This chapter is a deleted scene from Coby's Choice Chapter 61: The sound of Peace. While it is not necessary to have read that story, there are a few instances of it that play a part. I hope I have covered them well enough.

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That Night in Skypia

Nami was facing away from him with his beloved hat on her head. She undid the last button on her beach shirt and tossed it aside, leaving her in her pants and bikini top. The light was fading, so she struck a match to light a candle on the bedside table.


"Shhhh," the girl whispered, suddenly in front of him. With her right hand pressing its pointer finger over the rubber-man's lips, her left shut the door to the outside world. "You were amazing out there, Luffy. You know that?"

"I'm not sure it was that amazing," Luffy responded bashfully, his face coloring as their close proximity drug up the memory of Usopp being forced to give him The Talk back in Alabasta.

"I think it was," Nami whispered huskily, rising onto her toes to be eye-to-eye with the Devil Fruit user. "I think you deserve a reward."

"Nami, are you sure about this?" The captain's heart was doing flips inside his chest, and his voice showed it.

"As sure as I'll ever be," Nami smiled. She closed the distance between them, catching Luffy in a passionate kiss as she drug him further into the room.

Nami had kissed Luffy before, such a thing had started their relationship after all, but the kiss the two shared now was far different from any they had had before. Nami tugged on her boyfriend's shoulders, leading him into the room without breaking their liplock until they reached the bed. The navigator spun them around, forcing Luffy's knees to bend upon contact with the edge of the bed. The captain sat, Nami dropping herself onto his lap so she straddled his waist and forced her lips upon his once more.

"Nami," the captain muttered, a new feeling stirring inside him as her hands brushed over his chest, forcing his open cardigan off his shoulders. As if they had a mind of their own, Luffy's arms, after freeing themselves from his sleeveless top, found their way to the girl's waist, pulling her closer ever so slightly.

Nami hummed happily, leaning forward to press her generous chest against his own and wrap her arms around his neck. His hands glided across the silky smooth skin of her back, drawing simple yet intricate patterns that made her shiver with pleasure under his touch. Carefully, she took hold of one of his hands and directed it to the knot resting against the small of her back.

"Nami?" Luffy asked, his fingers idly playing with the fabric. With one tug, he could undo the only thing between her milky flesh and the air around them. The implication made the usually-oblivious teen blush.
His embarrassed and slightly excited look caused the girl to smirk as she leaned down to whisper into his ear.

"Go ahead." Her breath was warm against his ear. "Pull it. I want you to."


"No buts," she interrupted with the same, husky tone. "I want this. And I'm sure you want this to."

Slowly, almost hesitantly, Luffy pulled on the string. The knot came undone soundlessly, leaving nothing to hold Nami's bikini top in place but the friction between it, her breasts, and Luffy's chest. They stayed that way for a few seconds, the navigator and captain kissing once more, before she leaned back to allow gravity to take the fabric. The top landed between them, but Luffy took no notice of this or anything else save for the magnificent, new sight Nami had granted him.

Nami breathed deeply, the motion making her beautiful mounds rise ever so slightly. Each orb, sculpted perfectly for her womanly form, was capped with a tiny, pink nub. A light sheen of sweat from the body heat between them and the arousal in the air had appeared, the liquid catching the flickering candlelight in a way that made her chest glow. As Luffy stared, the cool, Skypian air blew across Nami's nipples, making them harden and stick out from the rest of her breasts. She leaned forward, one arm reaching across her stomach to push her chest up and emphasise their size to the frozen captain.

"Touch them," she purred, Luffy's eyes snapping from her erect nipples to her chocolate-brown eyes. There was something in them Luffy hadn't seen before, a kind of passion alien to him. Lust.

His right hand rose, sliding up her side and arm before cupping one of Nami's breasts. She moaned at his touch, the experience as new to her as to him. Its size fit his hand perfectly and she unconsciously pushed her chest deeper beneath his fingers. The captain's hand shifted as he gave her chest an experimental squeeze, the movement causing her nipple to rub across his calloused palm. Nami bit her lip as another moan escaped.

Emboldened by this arousing sound, Luffy's other hand came up to mirror its twin, repeating the actions of the first. He shifted, his right hand moving to cup the flesh from beneath so the hard nipple was left exposed. It was not left so for long as Luffy leaned forward, taking the hardened nub into his mouth to suckle on it. Nami pushed against him as his teeth nibbled on the top and bottom of her bud, the end being attacked by his tongue at the same time. His other hand did not sit idle, two of its fingers pinching the nipple for its side and tugging lightly.

"Mmm, Luffy," the girl breathed. Nami's lower half pressed closer to his hips. Suddenly, Luffy realized how uncomfortable his pants had gotten. Fortunately or unfortunately, Nami noticed too.

"What's this?" Nami questioned, grinding her hips into Luffy's where something offered resistance. "It seems like someone's happy."

"I... Umm... Ah," Luffy released his hold on her chest as he tried to grasp something to say, but every word escaped him. Nami giggled, ending his floundering with a quick but heartfelt peck. Her idea of what was to come next was limited to what she knew of private-yet-common knowledge and the descriptions of some books Robin and Amy tried to keep hidden, but which Nami had found and read anyway. Quickly, so as to not lose her nerve, Nami kissed Luffy's cheek before moving to his neck, then collarbone, then chest. She worked her way across his pecks and to his abs before finding herself at eye-level with the bulge in the captain's blue swim trunks. Nami's hands rose, skimming up his legs until they reached his hips and waistband. In one swift motion, the orange-haired woman all but ripped away the offending pants and threw them across the room.

There, sticking out at her in all its glory, was Luffy's manhood at a proud seven inches in length.

"Nami, I-" Luffy's trailed off with a groan as his girlfriend reached up to take a hold of his package and give it an experimental rub. Now it was Nami's turn to brave the unknown, the girl leaning forward to plant a kiss on the tip of Luffy's member. Luffy's mind shorted out, unable to comprehend anything as he watched Nami slowly take more of his rod into her mouth. It was warm, her saliva running over the sensitive flesh of his tool. He couldn't think, one hand coming up to rest on the back of the girl's head. She gazed up at him, her large, brown eyes meeting his small, black ones, and she felt him get harder within her mouth. She didn't mention it as she let go of the appendage, her hand grabbing it and pumping with the added lubricant her saliva had provided.

"Do you like that?" she asked, her free hand cupping and massaging his family jewels. "Do you like it when I suck on you? Do you like it when I play with these?" She lightly squeezed his sack, the pressure causing Luffy to let out a pleasured moan.

"Y-Yes," Luffy stuttered, completely at her mercy. "D-Don't stop." Nami smirked at how she was able to reduce her captain to the state he was in now before returning to her oral menistrations. Luffy's head rolled backward as a groan escaped him.

Suddenly, Luffy felt cold air on his manhood, the sensation there for only a couple seconds before it was replace by something soft wrapping around his tool. The cold making his hazy mind clearer, Luffy looked back to see that Nami has leaned forward to surround her captain's rod with the soft, fleshy mounds of her chest. The feeling was similar to what he had felt before, yet completely different. Pushing her breasts inward so they lightly squeezed Luffy's member, Nami pushed herself up and down along its length, her stiff nipples rubbing against Luffy's legs in the process. She closed her eyes, relishing the feeling of hard meat between her soft mounds, before opening them to meet her lover's eyes.

Making eye contact with her, Luffy placed his hands on either side of Nami's head and folded himself over to catch her lips in a fiery kiss. The orange-haired girl paused, giving the kiss her full attention as Luffy's rod pulsed in time with his accelerated heartbeat. The two separated, out of breath, before Nami stood and took a couple steps from the bed and turned away.

Luffy opened his mouth to ask if something was wrong, but his words died in his throat as he watched Nami reach for the button on the front of her jean shorts and slowly undo it. Her last article of clothing loosened, the girl bent forward to accent her rear and removed the shorts as well as the bikini bottoms underneath. Sliding her legs out and tossing the clothes to where the rest had been thrown into a pile, Nami turned back to Luffy to see him staring at her exposed backside. As she watched, his eyes moved from her rear to her chest and finally to her face, her pose accented by the flickering light of the candle.

"I... Wow," he gulped, looking for the proper thing to say. "You're beautiful, Nami."

The navigator flushed, silently glad that the candlelight in the dark room should be enough to hide her red face. "You're not too bad yourself," she responded, swallowing her aroused embarrassment. She felt a trail of liquid slide down her leg from somewhere by her inner thigh and faced her boyfriend once more. Making sure her hips swayed to catch his attention, Nami sauntered back to the bed and pushed Luffy down by his shoulders. Now that he was laying down, the captain's member stood straight up toward the ceiling, just as Nami had intended for it to.

"Stay there, Luffy," Nami purred, crawling over her captain until her lips were only inches above his own. Though he kept his eyes on the face of the orange-haired woman above him, Luffy was suddenly aware of a new heat source somewhere near his lower bits. "Whatever I do, don't move until I tell you to, ok?"

"Okay." Luffy's mind was so foggy at the moment, it would have taken something major for him to disagree to Nami's orders. The woman sat up on his lap, the warm space between her legs pushing Luffy's manhood flat against his stomach. She shifted her hips forward, the wet lips of her maidenhood rubbing along his length. Forward and backward, Nami slowly drenched Luffy's rod with her own juices, bolts of pleasure shooting up both their spines every few seconds. Finally, Nami raised herself up on her knees and took hold of her captain's manhood before guiding the tip into the entrance of her dripping depths.

Slowly, carefully, the navigator lowered herself on her lover's tool, the hard organ stretching her walls as it explored parts unknown. The couple groaned in tandem as Luffy's rod bottomed out within Nami's wet crevice.

"Oh Goda," Nami breathed, her nether regions feeling every inch of their wonderful invader. It pulsed with each beat of her captain's heart, her own walls pushing down on his flesh in time with her pulse. She leaned down the kiss her lover, the motion shoving her erect nipples along Luffy's chest and making his member shift inside her. They groaned into each other's lips, unwilling to separate as Nami finished fully adjusting to the feeling of fullness Luffy's manhood gave her. Following her orders, Luffy fought down the urge to grab Nami's waist or to shift.

Still unsure, Nami shifted her hips again, the motion causing her walls to massage Luffy's member buried inside her and another bolt to shoot up her spine. She shivered at the unfamiliar feelings between her legs.

"Nami?" Luffy breathed. "Can I move yet?" His hands twitched. Nami didn't answer immediately as she moved her hands to rest on her lover's chest and raise herself up. She lifted her hips, Luffy's rod staying still as she moved until only the head remained hidden. She paused there for a moment before dropping her hips. Her back arched, thrusting her breasts outward, and she and Luffy gasped as his manhood reached further into her than before. Nami repeated the action after a second of recovery, each vertical movement closer to the last. Soon, the room was filled with the sound of flesh hitting flesh as Nami continued to bounce on top of her captain's organ, his length glistening with the navigator's natural juices. Pausing and reaching out, she took hold of Luffy's hands and placed them on her chest. Luffy understood the silent cue and began kneading Nami's mounds as she continued raising and lowering her hips.

"Ah, ah, ah!" Nami gasped with each thrust. Luffy's rough, caucused hands rubbed against her hardened nipples, adding another layer of pleasure to her hazy mind. The temperature outside had dropped, the cool air drifting in from under the door causing the couple's heavy breaths to condense in the air. The cold blew over Nami's nipples whenever Luffy shifted his hands, the sudden changes keeping her buds as hard as Luffy's erect tool inside her.

"N-Nami," Luffy stuttered, his eyes screwed shut. "Something's... Something's coming."

Nami stopped suddenly, her hips pressed into Luffy's and his member fully buried in her love canal. While her pulsing walls still felt amazing around his flesh, the loss of continuous friction caused the pressure that had been building within him to subside somewhat. His eyes opened to see that Nami had bent over him.

"Why'd you stop?" he asked, his hands shifting from her breasts to her hips in an attempt to get her moving again.

"Do you remember that feeling?" Nami questioned, glad that Luffy had warned her of his impending orgasm. Even so, she did not move her hips. "Tell me whenever it appears, ok? We can't have you finishing inside me. At least, not until I can ask Chopper for something to prevent any accidents."

"Finishing?" Nami was about to answer Luffy's question, but based on the way his face twisted in understanding, an answer wasn't needed. "Okay."

"Good boy," Nami smirked, rubbing her hands over his chest as she pulled herself off him. He whined at the loss, Nami herself feeling empty now that she had removed his rod. Standing, Nami reached out for Luffy's hand as pulled him to his feet before spinning them around so she was next to the bed. With their positions switched, she laid down on the bed and spread her legs. "Come here."

"Yes!" Luffy's voice hitched in his excitement, the organ between his legs twitching in anticipation. He leaned forward quickly, his hands propping himself up from either side of Nami's head while he focused on how his lower area prodded the space between his lover's legs. Soon finding the right spot, the captain pushed himself into his navigator and relished in the feeling of warmth he had missed for that half-minute they had stopped. Now securely placed, Luffy's hands found their way to Nami's hips before he began thrusting into her.

"Yes. Yes. Yes!" Nami grabbed Luffy's wrists with a vice-like grip, her head thrown back in a moan that hitched with each powerful thrust. Her words were music to Luffy's ears, but his eyes were locked onto the swaying forms below his lover's collarbone. Her small nipples, fully exposed to the cool draft of the Skypian air, remained erected as they and the orbs they were attached to bounced each time he forced himself inside her. "Harder, Luffy!" she ordered. "Pound me harder!"

Not one to disappoint, Luffy trusted his instincts and released her hips. In the moment his hip motions paused, himself fully sheathed within her, his left hand pulled her right leg to his shoulder while his right hand made its way to her breasts. Luffy renewed his thrusts, his left arm holding her leg now preventing most of the give the mattress had offered. The result was just want Nami had asked for, each thrust pounding her with such force that she thought for a second that she would pass out. She almost did when Luffy's free hand grabbed her breast, kneading it with more force than previously. She mewled happily, her eyes swimming in and out of focus.

"Don't stop!" the navigator ordered through her gasping breaths. The movement of his hands had made her release his wrists from her grip, so now it was the sheets by her hair that her white-knuckled fists clung to. "Don't stop! I'm so close!"

Luffy was panting, sweat running down his body in great droplets and his breath forming small clouds in the chilly air. He, too, was getting close, but Nami didn't want him to stop, so he wouldn't. The body of the orange-haired woman glistened in the candlelight as he continued to drive himself into her with unbridled passion.

"Yes! Yes! Oh yes! Oh sweet Goda! Right there, Luffy! Right there! OH!" Nami threw her head back in a silent scream that resolved itself into a louder, throatier moan than any from before. Her walls clamped down on Luffy's organ, preventing him from moving either deeper in or even an inch outward. Her depths pulsed, trying their best to break Luffy's will to hold back the boiling pressure within his own loins, but Luffy's willpower was not to be broken so easily for, as soon as Nami's walls relaxed, the raven-haired captain pulled himself from his navigator's nether regions and exploded over her chest and stomach.

Stream after stream of hot seed rained down on the panting woman, some of the sticky substance even reaching her lips where her tongue lapped up enough for a taste. She seemed to like it because, after a second to catch her breath, she used her fingers to scoop up the rest of the liquid into her waiting mouth. Luffy stared at her, mouth agape, both confused and horribly aroused. His member, which had gone soft in the wake of his finish, now started to grow again as he watched Nami push her breasts toward her mouth to lick away the salty residue from her own nipples.

Having cleaned herself, Nami turned her attention back to Luffy to see him ready for another round, if not mentally then certainly physically. Considering his monstrous stamina, Nami considered herself not surprised and, in a perverse way, extremely lucky. Still breathless from the last round, she forced herself to roll onto her stomach and pushed herself to all fours, giving her captain an unobstructed view of her beautiful rear. When nothing happened immediately, Nami glanced back to see Luffy's eyes locked on her shapely behind.

"Come on, Captain," she teased, shaking her hips lightly. "I can tell you want more."

The spell broken, Luffy all but rushed forward, his hands holding her hips still as he penetrated her once more. Nami moaned at the intrusion, more sensitive now after her orgasm. The captain didn't waste any time before getting into a steady rhythm, each powerful thrust making the flesh of the navigator's rear giggle. Unconsciously, Nami began meeting his thrusts with her own backwards movement, forcing Luffy's member that much further within her. Her nipples, still erect from a mixture of her arousal and the temperature of the air, rubbed across the soft fabric beneath her as her breasts swung from her rocking. This friction added yet another layer of pleasure to her already hazy mind and, somewhere in her jumbled thoughts, she hoped Luffy had enough presence of mind to pull out before his second end.

On the outside, however, there was no sign of cohesive thought as the two continued to revel in their lovemaking. The adrenaline of their actions made Nami's limbs weak, her arms giving out to let her head fall to the mattress. Luffy's hold on her waist was the only thing preventing her hips from succumbing to gravity as well, but the slight change in angle caused Luffy's member to slide along inside her with a little more friction, hitting her most sensitive point. Nami bit the blankets, her sounds of pleasure, even muffled, now louder than they had been before. The heightened sensitivity of her body forced Nami into her second orgasm in less time than the first.

Where Nami had reached her second, Luffy was nowhere near his next orgasm. Her walls convulsing around Luffy's rod, the captain pushing through to keep pounding her. The continuous friction extended the navigator's pleasure, causing her to let out one long "Yeeeesssss."

She twitched, her body becoming limp as she lost control. Luffy only thrusted a few times before he realized her state, pulling out and laying her down on the bed. He rolled her over, Nami's unfocused eyes the only way he could tell she hadn't passed out.

"Why'd you stop?" Nami slurred as if she had been drinking. From how slowly her mind registered anything other than the emptiness between her legs, she might as well have been. "I didn't say you could stop."

"You weren't moving," Luffy replied. "I didn't know if you were ok."

Having finally been given a little time to come down from her euphoric high, the fog in Nami's mind began to clear. She gave her head a little shake, removing any cobwebs that might have been left. Now able to think properly, the navigator turned her attention to her concerned boyfriend.

"Thank you, Luffy. I needed that break." Her eyes slid down his body, coming to rest where he was still standing at attention. It shone with a layer of her orgasmic juices, flickering light bouncing off its wet flesh. Licking her lips, Nami slid off the bed and kneeled in front of her captain. She paused for only a moment, taking in a deep breath that carried a plethora of scents: vague hints of the ocean-like clouds outside, the subtle, feminine smell of the girls' room, sweat from both herself and Luffy. But the strongest scent of all, the one that had her so excited, was the musty aroma of Luffy's member overlayed with remnants of her own nectar. She smirked. "I owe you another thank you."

"You don't have t-OH!" Luffy's words fell into a moan as he watched Nami extend her tongue and run it up his member, taking in the salty residues there. She reached the tip and swirled her tongue around the head, making Luffy sigh happily. Looking up at Luffy with her chocolate eyes, Nami kissed the tip before taking the organ into her mouth again. The tastes were stronger inside her mouth, invading every one of her taste buds.

"Nami," Luffy groaned, his hands resting on either side of her head. They gripped her hair as she slid down his rod, just managing to take the whole thing. She'd known it was bigger than average, but she couldn't believe it had actually fit inside her. Nami slid back, slowly rocking her head over her lover's tool.

She wasn't prepared for when Luffy's impatience finally acted out, making Luffy grab both sides of her head and thrust into her mouth.

Her hands shot up to his legs as if in an attempt to slow him down, but she knew his strength far exceeded her own and, if she were being honest, the way Luffy began to use her mouth and throat to pleasure himself caused her loins to dampen. Still, she couldn't say anything with her mouth full, so she turned her wide eyes to Luffy's face. He couldn't see her, his head thrown back as he enjoyed the feelings his member was sending to his mind. Nami allowed this for a minute or so before grabbing his hands, her touch causing Luffy to realize what he had been doing.

"I'm sorry!" he all but squeaked, releasing her.

"It's fine," Nami responded with a small cough. "I actually liked it. Just warn me next time." Her smile, which had been soft and forgiving, grew feral. "Now get back on that bed."

"Yes, ma'am!" Luffy hurried to the bed and laid down on the mattress. Nami straddled his waist, inserting his member inside her again without preamble. Luffy's hands reached for Nami's hips, but she stopped him.

"Sit up," she ordered. Luffy did, aided by his artificial flexibility, so his chest and Nami's were squished between them, her still-hard nipples rubbing against his defined pectoral muscles. The navigator moaned into her captain's mouth as their lips met once more. His hands, rather than settling on her hips, found their way under Nami's rear. Gripping the plump flesh there, Luffy used his strength to bodily lift his lover before dropping her. Gravity impaled Nami on Luffy's rod, driving it into her deepest parts.

The young woman threw her head back, the arch in her back forcing her sizable breasts up toward Luffy's face. He did not let the moment pass, grabbing her right bud with his mouth and letting his tongue do the work. Even as Nami registered this action of his, Luffy lifted and dropped her on his member again. A curse forced its way from her mouth, the naughty word quickly followed by "ah, ah, ah!" as Luffy's movements sped up.

Flesh smacked against flesh as Nami's rear was dropped on her captain's thighs again and again. His member, sheathed in her warmth repeatedly, rubbed against the smooth walls of her insides in a way that the orange-haired girl couldn't explain. The erect tool stretched her with each thrust, its head kissing her cervix each time, and Nami played with the thought of forcing him to finish inside. Despite the voice in her mind telling her to just let him, Nami threw that thought away. As good as it would feel, she didn't want to take the risk.

Anyhow, she had more pressing matters. Immediately, this included the third orgasm speeding toward her. With Luffy's whole length inside her and feeling the control he had over her at the moment, the two combined with her arousal to send her insides aflame. The final push was when Luffy accidentally shifted her back, making his next thrust scrape along the front side of her walls and impact that one area he needed to.

Nami arched with one long moan, her insides pulsing and quivering around the rod buried inside her. Her breaths, hard and heavy in a way that made her breasts rise and fall enticingly, formed miniature clouds in the cold air. Luffy hadn't moved, his erect tool still putting pressure on the cluster of nerves that had caused Nami's current state, but he needed to move if he was to avoid having his second finish inside his lover, no matter what that tiny voice in his head tried to tell him to do.

Moving as quickly as he could in order to beat his crumbling resistance, Luffy stood with Nami in his hands and tried to lower her feet to the floor. Once they touched down, he pulled himself out of her. Nami, unprepared for the sudden shift after her orgasm, didn't have time to put her weight on her legs before they gave out below her. She fell to her knees, her face only inches from Luffy's manhood when he gave a final moan and released his seed all over her.

Strings of hot, white liquid fell over Nami's face and chest, some of it getting into her hair. She opened her mouth after the second shot, catching most of the third while the fourth and fifth landed on the orbs of her chest. Luffy panted heavily, his sixth shot considerably smaller than the others being a testament to the end. He sat on the edge of the bed after finishing and opened his eyes to see Nami kneeling in front of him, covered in his seed. The image of his girlfriend, not only showered in his product but also licking it up with a lusty smile, threatened to wake his fires of passion again. Luckily, if one considered it lucky, Luffy was all out of steam and his member was down for the count.

Having cleaned herself up as best she could, Nami crawled to the bed and gave her lover a soft, sweet kiss, pouring her emotions into it. Luffy returned the kiss in kind, the two curling up on the bed and quickly succumbing to the land of dreams.


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