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Chapter 4

Max and Steel had a single topic of conversation while flying to the base: what were they going to do about this teenager.

They were apprehensive to give up the little knowledge that they knew about him to anyone currently. There were too many secrets being kept from them, they had decided to just return the favor.

"Trust is a two-way street," Steel commented, popping out of Max's chest to fly circles around him as they hovered only a couple miles from N-Tek's base.

"I know, buddy. I just…" Max held out his hands, acting like he was quite literally grasping at straws, "what if they can help him? What if he's majorly injured or has brain damage or something!"

"Or… what if they decide to hold him captive, what if they run tests on him, or something!" Steel held out one of his wings to Max's face. "Then that's on us to help him! We're the only ones who can."

Max let out a defeated sigh.

"You're right, Steel. We gotta help this kid out." Which probably wasn't a good idea in the long run- they didn't know much about this boy and they already wanted to do whatever was possible to protect him. If they were being honest to themselves, it was because of the betrayals from N-Tek that was pushing them so much.

Just as they were about to close the distance between them and the boy both human and alien had agreed to protect, a blaring siren rang through Max's helmet. Two identical groans of 'Forge' followed it.

Max picked up his call. "Listen, guys, I know tensions are running high at the moment," the hero ignored Steel's mutter of how that was an understatement, "but you need to get back to base, now. That kid, who fell out of 'that portal-thing,' just woke up."

Danny woke with a start and bolted up from a pure white bed. It wasn't the best decision he had made, because his head lightened with dizziness and an IV tugged uncomfortably on his hand. He instantly knew where he was. He was in a hospital, and he might not have a fear like Tucker, but he still worried about them due to his powers. He did not need anyone to figure out he was half ghost.

He tugged the needle out with a wince and then quickly reached over to a table next to him for some gauze. He wrapped his hand so it wouldn't bleed that much and observed his surroundings. Danny was in what looked to be a sterilized white room, the bed he was currently on was the only thing in the room besides standard medical equipment.

A quick look around the room showed at least three cameras (it was only time until someone rushed in after their patient yanked out his IV strand). But, it was a good thing he didn't instinctively go invisible or intangible in the new surroundings. Though, that got him thinking: why hadn't he? It was the basic response his body gave to any form of stress or fear (both of which he was currently feeling). Then he remembered what Vlad had done to him. The teen must have still been affected by whatever he was shot with.

To test it, Danny tried to turn his legs invisible, they laid under covers so the cameras couldn't pick it up. After a period of focus, the boy peeked under the sheets to see his legs still very much visible. He also finally noticed that he wasn't wearing his usual clothing.

Danny was covered from head to toe with plan white clothing. He had long white pants and a short-sleeved white shirt on. The fabric was much like a normal hospital robe.

He was about to slide off the hospital bed when the only door to the room suddenly opened and in walked three people.

The first was a young adult male who was typing away at a holographic computer screen, not even looking up at Danny. The next was an older man who was even growing a stubble beard, and that was drastically bigger than all of the other room's occupants. Finally, there was a person who was covered head-to-toe with futuristic armor (Danny couldn't even fully decide the gender of this person), and their mask hid any hints as to what they were thinking.

"Uh…" Danny's mouth let out without even thinking. The bigger man stepped forward, looking him over.

"Glad to see that you're up. How are you feeling?" Despite his words, his tone was tight and suspicious.

Danny swallowed and looked at the other two. Neither met his gaze straight on. "I'm fine…" he said, trying to keep his voice steady, "Um, but where am I?"

This time the armored person spoke. "You're at N-Tek, a secret organization built on lies."

Danny's brow furrowed. Well, that was more information than he was expecting. However, it did help him place the person with a gender. Although their voice was slightly distorted, Danny was sure it was a male.

"Oh, uh… thanks, I guess." He said while the bigger man sent a glare towards the armored man. He really needed to get names from these people.

Holographic screen man walked straight up to his bed and swept the screen across his body. It then beeped at the man, who titled his head slightly.

"Are you sure you're alright? Your body's core temperature is a little lower than normal and so if your blood pressure for someone your age."

Danny's left hand flinched before he moved it to run his fingers through his mess of hair. He opened his mouth to spew some cover-up, but the bigger man started to speak.

"We can worry about that later, Berto. It doesn't sound like it's threatening his health- I mean, it isn't, right?" It was the first time since entering the room- which, granted, wasn't that long- his voice sounded genuinely concerned.

"No, chief, his vitals are stable and it doesn't seem like the abnormalities are affecting him at all really."

"Good, so we can discuss that matter at a later date. Right now, we'd like to ask you some questions, son." Now the bigger man was looking straight at Danny, his gaze not wavering in the slightest. The armored man shifted on his feet slightly.

Danny swung his legs over the side of the bed now that his lightheadedness had retreated and looked to the floor, feeling vulnerable. "Of course…"


After they (slowly) led the boy into a room with chairs and a table, Max looked over him closely. He was considerably skinny but didn't look weak. His bright blue eyes were in direct contrast to his pitch black hair.

"He looks like any other normal human." Steel spoke to him in his suit.

"Yeah… but what else would he?" Max muttered back and look to leaning against the wall as everyone else took a seat. The boy behind the table with Forge on the other side and Berto sat in a chair at the far wall.

The boy fidgeted in his seat and kept glancing around the room.

"So, um, what's up?" He weakly asked.

Forge leaned forward and linked his hands together in front of him. "We'd like to ask you some questions, is all. Do you think you could do that?"

The boy nodded at his words so his uncle continued.

"My name is Forge, that's Berto, and then Max," He gestured to everyone respectively, "what might be your name?"

The boy gave a small smile at finally being introduced, even if it was only first names. "I'm Danny."

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