Summary- over the years that Harry has spent in the wizarding world he eventual had to learn to not care so much. Especially after everything that had happened after the war had finally ended. So, when the dead started waking up hungry, and the world quickly went to hell, all he could think was, 'figures.'

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Chapter four

It had been a good three weeks since Harry had first met Merle and Daryl. Three months since this whole thing had begun, at least to Harry's knowledge it had been. During that time, several different things had happened. Some of them rather beneficial to him and the brother who had joined him. While others were rather irritating for all three of them; some more so then then the others.

One of the good things that happened during that time, was the fact that the three decided, at least for the time being, they would travel together. As they had all agreed that in most cases three heads were better than one or two in the brother's case.

Especially when it came to someone taking guard for the night. Something they all agreed to take turns doing. As none of them wanted to get attacked at night by either walkers, or as Merle pointed out other survivors. Something that was likely to happen the more time past, and cities began to empty out.

Not to mention that between the three of them they were able to cover the weakness the others had. Even if none of them honestly wanted to admit the weaknesses that they did have on the first place.

Something that was further helped by the fact that Harry seemed to think in a similar way to the brothers and was an unfaltering survivor at his very core. With the added bonus of the fact Harry wasn't insulted or offended by the way Merle often spoke; often giving as good as he got in that regrade.

Another beneficial thing that had happened was two weeks in, Harry had decided to hell with it and had actual told both Merle and Daryl about his magic. Only to find out that the both of them already knew about magic because they were squibs whose family had left them with their father when they didn't show any magic. As apparently their mother, before she had died, had been a low-level witch herself from a family that were similar to some of the pureblood families back in England.

And that despite what Harry thought about his skills in hiding what he was doing Harry had let it slip several times that he himself had magic. Or at least he did to them, as they already knew what to look for.

Though they did state that unlike most other wizards or witches they had meet that they had noticed that Harry didn't rely solely on his magic. So, they had decided to give him the benefit of the doubt until he proved himself to be untrustworthy, which he hadn't done so.

Which, when he had found out they did know about his magic and still trusted him despite this, left Harry confused. Something they noticed as they had told him, in a rather point-blank matter at that, that at times like this they couldn't afford to be picky about anything. Let alone someone who could both understand them as well as help guard their backs like Harry did.

Not to mention the both of them could very easily see the benefits of having someone who had magic on their side. So, they hadn't attempted to chase him off like their first instinct had been when they had first figured out he had magic.

Harry, after hearing that, wasn't insulted nor did he feel like they were using him like he had felt the wizarding world had been. In fact, Harry found himself rather impressed with the brother's kind of thinking. That was the kind of thinking that Harry could see making it through what the hell that was currently going on.

Hell, it was the kind of thinking he had been using when he had first started traveling with both Daryl and Merle, to begin with. Thinking on how it benefited him and helped him live longer because they were there.

Not to mention he knew that this was different then how the wizarding world had been with him because he knew that Daryl and Merle wouldn't be dependent on him in the least bit. Nor would they be expecting him to be their hero; like the majority of the wizarding world had. No, Harry really couldn't see either Merle or Daryl behaving in anyway like that, as he knew they would rather do things on their own.

Though the fact that Harry did see it this way and wasn't ashamed of letting either brother know this fact did get Daryl telling Harry, to the amusement of his brother.

"I knew you were more similar to my brother and I then most others out there. I got to say I'm glad to have ya on our side while whatever the hell this is goes down. World needs more people who thinks like us out there."

After this was said the three seemed to work closer and trusting the other just hat much more. It was like something that had been stopping them from working together as smoothly had completely disappeared after Harry's confession about his magic.

In fact, it was after this happened that Harry decided to key the other two into his tent and while doing so let them know everything that was inside said tent. Usually something in him would be screaming at Harry for doing so, because he hadn't known them that long, certainly not long enough to trust him as much as he did.

Hell, he had known people longer during his travels, and hadn't trusted any of them enough to even inform them about his magic let alone let them inside his tent. Not even the lovers he had taken had been in the known as much as both Daryl and Merle now were.

Yet, at the same time, something was telling Harry that it was needed. That the two brothers would be a big help in his future, that if he waited much longer to inform them about everything then he'd loss their valuable trust; so Harry had listened to that gut feeling.

And didn't regret it in the least bit as the looks on their faces as they entered his tent had made it worth it with that alone. It seemed that while they did know about magic, it actually wasn't that much information.

What they did know was just the bare basics really. Things like yes it was out there, no they didn't have it, and any other family they had that did have magic had abandoned them because of their lack of it.

Which when hearing that, Harry could see just why they were so weary about trusting anyone who did have magic. As in the brother's eyes those type of people had never done anything remotely similar to help them; even when they had the opportunity to do so. So why should they trust them?

Making Harry feel that much more pleased that he had earned their respect enough that they honestly didn't seem to care one way or another that he had magic. Treating it more like a tool that could be used to help more than anything else. Which was another reason why Harry had decided to key them into his tent.

Well that and the fact that his tent would offer them a lot more protection than anything they had outside. At least as far as Harry could tell, as with all the wards he had on his tent it was most likely one of the safest placed available for many miles around; even if it didn't look like it.

Besides once they were in his tent and were able to have their own rooms, which happened to be near Harry as well as besides each other's, the two brothers seemed to relax a bit more. And because of this seemed to be a bit more open to his magic.

Not to mention the fact that now that they knew about magic and were keyed into his tent Harry felt that they would be willing to help him further in the plans he had for said tent. Because he knew the plans he had, were something that would be something both brothers would approve of; or had even thought of doing themselves at one point.

Plans that when he let both Daryl and Merle know about them, were plans they both very much willing to help him put together. Not to mention, just like Harry had hoped they would, both Daryl and Merle also threw their own idea into his plans.

Ideas Harry was very much willing to go along with because Harry knew that the two brothers had spent their whole life's, or nearly their entire life's, in the wild and knew just what was needed to be able to live off the lands. More so then Harry did at any rate.

And because of this, several of Harry's plans were beginning to be set up faster than he had ever thought they would have been. Better than he had originally planned them to be for that matter as well.

This included his plans on turning the open field he had made in his tent, that originally for flying, into something else entirely. Seeing as said field was incredibly large when you take into account both the fact it was used to fly in, and the fact that was magically extended as far as it could get.

More so then it had normal been as Harry had figured out how to add a good deal of his own magic to the spell work in question giving it an even large boost then it had beforehand. Making the sun kissed field in question one large amount of land, that was as Merle said larger the most farms he'd seen.

Which Harry took as Merle honestly believed that what Harry was planning, or had planned, to do with said open field would work; at least when it came room necessary to do so with. This believe seemed to only get strong as the three continued added more details of what they needed to do, or in the cases of the brothers were given more details about what magic could do.

As Harry had also explained that on the outside of this room was a key to control the weather in it so you could make it warmer, colder, rainy, windy or even snowing if you chose to. Seeing as before Harry had liked practicing flying in all type of weather; as you never really knew when you had may have to fly off in an emergency.

Knowing this, both brothers were happy to get work on the plans Harry had told them about; with the knowledge it could succeed if done correct. Well, not happy but quickly none the less as they knew what they were doing would be needed in the future; just as Harry himself knew.

Not to mention, like earlier mentioned both Daryl and Merle had been able to point out, as well as bring up, several different things Harry had missed out on when he had originally been planning his work.

Things Harry really wouldn't have even thought of until it was too late for him to do anything about it. Making it all work out all the better in the long run for everyone involved. Not to mention making a permanent mark of the Dixon's being someone Harry could trust; or at the very least respect.

That is to say that within several days of work and nearing the end of the third week they had been working together, the three had gotten a lot of what Harry planned for his field done. Or at least for the most part had it either completed or if not that, planned out on how to complete.

And while he was sort of sad to see his flying pitch disappear, what it was now would help him much more when it comes to terms of surveil. Which was something Harry needed more then he needed a flying field.

Now instead the entire thing was pretty much split in half with a large lake in the very center of it. With the lake in question being the thing that nearly spilt the field in the first place. Said lake was rather deep and had been made with the help of several blasting spells; as well as several different powerful water blasting spells to fill it up.

Said lake had several different types of eatable fish inside of it. All of which Merle had informed him were of breeding age. With enough of them in the lake in question Harry knew he didn't have to fear running out of fish, but at the same time not enough to fear they'd outgrow the lake as well.

So, with the lake not only did they have one source of food, but because the water in said lake was about a clean as it could get with fish swimming through it, made it so that everything else they did in within the field also now had a source of water as well. Because while Harry himself wouldn't be to quick to drink out of the lake that didn't mean any animal wouldn't.

On top of this, the lake also watered that fruit trees, that had been magical transported and carefully uprooted from several different abandon farms they had run a crossed. Which so far, included three apple trees, five peach trees, and two cherry trees.

All of which Harry was happy to know weren't showing any signs of shock and seemed to be settle very well in their new location. Along with this Harry had also gotten three smaller blue berry bushes that they had found in the woods. Something Harry was happy about as he knew those bushes could seriously spread pretty far if given time. And, like the trees, looked to be fruiting very soon.

The animals they had managed to capture so far included, several rabbits which at the moment seemed the easiest for them to capture; all of different gender. Four geese, which Daryl had actual captured, two of each gender; and the nest of eggs he had managed to capture with them. Six different deer, four female and two different males. All of which had all been found in the wild and had been hell capturing them alive. In fact, it took stunning spells to actual capturing the stags.

Then all the wild animals they had captured were all let loose on one side of the lake. The side that was the furthest from the doors that led out of the field, and nearest where Harry had the trees; all with more room to place more in.

Not to mention they were all on the side that was warded against them being able to leave. In fact, the wards in question stop all the animals on that side of the lake from being able to even get to the other side of the lake.

Both so they wouldn't be able to escape, a precaution that everyone felt necessary after the difficulty it was capturing them in the first place, and so they wouldn't eat all the food that would eventual be growing on the farm they had set up on the other side of the lake.

Even if at the moment there really wasn't much growing on said farm, considering all the seeds in it had only been planted for a week at most. And even with the potion to speed up the growth could only do so much without damaging the plants in question.

Not only that but because Daryl had brought it up Harry had also managed to smoke out and successful move two different honey beehives into the fields. Each put on opposite side of the field, and each far enough away that no one had to worry about disturbing the hives in question, and there for being stung, by any of the bees in question. Harry had gotten the bees in question to both help pollenate future flowers or plants, as well as to give the group a source of honey.

It was also something that Harry hadn't even thought of when he had first begun planning all of this, and most likely wouldn't have thought it up at all until it had been brought up to him at a later point. Something, that by that point, could have seriously been too late to have done anything.

Which drove into Harry's mind the fact that he really wouldn't be able to survive whatever was going on by himself, and that it was a good thing he had found both Merle and Daryl before he had started this whole thing out. As he knew things would be a whole lot worse for him in the long run if they weren't there.

It also made Harry realize that in the long run he was most likely was going to need more people in his life than just the two brothers. As, despite how much they may wish it otherwise, between the three of them they didn't cover all the needed skills to best survive; at least not in the best sense of the word.

Harry also knew that in the future that it wouldn't only be his trust the future members of their group was going to have to earn, to get a place within the tent, but both Daryl and Merles as well. Something that would make the task of finding future members of the group just that much harder as those two trusted even less then Harry did at times.

Shaking his head, to clear it as Harry knew that now wasn't the time to think such heavy thoughts, and it wasn't like they had really ran into any other survivors out there so soon. So there really wasn't a point in thinking like that; at least not yet.

So instead Harry began to think back to the other half of the field they had worked on; and had just recently finished for the time being. Or to be more specific, he began to think on the other animals that were now on what he had taken to calling the farm half of the room.

Which is where the animals they had managed to save from the different farms they had found abandoned and raided as they continued to keep in the move. Most of which had either been abandoned and left there to die, or if not that were just about to get attacked walkers; which at one point had most likely been the owners, and family, of said farms.

But being able to stop them had save the animals in question had made Harry grateful for the fact he had magic in the first place. Otherwise, in several cases, they would have to have ignored the animals in question.

As there would be no point in saving them, as they'd have no place to actual place said animals. That or said animals would have been left as live bait to keep said walkers off their tails; Harry wasn't sure which would have been worse for him.

These animals where keep separate from the rest, closer to where the farm was, as these were more domesticated animals and were used to being on farmland. Not to mention they were animals Harry really wanted to be closer at hand considering Harry could get more things off them alive instead of dead; unlike most of the other animals on the other side of the lake.

These animals in question were quite few different ones. Starting first with two milking cows that Harry had set up in a fenced in grass area for the time being. With another portion of the fence they were in, yet still separated at the same time, having a calming potion drugged bull in it. A fence that Harry had made sure to key in several cleaning runes into it, to care for the cow pies he knew would be coming.

Not to mention he also made sure have a ward around the Bull part of the fence to keep it as calm as possible and to make it if the bull did charge it wouldn't be able to get out of said fence it was in. As Harry, at the prompting of Merle, had placed several different spells to make sure if the Bull in question did start to charge the fence that said fence would be unbreakable. While at the same time would knock the bull out if it tried; like a slightly more powerful electric fence.

Then there were three pigs they had rescued, which they had actual almost been too late to do, as the owners of the farm had turned walker and had already eaten eight of the pigs that had been there. While the ones Harry had managed to rescue had been trapped firmly in the corner of the fence that had once housed them.

Luckily all the pigs in question weren't young enough that they need to be suckled or needed a bottle of some sort. And could eat the feed Harry had also managed to steal from the farm in question; seeing as the people on the farm weren't going to use it anyway.

Not to mention having something similar such as food seemed to help the pigs in question calm down, even if they did seem to stick to each other and take a sense of both comfort and safety from their fellow pigs more than anything else.

Fortunately, while a first they had been utterly terrified whenever any human came close to them, they had gotten used to Daryl, Merle and Harry. At least enough so they didn't squeal and run away in pure terror every time they came close to them.

That being said, when it came to the pigs in question, they were all placed together in their own a pinned in area. As like the cows Harry didn't want to chance them escaping; especially considering one of the females was already pregnant. Had actually been pregnant when they had rescued her.

Something that made Harry happy that he already knew how to care for animals in that kind of condition. At least for the most part, or else things would be a lot worse off for him. Even if he did wish he had someone else to help him through things like that. As while he had taken care of animal's birth before, he had done it with someone else at his side to make sure he was doing it correctly at that time.

Though at the same time even if did wish he had help, he also knew that it would be easier for him then it would be for anyone else without magic. As unlike them Harry had lots of different spells and rune work to help with the care of animals like both pigs and cows. And that wasn't only when it came to things like feeding or helping animals give birth.

On the latest farms they had ran across Harry, Daryl and Merle, also managed to grab, a female goat, and three sheep, sadly all female but at the same time Daryl swore that one of them was pregnant at the moment; so if that was true it'd be a big plus. Especially if the sheep in question gave birth to a male; which for at least a little while could be used to breed further sheep in the future.

Not only that but they now also had a chicken coop, one Merle had built himself to house the six chicken and one muted rooster, that they found at one house. Which had been a lucky find of Daryl's as the Rooster in question had been medically silenced by the previous owners and thus couldn't draw the attention of Walkers to it.

However, what these chickens, and all of the other animals they had managed to find during their travels, ended up meaning meant that, Harry, Merle, and Daryl with all the hard working they had been doing for the last week now had a rather impressive renewable source of water, fruit, milk, eggs, meat and even wool. All things they knew would be more valuable than gold had been in the near future; especially if things continued as they were.

On top of that they had also gotten started on the farm Harry had wanted to put on the other half of the field; near the farm animals that they had. Giving the three of the chance of future vegetables on top all the other supplies. Even if it may take a while for them to actual get all the vegetables given there current status.

Harry had even used his magic to set up a greenhouse of sorts that he was going to use grow his potion ingredients in. As he had found that the fresher the plants used in potions the stronger the potion was, and while he may not be able to replace the more animal-based ingredients easily; there were many different potions made purely from plants. A lot that would be helpful in the future as most healing and different cleaning potions were mainly plant based to begin with.

Thought this greenhouse, field, farm lake and all were things Harry worked on with the two brothers and would continue to do so until it was either done or moved someplace else. As he had not wanting Winky to have to deal with any of the things in this room. As she wouldn't know how to do so and that would only upset her more.

Besides Harry hadn't introduced her yet to the brothers as she was currently out, trying to locate a good, safe empty place that Harry could eventually claim as his own. And she would be out for a while as she did so; hopefully remaining completely while she out there.

Something that so far, the bond he had with her let him know she was. But as she wasn't here there wasn't much Harry could do when it came to her; unless he had to call her back to some reason or another.

Knowing, that at the time being, there really wasn't much more they could do with the Farm, or anything else on the field, both Daryl and Merle had gone with Harry to go through all the things he had stocked up in his tent. Unable to really sit down and do nothing when they knew there was still more work to do.

Besides as the two rother did this, they were also getting their own set of supplies to carry on them; on the off chance the three somehow got separated. Seeing as like Harry both brothers would rather be overprepared then under and would both rather be safe rather than sorry later on. So yes, both Daryl and Merle took full advantage of all the supplies that were available to them and continued to still go out and get their own supplies as well.

Something that was only further helped by the fact that Harry had given the two brothers their own magical weightless expanding bag to hold everything they needed. Something the two brothers had been wary about first but after hearing what they could do eagerly grabbed them. Not giving a damn about charity or anything like that as it was about survival. Not to mention, it wasn't charity considering just how much both Daryl and Merle had helped Harry since he had first met them.

The bags in question were the type that slung on the persons side and were the type that were usually used in hunting; so they wouldn't get in the way for either brother. And in those bags Harry got them to pack all the supplies they had been given, and had gotten themselves, since they had first met up with Harry.

Though Harry had made sure the first thing he had them pack away be one of the largest medical kits he had; one for each of them. Along with several potions Harry knew would work on Squibs; all of them geared towards healing in one way or another. Something after some grumbling about not needed a mother, and clucking like a hen from Merle, both brothers quickly agreed with.

Then after he made sure the two had those medical supplies, he also made sure that they also had a good chunk of weapons on them at all times as well. Something they had had only been too happy to go along with, as they knew just how important weapons were. Besides as Harry had told them arming them like he had also helped him in the long run anyway; as they could watch each other's backs better.

This which included several of the guns he had grabbed over the years, as well as the bullets that came with them. Then there two, for each brother, of the large blades he had gotten from the time he had been in the forging villages; along with matching four smaller daggers that went with the blades in questions.

Seeing them accepting these weapons made Harry rather happy, even as he grabbed one of the swords he had gotten and strapped in on his back beside his bow. After all he felt he needed a weapon for closer distances as well. One that he would be keeping out at all time at that.

Everything else that was placed in the brothers bags, or at least the majority of what was placed in the bags, being things that the brother grabbed that they could take out without being too suspicious. Meaning they were nonperishable goods. Such as can-goods, like soup, vegetables, and fruits. Along with granola bars, ramen, smaller bags of rice, and then several bottles of water; along with a pot to cook in if they needed it.

On top of this they added a several things that would be a bit more suspicious to anyone who wasn't in the known about magic and the wonders of preservation charms. Which is to say they also add bread, milk, eggs, fresh meat, as well as several things of fresh fruit under preservation charms. Which Harry knew they would eat when there wasn't anyone else around them; to avoid questions they wouldn't answer.

And that was just what they had grabbed from the stuff they had on hand at the farm. What they had also grabbed from the storage, was sodas, beer, in large amounts at that, several things of chocolate as well as a couple cans of instant coffee.

Then as a just in case, as every single one of the members of their group, be it Merle, Daryl, or Harry himself, had always learned to prepare for the worst. They packed away everything else that they felt could been needed if something did come up.

This included clothes for all types of weather, two pairs of boots each of them in the bags, as well as socks; as Merle stressed the importance of taking care of your feet. They then added their old tents into their bags, along with several other vital camping gear such as flints, thick thermal blankets, several packs of matches to go along with them. Before added a long cord of rope each, not to mention some magical protected and reinforced Tarps. Seeing as even when the world hadn't gone to hell, Ropes, and tarps where things that could be lifesaving, if used right.

Besides, it wasn't like Harry couldn't afford to spare any of these things he gave to the others. Especially as they were some of the few people he had learned to trust, and at that trusted him in return; at least to a degree that Harry wasn't afraid they'd betray him.

Not that they had any reason to do so at the moment, as Harry felt they wouldn't betray him until he did something that betrayed them first. Say what you will about the Dixon brother's but once you earned their hard-earned trust, you'd keep it until you do something to loss it.

And again, it wasn't like it was hurting Harry in the least bit to give them the things he did. Seeing as Harry found out, after sorting everything he had gathered throughout a several year period, that he had a lot more things then he had originally believed he had; a lot of which was several items of the same thing. And that was when you didn't consider the fact that Harry could very easily magic a copy of any item he had if that became an absolute necessary. As long as it wasn't a food of some sort as magic wasn't able to create food of any sort.

In the end all the supplies Harry had stocked up on was so numerous that they even after they had gone through it all and had it all meticulously organized into different piles. Everything that he had still filled one of the storage rooms that was expanded to the max. And that was from top to bottom as well as side to side packed.

When it came to just what Harry had well, it'd be easy to say he could fill stores like Walmart with all he did have; and then most likely still have more supplies to spare. Well, except for electronics seeing as Harry hadn't gotten anything like that seeing as he knew magic didn't work well around electric items.

While strangely enough it worked pretty well when it came to battery operated items; as long as no one tried to use magic directly on said items that is. Unless certain runes had been carved into the items in question to allow them to accept the magic in question that is.

Something Harry had been, and still was, working on. Which was why he did have a good chunk of battery-operated games as well as the batteries to go with them. Well that and the fact they were fun to play when he had nothing to do.

Still the supplies that Harry were currently divided in to four main categories. One being food and water, the second being clothes and shoes, the third being weapons while the final category being only what the group decided to call the others; which was a combination of everything that didn't fall in the other categories.

In the first category of food and water, Harry was happy to say that he felt he had enough to feed everyone in Hogwarts for an entire year. And that was considering the fact that Hogwarts pretty much had an all you can eat buffet every time they feed anyone; which meant that there was plenty of food saved up. Not only that but Harry was also included the drinks, alcohol or otherwise, he had in there as well.

Considering the fact that not only did Harry have stack after stack of cases of water bottles or jugs of water, but he also had case after case of drinks like butterbeer or fire whisky. Alongside box after box filled with canned soda, that was in itself alongside the large litter bottles of soda he also had. Which were all under charms to keep them as fresh as possible.

Harry had also included the different unopen drink mixes he had in this, as Harry had boxes of instant coffee, lemonade mix, as well as at least a hundred different Kool-Aid mixes. Honestly looking at all the food and drinks he had Harry felt like he was staring in an overly packed storage from one of the largest supermarkets out there.

Not only that but Harry also had the ingredients to make other food as well. Things like flour, sugar, baking powder, salt, brown sugar, and everything like that. Meaning that as long as he had his tent, and the stove inside it, Harry could quite easy replace anything he did decide to make use of. Especially as Harry really knew how to cook as he had spent nearly his entire life doing so for his so-called family.

Harry figured he had gotten the majority of this during the time he had been pretty much emptying on the mom and pop shops he found that had been going out of business because of the bigger business around them. Bigger business that soon found themselves robbed not long after if Harry found out they had been running the others out of business purposely or just spitefully; so a good deal also came from that as well.

Which made Harry wonder if he should now feel guilty about the fact, he had utterly emptied out those stores when he robbed them. Because by doing so he had taken out supplies other people most likely now urgently needed now.

That is, he did wonder that, before Harry shrugged and figured that most of those people in question didn't survive the first wave of the walking dead virus anyway, and the fact he'd be putting whatever had stolen to good use anyway. So, he shouldn't bother thinking about the maybes and what ifs or he'd drive himself insane.

When it came to the second category of clothes and shoes, this was another category that had more than plenty in it; not to mention it was clothing from all over the world. And at the same time, it was one of the categories that earned Harry some very strange looks from both Merle and Daryl. Especially as they saw just what was in this category. At least until Harry explained the fact how he had gotten a lot of the clothes and shoes in question.

Both from the stores he had emptied because they had reminded him of his now dead family, about the supermarket he had pretty much emptied after he had stolen everything from them after meeting the owner.

Because of all of this, when it came to said clothes, as well as the shoes, Harry found himself having enough to easily open a large clothing store if he wanted to. With different types of clothing from all over the world, for both genders and for most ages as well.

Which was one of the main reason Harry had gotten such looks from the two brothers to begin with. Seeing as Harry had both female, as well as baby clothing, for all seasons on top of the more masculine clothing that both Merle and Daryl had expected him to have. Which they found really odd as Harry, in their eyes, had no reason to have either female or children's clothing to begin with.

Though on that note when it did come to female clothes Harry didn't have really dressy female clothes, or many dresses in the female side of the clothing for that matter. Though there were a couple of looser summer dresses in there, alongside several lovely Kimonos.

Instead Harry mainly had, different types of pants, or shorts, geared to the more feminine gender along with t-shirts, long sleeved shirts, and sweaters. With a few skirts, leggings, and tights thrown in there.

Not to mention he also had, to his utter embarrassment as he hadn't even noticed he had added them to the bag, after he most likely stole them from certain stores, undergarments as well as different types of nightwear. Included things such as bras, underwear of varying types and the far more acceptably things like socks.

The same could be said for the shoes that Harry had as well. He really didn't have any of what most would consider those high heeled death traps. As Harry honestly so no point in them, even before the world had gone to hell. Instead Harry mainly had different types of sneakers or hiking boots that were made for both male and females.

In fact, most of the shoes Harry had were mainly made with either running or hiking in mind. Some of which were already taken or in use either by Harry himself or the Dixon brothers.

But in the end the shoes Harry had were ones that were made with survival in mind for that matter. Or at least most of them were, Harry did find he also had a couple pairs of amazingly comfortable flipflops as well as several different types of slippers; in both genders.

Something that all the clothes, as well as shoes, in question, be they male, female, children's or even babies, had in common between them was that they all had ranged for different types of weather.

Meaning that Harry, when it came to clothes, was prepared for any type of weather that may come their way; something Harry was grateful for. As he knew what it was like to wear clothes that weren't suited for the weather around them and he never really wanted to do so again. T-shirt were not made for winter in the least bit; especially not overly large hole filled t-shirts at that.

As for the third category, when it comes to weapon, this was the groups favorite pile to go through. Or at least the one that was getting the most use at the time considering everything that was going on; be it hunting for food or killing Walkers.

Sadly, when it came to weapons while they did have a lot it was one of the smaller, if not the smallest category out of everything. But when you consider the sheer number of things that were in the other categories, Harry figured that wasn't necessary a bad thing as they still had a lot of different types of weapons.

Especially when you add in the fact that Harry figured out he was fascinated by all types of blades pretty earlier on in his earlier travels and usually got at least one type of weapon like that in every one of his stops around the world.

Not to mention the fact Harry had taken all the weapons, that weren't goblin made, that he had in all his family vaults when he originally left the wizarding world. Which when you consider that all of said families were all ancient ones and were ones around during times where weapons were regularly used alongside magic, meant Harry had quite a number of different weapons on his side. Both magical as well as mundane.

This meant that when it came to the weapons he had, Harry had, plenty of different types of blades. Ranging from daggers, short swords, katannas, a bastard sword that Harry now had on his back at all times. Along with a good number of other one handed or even two-handed swords.

In fact, once counted Harry had over a hundred different types of blades, and that wasn't including the numerous amounts of throwing daggers or even Kunis he currently had. Which Harry, as well as Daryl had shown to be rather skilled in when it came to actually throw them and hitting dead center. Which Harry figured was helped by the fact they already had good hand eye coordination due to the bow and arrow they both regularly used.

On top of that Harry also had several different guns, of varies sizes from hand guns, to guns like snipper guns; which Harry would freely admit he had stolen from the back of one of the more heavily guarded stores he had robbed. All with cases of bullets that go with them. Even if Harry would freely admit Guns of any type weren't his favorite weapon; at least not compared to his bow.

Speaking of his Bow and Arrow, Harry also had some weapons that didn't qualify as either blades or guns; like his bow and arrow set. Seeing as several places he had gone hadn't used blades or guns as weapons. But still at the same time fascinated Harry enough that he had gotten the weapons in question while learning the bare basics about said weapons. These weapons weren't just cool looking but functional; as they were weapons not toys.

These weapons in question were things such as several different spear of varying lengths, two large battle axes, a chained scythe, as well as a full-length grim reaper like scythe; that Harry was seriously debating learning how to use just for the irony of it all.

Then there was the stranger and more questionable weapons such as a bladed whip, a giant boomerang like weapon, giant hammers, and large battle fan. All really interesting to look and attention grabbing. But useless unless someone was highly skilled with said weapons, which Harry, nor either brother really was. Making it so the weapons in question really wasn't helpful in the current situation.

Though Merle did look rather interested in learning more on the battle axe/hammer combination Harry had. Which given Merle's nature Harry was really tempted to let the man just have, as he could really see him getting close and personal with any walkers he came a crossed. And then successfully escaping them all after he crushed them all under said axe/hammer combination. Yes, Harry could really see the man getting highly skilled with said weapon in a short period of time.

At the same time, because he was beginning to general care about the man in question, and seeing him as both a friend as well as someone he could trust to cover his back Harry didn't want the man to use the weapon in question until he got a little more practice with it.

Which meant for the time being until the found a place where they all wanted to stop at it wasn't going to happen. Though Merle was going to get that weapon, one way or another, he just needed to get a place where he could get used to the weight of said weapon before he needed in a fight or die scenario.

Then there was the final category of everything else, that didn't fall into the other categories. Which because it included so many different things was actually the largest category out of all the others.

This category included things such as all the medical supplies he had gotten over the year. Which now that Harry looked at it, looked like he had enough to supply a hospital. Something Merle joked to him about, wondering aloud if Harry really felt he was that clumsy.

At least he did until he found a little bit more about Harry's past and then he didn't joke about it anymore only respected the fact Harry wants to be so prepared. A respect that Harry noticed that Daryl seemed to give him as well, and at the same time a respect that made Harry wonder if the two brothers had suffered something similar to what he had during his childhood. Not that he asked, as he knew his child wasn't something, he himself wanted to talk about; so why would others want to if he didn't.

Not only were there medical supplies in this section but there was also, things like toilet paper as Harry really didn't want to make a mistaken with a poison oak leaf, thank you very much; he'd seen it happen and didn't want to have that happen to him. That being said Harry had a full wall of nothing but toilet paper to stop that. Which was something Merle seemed to find utterly hilarious for some reason; while Daryl not so much.

There were also things such as Bathing supplies, such as soaps, shampoos, conditioner as well as toothpaste, mouthwash, and toothbrushes. As Harry knew from person experiences how filthiness could make you more likely to catch an illness of some sort.

And that by being clean you could prevent yourself from being sick. On that note, he also had tons of medicine for colds and other such things. Both magical as well as muggle made medicine; which he put mainly with the other medical supplies he had.

There was also a good amount of survival gear in this part of the room, with things such as, rope, which could be used for tying things down, escaping places, climbing down or up places. Something that harry had felt would be good if he ever needed to escape somewhere. And something Harry had stocked up on before he had even begun his trips around the world.

He also had night vision goggles, several pairs that Harry had actually gotten to see if he could find a way to work them on magic. Which was how Harry had learned that in some case runes could be used on battery operated items.

As when it came to the night vison goggles, he had rather successfully in adapting them to magic. As he had managed to make it so the goggles in question could all be repaired by magic, was powered by a magical rune, and could now work just as well underwater as they could on land.

There were also several pairs of Binoculars that Harry had gotten during his travels, something he had actually been talked into getting during his hunting trip with several others, and something Harry had gotten more than one of as he didn't want to need them and have the only pair he had be broken. Because yes, Harry knew his luck and yes, he tried his best to be prepared for when it took a turn for the worse. Something that had actual saved his life quite a few times now.

In fact, Harry had gotten quite a bit of things in the beginning after getting suggestions from others. And then more himself as he learned about what was best type of survival gear to have during your travels.

This included Several boxes of both flints as well as matches because Harry knew that there would be times that he wasn't able to use his magic to light a fire, and he wanted to be prepared for that as possible.

Something that had proven useful to Harry as he did have to use the flints to start fires in the past. As there had been several times during his travels when a hiker stumbled on his camp before in the past; and he hadn't been able to use magic to light the fires he needed then because of that.

Not only that but this category also had thing like shovels and other farming gear that he had grabbed off the abandon farms they had passed; alongside the animals they had managed to save. Most of which Harry debated leaving on the farm they now had before deciding that for the moment it was all good where it was. As at least now they knew exactly where it was if they did need it.

The next things they had sorted out, and stored, in the last category was the baby supplies he had gotten from the baby and me store he had bought out. This included things such as baby carriages, what looked like baby backpacks of some sort, strollers, crib, soft baby blankets, bottles, baby bathtub and plenty of both baby formula as well as food. Not to mention several different baby toys made for teething or bathing. Anything that had been in the store, that was needed for taking care of a baby, was now sorted away and stored with all the other baby supplies.

Then as there some of the smaller, but no less numerous, things he had grabbed to use to fight off boredom while he had nothing to do. This was things such as a lot of fictional books, several puzzles with different levels of difficulty. As well as coloring books, notebooks, art supplies, such as such as pens pencils, paints and markers, all things Harry hadn't actually even used yet despite having for over a year.

Then there was the wood carving supplies that he had grabbed from the art community as he had wanted to learn more about it. Which was something he noticed Daryl looked really interesting in. which made Harry wonder if Daryl knew how to carve wood and if so if he would be willing to teach him more about it. Because Harry got the feeling that Daryl was good at wood carving.

Maybe if Harry taught Daryl to make potions in return for teaching him more about wood carving, he'd be more interested in teaching him in return? Because Harry knew Squibs like both Merle and Daryl were able to make potions.

And potions seemed like something the two would be interesting in learning how to make as potions was a valuable skill to have; especially in times like this. Not to mention Harry got the feeling that Daryl had the patients and skills needed to be good at potions. Something Harry swore he'd bring up to both brothers at a later point; rather Daryl wanted to teach him more on wood carving or not.

After the art supplies had been put away there were the more outer door supplies Harry had. Which included things like Bikes, skateboards, his boat, fishing poles, fishing nets, and hunting snares. As well as several different magical adjusted hiking bags; some Harry had made himself. Along with swiss army knives, compasses, flashlights, lanterns as well as several pots and pans.

At the same time all these supplies, as well as the fact he had two different people he could trust around him, remind Harry of all the good fortune had. Something that was actually making Harry feel rather hopeful for their future; for once.

However, because of what he knew about his luck Harry was feeling rather nervous because he was wondering when the other shoe was going to drop. Because so far things had been going rather well for them; at least considering just what was going on around them.

Meaning sooner or later it would have to come crashing down on their heads. And sure enough, at least in Harry's head, soon after they had gotten everything temporarily settled in what was now the three of theirs tent. Things started to go bad and seemed to get worse from there.

In fact, it all started to happen after the three of them had found a higher ground place to set up their newest temporary camp at. It was a place that had a rather large lake near it as well as plenty of forest to be hunting in.

With the only downside was it wasn't too far away from a rather large city meaning they had to be wary about Walkers coming down from said city. Not to mention it was in a rather open area that that had several roads leading to and from it.

Which was why they had set up several different alerts around them to let them know if any walkers were coming their way; both magical as well as mundane. This was when Harry felt the luck they had been having so far turn for the worst. As after one of the alert systems, several small bells tied around lower to the ground that would make enough noise to let anyone know that there was something coming this way, sounded off.

Causing all of them to jump and arm themselves. Seeing as that was the first, and admittedly weakest warning system they had. But at the same time something that had helped them several times before. So, it was one they always tried to put up when they were going to stay somewhere for more than a couple of days.

Only to find out, when they went to see just what was setting off said alarm system, that there was a group of people taking down the alarm system they had set up not even a day ago. Or to be more précises there was an older man wearing a police uniform of some sort, taking down the bells while a dark-haired woman and her preteen son watched him take everything down.

This of course hadn't gone over well with either Daryl or Merle who had immediately demanded to know what they hell they thought they were doing. And the answer to that had Harry's own spine stiffening in response himself, as the one that Harry had eventual found out had been called Shane, had all but mockingly told the three.

"I'm taking down the dinner bells here. If you had any sense, you'd know sound attracts those monsters."

Then Harry watched as this Shane, ignoring the fac that Harry, Daryl, and Merle had been the original ones there, decided to attempt to take over the camping grounds that the three had been on.

` Attempting as, when Shane tried to command either Harry, Daryl, or Merle he found himself utterly ignored or if not that thrown straight on his ass. Before being told that they were here first, and there was no way in hell that any of them were going to listen to him. Though this didn't stop Shane, or even the woman who was apparently called Lori, from attempting to command them.

Starting first with the fact after seeing the camp that Daryl, Merle and Harry had already set up before they had even arrived, Lori tried to head straight in Harry tent. Saying something about how good it was to share supplies with others and how a real gentleman would let a lady like her have the safer, larger tent. Only for Daryl to step in front of said tent before Harry could do anything and tell Lori.

"Well good thing we're not gentlemen isn't it. There's no way you're getting in our tent. We don't know you from any other jack or Jill out there and we don't have to share anything of ours with ya." After this was said Shane had attempted to muscle in by saying if they didn't want to share, they didn't have to stay.

Only to be brought up short both because it was pointed out the fact the three had been there first, and the fact the three where much better armed then he was. So, there was no way he could force the three to actual leave if they didn't want to. Something Merle seemed to take joy in as he regularly cleaned the rifle he had right in front of Shane and the others; from in front of the tent.

Not to mention had also began to start training with the axe hammer combo that Harry had decided to give him. As now they looked to be staying in this location long enough for Merle to get at least some training in. And like Harry Merle did need a weapon for close distance anyway.

After that things only seemed to steadily get worse, with the only reason Daryl, Merle and Harry had even stayed where they were was because there were children in the camping spot now. That and the fact that none of the adults seemed to have even the slightest clue as to what to do now that they were in the wilds. And even Merle felt a bit uncomfortable about leaving them hanging like that, or at least hanging the kids out like that.

And by children, instead of the single child Carl like it had been at first, this was because several more groups had joined the groups that were already there. As it seemed that this place was one of the more ideal camping grounds that was around this area.

Something Harry had no idea about when they had first stopped there, otherwise they might not have stopped there to begin with. And there for wouldn't have the conflicted feelings about leaving later on.

The second group that had joined them, after Shane, Lori, and her son Carl, had been A family of three called the Peleters. Which consisted of Ed, the father, Coral the mother, and their preteen daughter Sophia.

This was a group that had Harry Merle and Daryl spitting mad as it was very obvious that Ed was abusive to his wife, and because of the others the three couldn't do anything do anything without scaring Coral away.

Something the three didn't want to do as they knew if Ed did decide to take off with both his wife and daughter, they would both most likely end up dead before the week was up. Either by walkers or by the hand of Ed himself. Honestly, Harry felt this family, more specifically the little girl and the mother, were the main reason why Merle, or Daryl, didn't want to leave quite yet.

So, knowing this, the three could only bit their tongues and wait for the opportune moment. While all the while doing what little they could to help both Carl and Sophia, as they subtly putting the fear of god into Ed with a little help from magic. Or in Merle's case practicing with his new weapon while staring directly at Ed every time he did something that really set Merle off.

The next group that had come was another group of three, though this group wasn't an actual family but a group that had group together earlier for survival sakes. Well to be more precise two of them were related, being a pair of sisters, while the last was an older man who seemed to be starting to see the two sisters as almost his daughters; or something similar to that.

The members of this group were called, Dale, whom was the eldest and only male of these particular group. Andrea who seemed to be the eldest sister and highly protective of her little sister, Amy; both who seemed to have a close bond with each other.

The next to come was a single man, whom to Harry seemed to actually be one of the more prepared out of everyone and seemed to be the one who had done regular supply runs. Something Harry could tell from the way he talked about how to get in and out of the city that was nearby.

At the same time this seemed to be one of the few out of everyone there that had gotten even a shiver of respect from the brothers he was traveling with. Even if they didn't visible show it much and at time did seem to be irritated with the fact he seemed to have more of a follower attitude then the lone wolf one that the brothers had. This person was called Glenn.

After that there had been several other groups that had joined, and it was starting to become too crowded for Harry to be around them for long periods of time. Nor could he bring himself to care too much about any of the others as they were starting to blend together as Harry began to wonder why he was staying around this group.

Especially as they seemed to act like this whole thing was going to be over soon and treated what they were doing similar to a camping trip of some sort. Taking no real care to the dangers that were now out there.

It was something that Harry could see was also starting to frustrate Merle, and Daryl as well. As they, along with him, had taken to going out on more and more hunting trips. Though at the same time the fact that they now seemed to be feeding all of the group with their hunting trips also seemed to contribute to the fact they were always constantly hunting at the same time.

Though they did have to always leave one of them with their tent as Lori had was always constantly trying to take it over and claim it as her's for some reason or another. Not to mention Shane had attempt on more than one occasion to go inside the tent to claim all the supplies that were supposedly in it as a 'group' supplies. Which funnily enough were all with him, and he had complete control over all 'group' supplies.

Currently Harry had decided to pack up his tent and had gone with both bothers on a hunt. Not being able to bring himself to be around the rest of people crowding around the camping ground; feeling that if he did stay, he'd go insane.

Not only that but Harry also want to speak to the two brothers about a small idea he had; one that would hopeful give the three a small break from everything they had to do. Though he had to remind himself that the main reason he was still with the group was because of the children as he did so. As unfortunately Harry found himself falling back into his number state now that he was surrounded more and more people.

Once they were in the forest and far enough away from everyone else that they couldn't be heard. Not that Harry thought they would be, as the rest of the group seemed to do whatever they could to avoid the three of them, despite the fact they most likely would be utterly starving if it had been for them.

Still once they were a good distance from everyone else Harry turned to both Daryl and Merle before bringing up the plan he had. One that seemed to be one the brothers had as well if the looks on their face after Harry spoke meant anything.

"I think we should give the group some of our supplies. Just enough for the kids at the very least. We can act like we went on an exhausting supply run, where we just happened to happen on a hidden room or something like that and give them the supplies. Which should keep the group happy for a little while, giving us some time to actual rest of a bit. As well as perhaps give us some time to work on the farm a little bit more. If only to see how things are going on. Because if things keep going on the way they are with the group I swear I'm going to snap at them."

This seemed to be something Daryl agreed with, while Merle simply snorted about a waste of supplies. But at the same time didn't argue against it as Harry set up this tent once more so they could go with his plan.

Not happy about it but wanting to get some peace, both Harry and Daryl got to work with the supplies they had deiced to give the group. To do this both Harry and Daryl each grabbed one of the least magically adjusted bookbags that Harry had. Which were only spelled to be slightly larger on the inside as well as a bit lighter than it would normal be. As it was one designed for muggleborns to bring in the more mundane world.

Then begin to grab some supplies to give to them, supplies they'd tell the others they just happened to 'find' them, because of as right now there was no way Harry would trust anything of them with the fact he had magic. Not with the level of distrust or disgust they had been showing either him or the brothers he had been traveling with.

Each on adding different things in the bags they had chosen. In Daryl's bag he quickly decided to place food int here first. Knowing to grab things like several cans of soup, a few cans of fruit, ten cans of vegetables, five bags of beef jerky, a good fifteen bags of ramen, on top of three boxes of shells and cheese, as well as a good fifteen bottles of water.

Then because he knew it'd soften some of the people toward them. Not to mention save him some headaches in the early morning, Daryl also placed three containers of instant coffee in the bag as well.

By then the bag in question was starting to get pretty full, so he decided to throw in a large container of oatmeal and container of honey to take up the rest of the room. Making the bag in question filled with nothing but food.

Seeing this Harry decided that since Daryl's bag had nothing but food in it, his was going to have other necessary and if most of them were geared more towards the children of the group, well he always did have a softer spot for kids and it was the kids he was staying for anyway.

That being said, the things that Harry grabbed to put in the bag he had were, three thicker child size blankets, a small pink preteen fall jacket, followed by several blue and red teen sized hoodies. After that Harry grabbed a few fantasy books, five puzzles, a box of art supplies, a sketch book, several bottles of body wash, shampoo, and conditioner, as well as various rolls of toilet paper. Then seeing that the bag was also getting rather full, grabbed one of the medium sized first aid kits he had; which was large enough that it actually hung a little out of the bag it was in.

Once he had all of these Harry both he and Daryl quickly headed out of the tent to join Merle. Who had been waiting outside for them to make sure no one, be it walker or otherwise, was able to sneak up on them.

As soon as they were out of the tent Harry quickly packed it back up. Before grabbing his weapons back up to go for the hunt they said they were going on to begin with. The meat from the hunt they were going, plus the bags they had should be enough to keep the others off their backs for at least the next two days; or at least Harry hoped it would.

Otherwise he might have to bring out some of the bigger things they had, like perhaps talking the brothers into taking one of the larger deer's they had already hunted down, and preserved earlier, to the group in question.

Surely that keep them quite for a while, right? Especially if they just handed them the deer and told them to gut it themselves; since apparently Harry Daryl and Merle weren't doing anything to help the group anyway. At least according to the whining Lori did to Shane, with them in clear hearing distance, they weren't.