The Infection

It started off like any other day. I went to visit my grandfather, Norman Hill, at the nursing home. When I got there I heard screams come from the hallway that he was in. I ran down the hallway and I saw one of my grandfather's friends tearing into a nurse's arm. I could see surprise and terror in the nurse's face. I ran over and pulled her off of the nurse. I threw her in the room which luckily no one else lived in. I locked the door. Sirens could be heard from outside. The nurse runs outside as about ten police officers come in through the door. They line up at the door, one of them opens the door with his gun drawn. She comes out of the door, and knocks the officer over. She rips of his helmet and bites into his chin. "AHHHHHHHHH!" The cop screams in pain as another officer tears the walker off and shoots her dead-dead. *BLAM!* The bitten officer turns surprisingly quickly. *Groan…* One officer takes out his M9 and shoots the newly infected officer in the head. *BLAM!* They bring in two gurneys, and load the dead onto them. I check on my grandpa, he seems to be doing fine. After I calm him down I follow the officers out. I see three bodies getting loaded up into an ambulance. I walk back inside and a team in orange and yellow suits comes in and cordons off that section of the hallway.