Summary- over the years that Harry has spent in the wizarding world he eventual had to learn to not care so much. Especially after everything that had happened after the war had finally ended. So, when the dead started waking up hungry, and the world quickly went to hell, all he could think was, 'figures.'

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Chapter two

Harry couldn't help but smirk, as he found himself, once again, proven to be a correct about his decision on purchasing the tent he had instead of a family house others would have gotten. Along with that, he found himself proven right about his thoughts on how the wizarding world would react about everything he had done, and how to best to avoid them.

Seeing as right in front of him was undeniable prove that he had no reason not to be more confident about the tent he had gotten. But at the same time made him feel utterly ashamed about the fact he had been once wanted to part of the group looking for him. And for that matter ashamed of the fact that he had actual help several of the train to some degree.

Training they all seemed to have forgotten since Harry been gone, because those who were looking for him still relied way too much on their magic to help them with everything thing they were doing. Which was something Harry had made sure rage against when he had been working with others during the war.

Not to mention the fact that the people looking for him didn't seem to be using something that Harry had long since found wasn't too common in the wizarding world. Despite the name, and that was some good old fashion common sense. Or at least they weren't when it came to looking for him.

This was once more proven true to Harry, literally right in front of him, as he watched his so-called searchers stumble, fall, and then complain about loudly about how Harry wasn't even there.

And considering that Harry was hearing this from the within the entrances of his tent, not even ten feet from where the guy had originally fallen. Which was why Harry found himself watching with a growing headache, as well as a growing since of why, as the group looking for him completely passing by his tent, with their eyes not even paying a speak of attention to them.

Made just that much worse in Harry's eyes as he didn't even have the notice me not charmed wards on the tent even up at the moment. Which made the fact they missed him rather sad.

Especially considering the person in question was supposed to be one of the best trackers that the minister of magic had; at least in the British ministry of magic that is. A person whom Harry had often heard bragging that he could track anyone down with his magic, and that he was the best when it came to the hunts he had done for the remaining death eaters.

Still, despite the headache it gave him, listening to the rant from within his tent was a source of amusement for Harry and one that continued to be an utter amusement each time it happened. Each and every time someone who was looking for him somehow came a crossed his location; yet still managed to overlook him.

Either because of the wards he had up at the time or because they simply didn't think the man-who-lived would do something so plebeian as camping out in a tent; a rather muggle looking one at that.

Something that happened more times than Harry thought it would, though most of the time it happened when Harry was closer to England as they seem determined that the Boy-who-lived would never leave his home country.

Which Harry felt was idiotic of them to belief in the first place. But amusing none the less. This time was no different. Even the rant the man in question was giving out at the moment was, remarkably similar to all the other rants he heard over the last couple of years.

"Where the hell is that traitor? We need to find him as quick as possible and get him to get back all that gold he gave those mangy beasts back. Or at the very least get the rest of the gold he has on himself to balance it out! Then throw him in Azkaban for daring to go against the wizarding world like he had. Like he should have been long ago when those charges were brought against him! Not a dark lord, yeah bloody right. If he wasn't then none of this would have happened!"

Here there was a slight pause as the man ranting took a deep breath before continuing on. Making Harry wonder if the man would start in on how 'Harry' had always been dark and only got away because he did something like bribe someone; even if he never had done so. Or even mention his so-called friends warning everyone about how 'dark' Harry was; something they had been doing since Harry had refused to take them back.

Hell, he might even go on about money Harry had given the goblins in return for their services. It usually depended on which ones the ranters were angrier about that the direction of the rant turned. As it turned out, it was the third one, though Harry knew if he stuck around long enough, he'd probably hear a rant about how dark and evil he was as well.

"Cause those beasts are making us pay through the nose for everything and I am sick of it! And it's all his fault, there even able to do that! After all, if he hadn't simply given them so much of his fortune then they wouldn't have all the money or political power needed to do what they wanted. They would be under our heels like the beast they are supposed to be. Now they have risen above their situation, and that is all because of Potter! I don't care if he was once the boy who lived, he needs to learn his place!" Harry hearing this, simply snickered to himself and raised an eyebrow before uttering in an amused tone that was only heard by himself.

"Learn my place hmm. Is that anywhere but where you idiots are? Because that's where I feel like my place is, isn't that wonderful?" Here Harry gave a slight smirk before he continued on mocking what the so-called tracker had been bitching about.

All the while thinking of 'anonymously' sending a recoding to the goblins about what this man thought of them and let them deal with it the way they had dealt with the last several anonymous tips Harry had sent them over the last couple of years; which was utterly ruthlessly. After all, Harry had to get his entrainment with the wizarding world somewhere.

So far that entertainment had been informing the Goblins and mocking those who ranted about him had been good enough to keep him happy. Which was why Harry continued to listen to the rants instead of doing something himself. That and he knew if he did react in any way that it would send red flags to others about where he could be. So, while not leaving his tent, Harry continued to mock the latest ranter.

"If you didn't like the fact that I gave them all that gold for their services…then you're really not going to like who I gave all my family's votes to either. That is if you haven't already found out about that, that is. Though at the moment all I can really say is, have fun passing the laws you want with THEM being pretty much in charge of things there. Seems like being the head of several old families really comes in handy every once in a while, doesn't it?"

This said Harry made sure his tent was locked up and headed to the bedroom he had chosen for himself. If it just so happened to be what most would consider the master bedroom then well, it was his tent to begin with so it was his right anyway.

Not that Harry cared about that considering at the moment all he really needed was to get some sleep, because he was planning on getting up earlier tomorrow and leave for yet another country. Yet again.

Something Harry did every time someone from the wizarding world ended up almost finding him. A precaution as he knew just because he knew how luck, either his or someone else, could change things. And he really didn't want to test fate when they had already stumbled on him once already.

Not only that but, Harry was getting rather tired of his current location anyway. Seeing as he had done all the exploring, that he had wanted to do at least, in said location. Not to mention that he still had so much more of the world that he still wanted to see.

So, leaving as soon as the morning light hit was something honestly wanted to do. Had been planning on doing before the idiot duo had even stumbled upon his came in the first place.

Especially as he hadn't wanted to get caught up in the horrible weather, he knew was making it was to his currently location. Seeing as it was more of seasonal type of weather that happened around the exact time each year; and its time was steady creeping closer. With how bad it was said to get when to winter storms actually hit, was something Harry didn't want to deal with.

But beyond that, Harry could actually say that for once in his life he was truly one hundred percent happy and actually enjoying himself; without having the threat of death hanging over his head tainting the whole scene. Nor the whispers, mocking or sheer pressure that used to always following him.

Seeing as he was literally having what most would call the time of his life, more so then he ever had before. As after long last he was finally free, as he had never been before, and able to make his own decisions. While at the same time knowing they weren't influenced by anyone else; unlike his stay in Hogwarts had been.

Not only that, but while he was enjoying himself, Harry was actually learning a lot more than he had ever pictured himself learning about before; even when he had first joined the wizarding world. And especially when you considering how limit the British wizarding world was at the time.

What with just how much they labeled dark or forbidden because not everyone could do it. Like Parseltounge for example; which was considered a blessing in many countries outside of Britain.

When it came to what he had been able to learn over the years since he had escaped, it was mainly what caught his attention that ended up being what he learned the best. Not that that was limiting on what he was learning, because while he was traveling a crossed the world, there turned out to be quite a large variety of different things that caught his attention.

Not all of the magically based. But being subjects, or things, that Harry had always wanted a chance to learn about while he had been growing up in what he now called Duskaban; his so-called relatives house.

This included learning the things he found never thought he would find entraining before. Not to mention things that he had never been allowed to even think about learning before; as it just wasn't light enough or something like that.

This was things such as dancing, hunting, hand to hand and other similar ideas. All where areas that he could never really be completely master in, as there were always new things for Harry to learn about them. Especially as he did his best to go around the world in an effort to learn the most he could about said abilities; along with others.

Something that was only helped by the fact that Harry really found himself enjoying learning everything he could about things like Dancing, hunting as well as Hand to hand. All skills he found himself exceling in as he pushed himself further and further with said skills. Pushing his body and enjoying the burn that came along with all the training he was doing.

Best yet, there were all things that help keep his mind off of what had happened to him while he had been part of the wizarding world. And in doing so kept Harry from falling into what he called his numb state. A state he had been falling into more and more before he had originally left the wizarding world.

A state that didn't happen nearly as often since he had started his travels and threw himself in to learning everything he could on what caught his attention.

So, if knowing things like hunting really helped his state of mind more often than not, why not keep at it. Or at least that was what he told himself while continued to learn skills like those he had taken up in the beginning.

However, despite how much he tried otherwise when he was around others Harry unwillingly found himself falling into the numb state around them. Almost as if being around other drew the very emotions out of his body.

As if being around other he didn't really know, or trust, made Harry became completely emotionless and he had to fight with himself to bring himself to care even about the smallest of things.

At the same time, as Harry spent the majority of his time alone, and away from people, his going numb thing really wasn't affect his travels all that much. And when it did it only seemed to be in a rather good way as it kept those he really didn't want to talk to away. While at the same time made it easier for Harry to train with whatever he wanted. At times it seemed to Harry the while he was in this state, he actually seemed to learn things even quicker than he ever did before.

Best yet, now that Harry was able as final able to dance to a tune of his own making, both figuratively as well as literally, instead of how the Wizarding world preferred him behaving. Harry found himself recovering little by little as he finally was able to live his life the way he wanted; under no one's control but his own.

Yes, for once Harry wasn't being the boy- who-lived or even the man-who-conquered like everyone in the wizarding world seemed to see him as but at long last being just Harry. Something Harry himself was also trying to figure out, as he had no idea who Harry Potter really was.

Seeing as, being just Harry, was something the wizarding world had never let the supposed oh so great boy-who-lived be allowed to actually be, and something Harry had been working on find out just who he was.

Like he had been doing ever since the day he found himself no longer giving a damn about what the wizarding world thought about him. Like he had been doing ever since his ability to give a damn about what everyone, be they magical or not, thought of him went and utterly broke.

Something that, no matter how it could bother him at times, he found himself grateful for doing. Otherwise Harry was sure he might have done something like marry a fangirl or something like that to keep the wizarding world happy. As well as off his back.

Hell, he most likely would still have been being led through the nose and doing whatever the wizarding world wanted off him; if something inside him hadn't snapped in the first place. And thinking on that, and the fact that the fangirl in question most likely would have been Ginny, left Harry shuttering slightly and thinking in horror about the what ifs.

What Harry had been able to find out about himself, throughout all the time he had been traveling, had been rather surprising. Yet at the same time rather gratifying. Even if it wasn't as much as he wanted to find out about himself, and even if some of the information was something he almost didn't want to find out about himself to begin with.

One of them being the fact, that despite how much hell Snape had put him through and how much he had let Ron affect him while he was in school, Harry was rather amazing at potions. Something that had proven to be literally lifesaving several different times during his trips.

Not to mention something that Harry found a bit of rather sadistic joy in knowing no one in the wizarding world would ever think to look for potions when it came to him; mostly thanks to both Snape and Ron in that regrades.

Especially now that there wasn't someone breathing down his neck or distracting him with their whining. Or if not that, completely messing up his potions by adding the utterly wrong or some completely random ingredients into them at the most critical moments.

Something Harry now swore Ron had done purposely; after all he couldn't have been that stupid right? Or at least he hoped so, because that had to say something about him for remaining friends with him for so long if it was otherwise.

Harry, now that he found his skills in potion, actually enjoyed making those potions; and even learning several different potions he had never heard about before. Not only that but the potions he made had, on more than one occasion, either saved his life or saved the lives, unknowingly to them, of some of the others he had come a crossed while he had been traveling.

Something Harry would freely admit he had done so while they were out cold and had no idea what he had done to help them. Seeing as no matter how numb he could be at times he wasn't completely heartless enough to leave small injured children out in the middle of the woods.

Especially while said children had been knocked out cold by their injuries. He wasn't that much of a monster yet, and he didn't think he could become one; at least not when it came to children anyway.

Though it was by doing things like this that Harry figured out that Potions were a lot easier to hide then almost all other magic was. As he could just explaining them away as an herbal remedy that worked really fast most of the time and that would be accepted.

Not to mention the multiply helpings of each potions a single cauldron full of said potion could make; meant that the making a single potion would be well worth the time he spent making said potions. Combined with everything else, made potions invaluable to Harry during his travels.

Another thing Harry found out about himself was that Harry loved just moving in any way. Now that he had a chance to Harry couldn't find it in himself just relax and be still; he just couldn't. He had to be moving in some way, be it dancing, running, fighting and most recently, as well as importantly, doing parkour.

Which to Harry could be even better then flying on a broom, seeing as he was doing it on his own power and wasn't depending on a broom to do so. It was the most freeing experience Harry had to date; and wasn't something he was willing to give up.

Not to mention Parkour was something Harry only got better at the more he did it. And to begin with Harry was called a natural at it, so when he did improve he improved rather quickly.

So much so, that even the person who first started teaching him didn't believe Harry had never done anything like it before. Apparently, he was too good to at it, be just a beginner at it.

Something Harry put down to the reflexes and instincts he had gained from both the war, and everything that had happened while he was in the wizarding world. Not to mention all the running, dodging, and jumping he had done in his childhood to escape the bullies his cousin had always sent after him.

Though, at the same time, Harry had similar reactions from others who started teaching him things that were more hands on or could be used in defending himself, like the hand to hand instructor he had hired while in China.

Apparently, he was too good, or too much of a natural at a lot of things that were considered to be more physical for it to ever be considered a beginner level. Harry had figured out that this was mainly because of how high-wired his reflexes were.

Not to mention his magic natural healed him when he got hurt, or even when his muscles where strained, allowing Harry to pushing himself more and further than anyone else without magic would be able to do so.

However because he couldn't let anyone else know this, even if they were in the know about magic because most people's magic didn't instinctively heal them like Harry's did, Harry had managed to make the teachers in question believe he was only so skilled in what he was learning because he had taken both dancing as well as gymnastics before learning hand to hand. Instead of letting the man in question know the hell his life had been like before.

Not that Harry was actually complaining about being a natural in fighting, like most thought he would. Because for some strange reason, lost on Harry, a lot of the people in the wizarding world had somehow got it in to their heads that Harry didn't like fighting. How they got that idea Harry had no idea, as he had never said anything like that; to anyone. They just assumed it and you know what they say about assuming things.

No, Harry was glad for the natural skills he had and would only push himself harder to improve himself with said natural skills he already had. Seeing as despite being a natural at fighting Harry knew that natural skills could only get you so far and that hard work would get you just that much further. Besides Harry never denied being something similar to an adrenalin junky when it came to thinks like fighting; or Parkour for that matter.

But this eagerness to continue learning to fight threw what the wizarding world thought about Harry into the fire, or it would have if they had known about it. But in the end, they didn't.

Though at the same time, Harry could see why a lot of people, who did say they knew him, thought he didn't like fighting and would do anything to avoid it. Seeing as how he had acting in certain circumstances where he did need to actively fight.

It just turned out that when it came down to it, he didn't like to be pressured into fighting when he didn't feel like it. When he didn't feel like it was something worth something to fight over to begin with.

Or being pressured into fighting when it seemed to him that he was doomed to lose to begin with because no one wanted to train him to get any better or give him the necessary information he needed for said fight, so he could do his best.

Basically, while he liked fighting, he didn't like the way he had been made to fight when it came to the majority of the wizarding world; without any other options or help when he needed it the most.

Now that he had his own choice, his own style of fighting and an actual chance in winning said fights Harry was really starting to at least like sparring with others; or to be more précises the adrenaline rush he got while fighting with them. As well as the fact that with each fight he got into, no matter if he won or lost them, he ended up learning something new from said fights.

Not to mention, he really loved being able to defend himself from other attackers if it came down to it; at least without any use of magic. Something he never had the chance to learn before, and something he wasn't going to give up any time soon.

Seeing as it was something, he had always wished he had been able to do while he was suffering under the mercy of his so-called uncle and cousin. While he had been utterly defenseless as he grew up.

Something he had become even more determined to learn as he knew from person experience that he wouldn't always be able to use his magic; nor did he want to become too depend on magic either. That, and always doing his best to be prepared was something, Harry had really learned about both during the war and during his a crossed the world travels.

Hell, Harry had learned a lot of different things on his across the world trips. Be it about himself, about others or more about the world around him; Harry learned more than he ever thought he would before. Mainly by keeping both an open mind, as well as keen open ears, to what was going around him as he made his way a crossed the world.

This really showed as Harry took advice from other travelers he had passed as he continue hiking, biking and otherwise just doing whatever he could to move peacefully around this world. Due to this Harry found himself having the time of his life just learning little bits and pieces of everything he could get his hands on.

Learning because he wanted to, not because he needed to, and his very life depended on him learning something. Which despite how it sounded really wasn't a good inspiration on learning something. At least not learning anything correctly it wasn't; point in case the occlumency lessons he had with Snape.

Which was something that made being able to learn the way he wanted to, that much better for Harry. Because now that he had that chance, he found himself once more loving to be able to learn. Just as he had before he had gone to Hogwarts to begin with. Back when as a child learning had been a getaway for him; an escape from the hell his childhood had been.

Because like it had been back then, and how it was now, learning once more became a promise of a better future; be it away from his so-called family or the wizarding world as a whole. Instead of being thrown on him and instant expectations of him mastering it with no real explanation on how it worked; like the wizarding world did to him far too often.

These bits and piece that Harry had been learning during his travels, as well as the bits he was able to learn while in the wizarding world, were starting to really add up.

Seeing as during the latest two years that he had been traveling, and since he had gone to the wizarding world for the last time, made it, so the now twenty-five-year-old Harry, had become even more of a jack or trades then he had been before.

Only this time Harry being a jack of all trades wasn't only when it came to his magic; like it had been before. No, Harry had the time of his life learning all the things he could and didn't care how strange some of those things looked to others.

Or any care how some would react to knowing he had learned some of the things he had. No, Harry honestly didn't care a wit about what everyone else may think about him; not any more at least.

Because of this Harry learned different things that most would overlook; in places most people would overlook as well. At a little-known seashore village by the base of some mountain, Harry had learned how to snorkel, fish, spear fish, how to make nets for fishing out of nearly damn anything, speed swimming, and even the basics of boating.

It was a very enjoyable stay that helped Harry seriously unwind. Not to mention also gave him another way to travel on his own without too much fear about what he was doing.

In fact, because of this, and everything he had learned Harry had actually purchased his own boat. A smaller one for sure, but still one that he had spent a lot of time adding different spells and runes on to it; making it a boat as magic as his godfather's motorcycle had been.

And a boat that was currently shrunk down, in its own special spot in his tent. Only to be taken out when Harry felt like having a trip among the water; or felt like putting the different skills he had learn in fishing to used.

Not to mention he liked the fact, if he wanted to, he could very easily have his own house out on the sea. More so if he added a couple more spells and made the boat in question similar to his tent.

It was in this same little seashore village that Harry really learned to flirt, where he got a girlfriend, got a boyfriend even at that. Not to mention he had had sex for the first time while he was there.

Hell, had his first threesome for the first time there as well. One of the fondest, freest moments of his life and Harry would never forget his stay there. He was even planning on revisiting at a later point; once he had finished exploring the rest of world that is.

In an old fashion farming town, that was placed in between the mountains that the earlier village had been besides, though on the opposite side. Harry had found a good deal of peace.

While learning the true value of hard work. And how technology can hold you back at times. He had also learned a lot of things he had never thought he would need to know but found himself being extremely eager to learn them none the less.

Harry hadn't stayed there long enough to learn all their tricks in farming or anything like that. Seeing as that would have taken him literally years to learn everything they did, and he was only planning on being there for a couple of months at most. Meaning he just didn't have the time to learn everything there was to learn.

Hell, he had barley learned the basics from his stay in said farming town. Only being able to get a good understand on what to do when it came to harvesting as well as a bit on planting the seeds without the use of any technology. Seeing as that was mainly what he had helped them with.

But still Harry had been able to learn quite a bit of important bits of information during his stay in said farming village. Even if there were times, he felt rather awkward in the village in question considering some of the views they had. Which where rather old fashion, even when considering Harry had lived in the wizarding world for a while; which in itself was really behind the times.

However, this awkwardness, and the fact he hadn't been able to stay as long, hadn't stopped Harry from learning other things from the people that were there. Things that didn't have to do with their harvest, or other farming techniques. Even if he had been rather interested in several of them.

Instead Harry had been able to mainly learn about plants, both those that had been around them as well as several others that weren't. Which turned out to be more of a bonus then Harry had originally thought it was going to be when he had first begun.

Considering he had been able to find out what plants were safe to eat, what plants could help you out when it came to healing and what plants were poisonous. Something he hadn't been a hundred percent sure of until he had learned all about them.

Still this knowledge about different plants was extremely helpful for Harry. Especially when combined with his potions seeing as it made things all the more interesting for Harry.

Mainly because the natural remedies he learned were similar to a muggle made potion at times. Meaning Harry had been able to make improvements to the potions he was using because of the knowledge he had; mostly in taste more than anything else.

Besides learning about the plants, another that Harry learned from this farming town was husbandry. Or at least he had learned part of Husbandry, the part when it came to the care of animals that could be on the farm.

In fact, it was more of the raising a helping the sick and injured animals in his care than anything else; though he had been able to learn about the birthing process a bit as well.

Even if it did leave him feeling vaguely faint and respecting the female gender just that much more after doing so. Not to mention really grateful he wasn't female at the same time; he didn't think he could ever handle giving birth to someone himself.

This was another thing Harry put his all into learning, both in memory of Hagrid, who had actually died in the final battle protecting a group of children from attack death eaters, but also because Harry had always loved animals himself.

Along with the fact that Harry also loved the idea of being able to take care of them if they ever needed his help. And if he did so with a picture of his much beloved, and highly missed, owl Hedwig in his mind as he did so; well he was the only one who would know that.

Not only that but, while he had been both learning about his plants as well as how to care for certain animals, Harry on a whim more than anything else, had also been able to learn how to actually make clothes. All without the help of his magic, or to be more specific he had at least learned the basics of how to make the types of clothing they had there.

Which is to say Harry had learned how to spin cotton and make it into fabric and from that then make it into clothes. It was hard work, finger blistering work, but Harry still to this day, has his slight crooked uneven sleeved shirt he had first made.

Even if his ability to make clothes had vastly improved since then. He had also found out knowing the basics of how clothes were made seemed to improve the clothes he made by magic; as now his magic seemed to now know how to best fix or make clothes.

Something that made Harry wonder if having firsthand knowledge in things, such as making clothes, or maybe something like knowing how to make glass ornaments, made the ones you made by magic better because of the more instinctual in-depth knowledge you would process.

So far it had been proven to be true when it came to making clothes that way, and at the same time made him curious to find out if it remained true in regards to other skills. Something he was eager to work with and find out about; if only to find out if he was right.

During his stay in a deep forest, with several others who were exploring said forest alongside him, Harry learned to hunt both with bow and arrows and then later on with guns as well.

On top of learning how to handle those weapons Harry had spent months with this group learning the ins and outs of hunting; of tracking and taking down whatever animal it was he was hunting. Something the group was willing to do as Harry had been willing in turn to foot the bill when it came to food, water, and eventual lodging.

Still even with this training, by the time he felt like leaving the group in the forest Harry had been told that he would always be a better tracker then he was a hunter.

But due to how hard he had worked on it, he was still had a fairly good shot. One that would only get better the more he practiced, and he better continue practicing if he wanted to get any better.

Meaning Harry more often than not hit directly where he was aiming and just needed a bit more practice when it came to his actual speed at firing off a shot; be it Arrow or gun.

Seeing as was still taking a little longer than the others felt was necessary to aim the shot he wanted to take. Which considering this was coming from professionals who had been using weapons for years; didn't really disappoint Harry to much all things considering.

Though he was better with a bow and arrow then he ever would be with a gun. Which considering how loud those this could get Harry was perfectly fine with that; he didn't like guns and wasn't sure he ever would. Even if they were the favorite weapon of quite a bit of people, and even if most people considered the bow and arrow a really outdated weapon of choice.

It was also while in these woods that Harry had been able to find out just what his Animagus form was. Though he did nearly get shot when he decided to prank the others with him by surprising them with said form.

But still the looks on their faces was so worth it, especially since they never found out it had been him that had given them the scare in question; which considering the group he had been with had all be muggle was a good thing. Even if he did feel a little bad about it afterwards seeing it was after seeing his Animagus form that had the group moved just that much faster to get out of the forest they had been in. Ending his lessons all the quicker because of that.

Still Harry could see his form coming in handy in several situations and could so see how it fit him. Even if at first, he had been rather surprised by said form, seeing he had originally believed he would have gotten either a stag like his father. Or if not that a bird of some sort; not what he had actually ended up with.

At the same time Harry loved his new form none the less and found himself feeling more at home in the forest because of it. Not to mention got that much better at both tracking as well as stealth because of it.

Once out of the woods Harry found what could only be called an art community. Where Harry took the time to find the more expressive side of himself and learned several different, yet odd types of art.

As a way to just release some of the bottled-up emotions he was still feeling while at the same time finding different way to express himself. Seeing as most of the time his emotions didn't seem able to do so for him; especially when he found himself going to the more emotionless side of things.

One of these ways he used to express himself, and at the same time learned a skill he found to be helpful, was glassblowing. Which was something that had caught Harry's attention the moment he saw it.

Mainly because he could see several different ways it could work with magic; and that wasn't only to make potion vails. Which worked better when they were made by than any other way.

As any magic used to make then could and most likely would interfere with the potions they were going to be used to store in them. Not to mention learning glassblowing was another skill Harry wanted to know and see if his theory about skills and the spells using them were correct.

Then to be ironic Harry had decided to learn a bit of Pottery before finally learning on wood carving before he left. Though on the last one he had only gotten the basics and really wanted to learn more about wood carving because he found it to be a rather soothing hobby to have. But sadly, there really wasn't anyone at the community willing to teach him more in that regard.

Seeing as the person he had been learning from in the beginning had only been willing to teach the more basics to Harry before he had left; and that was only after Harry had paid him a good deal to even do that much. As apparently wood carving was a well-paying job, and no one wanted to teach a future competitor how to do their job.

So, in the end Harry had decided to leave and go back to his traveling, using the basics he knew at least until he could find someone who'd be more willing to teach him at a later date.

Maybe if he offered to them to teach them something he knew in return for teaching his more about wood carving he'd find someone more will to teach him what he wanted? After all, usually trading worked rather well for him in the past after all; at least as long as he wasn't in the wizarding world that is.

When he had been run a crossed what seemed to be like a group weapons smith and metal forgers, living in a small town in Australia of all place, Harry asked to stay a little and learn from them. Something they seemed more willing to do when Harry promised to both put effort into anything they taught him, as well as promised a trade of goods with them.

None of which was actual money, and most of which was some of the medical supplies Harry had been stocking up on. Seeing as the metal forgers seemed to find such supplies, along with some of the different types of metals Harry could get his hands on, more valuable to them than actual money would be. As it wasn't like they couldn't get any money of their own selling their own goods; all of which were beautiful works of art in Harry eyes.

Though after trading with them Harry had been quick on replacing everything he had given the others in trade for teaching him. Seeing as Harry knew he had some of the weirdest luck in the world, which more often than not ended with him being injured in some way.

This town, that seemed to be made of different metal workers, was one of the oddest place Harry had stayed throughout all of his travels. And at the same time had been one of the places that he actually stayed the longest at.

Not to learn actual forging, because Harry knew he had no chance in really learning all of that during his stay. Not unless he wanted to spend years practicing and working on it. Seeing that was how long it would take him to learn everything he would need to know on forging; at least on how to do it correctly it would.

But instead of learning to actual make weapons, no matter how much he wished he could, Harry had decided to learn how to use to blades and weapons they made there. Along with the different languages that were used there; something he had to do every time he stopped somewhere that's main language wasn't English.

It was here that Harry found his utter fascination with blades, be they big or small, and it was here that Harry spent a large amount of his remaining money buying different blades; all of top quality and in numerous amounts.

While learning how to best care for them at the same time, as well as learning how to do minor repairs on said metal weapons while he was at it. So, in the end Harry had learned at least a small, very small, amount of metal welding.

And then there was the times Harry had decided to go into different cites he traveled around and just go shopping like he never had before. Harry had never been able to buy thing just for him, or just to buy things for the hell of it, for that matter.

So, he decided now that he had the chance he was going to take it; especially as there was no one there to stop him. Or attempt to get him to purchase what they wanted for themselves instead of what he, himself wanted; even if some of the things he did end up purchasing did end up earning Harry some rather odd looks.

At the same time Harry knew he had more money than he could spend in his life time even if he went out and spent a thousand of dollars a day he'd still have enough to last him more than his life time. And that was even touching the jewels and remaining gold he had that he could sale if he needed to.

Because of this Harry would buy all types of things from the stories around the world. Be it clothes form different country, different foods from different places placed under preservation charms so he could eat it whenever he got in the mood for it.

Different how to books, even a couple of humorous do it you self for dummies books. As well as several different Arts and crafts supplies, including everything he would need for the hobbies he picked up during his travels.

Along with bags after bags filled with different types of puzzles. As something he could use as entertainment when he had nothing else to do; as Harry knew he never did well when he was truly bored. Unless he was sleeping that is.

Basically, while he shopped Harry decided to get, any and everything that caught his eye. All of which Harry eventual placed in his tent/bag to explore at a later date.

After all you never know when something could come in handy. Or when something could be used to trade for something else that could be helpful to you later one. Because more often than not when he was out traveling it was being able to trade one valuable for another was more helpful then money. Because not every traveler put the same value in money as they would something like clothes or food.

Plus, when he slipped on to a train or on his own boat heading several hours away to another destination, having something to distract him from his boredom was always a welcome thing to have. Especially when there was no one else around him while he was on said trip.

Which happened more often than not, as train trips he got on, weren't always one he was technically supposed to be on. And the fact he was the only one he allowed on his boat after he had finished adding all the spell and runes he had on it.

Other times when it came to what he purchased he would admit that there were things that he had gotten that he would most likely never need. And most of the time it was in small family run shops that he bought these things. Or at least most of the times he did; as long as they were polite that is.

Just so he could help them without making it seem like charity; so as not to insult anyone unknowing. Something he did when Harry wasn't in those emotionless moods, he sometimes found himself falling into. Otherwise Harry would just steal what he wanted using his magic to insure no one found out what he was doing.

Because honestly, Harry didn't want to be around other people, and the stores he did steal from where ones that wouldn't really notice things missing from them with how much sheer surplus they had in the items Harry did steal.

That or the stores in question where large business-like stores or the people in charge of them had been extremely rude to Harry when he had attempted to purchase form them earlier. So, Harry gave himself a five-finger discount on what he wanted because of that.

By doing this, Harry found himself having things he was sure he'd never use in his bag. Like female clothing, from a small shop that specialized in winter clothing for female but was recently having hard times and was close to closing down.

With the owner being someone who reminded Harry strongly of Remus with his golden eyes, and warm nature. So, he couldn't help but buy out the shop in question, especially after finding out the man was a single father with a small baby whom he was trying to take care of; just like Teddy had been.

Not to mention the store that specialized in prenatal care and baby supplies that Harry had pretty much empty out to buy because the women in question burst into tears as Harry had walked by and looked to be ignoring everything in said shop. Apparently, she was purposely being driven out of business by a nearby supermarket and her family needed the money.

If, after Harry had purchased everything in the small family store, the supermarket in question randomly got robbed at a later date, well Harry wasn't going to say anything, nor was anyone going to find any of the stolen goods seeing as he had long since locked them up in his bag.

Nor, did he feel in the least bit bad about it as the he had found out from the woman who owned the small-town store that the supermarket owner often came over to her store to either taunt or proposition her when her business came to a near stop.

In fact, from what Harry had found out the supermarket owner added a section that had what the shop owner was selling after the owner in question refused to 'service' him. So, yes there was no guilt in robbing the market store blind.

Then there was the children's clothing story he also almost completely bought out that had a similar story. Only this one was mainly because Harry was reminded of the godson that he had lost only months after he had been born as he and his grandmother had been attacked while Harry had been away.

Something Harry regretted terrible and something that only furthered the numb feeling he had gotten as no one seemed to regret what had happened to Teddy, as he had only been told that if he wanted a kid so much he should Marry, more often then not Ginny being brought up, and have children of his own. Or told he should morn a werewolf child so much.

And oddly enough in most of the cases where Harry emptied out the shops he was purchasing at, Harry hadn't done this because he had felt bad for the people in question; though he would admit there had been some sympathy there.

No, he had done those purchases only because the people in one way or another reminded him of his dearly departed family members. Not to mention some part of him really wanted to see the other's reactions to what he had done.

It was almost as if he found their wide-eyed thankful look that he had gained rather amusing. Though he did hope that they decide to make better investments with the money they earned from him then what ever they were currently doing.

Seeing as whatever it was they were doing wasn't working, and in all honesty, he wouldn't be doing the same thing again for them. No matter how much they may remind him of those he lost during the war.

Beside it wasn't like he had given them that money for free, like he may have done in the past if he had been given a bad enough sob story. He had taken everything he had purchased and packed it up in some far corner of his tent/bag; leaving the stores in question without a majority of their merchandise in return.

Maybe he'd give it out to someone else at another date to free up some room, if he ever needed it that is. Maybe not. Hell, if he got bored enough, he might just go around giving random things to people; again, just to see how they would react. At least he would as long as he felt that the items in question couldn't be traded for something else valuable to him later on that is.

However now Harry was starting to make his way to America. Maybe go to Atlanta Georgia, one of his guides during his latest adventure, which had been deep cave exploration, had suggested it to him. Speaking about it to Harry nearly the whole way back. Obviously being from the place in question and quite proud of what was located there.

Telling Harry how there was so many different things he could do there, like sky diving, an incredibly large aquarium and such things like that. The guide had told Harry how it was his hometown and if Harry every wanted a tour to just call him.

Harry wasn't planning on calling him up, because in Harry's opinion the man in question talked way too much, but was thinking about taking his suggestion about actually going to Atlanta Georgia.

It wasn't like he had anything else planned for the next month or so. Not to mention Georgia was around the direction he was going to be heading anyway, so why not swing by there, it wasn't like it would hurt him to do so right?