Bucket List #17

The Tangerine Trees

While most of the Straw Hat crew that found themselves on the island called Little East Blue had wandered off on their own little adventures, Nami decided she and her new husband would celebrate home-like soil with a less word-filled mindset. Snagging him from the island's giant windmill, Nami couldn't hide her grin as she began dragging him toward the tangerine trees from her home of Cocoyashi, her Clima-Tact in her other hand.

"Hey, Nami?" Luffy asked, finally getting his feet back under him. "Where are we going?"

"To the orchard," the navigator answered quickly, pulling him up so she could whisper in his ear. "I've always wanted to try something while hidden in an orchard of tangerines. The thought that someone might catch us, the sun shining down, the beautiful smell of fresh citrus..." She trailed off. "Would you care to help me?" Her lips rose to graze her captain's jawline as her hands tried to claim his cooperation.

Luffy shifted, his eyes catching sight of some locals throwing them smiles or winks. "Outside?" he whispered. "Are you sure?"

"Of course I'm sure," the navigator responded, intertwining her fingers with his as she pressed her lips into his in a sweet, tantalizing kiss.

"Shouldn't we get permission or something?" Luffy blushed.

"Permission?" Nami laughed. "We're pirates! Come on!" She pulled him along, Luffy stumbling after her with a dopey grin.

The population shrunk as the pirate couple came closer to their destination. Pretty soon, the only other person around was a woman with purple hair, but she didn't notice their approach. With her back to them, the woman straightened from repotting some saplings, wiping sweat from her brow. She started to turn, Nami dragging Luffy behind a thick tree nearby.

The purple-haired woman paused, eyeing the trees she had cared for for all her life, but there was nothing out of place. With a dismissive shrug, the woman set out, moving into the distance.

Nami smirked at the departing woman before taking Luffy's hand and pulling him deeper into the orchard. Within a minute, their world was naught but tangerines, faint paths, and each other. Luffy held that dopey grin that melted Nami's heart and, at the moment, awoke other feelings she planned on indulging.

"Oh Luffy~!" the navigator sang, pushing her husband against a tree and forcing his cardigan open. She pressed her body against his, feeling his muscles stiffen in more places than one as her lips traveled to a special spot in the curve of his neck. Luffy's breath hitched as Nami's actions left him more powerless than Sea Prism Stone. Her breasts rubbed against his chest through her clothing, her hands drifting across his defined muscles.

"Come on, Luffy," she breathed into his ear, the captain shivering. "Show me who's in charge. Me or you?"

"So that's how you want to play," Luffy smirked, reaching around to grab his wife's ass. The action pressed her further into his torso, the woman moaning at the force. With little warning, Luffy spun them around so it was Nami pressed into the tree. The bark rubbed against her as Luffy's hands drifted, pushing her shirt out of the way to free her hardening nipples. His hands holding her in place, Luffy shifted to take her lips with his own.

He moaned as her hands made themselves useful, one tangling itself in his raven-colored hair while the other started rubbing life into the tool hidden within his pants.

"N-Nami," he shuddered under her grip, despite him being on the outside. Not wanting to fall behind, Luffy repaid the action, one hand sliding down her hip and past the hem of her shorts. His fingers came into contact with something slick, his wife shaking against him.

"Fuck, I need you," she hissed as his fingers got to work, her shaking hands trying to remove both her garments and Luffy's. She was moderately successful, pulling her husband's member free before her breath hitched as he began attacking her insides with his fingers. Her hips started thrusting without consent, trying to force him deeper. "Y-You're so mean."

"You love it when I'm mean," he responded, her hand trying to maintain a steady pace along his shaft. Finally kicking her pants away, Nami wrapped her legs around Luffy's waist as best she could, hoping he'd get the hint.

He did, pulling his wet fingers from her as she lined him up. Within seconds, she felt his rod pushing itself deep inside her, stretching her walls.

"Oh shit! Yes! Fuck me!"

"Shhh," Luffy insisted with a kiss. "We don't wanna get caught, do we? They'll kick us out before we can get any meat."

She bit the crook of his neck to keep from crying out, his hips speeding up as his drilled her. Her arms clung to him, one in his hair and the other's nails raking his back. His hands found their own spots, his left supporting Nami from below while his right braced them against the tree.

"Ah! Ah! Ah!" the woman grunted, the friction of the tree's bark on her back keeping her in place as Luffy's chest rubbed her hard nipples against his skin.

"Hello?" a woman's voice called from somewhere beyond the trees. "Is someone there?"

"Shit!" Nami hissed, her legs locking Luffy in place deep within her as they froze. "Quick, Luffy. Give me my Clima-Tact."

Nami secure pressed between him and the tree, the pirate captain reached toward her discarded clothing, grabbing her weapon of choice. The navigator swung it over them, not a moment too soon as the purple-haired woman from before stepped into their immediate area.

"Hello?" she asked again, her eyes scanning the trees around her, even drifting over the couple. Luffy couldn't move, holding his breath even as the fear made him impossibly harder within the grasping depths of his wife. Nami's walls clenched and relaxed around him with every quiet breath, threatening to make them both lose their cool. "Anyone there?"

"What did you do?" Luffy whispered into Nami's ear as the orchard's owner turned around in her search. His arms flexed, grinding his hips into his lover's unconsciously. She tensed, her body shuddering as the fear and arousal mixed into a mini orgasm, her juices running over Luffy's length

"Mmmm," Nami hummed, panting as quietly as she could. "Mirage. She... She can't see us."

They watched, locked at the hips, Nami biting Luffy's shoulder as hard as she could, as the woman drifted away, finally convincing herself she was imagining it.

"Shit, that was close," Luffy muttered while Nami moaned, "Fuck that was hot." Surprised, they locked eyes before leaning in, a fiery kiss reigniting their lust.

Nami might have reached her first end, but Luffy still had a little way to go before his finish. Still, if Nami liked the thought of getting caught, maybe he should make it harder for her to contain herself? He shifted, pulling himself from both her grasp and her lower lips, leaving himself shivering at the lack of warm and his wife feeling suddenly empty.

"What are you doing?" she hissed before he grabbed her hair, forcing her to turn around so her face and chest were pressed into the tree while her ass stuck out toward him. Luffy couldn't resist, spanking her once to make her cry out before shoving himself back inside her. "You i-idiot," she stuttered, both angry and so heavily turned on.

Pounding her without mercy, the hand Luffy had free slid its way up her side until it reached her breasts, teasing and pitching the closest nipple as Nami's head was pulled back by his other hand.

"Shit, shit, fuck, oh Goda," she panted with every thrust, his cock driving her wild. "Yes, right there. Don't stop. Don't you dare fucking stop."

"Nami," Luffy groaned, leaning in so his chest was pressed against her back. His hand directed her head, opening her shoulder and neck to the flurry of loving, lustful kisses Luffy showered on them. His breath, the fiery tingles left in his lips' wake, the way he moaned her name every so often when she shuddered, his lower head and his lips hitting just the right spots at just the right times. "Fuck, Nami."

It wasn't wild fucking and it was far from gentle lovemaking, but it was fast and powerful and passionate and risky. His lips shifted from her ear, his hand forcing her to lock lips with him in a desperate battle between the need for air and the need of each other. The sweat of their bodies mixed, juices running down their legs with reckless abandon as they indulged in their most basic instincts.

"I know I heard something," the voice from before commented. Nami barely renewed the mirage hiding them, the woman stepping into their line of sight once more.

"Oh shi-!" Luffy cut her off, his hand moving from her tit to cover her mouth. She moaned into his fingers while he slowed down, continuing to pump into her soundlessly.

"There it is again," the woman muttered, her gaze landing on the 'empty' space by one of the trees. Even if she couldn't see, Nami knew the woman was watching them. Any number of things could go wrong and she would know. Know that they were screwing in her orchard, defiling the trees of her home village with their passionate pirate love.

"Mmpppppffffff!" Luffy's hand thankfully muffled her exclamation as her eyes crossed and she lost control.

The sensory was too much all at once. The woman's oblivious gaze, the rough bark of the tree, Luffy's strong arms around her and his steel-like dick buried inside her all combined into a mind-shattering orgasm. She shook violently in his hold, her pussy massaging his rod with a desperate need to milk him of his life-making liquid.

Luffy couldn't move. Between the purple-haired woman unknowingly watching and the trembling form of his over-the-edge wife, the only thing Luffy could do was renew his hold of her screaming mouth and push into her as far as he could before losing it.

And lose it he did. With a groan suppressed by only his unwavering willpower, Luffy spilled his seed. Rope after rope of the pirate's white liquid sprayed into his wife's womb, the hot jets restarting her muffled cries as both spouses shook, threatening to fall over.

The woman unknowingly watching shook her head. "I'm hearing things," she told herself. "The mayor said I shouldn't spend so much time alone in here. And to stop talking to myself." Grabbing her tools, the woman left, the hidden couple finally finishing their mutual orgasms. Slowly, Luffy peeled his hand from Nami's mouth.

"Holy fucking Hell," she cursed as soon as he woman was out of earshot. "I never thought... I... Oh my Goda."

"Yeah," Luffy agreed, inasmuch as he could understand what just happened through the haze of adrenaline that had stolen most of his mind. "Yeah."

Slowly, the couple detached, robotically collecting their things and putting their clothes back on. Nami could feel Luffy's presence inside her as she moved and Godadamn did it make her want to go another round, but they didn't have time. They were pushing it as is.

"Come on, Luffy," the navigator smiled, taking his hand and leading him away the same way she had led him there. "Let's go so we can get some kind of alibi."

"We aren't doing this again, are we?" Not even Luffy was sure if his voice sounded disappointed or hopeful.

"We aren't going to do this on the deck of the Sunny or anything," she responded. "At least, not with anyone else on the ship."

She couldn't hold back her laughter at Luffy's gobsmacked expression, despite having been joking. This was suspenseful and exciting enough. They weren't ready to risk it again.



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