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Stan Sorenson sat on the ground, talking to his grandchildren. The sun was setting behind the trees, and a soft breeze rustled the frail leaves. The evening was peaceful. It had been, for the last year, since the battle at Zzyzx.

Stan sighed. The battle still gave him nightmares.t Not because of the amount of death, but because... Brushing his hand against his chin, Stan stared at the two graves in front of him.

Seth Michael Sorenson 1997 – 2010

Beloved son, grandson, and brother,

Who, despite the darkness

Shone brighter than the stars

Kendra Marie Sorenson

1995 - 2010

Beloved daughter, granddaughter

And sister, whose light

Was dimmed too soon

Both of them had died in the battle - Kendra from a wound she received when killing the Demon King, and Seth from the poison that got into his body while fighting Graulas.

Even though it had happened such a long time ago, he still visited their graves after every day, telling them about what had happened. Simple things, like the brownies creating a new kind of desert, or that the satyrs had started fighting each other over a tennis racket.

He liked to think that both Kendra and Seth were listening to him, and just the thought made him feel closer to them. It made the loss much easier to bear.

" It's getting late. I'll have to head back. Good night, Kendra. Good night, Seth." Stan rose and began heading towards the house.

" Good night, Grandpa." whispered the two spirits sitting on the graves, as they watched their grandfather walk away.

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Where on Earth was he?

Kendra sighed, and rubbed her forehead, while Bracken shifted his feet uncomfortably. The guests were looking around confused, while the Sorensons merely shook their heads. Seth, the ringbearer, had not arrived. And it was time to say the vows.

Why? Why, oh, why did he have to be late for my wedding? A birthday party is okay, ut my wedding? Kendra thought. Some little brother he is.

Just then, Seth burst through the church doors, panting. His clothes were ripped and filled with small twigs and leaves. His hair was messy, and Kendra thought she saw a bug fly out of the mess. What had happened?

Walking quickly, Seth rushed to the altar and held out the rings for Bracken and Kendra. As her big sister, be it her wedding day or not, worriedly Kendra opened her mouth to question but Seth stopped her.

" Don't ask," he muttered

Kendra sighed again, but couldn't help a smile from escaping her lips. Only. Seth.



When Kendra had looked forward to Christmas, she had thought about her whole family opening presents, eating Christmas ham, and singing Christmas carols. What she hadn't thought about, was being snowed inside the house by a massive snowstorm. Now, everyone was huddled together, wrapped in blankets, sitting in front of an open fire, steaming cups of hot chocolate in their hands.

The presents had been opened, and the Christmas ham had been eaten, so there wasn't much to do, other than just sitting around, and wait for the storm to pass. Yet, despite everything, as she shifted to a more comfortable position, cuddled next to Bracken, Kendra couldn't imagine a better way to spend her Christmas, than with her family.



He was running towards the house. Sweat beaded his forhead,and horror clutched his heart. Branches screaped at his face and legs, bruises forming on his knees, from when he been tripped bu a root.

Finally, the house came into view. Well, whatever was left of it. The whole house was destroyed. And there was no sign of Coulter.



Seth sprang up in bed, woken up by his own scream. Kendra, who had also been woken up, immediately rushed to his side, enveloping him in a hug, soothing his hair.

" Shhh... it's okay... it's okay. It was only a dream." she whispered, and Seth pressed his tearstained face into her shoulder, his shoulders shaking. " It's okay."

" I-I couldn't save him. I wa-watched him die. I let him die." he mumbled, stuttering as sobs racked his body.

" You couldn't have. Seth, there was nothing, you could have done. " Kendra said forcefully. "So don't you dare blame yourself."

Footsteps rose the stairs, as the residents of the house rushed to the attic. But once they saw that there was no immediate threat, only Seth having woken up from a bad dream, they left the room, leaving brother and sister alone.

They sat there, in each other's arms, for the rest of the night. And even though Seth would not say it out loud, he was glad to have his sister there.




Seth stared at the clock, watching the minutes slowly pass by. How long had he been sitting here, tapping his knee with his fingers, worrying about what was happening behind the door a few feet away? Over a few hours, surely. The only time he'd been this nervous before was when he was getting ready for the battle at Zzyzx. That had been two years ago.

" Calm down, Seth. Everything's going to be okay." Kendra tried reassuring him for the hundredth of time, giggling at Seth's distress.

" Calm down? How can I calm down, when I don't know what's going on in-" Seth started, but right then the door opened, and a nurse stepped outside.

Kendra shook Grandma Sorenson, Granpa Sorenson - both of who had been dozing off on the chairs next to her - awake. They both immediately sprang up. Seth stood up, waiting for news.

The nurse smiled, and opened the door, indicating for them to go inside. Seth was the first one to enter, followed by Kendra, Grandma, and Grandpa.

The hospital room had light blue and white walls, and on one of them was a window. In the middle of another wall was a hospital bed, where their mother was reclined, in a white, long shirt. Their father sat on a chair next to his wife, smiling at a small bundle in her arms.

Kendra approached her mother, her mouth spread into a wide grin. Marla's smile was even larger.

" Hey, Mom," Kendra whispered, and then shifted her gaze to the thing in the woman's arms. " Hey, there."

Grandma and Grandpa came closer, too, both grinning like children who had managed to buy a candy shop. Grandpa enveloped Mr. Sorenson in a big hug, laughing, and patting the younger man on the back.

Grandma went to Marla and started congratulating her. And all the while, Seth stood in the middle, frozen. For hours, he had waited for the moment to get inside this room, to see what was inside, but now that he was here, he couldn't move.

" Seth?" His mother's voice brought him back to the present. Everyone was looking at him. " Come look at your little brother."

Slowly, the teenager moved next to his mother and gazed down at the baby in her arms.

A small tuft of brown hair sprang up from the infant's otherwise bald head. His big green eyes stared at Seth with curiosity, and soon he was laughing and stretching his arms out towards his big brother.

Without warning, Marla stretched out her arms and placed the boy into Seth's arms. The shadow charmer was surprised by how little the baby weighed.

" He's so small, " he whispered, and the others laughed. Seth smiled at his little brother, chuckling as the baby tried to grab his finger. HIs palm didn't even go halfway around his thumb!

Immediately Seth knew he wouldn't let anything happen to his little brother. Was this what Kendra had always felt like when he had done something irresponsible, risking his life at the same time? God, he felt bad now. Although... he didn't really regret anything...

But silently he whispered a promise to the baby.

" I will protect you, but I won't let you miss out on any adventures. Just promise you won't get yourself killed."

To this, the baby only laughed.