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Chapter 2

Danny had flown down only a few blocks before his ghost sense went off again and a missile whizzed by him.

On instinct he turned towards the source, only to be blasted directly in the chest by a laser ray. He got thrown backward and landed in an empty park. Casting his head upwards, Danny caught sight of a floating robot with a fiery green mohawk.

"At least you aren't the Box Ghost…" Danny muttered under his breath.

"Greetings, whelp," Skulker said with a grin.

Danny stood up and crossed his arms at the ghost. "Sup, Skulker. Let me guess, you're here to capture and-or kill me. And then hang my 'pelt' upon your wall."

The ghost hunter let out a bark of laughter, "Not this time. You have a bounty placed on your head, I'm just here to collect."

A neon green net was shot in his direction and caught Danny by his feet when he tried to dodge out of the way. The weights attached to the ends of it weighed him down but didn't do much once they were blasted off by the boy.

"A bounty? You mean like money? Like how an outlaw is 'wanted: dead or alive'?" Danny shot ectoblasts towards the hunter and dodged when the fire was returned in the form of missiles.

"Indeed. And sadly, you are only wanted alive," Skulker growled.

Danny surrounded his right hand with ectoplasmic energy and punched Skulker in the chest when he came too close.

A few moments passed and all that could be heard was the exchange of attacks. That was until Skulker lost sight of Danny and the halfa managed to knock him to the ground.

"How does it feel? Not great, right?" The ghost boy turned the top half of his body to reach around for his thermos as he spoke.

The response given was a green whip being fired from Skulker's right arm. It wrapped around Danny's waist and pulled him to the ground as well. It took all his will to not drop the high-tech ghost-capturing device.

"Fucking-" Danny hissed out between locked teeth. He wanted this to end.

His eyes glowed green as he summoned more energy and snapped the whip with his hands. He rolled over to face Skulker and hit the ghost directly in the face with a close-range blast.

This stunned the other ghost long enough for Danny to uncap the thermos and suck him in. He let out a sigh of relief and stood up from the ground.

Just as he was going to head black home, another cold sensation racked his body and a mist escaped his mouth. Before he could even groan, his left ear exploded in heat as a bright pink ectoblast barely missed it. This cut off the phrase that he was running through in his head.

"Now now, Daniel. It's too early for you to be heading off. After all, aren't you teenagers used to staying out late?" Danny could hear the smirk present in the tone of voice.

The ghost boy froze when the words reached his ears. He did not want to deal with this right now. He had also gotten too used to sleeping at an acceptable hour that the setting sun reminded him how tired he'd be getting soon.

Danny made himself look visibly relaxed and he plastered a grin on his features as he turned towards the man.

"Oh, it's just you! You know, you're definitely not anywhere close to the devil," he placed a hand on his chin and adopted a look of ponderment, "though I can clearly see your design inspiration comes from a vampire."

He dodged to his left when more hot pink ectoplasm shot in his direction. But that didn't stop him from keeping up appearances. Danny did not want Vlad to know how nervous he was becoming. "Actually, on a scale from one to ten: how scary are vampires compared to the devil? Obviously with ten being the scariest and one would probably be something close to a kitten." More blasts came his way but all he did was become intangible to avoid them. Danny could barely pick up the growls Vlad let slip. "After all, vampires do that gross blood drinking shit. But the devil does torture souls for all eternity or whatever."

"Will you shut up!" Vlad angrily shouted at the teen. "Stop rambling about absolute nonsense! It's giving me a damn headache."

"Ah, I had one of those earlier. Not fun," Danny added with a smirk and shot a few of his own ectoplasmic blasts at his enemy. Vlad easily dodged them but was taken by surprise when Danny swooped in to give him a physical punch. The older male almost didn't have time to raise his shield.

Vlad growled. "You insufferable little brat."

Danny then watched as Vlad blinked out of the visible spectrum and instantly raised his guard, turning himself in circles as he tried to cover all his angles alone. He didn't notice when Vlad turned visible and shot him point-blank in the back with an ectoblast.

Danny grunted when he landed on the ground and hissed when the full pain of his injury hit him. The Fenton Thermos at his side clanked uncomfortably into his hip at the impact. Maybe he should call Sam and Tucker over. If they were there, Vlad wouldn't be able to sneak up on him like he just had.

"Losing steam already young Daniel? And here I thought you were the big hero." Vlad's demeaning tone cut through the fatigue starting to set in. Danny's head snapped up to face the mayor and glared at his floating figure.

"Not even close." It was a lie. He was out of practice and rusty from not having any ghosts incidents for a while. Maybe Sam was right, and that it was Vlad's plan all along in order to make the fight more in his favor.

Danny shot into the air and fired multiple blasts at Vlad, who dodged them all (save for the one that just barely skimmed his arm). Vlad narrowed his eyes before creating a duplicate of himself, which was soon forgotten about by Danny when the clone turned invisible and the real Vlad littered his vision with attacks.

The boy was too busy throwing up shields, turning intangible, and flying around to avoid punches and blasts that he didn't realize the clone was directly behind him before it was too late. Instead of shooting him the back, however, the duplicate just stole Danny's thermos away and knocked him over the head with it. He really had to stop letting people get behind him.

Danny crashed to the ground and his head fuzzed over with pain. It felt like the pain he experienced earlier in the day only magnified by twenty. The clone yanked off the lid of the Fenton brand container and released Skulker from it. The robot suited ghost stretched out his limbs and glared over to the ghostly teen that was hunched over on the ground.

"I'm surprised the whelp's parents haven't shown up yet, or even those horrible sidekicks of his," Skulker commented while making sure at least half of his missiles were targeting Danny.

"I made sure they grabbed ahold of those dragon rumors in order to get them out of the way for awhile, but I'm sure knowing them it wouldn't have made a difference anyway," Vlad explained. His duplicate merged back with him and he tossed the now empty thermos to the side. In a swift motion, he pulled out a very interesting gun from somewhere that Danny couldn't see.

It resembled a pistol but the barrel looked longer than it should have been and green electricity sparked off it every few moments.

He trained it on Danny and didn't hesitate to pull the trigger. The boy's eyes widened when what looked like a yellow ectobeam (but a lot thinner) shot from the end of the barrel and made contact with his left leg.

Danny screamed out in pain as it felt like a fire was lit inside his cells. The pain died down long after he ran out of breath to scream. But once it did, just that leg transformed back to his human form. It also felt stiff and awkward when he tried to move it around.

"What was that? What did you do?" Danny shouted at Vlad.

"Well, some of your parent's technology- as well as my own- gave me the idea to make something that shorted out your powers after just a couple quick blasts from a weapon. I'm not sure how long the effects last though…" He explained without much thought.

Danny went to stand up but fell when his leg gave out. He didn't know if it was a good sign or not, but the stiffness was replaced with the feeling of pins and needles.

"Why are you doing this? Was Skulker just a distraction or some shit?"

The villain hummed, "Not exactly. You do have a bounty or whatever on you. I wasn't the one to put it there, but I'm not complaining. All I needed was to make sure you stuck around long enough for me to take action. The fact that he helped to tire you out was a plus.

"I'm tired of you getting in my way," Vlad said as he waved his gun lazily. "I've always seen you as my son, but lately you're really just being a pain in my ass. More than half my plans always get foiled by you, and with you out of the way, there really won't be anyone to stop me from getting Maddy and disposing of that bumbling buffoon.

Danny struggled to get to his feet but managed after a few moments. "You know, I'm pretty sure Jazz won't even think to let that happen. She hates you as much as I do."

"Ah yes, I have thought about young Jasmin. But soon she will not be of any worry to me. After all, that town she went to spend the weekend at is fairly dangerous." Vlad smirked as an evil twinkle flashed through his eyes.

Danny's own eyes glowed a bright toxic green at the threat. "You will not touch her, or my family, or anyone else in this town."

Vlad just rolled his eye before he swiftly floated in front of Danny to kick him back down to the ground. "Always the hero I see. It's a shame. You would have made an excellent protege."

At these words, Vlad lowered the gun in his hand and shot Danny in the stomach. The teen curled in on himself as a fiery pain blossomed from the wound and spread to every inch of his body. Vlad rolled the teen onto his back and watched as two bright blue rings involuntarily appeared at said boy's abdomen.

The last thing Danny was conscious to witness was the vampire-inspired ghost throwing a large metallic cube onto the ground and hearing a foreign noise as whatever it was powered up. However, he did faintly feel the motions of him getting picked up by the back of his shirt for the second time that day.


Max was taking a leisurely flight around Copper Canyon. It was a Friday night and he didn't have to worry about school the next day or even homework until later into the weekend. Both Sydney and Kirby were busy so hanging out with them wasn't an option, and getting some air was better than having to put up with anyone skirting around certain topics of conversation.

He was just about reaching the 'canyon' part of his city when a bright green swirling mass of... something exploded into reality from out of nowhere. What made things even worse was that he was heading directly for the entity.

"What is that?" Max exclaimed and pulled himself back so he didn't run into it. He hovered in the air in front of it when Steel disengaged from the suit and flew up to scan it.

"Max?" Forge's voice met his ears before Steel's scan could conclude, "Berto picked up something… interesting on N-Tek satellites. We're not sure what it is, but it's near the edge of the city-" the commander ignored anything that Max was trying to tell him, "we'll send Steel the coordinates right away."

"Uh, sir? Max is already there." Barto's voice had cut into the communications, which gained a muttered curse from Forge.

"Of course he is…"

Steel's screen flashed with an exclamation mark and he quickly backed away from the swirling green mass in front of them.

"Um, Uncle Ferrus gotta go." Before his uncle could protest Max closed down his coms and turned to Steel. "What's going on?"

His question was quickly answered when he caught sight of the anomaly as it seemed to ripple and become brighter. The middle of it bulged out as the teen flew closer to it. Soon after, it looked like the bulged split and something came out from it. And that something started to plummet towards the ground.

"Max!" Steel all but threw himself back into Max's chest and forcefully flew them towards the falling object. "That thing is a person!"

"What?" Without time to ask anything else, Max took back control and added more power to his thrusters, pushing them towards the person at incredible speeds.

Behind them, the weird swirling thing (that both of them assumed was some sort of portal at that point) closed itself with an unnatural noise.

But their only focus was to catch the person that was falling from above 50 miles in the air. That would not end well if they made contact with the ground.

"C'mon! C'mon..!" Max grunted and extended his fingers to grab the back of the person's white tee-shirt.

The thought that it was a young teenage male flashed through his mind before he clutched them to his chest. Max turned and pulled up just in time for one of his wings to skim the ground. This caused him to be sent spinning until he collided with the side of a rock wall. The hero made sure to curl around the civilian so he would (hopefully) not be injured by the crash landing.

Once the dust settled Max changed back to his regular suit and carefully moved the boy away from any dangerous debris. He looked down at him and concluded that he was probably around 14-years-old or 15-years-old.


"Yeah, Max?"

"Make sure N-Tek gets here fast. I dunno what's up with this guy, but he might need medical attention."

"They're already on their way."

Just as the sounds of jets reached his ears the civilian started to stir and Max caught sight for bright blue eyes.


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