Chapter 2


Hermione was stumped and she didn't like to be stumped. With no answers available in books she was left to question malfoy's words. They rolled over in her mind whenever it began to wander "not every book is as it's cover seems, some merely keep up the appearance people have been lead to see". Did this mean Malfoy wasn't a muggle hating pure blood snob? Was his allegiance light rather than dark? Did he truly smell her scent? For days the questions plagued her mind. It wasn't as if she could confront him either, oh no that would be a disaster. Hiding in the sanctuary she plotted scenario after scenario until she heard a muffled chuckle. "Granger stop thinking so loud, some of us are trying to study". "Then leave, studying generally requires me to think". Malfoy came round a bookcase and stood smirking at her. "Of course it does Hermione, but you clearly are not thinking of your potions homework" raising an eyebrow he looked towards her lists of questions and notes. Hermione quickly shuffled the under her books before snapping her eyes to his "what did you call me?" "Hermione, that's your name isn't it?" "Yes but everyone insists on calling me 'granger' especially you". "Well potions changed that didn't Hermione" he rolled her name off his lips like he'd been saying it forever and strolled away from her. Again leaving a stuttering flustered Hermione in his wake.