Stephanie slowly opened her steel blue eyes from her slumber. How long has she been asleep? She groaned slightly and stretched out slightly, before sitting up on the bed and also noticed that she is in a different bed, then the bedstead she was in back at home. She looked at her surroundings and noticed that her room was also different. Her room was neat and tidy with her cleaning habits, but this room she is mysteriously inside was different. The room she inside has a mirror in front of the bed and a table by a closed window. The bed she was in looked like it was from the 18th century and the whole room smelled musty. She heard a creak and glanced at the door and the door that is strangely and mysteriously creaked open by nothing behind it. She was quiet for a moment, thinking who opened the door and felt suspicious about what have unlocked the door, until she just shrugged at her thoughts and pulled the blankets off her body, revealing her long, silver, skinny, metal legs, covered by her snowy and decorated pants with pink butterflies, except her feet that are covered with black with white spots, fuzzy socks, and a pink nightshirt with kitten decorations decorated all over it, that reaches down to her waist, making it looks like a mini skirt, and her long hazelnut brown hair, with varieties of unique colored wires on the left side of her head, up in a low braid, with a rainbow rubber band at the end to keep the binding from undoing. Around her neck was a grey chain necklace with a gold heart-shaped pendant and clipped to the sides of her ears were silver ear cuffs in a shape of a Celtic knot.

She rose up from the bed and gingerly stretched out her spine, to get comfortable to walk around the mysterious place that she is mysteriously inside. After she had stretched, she placed her right foot down on the ground first, and then her left and gingerly got up from the bed, still waking up slowly. She fully opened the ajarred door and realized the door has with gold decorations, and the doorknob was gold with beautiful metal decorations, that have been polished for many, many times. But it feels like it wasn't used for a long time and the gold is slowly fading away as the time passes. Stephanie got curious about the place, so she fully exited the door and look down the medium length dark hallway, decorated with red wallpaper with decorations of gold and white flowers. Stephanie thought to herself for a second, until she reached into her pajama pants pockets and after a moment of ruffling inside, she grasped something inside her pocket and slowly pulled out a jar, filled with clear liquid inside from her right hand and when she gazed at the water, she shook the jar in a swirling motion and then, the water inside started to glow in a white color, and when it brightens enough, she used the glowing as a glow stick, and started to walk down the dark and mysterious hallway, looking cautious and alert for any attacks or monsters. As she strode down the hallway, she glanced at the walls and noticed that there used to be many, many pictures on the walls from a rich family year ago, before Stephanie was here in the beginning. She kept on to walk down the bleak and gloomy feeling dark hallway as the jar in her hand continued to glow, and she reached the end of the hallway, where there is a circular staircase that leads to the main room, which is probably the living room to Stephanie's ideas.

She cautiously walked down the circular staircase while still carrying her glowing jar to the living room and when she entered, the living room was empty, all except the musty smell of the red fabric with gold trimming couches and chairs, and in the middle of the room was an enormous pine tree that reaches up to the top of the living room roof with varieties of different delightful ornaments and candles in different spots that used to glow when lighten and to Stephanie, it was yet beautiful even though it was left alone for many, many years. She sighed as she looked sadly at the pine tree and noticed the ground was wooden planks that are maple and she realized that if these people were rich, then that must mean their floor must've been cleaned, but the ground wasn't. So, she looked back at the tree and took two steps forward, until she stopped when she noticed that the ground underneath the pine tree, that grew roots underneath the woody plant and grew through the roof of the old house, is covered in old-fashioned wrapping paper and boxes scattered all over the place. Must've been the family's last Christmas in this home. She walked over to the wrapping paper and sat knelt down on one knee and placed the glowing jar down right beside her and gently moved the paper away to see what else is underneath the tree when she stopped at an unopened box that has a card on it. The wrapping of the gift is a light red color with a gold bow in the front. Between the two corners of the right side of the bow, is a piece of paper.

Stephanie felt suspicious about the strange unopened box, so she gently took the card from the box and opened the card. Inside was ancient cursive handwriting and the writing said, "Please, take care of this wonderful nutcracker. And hurry, we need-" the message was cut off and Stephanie felt confused. "Need" what? So, she was going to reach underneath the tree and take the box from underneath, when there were loud grinding noises that echoed through the rooms, and making Stephanie grit her teeth and wince in pain, squeezing her eyes shut, imagining her long clawed silver metallic fingernails on her right hand, scratching over a chalkboard back at her old school in the old-fashioned schools that she visited. Stephanie popped open her eyes and frantically looked at her surroundings, in wonder of what was that noise, and thinking it was a hook from the Hook Man from the previous adventure that he went with, until she heard louder grinding noises from a different room, so she decided to figure out what was that noise and leave the present there for later. So, she placed the present back down on the ground and got up from the ground and picked up her jar and she walked down the living room, to search for the strange annoying grinding noises. She turned around the corner to another room and wandered through the room and entered the second room, where there is a medium length counter in the middle that is honey that is covered with a red fabric table cover, with gold trimmings and it smelled musty from left over for many, many years.

She glanced to her left and saw a grandfather clock with mahogany wood structure and golden almost rusted clock face. The numbers on the clock were in Roman numbers, like the grandfather clocks at the clock stores back at her home she used to peek through the windows. For some reason, the time on the clock was stopped at 11:59, and the grinding noises were from the grandfather clock, trying to tick and move the arms of the clock. Stephanie got confused and gazed at the grandfather clock's face for a moment, until she used her left eye to invisible scan it, to check what was grinding inside. Apparently, the gears inside were rusted since the years have passed and 'Maybe this clock needs some fixing for a moment.' Stephanie thought to herself. She gently set her jar of glowing liquid down right next to the table right next to the clock and cracked her knuckles. Being careful as she is, she gently reached over to the clock's face, until she realized she needed opening the clock by using a key. So, with her metal eye, she scanned the keyhole and matched the door key that fits the hole in her diagram in her eye, and raised her first finger from her right hand, up to her face, which is her metal hand and her first finger transformed into the key that she copied and she put the copied key inside the keyhole and gently twisted her hand right so that she wouldn't mess this up and she heard a click. That means that the clock is opened. She gently trailed her finger out of the keyhole and it transformed back into her normal first finger and opened the clock's face and her scan was right, the gears in the inside were rusty from the past years and it was still ticking, but the clock arms were not moving because one of the rusty gears was rusted in the back, the sides, and the middle.

So, she left up her left hand and using her Devil Fruit powers, she turned her left hand into an oil like color and carefully reached back inside the clock and with two drops of grease, dripping from her first finger of her left hand, she dropped the drips on the rusty gears and the rust on the gears disappeared slowly and the gears started to move slowly. She slowly and carefully pulled her hand back out, and she reached into her pocket with her right hand and pulled out a small handkerchief and her left hand turned back into her normal skin color and no more oil was dripping from her arm. She slowly reached back inside the grandfather clock's face and gently wiped the gear's rust away, revealing the silver shine from them, and also noticed that one of the gears is out of place, so, she gently pushed the gear back into place and gently and slowly pulled her right hand out of the grandfather's face and she gently closed the clock and noticed a wind up switch. So, she knelt down to her knees and gently grasped the switch and slowly and carefully, trying not to break the clock, started winding up the clock, until the clock arms were moving again. She smiled gently as she watched the clock arms moved again, until the main one that is moving reached the top, the clock gonged 12:00. She jolted in startlement from the sudden gong and jolted backward with a startled yelp in fear, and the grandfather clock gonged three times in a row, after each gong. Then the gonging stopped, and Stephanie sighed, in both relief and annoyance from her sudden jolt until she heard a pair of soft pittering feet from someone or something from inside a different room… She felt suspicious of the strange, mysterious footsteps, so she gently closed the newly repaired clock's face and with her metal first finger, she transformed it back into the same key and locked the grandfather clock back up. After that, she picked back up the glowing jar right beside the clock and followed the sound that came from. She heard it again and this time, it was from a different room, then the room she was inside. She went into the different room and noticed that this room was medium sized than the living room that she entered before.

Inside the room, is old dull blue wallpaper that is rotten from all of the years that have passed from the missing family, old worn out shelves that were used in many years, a bed like couch in the middle of the room, old candles in various places, and a window at the back, that is dark outside and frost covering the window too. But the most furniture that sticks out from the other pieces of furniture is a wooden framed cabinet with dusty glass windows with twin silver decorated knobs in the middle, almost touching each other, making it looks like it is heart shaped. Since the time passed by, the silver on the knobs faded away and the wood looked old and can crack easily from her strength, so, she walked over to the wooden cabinet and gazed at the cabinet for a moment, before carefully as she can, she twisted the knobs of the glass cabinet and opened the door, noticing that there is nothing inside, except a book and another heart-shaped necklace, except the chain that holds the pendant is gold than metallic silver like Stephanie's. Curious, she took the book off the cabinet along with the necklace and noticed the book was covered in dust, so, she placed the necklace into her right pocket and after she placed the necklace inside, she blew the powdery dirt and gently wiped the cover and noticed the book was an ancient book that said, "The Nutcracker and the Mouse King." She smiled in happiness because when she was a little girl, she used to read the book over and over, without putting it down on the counter nor the bookcase. Now, is the time to read a favorite Christmas book from her old times. She glanced at her surroundings and realized the furniture that she noticed looked old and worn out, and if she sits on one of them, she would break them. So, she instead sat down on the ground, in front of the cabinet and opened the book to the first chapter.

"It was Christmas Eve in the Stahlbaum house." Stephanie read out loud to herself. "Marie, a seven-year-old girl, and her brother Fritz, an eight-year-old boy was waiting outside of a parlor speculating, wondering what type of gifts their godfather, Drosselmeyer is making for them. Then, they are at last let inside the parlor and were amazed and in awe of the presents that Drosselmeyer made. Then, Drosselmeyer presented a clockwork castle that he made, and Marie noticed a nutcracker. Curious about the Nutcracker, she asked of who the nutcracker belongs to and Marie's father told her the nutcracker belongs to everyone. But, since she became so fond of the Nutcracker, the nutcracker belongs to her because of how special the Nutcracker is to her. Soon, she, Fritz, and their sister, Louise, carefully passed the nutcracker among them, cracking nuts to eat the treats inside, until Fritz tries to crack one that is too big and hard and the nutcracker's jaw breaks. Marie upset that her nutcracker is broken, takes him away and bandages him with a ribbon from her dress." Stephanie read until she stopped at the second page, confused about why the pages stopped in the middle of the tale. She flipped the second page of the story and noticed the pages of the story were ripped, like if, someone has torn them in frustration. She trailed her first finger of her right hand over the ripped pages, wondering who ripped them until she heard, ripping, like paper and she glanced that the book, thinking she hears what had happened back before she came here. But, the ripping noises, sounded like they were here in the main room.

She glanced up from the book and with her magic, she teleported the book in a safe place for her to appear it again and carefully listened for more of the ripping paper. But no more of the ripping noises. She sighed and felt the pocket where the necklace is, so, she reached into the pocket where the necklace is and pulled it out in front of her face, noticing how it is still gold like almost all of the gold medals around the house and smooth too. She gently trailed her thumb over the necklace in thought, until she heard a soft click. She gasped and the pendant opened, revealing two pictures inside. The first picture is a young girl with long orange hair, that is down to the middle of her back, beautiful light hazelnut brown eye color, and fair smooth skin color. She is perhaps wearing a purple night dress or a usual attire because the bottom half of the picture is cut off from the photo. On the right, side of the pendant is a young man, with light wooden skin color, except not darker, handsomely golden eye color, black spiked hair that sticks out from the left side of his head, some strands stick up and some sticks up from behind his head. He looks like he is wearing a cherry red suit, but, like the female's picture on the left, it was cut off. She gazed at the picture for a moment, before sighing. She reached into her pajama top shirt with her left hand and pulled out her pendant and opened the pendant open, revealing her younger than what she looks like, except without the biconical metallic parts and a young man on the other side of the picture. She gazed at the picture of the young man for a moment, with sadness and loneliness in her eyes, before closing the pendant with a soft click and kissed the pendant. She placed the pendant back into her shirt and gently closed the pendant in her hand with a soft click and placed the pendant into her pocket and focused on more of the ripping. Instead of more ripping paper, she instead heard more of the soft pattering feet. She walked over to where she heard the ripping from and noticed that there is wrapping paper on the ground. She knelt down on her knees and bent over to see what had happened underneath, but, to her utter shock and fear, the present is ripped open and the gift inside is gone.