The dolls gasped in shock and Hans immediately pulled out his sword from his slit, as Marie hid behind him as a protection bodyguard. Stephanie kept gazing at the hole with concern and curiosity. Then, all of the sudden, a grey mouse, standing on its hind legs came out of the hole and the rodent is wearing an armor-like suit on its chest and a helmet on top of the head. It noticed Hans, standing on the small table, looking bold and stern, as he wields his sword in his hand, without moving any of his body parts. "NUTCRACKER!" the mouse screeched, as it pointed at him with a clawed finger. 'Uh-oh.' Stephanie thought as she glanced at him, now with an anxious look on her face. Then, all of the sudden, many other rodents wearing the same suits, except in different sizes appeared of the mouse hole, and out from the chimney, in other places, and including the rotten floorboards. Stephanie winced when mice appeared out of the middle of nowhere, carrying spears in their arms. Stephanie glanced at the toys for a moment, before noticing something odd about the mirror. 'What the juice?' she thought to herself in confusion. A strange man appeared in the mirror and he has grey skin color and weary, old, but kind gold eye colors. His dark grey curly hair reaches down to his chin and neck. He is wearing an eggplant colored suit, with two rows of 10 gold buttons that reaches down to the bottom of his outfit. He is also wearing tight and shoved linen pants into his knee-length midnight black boots with buckles on his ankles, and too wearing a light purple undershirt with ruffled sleeves that pokes out of the purple suit, elbow length midnight black gloves, and a light purple neckwear around his neck, with a gold clip on it.

Across his right eye is a black triangular eye patch with smooth corners, and over his suit is a peanut feathered coat with pointed ends from the top of the overcoat, with brown tips, and bits of brown at the bottom of the coat, and the clip that clips the coat, is a watch like pocket watch. In his right hand is a wooden crooked cane with a hand-sized crystal ball on top. "Well, well, it have been a long time, since I have seen you, Hans," he replied, in a gentle manner, smiling gently at Stephanie and the rest. "Uncle Drosselmeyer?" Hans whispered. "He's your Uncle?" Stephanie asked, gently, not rudely pointing at him. "Of course," he replied. "Here, this will help you along the way." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a dice and tossed it out of the mirror and each time the dice lands, a toy catapult appears and then, he rolled another dice and each time that dice lands, a toy soldier appears and the toy soldier is like the fighters with a red suit, a black hat and a wind up key behind their backs. "Interesting," Stephanie replied. "I'm afraid that is all I can do, for now, my nephew. I wish you good luck," he replied, before the image of Drosselmeyer disappears, leaving Stephanie, Hans, Marie and the dolls alone, along with the terrifying mice that are marching towards them. Stephanie was quiet for a moment, before smirking and said, "For their own gluttony, give them food for their needs." After she had said that, sausage links, potatoes, chicken, and much other food appeared behind the catapults. "Even though you can't beat them, why don't you feed them?"

The idea that Stephanie suggested gave the toys the plan and they collected the food that she made. Soon, they prepared the catapults and fired the food at the mice, which is overcome by gluttony and hurriedly started to eat the food. This is the time to escape. But, then, more mice appeared and the food ran out, so, Stephanie reached over to Hans and picked him up, along with Marie. "Hans, be very careful to not get yourself hurt, okay?" she warned, before gently setting him on the ground. "I'll keep Marie safe with me." He looked over his shoulder at Stephanie and nodded his head and glanced back at the much bigger mice army and pulled out his sword again and yelled, "Charge!" Soon, all the toys charged at the rodents and attacked. She placed Marie on her shoulder and the mice headed towards her and she frowned and yelled, "Get away from us, rodents!" She lifted up her pants slightly and started stomping on them, as they scampered, trying to watch out as Stephanie stomped. Hans wielded his sword to attack and sliced some of the spear's heads so that Stephanie's metallic legs won't get pierced by the tips. She realized that more is coming so, she continued to stomp, being extremely careful to not accidentally stomp on any of the toys or Hans. She was backing up against a table and didn't notice that a hooded mouse was behind her, cackling softly to herself or himself. "Meddling human towering tall, let my magic shrink you small." the mouse whispered to herself. She heard the whispers and was going to turn around, as her left hand was on the table, until a painful bite bit her left hand, on the side of her palm, and she gave out an "Ow!"

Hans heard her cries and immediately turned around to Stephanie behind him as she has her left hand in her right hand wincing in pain and in confusion as a bite mark was on the side of her palm. In a shape of a mice's bite mark. Horror spread across Hans' face as a drop of black blood dripped from Stephanie's hand. Then, she started to shrink and Stephanie looked both confused and scared. Soon, she placed Marie in her arms because her shoulder is getting too small for her to stay on and was the size of a mouse. "Oh, fridge me." She cursed. The mice got closer to Stephanie and the leader of the rodents, who is huger than the rest, came out of the hole and noticed Stephanie. He took two steps towards her and Marie whimpered a bit, as Stephanie stand her ground, frowning at the mouse. "Such a shame to kill such a beautiful face." He purred. "Such a shame that you can't get a girlfriend with an ugly face likes yours." she burned. The mice started laughing at him, as the leader was unhappy. He snarled, baring his sharp teeth and charged right after her and she jumped, just in time for him to collide face first into the table's leg and knocked himself out. She flew through the air and landed feet first on the ground, right beside Hans, who looked shocked and Marie is safe and sound on her back, without any of her body parts broken from the landing. After she had landed, the mice gasped at the knocked out leader and ran over to him, picked him up from underneath and retreated back into the hole in the wall, leaving the now shrunken Stephanie, Hans, Marie, and the rest of the dolls alone. Stephanie sighed in relief and gently placed Marie back down on the ground and looked at the wound on her hand. "Well, that went well." she sarcastically remarked.

Hans sighed in annoyance and sheathed his sword back into his scabbard and calmly replied, "Let me see your hand." She nodded her head and held out her left hand and Hans examine her bite mark. The bite mark was like a rational mouse's bite mark, except to Stephanie, it feels real, painful than all of her nervous systems were gone during the process of the experimenting. "It only a little, Hans." She finally replied as Hans looked at the wound. "It does?" he asked. "Yes, it does," she replied. "The wound is only small, so, you are perfectly fine, Stephanie." He replied calmly. "I know, I'm not a big baby 'bout it," she replied back, calmly as she gently pulled her left hand away from Hans. "Anyways, we have two spells to break, but, we have to figure out to get to your world before somethin' else happens to us." He nods his head and glanced around the room, thinking about how they came into his world before he met Stephanie. Stephanie noticed a make shifted palace on top of a dresser and got curious about the castle. The castle was like a real castle in the ancient periods, even at this time, except the castle is a mechanical castle, with gears inside that, are rusted from all of the years have passed and all the colors were worn out. "Hey, Hans?" Stephanie called, bringing Hans out of his thinking process. "Yes?" he answered. He walked over to where she is and noticed where she was gazing at and saw the place on top of the dresser. "If I remember correctly, in the story of the Nutcracker, the other Clara and Hans go into that palace and entered the Doll Kingdom, by magic," she explained.

Hans recalled the memory of the two of them going into the castle and gasped in shock. "Of course, all we have to do is to climb to the top of the dresser and enter the place!" he explained. "Up there?" Stephanie questioned, as she pointed up to the top of the dresser with her right hand. He nods his head and Stephanie shrugged her shoulders. "Okay, but, I'm carryin' Marie since she's with us," she remarked. "Are you going to fall off the dresser when you climb?" he asked, sounding a bit concerned and worried. "It's no problem. I got it," she replied. He nods his head again and walked over to the dresser, as Stephanie positioned Marie on her back so that she won't fall off and choke her to death. "There, comfortable?" she asked. "Y-Yes, I'm fine," she replied, stammering a bit. "Great! Let's get to climbin' then!" she replied. Hans was the first one to climb, as Stephanie and Marie were on the land, gazing at him climb up, slowly and carefully, being careful to not accidentally fall and hit the two of them on the ground, since they are watching him, and when he got to the top of the dresser, he hauled himself up and glanced over the rim. "It is your turn now!" he called after her. Stephanie nods her head and placed her right metallic hand on the dresser, gripping the lip and the left on the other edge above the first one. She lifted herself up and started climbing up to the top of the dresser, as Hans was watching over the edge, with his right hand on his hat so that it won't fall off and eyeing them so that they won't fall off on accident.

When Stephanie got to the top, she was going to hoist herself up, when she said, "Take Marie off first, okay Hans? I'll hoist myself up after you take her from me." He nods his head and carefully took Marie off her back and onto the dresser and Stephanie lifted herself upwards after Hans moved out of the way for her to climb and she tumbled onto the dresser, panting slightly. "What a workout I got after a couple of days on the couch, bein' a lazy bum to my..." she drifted off before she could finish, looking sad and distant. "What's wrong?" Hans asked after he had placed Marie on the dresser. "I-It's nothin'," she replied, as she got up to her feet. Hans was going to ask her the same question again, but, felt he might push it too far, and it just went quiet. "Anyways, let's stick with the subject, and that is to get into the castle," she replied, as she faced the now enormous castle, standing in front of them.