of paws on the ground, They were walking, then they stopped. That should of been his first clue, He then heard them running, and he soon felt their attack.

Luke opened his eyes immediately in shock. On top of him were two cats. The first a large dark gray tom with startling yellow eyes, his left ear was torn and he was almost as furry as Luke, The next was a bright orange tom with large green eyes., In the sunlight his fur seemed like it was on fire.

Luke used his hind-legs to throw them off of him. He quickly got off his back and turned to face his opponent. He felt some of his fur go up in fear and he quickly patted it down. He heard somewhere that dogs can smell fear, Cats probably can too. He's not going to be taking any chances.

He bared his claws menacingly, We can do this the easy way, or we can do this the hard way. You choose.

The cats exchanged glances. "You trespassed into ThunderClan territory, Leave now or we will be forced to kill you."

Luke rolled his neck, He could feel his neck crack. He looked at the cats who were distracted by the sound. "The hard way it is" Luke said. With that he threw himself forward.

He feinted by rearing up his forpaws like he was going to attack the dark-gray cat, then when the cat reared up towards him, he ducked down towards the dark-gray cats hind-legs.

The cat fell on his back but before Luke could touch him the ginger cat came barreling towards him.

Luke jumped up in the air and did the cat equivalent of a backflip, he then Clawed the cats back. Not to much as to cause serious damage.

He always felt bad when Kronos kicked cats. He felt bad now hurting one. It was in the cats genes to attack the male.

Of course they did talk, what was this Thunderclan that they talked about.

"Leave Thunderclan territory." The red cat said. He was breathing hard, and it was soon apparent that he was getting tired. Where Luke hardly felt winded.

Luke sighed, He Jumped back, and kept Jumping back. "I only came to the river to drink some water, you act as if you would die of thirst if I drank another drop."

He finally stopped, and ducked a swipe to his neck. "Geez fine I'll leave, Just stop trying to hit me."

The ginger cat held back the Dark-Gray one. He nodded his head. The gray one just narrowed his eyes. "How can we trust you?"

Luke gave him a look. "Because I didn't cause you serious harm when we were fighting. I could of killed you all."

The red cat nodded his head. "How did you learn how to fight like that, were you trained?"

Luke cocked his head, "Yes at the camp that I was born in."

"What clan were you born in?" The gray one ask.

"Not one around here." Luke answered. He turned his back on them, and started to walk away.

"Wait" The red one yelled. The gray one gave him a look. "Why don't you Join our clan, we could use warriors like you. I'm deputy I can ask Blue-Star."

Luke shook his head. "I don't think the clan life is for me''

"Are you sure" The red cat asked.

The words of his last encounter with the judges ran threw him.

"Tell me Demi-God, do you want Redemption for your sins?" Socrates asked.

"Well Yes but-"

"Do you want to reap what you sow?" Rhadamanthus asked.

"Yes but you aren't listening-"

"Do you feel guilt for your actions?" Aeacus asked


They exchanged glances, "Then by the power of the fates you will. Your case is Adjourned. You will wait in the waiting room for your Redemption."

Reap what he sow. Was this what they meant, did he have to help these cats.

Luke gave a sigh. "I'll join you."

"Great, I'm FireHeart, and this is GreyStripe." The red cat said, Greystripe gave him a pointed look.

Luke looked skeptical, "Fireheart and Greystripe, Those are your names?" Fireheart nodded, "Yes what is your name."

Luke thought for a moment, Using their weird name Ideas he chose "Goldeneye."

"Come Goldeneye, we are heading back to camp." Graystripe said, Fireheart and him turned towards the forest and began walking in.

Luke soon followed, Something told him that their camp members weren't going to be so friendly.