1 Peter 5:8

8 Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, walketh about, as a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.


"That bitch! She thinks she's sooo hot posting all of those selfies. I have to think big. Way bigger than just one-upping her. I'll make her feel like the fucking tramp that she really is."

Carol Pingrey was angrily speaking to herself as she drove to Royal Woods mall. She has recently been in a bitter, virtual competition with her former friend, turned enemy, Lori Loud, on a new picture app. They keep posting pictures, trying to outdo one another, and ultimately get the most likes. Normal high school stuff, at least for one of the two girls.

The high school senior was sweating anxiously, and has been on edge the whole day. Her self produced stress was quickly overcoming her. There was far too much visceral pressure and it was having an impact on her, physically and mentally, as it had been for a while now. Over the years, her constant winning had boosted her ego about as high as it could go, but it also took a major toll on her mind. Carol was genuinely losing it.

"She's getting so close to beating me, I have to put her down soon and put her down hard. But what can I do? What does she have that I don't? What does she really care about?"

Carol pulled her silver, convertible 2002 Lexus sc430 into the nearest parking spot, and hastily walked into the mall. She reached an REI and started looking around. Her clumsy cousin had spilled soda all over their picnic blanket during their family barbecue the day before. What a klutz he was, playing his damned banjo. As the blonde shopped, she filled her kart with whatever potential items she thought could help her tear Lori apart.

'Hmm, those flowers will help make buying all of this stuff at once look less creepy. Yeah, can't look too sketchy in such a public place, especially since everyone here knows me. Hmm.. maybe these pliers could be-"

"Umm.. Carol?"

Carol is shocked upon seeing her rival standing in front of her. "Uh! Uh. Hi Lori." She waves awkwardly.

"I know this is literally the most awkward thing in the world but, I just wanna tell you that, you win... You've been better than me at everything since kindergarten but, I'm okay with it, I can't live my life trying to compete with you anymore... Well, enjoy your shopping," Lori says confidently, as she proceeds to walk away, making Carol fidget in her shoes.

'What the hell is this shit? Is she serious? She's- No, this bitch is trying to trick me! Well, two can play this game,' Carol thinks to herself.

"Lori, wait. You think I'm better than you? I kinda thought it was the other way around... I mean, you made the varsity golf team when we were freshmen, no one else did that, and you have ten siblings who all look up to you, and don't get me started on your hair. I will, never, have volume like that. This takes like, six cans of dry shampoo, and it's still flat." Carol sold it, and Lori completely bought it. 'How can those idiots think we look alike? Im way prettier and my hair is so soft and much silkier. Good thing she bought that lie,' Carol thinks.

"Wow, so all of our competing has literally been pointless?" Lori questions.

'Pointless? Ohh, give it a rest! There's no way you put in all that effort all these years, just to give up over a few pictures,' Carol thinks, but actually says, "It's true, those selfies were getting out of control. I had to adopt that corgi, and he's mean!" 'Good thing I payed attention during drama class.'

"I fell into a grave, twice," Lori reveals.

[Both laugh]

"We're ridiculous. I'm so glad we're done with all this," Carol said, trying hard not to release her suspicious laughter.

"Me too! Hey, I just had a crazy idea, what if we made it official by taking a selfie together?"

"Shut up, looking like this?" It's true, she was tired, pale, and sweaty, but she still thought she looked better than her enemy. 'Damnit, Lori knows I'm weak right now. She knows I need sleep and a shower. This fucking bitch.'

Lori grabs Carol by the shoulder and pulls her in close. "Yeah! I mean, who cares right?" She takes her phone out. Carol does the same.

They take the selfies, and look them over.

'Alright. Go along with it, Carol. Of course it's gross filling up your post history with this disgusting hag, but think... bigger,' she reassures herself in her mind, having some sort of an epiphany.

"Post," they say in unison.

"Okay, new bff, I better get back home. Dads got dinner in the oven," Lori says, pointing behind her.

"Okay, missy, I don't want to get you in trouble," Carol lied.

Lori waves contently to her new "friend," turns around, and walks back to the counter to finish her item return. Carol's bright smile immediately turned into a deathly glare, like she was trying to shoot lasers through the back of Lori's head.

'Look at that whore flaunt her flat ass. She thinks she outsmarted me? HA! I'll show her. I'm gunna make her hurt and starve like a hog-faced, street corner slut. I'm gunna-'

Carol stopped her hate-filled, inner monologue as she saw a beaming, platinum blonde, wearing a very genuine smile, skip right up to her older sister, Lori. Leni Loud. Carol didn't have anything against Leni, besides the fact that she was her arch enemies' younger sister, so she only hated her by correlation. Although, the idiotic girl was the only girl to get more Valentine's Day cards than her every year at school, even since grade school. 'Ugh.. Leni's such an idiot. She doesn't deserve so much attention... In fact, that whole family is way overrated. Maybe Lori's the-'

Carol stopped mid-thought, as a diabolical idea popped in and replaced it. Very diabolical. She grew a devilish grin and she clasped her hands together in a bout of sinful revelation. She watched her two blissful classmates exit the store.

'The one thing Lori really cares about, not her reputation, not her scissorbill boyfriend Bobby, no... The one thing Lori truly cares about... is her family.'

A/N: I had a lot of fun with this. I think it's pretty ridiculous, but I had fun nonetheless. Maybe I'm just too hard on myself? It is my first story. Oh well. Also, I put a really obscure reference in there. I'd like to see if anyone can get it, but I really doubt it.