Note: I do not own these characters except for the ones I've made up who were never on the show. I've had this FanFic for Covert Affairs drafted and then left alone for a long time. Recent events in England have inspired me to pick it back up and flesh it out more. I hope you enjoy, let me know what you think.

Chapter 1

Setting: SEASON 3, circa 2012. Lena Smith shot Annie Walker and Simon Fischer the day before this scene.

Arthur is Director of the National Clandestine Service

Joan is Head of the Domestic Protection Division

Ryan's company is fairly new on the scene, but McQuaid Securities is making their way with mostly private clients and a few small government contracts. He's trying to go BIG, but landing large multi-million dollar contracts has not been easy since he's young, competing with more established firms and perceived by some as inexperienced.

Ryan McQuaid had just made the round-trip from D.C. to the U.K. to deliver his "package". Although exhausted, he spent less than an hour napping while his plane refueled on a small airstrip at the southeastern shore of England. He could use a shave, a hot shower and fresh clothes, but he needed to pass along time sensitive intel and he could only do it in person. He did not, nor could he leave an electronic trail or log of phone calls, so he drove straight to the home of Arthur Campbell, a fellow Navy man and former instructor of Ryan's at the Naval Academy. It was very early, but he knew his old mentor would be leaving for work before the usual D.C. workforce, so he parked outside his home and waited with a large cup of black coffee from poorly roasted beans, what he deserved for buying coffee from a gas station.

When Arthur pulled out of his driveway, Ryan followed his car. Arthur was at a light a few blocks from his home when Ryan drove his car right next to Arthur's car, honked and motioned for him to follow him. Ryan led Arthur to a community park he knew had no cameras.

"Sir," said Ryan as they men exited their cars.

"Ryan, no need for that," said Campbell.

"Old habits," said Ryan before taking in their surroundings.

It was early, the crack of dawn, but there was still a group of runners out. Probably a club or something. Ryan also noted a lone runner with a dog. Arthur, despite not being in the field for years, noted Ryan was checking the surroundings.

"Been a while, how are you and Joan?"

"We're both hanging in there and I see your business has been growing," said Arthur.

"I want to build something I'm proud of, something that makes a difference for this country, but it's been slow going, sometimes I wonder if leaving the Navy was the right path, but I manage to talk myself out of looking back," said Ryan.

"You'll find your way, you always land on two feet. Listen, we've got a lot going down at the office right now and I take it this isn't a social call," said Arthur looking at his watch.

"I have some sensitive intel for you, but I can't tell you why I have it or how I got it, my name needs to stay out of this," said Ryan.

Arthur's eyes narrowed and his brows creased. He knew Ryan McQuaid, he was ambitious, smart, a calculated risk taker, always a straight shooter and above all someone he could trust. Ryan would never come to him with something unless it was legitimate.

"What is it?"

Ryan reached into his jacket pocket and took out an envelope of photos he had printed on his jet. He showed Arthur the photos of Lena Smith entering and exiting Annie Walker's home. Arthur immediately looked at the date and time stamp of the photos and studied each one. The photos contradicted everything Lena had been telling him.

Arthur took the photos out of Ryan's hand and studied them for a few seconds before putting them down by his thigh and looking into the forested area of the park.

Annie, effectively one of his operatives was clinging on to life in the hospital suspected of colluding with a Russian spy as the office of DNI worked to build a case against her. Lena alleged that Annie and Simon had a deal gone bad and they turned their guns on each other. Thus far all the evidence against Annie originated from Lena Smith and while Arthur didn't buy Lena's narrative, he played along and supported Lena outwardly. Arthur himself had good instincts and could read people, also his wife Joan's dealings with Lena gave him reason to distrust Lena's motives and methods.

Arthur knew that the mole Jai Wilcox closed in on was someone with much higher clearance than Annie Walker. Arthur had to admit he found the evidence Lena presented compelling, she was good at thinking steps ahead and covering her own ass. He couldn't even tell his own wife his suspicions. It was above even her clearance. He had argued with Joan that if none of it added up the truth would surface as the office of DNI investigated. Needless to say, they were not on the best terms at the moment.

"You took these at the time stamped here?" asked Arthur.

Ryan nodded.

"Did you show these to anyone else?"

Ryan shook his head.

"Who else knows about this?"

"One of my men, he's trustworthy, besides, he has no idea who that is," said Ryan pointing at the woman in the photo.

"And how do you know her?"

"I've worked with her a couple of times. Gave her the benefit of the doubt after one mission went sideways, but the last time I led a team based on intelligence she presented I didn't care for her cavalier attitude when it came to the safety of my team. Since then, I've heard of others where spec ops men came back pretty banged up and based on either bad intel or risky ops. She likes big wins, but at the expense of the men she puts on the ground," said Ryan.

"She's been known to take big risks. Were you tasked with following her?" asked Arthur wondering if another government agency suspected Lena of selling secrets.

Ryan shook his head, "Word is you have an operations officer being investigated for treason, the story is missing some pieces, I couldn't sit on this."

Arthur eyes narrowed as he tried to figure out McQuaid's role in the mess.

"You're looking at Lena Smith's photo entering and leaving the scene of a crime!" said Ryan.

"This is all circumstantial, it doesn't prove Lena was the shooter," said Arthur.

"Arthur, I came to you because I wanted to do the right thing. I was there, I watched her enter the home and then there were two bodies," said Ryan.

"I assume that you are the one who tampered with the scene," said Arthur.

"If my name is to be worth anything in the private security world, I can't tell you more," said Ryan.

"Are you working for the Russians on this?" asked Arthur point blank while starring Ryan down.

Ryan was insulted by the question and he reacted as such.

"Russians? I have a lot of Russian contacts, they come in handy, but I am NOT working for any Russians," said Ryan firmly taking back the photos from Arthur's hand.

"I came to you to right a wrong, there's an injustice here and if you don't want to do anything about it, I can leak this to the press," said Ryan walking back to his car wondering if doing the right thing was worth it.

Ryan stopped, bothered that his mentor would believe profit was more important to him than allegiance. "Arthur, we are on the same side. After all the years you've known me, why would you think I would have anything to do with Russians?" He was deeply offended.

"Because Lena Smith tasked the operative under suspicion with cozying up to a known Russian spy for a number of weeks before the shooting. If I had an operative in hostile territory, I'd make sure his body disappeared too," said Arthur.

"You've got it wrong Arthur, the CIA needs to reevaluate the entire situation here," said Ryan.

"Then enlighten me," said Arthur.

"I can't," said Ryan.

Arthur exhaled as he looked down. Annie and Auggie found Jai's safehouse and suddenly a shitstorm started. Jai was led to Fischer in his investigation of a mole at Langley. Jai died before he revealed to Annie his findings. Lena essentially scooped Annie up and had her collect intel on Fischer soon after. Lena was the commonality here and it wasn't looking good for her. Arthur looked straight into Ryan's eyes and told him something he probably should not have as Director of the National Clandestine Service.

"We've had some critical breeches and a huge loss recently and I've been digging into them. I never thought it could be Lena until. . . Joan's former operative went to work for her. As I started putting seemingly disconnected pieces of intel together, the common thread is Lena. Lena wants me to believe there's a double under Joan. It makes things tidy for the real mole. Joan's girl, the one in the hospital definitely doesn't fit the profile of a traitor, but it does appear when she had the chance to bring Fischer in, she didn't. A meet went to shit, shots were fired, and then a couple of hours later she was shot. I should have put a detail on her." Arthur shook his head.

"'Maybe your operative knew too much, maybe she and this alleged Russian spy figured it out, so Lena took care of them," said Ryan. Part of him regretted emphasizing the word alleged.

"Or maybe he tried to kill my operative because he didn't want to come in," said Arthur raising an eyebrow. It didn't go unnoticed that Ryan used the word alleged in describing Fischer.

"Has this operative of yours said anything?"

"She's in critical condition, we're not sure she will make it," said Arthur.

"She hasn't been conscious?" asked Ryan feeling guilty for leaving the woman behind, but he had a job to do.

Arthur shook his head.

"What are you going to do?" asked Ryan, his curiosity got to him. He told himself he was just going to give Arthur the photos and leave.

"Too much has gone down recently at Langley, I don't want Lena to get suspicious. I don't know who is connected and I don't want her tipped off by anything she may notice. Besides if she is dirty she may have access to more than she should and I can't risk her noticing anything I might be doing within the agency that would spook her."

"You know if she's the one who put those bullets in your operative, her job isn't done, you can't just wait and see," said Ryan.

"I know, maybe that's how we get her," stated Arthur, still slightly suspicious of McQuaid and his involvement. Arthur was going to look into every move McQuaid made and his whereabouts in the last 48 hours as well as Lena Smith's movements.

The two men retreated back into their cars and drove away. Arthur wondering what the hell his agency was missing and how Ryan was involved in all of this. Ryan's conscience was clear knowing he did the right thing by showing Arthur the photos of Lena leaving Annie Walker's home.

For Arthur, the photos brought a new dimension to a situation no one knew anything about because Annie Walker had been non- responsive for 24 hours.