Dream Guardian AMS: Welcome one and all to a brand new Super Smash Bros story! If you are readers that are familiar with my work, welcome back. Now that we have an official Super Smash Bros for the Switch announcement. I figured it be appropriate to drive the Smash Bros Hype Train until the end of the year. We got around nine months to wait for this new game so let the hype and speculation begin!


It is mid-morning in the town known as Smashville. The citizens of the town were going about their day without a care in the world. Above the town, up in the skies flew a rainbow-colored train that was blasting the Super Smash Bros theme into the air. The train flew on invisible tracks, speeding through the skies. Inside the engine car was a piloting station with many buttons and switches with a few photos and a bobble-head of Reggie.

A lone hand went up to the bobble-head and bopped it, "Heh heh, bobble-head."

Meet AMS

[C'Mon and Ride the Smash Hype Train by BrawlBRSTMs3 X]

(Please check it out on YouTube. It's awesome.)

We come back to the inside of the engine car and see a young man with red hair and beard, blueish green eyes, an orange shirt, a black and white long sleeve jacket, blue jeans, and a big conductor's hat that had rainbow stripes with different patterns for each color. "Name's AMS, it's short for Amazingly Maniac Supernaturalist, and I am the official conductor of the Super Smash Bros Switch Hype Train. Been doing this for a few days now and got to say: being a conductor has its perks. It's outdoors, plenty of fresh air and you won't go hungry for a long time, cause at the end of the day there will always be something to get hyped about," said AMS as he drove the train.

"I used to be the assistant director for the next tournament, but after this new game was announced they quote-unquote 'demoted' me to drive the hype train and to organize the 20th-anniversary tournament. Well I would organize the tournament, however I don't know what the roster is, so I can't really make a tournament if I don't know who's going to be playing in it can I. Although, if I am to be honest with you, I think they did me a favor putting me in charge of the train. There's a lot less paperwork that's for sure."

AMS is going through each of his train cars cleaning everything and making sure everything is neat and tidy. "For right now the train is rather small, it has the engine, my living quarters car, one sleeping car for the smashers to sleep in, a kitchen car, one dining car, one observation car, one storage car, and the caboose. But as time passes more cars will be added to the train. By the time the game comes out, this train will be 50 cars long."

"The train runs of pure hype and travel to other worlds, including ones outside the Nintendo worlds. There's no telling what we'll run into on the hype as it travels the multiverse. I am looking forward to it," said AMS. AMS pulled the cord and the whistle blew loud and proud. "Ahh, music to my ears."

AMS Drives the Hype Train!

Dream Guardian AMS: Hope you guys all liked that intro to this new story. I will be making chapters like this for all the smashers that are revealed over the course of the year. But for right now I want to show you which characters I expect to see and who I want to see.

Who I expect to see:





Dr. Mario (Wouldn't care if he comes back or not)

Rosalina & Luma

Bowser Jr.

Waluigi (Character EVERYBODY has been asking for. This should be the time they would have figured out a move set for the guy.)

Pauline (Thanks to Super Mario Odyssey she has been getting a lot of popularity so people want to see her square off against Peach.)

Captain Toad (Would be surprised if he's not in it. Considering how many games he's been appearing in lately.)


Donkey Kong

Diddy Kong

Trixie Kong (Newcomer) (Character that has been in big demand and Donkey Kong Country has been making a comeback.)

King K. Rool (Need More Villains)

Link (Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild version doesn't matter)

Zelda (Twilight Princess or Breath of the Wild version doesn't matter)



Impa (Newcomer) (She's been in the series how long and she's still not in. Please fix this problem.)

(Any of the Breath of the Wild Champions)

Toon Link


Zero Suit Samus

Sylux (Metroid needs a new character and Metroid Prime 4 is coming. Perfect opportunity.)


Meta Knight

King Dedede

Bandana Waddle Dee (Very popular character, also Sakurai may be making the game so he would not miss the opportunity to put another one of his character in.)


Falco (Needs a new Final Smash)

Krystal or Wolf (I don't care which one as long as we get a third Star Fox character in there. Never played the games but they deserve to have more representatives.)






Decidueye (Everyone likes this starter and we can complete the set of evolved starters.)

(A new Pokémon from the Pokémon switch game.)

(A new Pokémon Trainer)


Captain Falcon



(A third Earthbound character)







(A new Fire Emblem character from either Echoes or the new Switch game. It's going to happen, deal with it.)

Mr. Game & Watch



Dark Pit




Little Mac

Wii Fit Trainer


Rex with Pyra & Mythra (Xenoblade Chronicles 2 was a hit, it would be a missed opportunity to not have them.)

Duck Hunt

Ice Climbers

Inklings (Must have an octolings as an alternate costume.)

Spring Man (Make the rest of the ARMS cast alternate costumes.)

Mega Man (We are getting Mega Man 11, he should not be rejected from the roster now.)


Ryu (With the Street Fighter Anniversary Collection on the Switch, it would be a missed opportunity to not have him on either the main roster or as DLC again.)



Bayonetta (Needs to be on the main roster thanks to Bayonetta 3.)

Geno or Sora (A new Square Enix rep since Cloud was in the last game.)

Cloud (Wouldn't care if he's back or not but will be welcomed if he came back.)

Shovel Knight (A lot of people voted for him in the Smash ballot so I'd be surprised if he's not there as either a hidden character or DLC.)

Crash Bandicoot (Crash N. Sane Trilogy is now coming to the Switch, he now has a chance. Might be DLC)

Travis Touchdown (Would be great if he came in, thanks to Travis Strikes Again.)

Solaire of Astora (Dude has his own Amiibo! Dark Souls is coming to the Switch. I say let him into the game and show the rest of the cast how to dodge attacks.)

Mii Fighters (At least one new Mii fighter you can make like a wizard or something like that.)

Who I would want to see:



Linkle (I like these three girls and how popular Hyrule Warriors is.)

Shantae (She started as an Nintendo character, she has earned her spot.)

Tapu Koko

Banjo Kazooie (DLC)

Princess Daisy




Sticks the Badger (Maybe a long shot, but I like the show and she would like to brawl with the rest of the Smashers for being in better games than her.)

Infernape (Give this character the move set of Goku so we have someone like Goku. Also, the modding community can use this opportunity to make Infernape look like Goku. Long live the modding community.)


Simon Belmont






Lyoyd Irving (Tales of Symphonia)

Mike Jones (Star Tropics)

Sami (Advance Wars)



Phoenix Wright


Paper Mario

Ashley (Wario Ware)




Kid Link (Uses Masks for special moves)

Arcade Bunny

Tethu/Tethi (Ever Oasis)

Characters I am putting in this story:


Segata Sanshiro

Hope you guys liked this chapter and my roster. If you have you other ideas on who should be in the roster, leave them in a review, I like to know who you want to see in Smash for the Switch. Don't forget to read, review, follow and favorite and I'll see you all later. Bye!