Ready on Deck

(Takes place after Strong World.)

"Why do I have to guard the Sunny?" Luffy whined, his pleading eyes watching as his crewmates readied themselves to go explore the peaceful island they'd landed on. It was inhabited by a town nearly big enough to be a city, the locals calling it Cattatonia. "I'm the captain! I should be able to just tell someone to do it for me!"

"On any other crew, maybe," Merry laughed, swinging her legs from where she sat on Franky's shoulder.

"You drew the short straw," Amy added, already making her way to the latter. "Besides, you pushed it off on Grace the last time you drew the Red straw. You're not getting out of it again."

"Coby?" Luffy pleaded.

"Sorry, Captain," the pink-haired Zoan shrugged. "I'm exempt since I guarded the ship last time we had a stop like this."

"Don't worry, Luffy," Franky grinned with a thumbs up. "We'll super bring you back some food and souvenirs."

Sensing that he was getting nowhere with his regular crewmates, Luffy turned his attention on the one he valued in a different light.


"Sorry, Luffy," his wife grinned, shaking her head as she shouldered a purse. "I promise, guarding the ship won't be as bad as you're making it out to be. I'm sure some bounty hunters will attack or some hotheaded thief will think we're easy targets. Maybe you could try to get that Haki stuff working, too? Just keep everything safe for us, ok?"

Her manipulation coming as easy as she breathed, Luffy nodded to her reasoning, a gleam in his eye. The captain sated for the moment, the crew departed in groups of twos or threes.

One pair, however, barely lasted past the first building, an inevitability Nami had planned for.

Turning around to find that Zoro had, as expected, vanished from right behind her as soon as they were out of sight of the rest of their crewmates, the navigator grinned. Casting her eyes about in a quick search of clues for where the money flowed, the orange-haired thief quickly found a store selling specific garments, stepped inside, and make a purchase after several minutes.

"Thank you for your patronage!" the woman behind the counter called as the pirate left the store, said pirate immediately slinking into the shadows to hide her new clothing - or lack thereof - while setting a path back toward the docks. What she had worn before was now tucked into her purse. She grinned as she drew closer, her husband's annoyed sounds emanating from their ship.

"Grrrrr, dammit! I've gotten that Haki stuff to work before like against Shiki, so why won't it show up now?"

"All riled up," Nami muttered to herself while licking her lips and ascending the latter. She could feel the eyes of some local dockworkers on her ass, but she didn't care. They could look all they wanted; they weren't getting anything from her and it made her feel sexy. "Perfect. Oh, Luffy~!"

"Nami?!" The rubber-man jumped from where he had been sitting on the grass deck. His head on a swivel, the pirate captain turned to try to find the source of the voice, though his minimal searching did not find where she had ducked just below the edge of the deck. "Nami? Are you there? I'm not hearing things, am I? Oh, it's the bounty hunters, I bet!"

Deciding that she'd messed with him enough, that they were on an uncertain time crunch, and feeling quite impatient herself, Nami raised one slender arm to make herself known before climbing the rest of the way onto the deck.

"It is you, Nami!" Luffy grinned, bouncing over to the navigator. He swept her into his arms, holding her close, though his brows furrowed. "Why are you back so soon? Did something happen?"

"No, Luffy. Everything's fine." She pulled away from his loose hold, striking a pose with her arms over her head to accentuate her chest. "More importantly, I wanted to hear your opinion on my new clothes."

Luffy swallowed, noticing a distinct tightening in his shorts. Nami certainly didn't blame him for his loss of words. She knew she looked good, showing off a new bikini that was horizontally striped with solid colors. The pattern showed off where her curves made the straight lines, well, curve, emphasizing her beauty.

"So..." she prompted. "How do I look?"

"Amazing," Luffy grinned, a nearly-unnoticeable hint of pink in his cheeks. The captain hid his blush with a widening smile, stepping forward to plant a kiss on his wife's cheek. "Though that's because you're in it. Not because of the suit."

"You've been taking lessons from Robin on how to say all the right things," Nami accused, the edges of her mouth bending into an uncontrollable smile. "Whatever you're doing, it's working."

Deciding she'd mentally played with him enough, Nami dropped her purse stepped closer to her spouse, pressing her considerable bust against his broad chest.

"I know it looks good on me, but why don't you help me take it off?"

"Here?" Luffy questioned, his voice going up an octave. Yes, they'd discussed the possibility of a scenario like this, with them alone on the empty deck of the Thousand Sunny, but they'd only had one major adventure since they tossed the idea into the open on Little East Blue. "Now?"

"Yes, here and now," Nami purred, a stirring inside her awakening as she felt his toned body against hers. Her hand dropped, rubbing against the bulge in his shorts. "I'm feeling hungry and with everyone out in the city, I'd say we have about two hours before any of them come back. And I can tell you want this, too."

"Nami..." Luffy groaned, his hands coming to rest on her hips. He leaned in, kissing her as if the world depended on it. She returned the gesture, pouring her lust and need into the action. The force behind it pushed Luffy backward until he bumped against the mast. Nami's hands continued to tease him, feeling his hardening length in the confines of his pants. His own hands shifted from her hips to her ass, inciting a moan from her.

"Mmmm." The sound broke their kiss, Nami's hands coming up to unbutton Luffy's cardigan and shove it over his shoulders, the red fabric crumbling to the grass at their feet. With more of his skin exposed, Nami started planting lovebites down his jaw and neck. She paused at his chest, leaving a dark hicky on his pectoral before working her way lower with more kisses until she was on her knees, Luffy's defined abs in her face. Her hands rubbed against his legs, her big brown eyes staring up at him while shining with mischief.

"Nami, please," Luffy begged, already knowing that she might choose to leave now if he isn't careful. Franky had told him that was called getting blue-balled, but whatever it was, he didn't like it when it happened to him. When Nami got on her knees, she was in charge, and he knew it. "Please."

"You're learning," his wife smirked, reaching toward the hem of his shorts. "Now, it's time for the real fun to begin."

Following through, Nami freed her husband's erection from his pants, the proud member standing tall for her. She grinned like a cat that got the canary and framed the dog, trailing her tongue from the base all the way to the tip.

Luffy shuddered, his heart pounding from all the stimulus. The fear of risking this outside when he could still clearly hear people on the docks below was one thing; it was certainly less risky than their time in the tangerine grove on Kansorn Island. There, the only risk was people they didn't really know, but the idea that any of their crewmates could return to see them, causing memories that could affect them all, was both mortifying and arousing. This was only compounded by the image he saw below, that of his sexy wife in her new bikini showing off her perfect body as she licked him. One of her hands played with his family jewels while the other dipped down, sliding under the thin material leaking moisture between her legs.

"Now that's more like it," the navigator grinned, taking his swollen head into her mouth and sucking to create a vacuum. Luffy couldn't stop the moan that escaped him as she did that thing with her tongue, running it over the hidden nerves that had made him cum instantly when she first found them so long ago. Luffy's dick twitched as his hands squeezed the mast, trying not to cum just yet despite the heat and the sensations and the fear and the pure want he felt. No matter how good it felt, he could not give in after they just started!

"Hold on a little longer, Luffy," Nami teased as she released his dick with a pop, stroking his cock slowly so his climax receded. "I'm not done playing with you're delicious cock just yet."

As if to immediately remedy that affront to the natural order, Nami wrapped her lips around her captain's cock and swallowed, nearly hours of practice now causing the action to happen instinctively. She gagged only a little as she relished the lack of oxygen, the head of Luffy's hard dick being squeezed by the muscles in her throat as they pulsed around him.

"Oh fuck," Luffy moaned, all his weight leaning on the mast as the blowjob turned his legs to jelly. "Nami, how-?"

She didn't answer him, her mouth full of the meat she was craving. Her head bobbed, diving the cock back down her throat each time, while her eyes watched Luffy's face. The expressions he made while trying to stave off what would be the first orgasm of many filled her with a sense of pride knowing that where powerful enemies could never make Luffy flinch, she could push him to the limits of his willpower.

"Nami, I can't... hold on," Luffy panted, his dick twitching in her mouth. Nami felt it, too, forcing her grin down as she renewed her efforts, wanting her husband's cum in her throat.

She got what she wanted, Luffy grabbing the back of her head by instinct and forcing his cock farther down her throat before, with a heavy moan, letting go. A torrent of cum erupted from him, pouring down Nami's esophagus and into her waiting stomach. It was so hot, figuratively and literally, warming her to the core.

They stayed there for nearly a minute until Luffy finished his orgasm, his hands releasing his wife's head. Slowly, she pulled back, cleaning each inch of his cock as she did so until it was free. She smirked, showing Luffy all cum she'd gotten in her mouth before swallowing it all and licking her lips.

"All that pineapple we've been ordering from Sanji is starting to pay off," she told him, licking her lips. She stood, turning away to walk toward the secondary mast, the one with a bench at it's base. She turned slightly, making sure that Luffy's eyes were on the unmistakable sway of her hips and the trail of clear liquid running down her legs. "I think it's time you return the favor, Luffy."

"Yes, ma'am!" the captain grinned, tossing his hat back to hang from his neck as he ran to catch up to his lover. Being faster, Luffy got there in a matter of moments, wrapping his arms around her waist and spinning her in a show of affection.


The other pirate did not answer, though he did set her back down and plant a sensual kiss on her curve of her neck where he knew she liked it. Nami moaned, leaning into his touch for only a second before breaking away. She turned, sitting on the bench and spreading her legs.

"Oh Captain my Captain, come show me what you've been working on behind my back."

"I haven't," Luffy tried to lie, the words coming out far too quietly.

"Don't keep me waiting! Show me what you can do with that rubber tongue."

Luffy fell to his knees between her legs, looking up into her eyes as their roles reversed. She gave him a sultry grin as she pulled her top up, releasing her breasts to the open air. One hand slid down her body before jumping to him, ruffling Luffy's raven hair. Her other hand rose to her her chest, pinching her hardening nipple.

Having wasted enough time, Luffy reached forward to pull Nami's bikini bottoms off, sliding them down her smooth legs slowly and revealing her dripping pussy. He took a deep breath, muttering a silent thank you for his life, before digging in like a starving man. Nami mewled as his dexterous muscle invaded her, his hands still rubbing her legs.

"Luffy~!" she moaned, her fingers grabbing his hair while trying to push him deeper. Like many things, what Luffy lacked in technique he made up for with enthusiasm, his tongue flicking inside her as he ate her out. Through trial and a short time, Luffy identified the places that made Nami moan louder, focusing his efforts there until she was bucking her hips.

He looked up, finding her staring at him, that lust smoldering in her chocolate eyes. Making eye contact, the navigator bit her lips, silently begging for more.

Well, Luffy did have one trick up his sleeve that he'd been working on. It wasn't useful for any form of combat and likely wouldn't be for a long time, but expanding parts of himself wasn't all that hard.

"Muscle Balloon," Luffy whispered, biting his tongue and blowing air into it.

Nami blinked at his words, confused only for a moment before she felt the effects, Luffy's tongue expanding inside her pussy.

"Goda yes!" she cried, both of her hands now directing her husband's head as if he were a toy. The captain didn't seem to mind too much, however, still exploring the deepest reaches of her canal. "Oh! Oh fuck yes! Right there! Right there rightthererightthere YESSSS!" Nami's back arched as she reached her first climax, Luffy's wiggling tongue extending the duration of her pleasure as she screamed. Sounds from the dock below stuttered, her voice apparently having been heard.

Luffy pulled out slowly, the air draining from his tongue as he did so, leaving Nami panting.

"That was amazing," she muttered with unfocused eyes, only to see that Luffy was at full mast once again. Not one to let such an opportunity to to waste, Nami got her breathing under control and rolled over into her hands and knees, shaking her ass. "Come on, Luffy. I know you want to."

Luffy's eyes narrowed, a growl coming from his throat at the teasing. Nami had made it clear that when he was the one moving, he was the one in charge, and that was the way they both liked it.

SMACK! Luffy's palm spanked Nami's exposed ass, making her cheek ripple as she let out a lout, throaty moan for the pain. Knowing she liked it, Luffy followed through twice more before lining himself up and getting started on the main course.

Nami sighed happily as she felt him enter her deepest parts, finally getting that thing she'd been dreaming of for the past few days but never found a good chance to get. She threw her head back as she moved to meet his thrusts, pushing him that much deeper with each movement.

"Nami~" Luffy moaned, hearing her name in such a sensual manner almost triggering a mini orgasm then and there. She knew she loved Luffy, but the sheer, carnal desire he could put into just saying her name was a whole different level of attraction that could only ever end with their current actions. Noticing that she wasn't focusing, Luffy spanked her again, getting a yelp out of his wife.

"Aah~! Yes! Uuh~!" the navigator cried to everyone who could hear, the lewd sounds of their lovemaking for them only. Luffy sped up at her sounds, urged on by his own desires. "More, Luffy! Give me more! Fuck me harder!"

"As if I wouldn't!" Grabbing the straps of her bikini, Luffy pulled, now in control of how far Nami could lean forward. He used this to his own advantage, pulling her back with each of his own thrusts to drive his cock just a little deeper, to scrape against that spot he knew to be there from personal experience.

"Oh! Oh fuck yes! Just like that! Ugh! Fuck me like I'm your personal pirate whore, Captain!"

"That's right," Luffy grunted, knowing exactly what she wanted to hear in this situation. "You're mine! Mine and no one else's! Your tight pussy is just for me!"

"Only for you, Luffy!" Nami's back arched as she came, her walls squeezing like a vice around her husband's cock. Her entire body trembled as the full force of her orgasm tore through her, her eyes going crossed and her breathing ragged. Luffy's left hand slid up her back, grabbing her shoulder in a grip that was gentle but firm. He pulled her up while leaning down so his broad chest met her back halfway.

"I hope you aren't ready to stop yet," he purred into her ear, his other hand flicking her clit before trailing up her stomach only to settle on her tits. Nami shivered with anticipation.

"What are you going to do to me?" she whispered, biting her lip as she ground her ass into his pelvis, his cock still buried inside her.

"Ride me like a good little pirate and I'll show you, Na~mi~"

She shivered again, Luffy pulling away. The absence of his cock inside her left Nami feeling empty, the woman quickly turning to see her captain sitting on the bench, his dick covered in her orgasmic fluids while standing tall.

"Oh Goda, yes." The Cat Burglar crawled over to Luffy, straddling his hips. Hungry, Nami grabbed her husband's face and planted a searing kiss on his lips, impaling herself on his organ at the same time. "Fuuuuck."

"Nami, how are you..." Luffy threw his head back before he could finish, his wife beginning to bounce on his lap. His hands latched onto her ass, helping her ride him. The navigator let out a throaty moan as her captain's hard cock scrapped along her walls.

"Oh Luffy~" she teased. "I thought you said you were going to show me something."

"Oh, right." In all honesty, Luffy had totally forgotten in lieu of watching Nami's tits bounce and jiggle in his face. "I hope you're ready for this. Forth Gear: Snake."

"What's that supposed to- OH FUCK! MMMMM~!" Nami's question was answered as Luffy once again blew air into his tongue. Rather than staying there like before, however, the air shifted, moving downward through his body until it reached the organ between his legs. Nami moaned as the dick inside her expanded, lengthening until it was crushing her womb and widening until there was nowhere for it to go. He was, almost literally, molding her pussy into the shape of his cock.

"So?" Luffy questioned, a self-satisfied smirk settling into bedroom eyes as he lips latched onto one of her nipples. Nami hummed, shifting until she could whisper into his ear.

"Fucking ruin the thought other men," she begged, grinding down on him. "Make it so you're the only one I could ever think about. Pound me with that big cock of yours until you fill me up with your hot cum, Dar~ling."

Luffy needed no more instruction, taking hold of his wife's hips to start forcing her to ride him. Her gasps and moans echoed over the deck with the slap, slap of their skin meeting over and over. Nami's hands settled on Luffy's chest and shoulder, silently begging for more. His expanded cock tried to slow them down as the friction built, but Nami's pure arousal created so much natural lubricant that countered most of the resistant. Drops of it splashed on their legs and on the bench as Luffy repeatedly filled her over and over. The captain nibbled on her nipples, giving each the attention they deserved as she continued to scream in pleasure.


"Nami, I-"

"Don't you dare pull out, Luffy! Fill me up!"

"Fuck!" Driving her hips into his, Luffy threw his hand back and let go, blasting his second, larger load inside her. Nami collapsed on top of him, another word-shattering orgasm making her eyes cross as she felt his cum full her to the brim.

The two panted, resting in their afterglow as little drops of Luffy's cum leaked from where they were still connected.

"That," Nami breathed, "might be the hottest sex we've ever had."

Luffy did not respond, simply pulling her in for a passionate kiss.

Little did the couple know, but there was an eyewitness to their activities, a loan eye dispersing into a pair of flower petals on the railing.

And far away, leaning against a wall in a dark alleyway, Robin moaned to herself, committing what she had seen to memory for... later review.


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