LDR: Guys. Insane characters absolutely fascinate me. No matter the fandom. There's almost always some interesting story behind them. Well I think we can all agree that Tyrian is completely and utterly bonkers, but RoosterTeeth hasn't revealed any story on him yet. If he even has one. So there's this! My headcanon! Except it's not totally mine. This came about through the combined ideas of myself and another FF.N writer called The Inspectre. (Read his stuff! Do it!)

I don't own anything canon to RWBY. Or RWBY itself. Or whatever.

"You disappoint me."

Tyrian's fingers curled against the floor, clenching his hands into fists as Salem walked away. The words rang through his head, over and over. You disappoint me. You disappoint me. You disappoint me.

He'd failed. He'd failed, he'd failed, he'd failed.


The promise he'd made to himself, the promise that he would never fail again, lay shattered. Shattered like her body. Cryssa. His sweet, fiery Cryssa. How could he fail again? He crooned her name over and over in his mind, trying to drag some shred of solace from his fragmented memories. First he'd failed her. Now he'd failed Salem.

He sensed the Beowolf as it leapt.

He stood.

Screamed out his anger.

Flung out an arm.

The Grimm went flying back, and Tyrian turned to face it. He leapt on the monster, slashing and hacking at it with the blades attached to his vambraces.


"You got me pregnant and you're just going to walk away? You asshole!" Her palm stung against his cheek. "You're staying, and you're going to help me raise this baby! We don't have to get married or some shit. A marriage born from a one-night stand sounds awful. But this child is going to have two parents in its life."


"I don't get any say in her name?"

"Dust no! I went through the pain of endless months of carrying her around and then giving birth to her! Your job lasted all of five damn minutes and involved only pleasure!" Gentle fingers ghosted lovingly over the sleeping baby's cheek. "Amber."

"I like that." A different pair of hands reached for the child, lifting her up, cradling her gently.


Fire and screams and the Grimm! The Grimm! They were everywhere! The house! Untouched by the fire so far, but showing signs of damage. Had the Grimm already gotten to them? A Boarbatusk that crashed through the wall answered that question. But it had been sent flying, and now Cryssa was leaping out after it, little Amber held in one arm while she wielded her spear with the other hand. But a second Boarbatusk charged around the corner, catching her by surprise and knocking her back. Cryssa dropped her spear and curled protectively around her small daughter. She hit solid concrete. She didn't get up. Amber began to wail.

Or was that him?

The Beowolf was dead by this point but it didn't matter. Tyrian's blows kept combing. He focused on the feeling of his blades stabbing into flesh. He wasn't seeing a Grimm beneath him, no. Oh no no no. It was a Huntsman. Just some random Huntsman. Someone who should have been there sixteen years ago. Someone who should have protected the village from the Grimm.

They were the real villains. Not the Grimm, who were too stupid to do anything but follow their basic instructs, but the monsters who had done nothing.

His cries gave way to cackles. He would have his revenge. He was still alive. Salem still had use for him. His goddess was still willing to allow him a chance to soothe the ache that had festered in his heart for sixteen long years. And in the mean time, he would have to devote his everything to her. Even more than he already did. Yes! No time to remember the pain when his sole focus was Salem. Don't think about Cryssa. Don't wonder about how Amber had turned out after he'd passed her off to someone more equipped to raise her.

Everything was Salem and Salem was everything.

LDR: I tried to make it all choppy because that sort of writing style feels like it would fit here. I'm just not very experienced with choppy. It feels kind of awkward so sorry if this sucked. It's short too, I know. Less than a thousand words. But I really couldn't think of anything else that needed to be added.

So hey. The baby lived. This totally isn't a subtle preview for a fic I'm planning to write about my favorite RWBY OC, Amber Callows. Nope, not at all.